24 Best Work from Home Newsletters to Read

By: | Updated: February 25, 2023

You’ve found our list of work from home newsletters.

Work from home newsletters are email publications that provide ideas and support for independent contractors and remote workers. Examples of work from home newsletters include Out of Office, Sorry, I Was on Mute, and Virtual Not Distant. The purpose of these newsletters is to help non-office workers maximize their remote working experience.

You can recommend work from home newsletters to offer tips for remote employees and to reinforce best practices for work from home policies. These publications can help home office workers reduce work from home fatigue. These guides are similar to remote work books.


This list includes:

  • free work from home newsletters
  • remote work newsletters
  • freelance newsletters
  • newsletters for remote teams

Here we go!

List of work from home newsletters

From NoDesk to Remotely Interesting, here are some work from home newsletters for your team to try.

1. Peak Freelance

With Peak Freelance newsletters, freelance writers benefit from the combined experience of the publishers, both freelancers themselves. Elise Dopson and Michael Keenan began Peak Freelance as a community to support the unpredictable world of freelance writing. Now, they share their resources with a subscriber’s list of freelancers needing guidance. Their newsletter helps their cause by sharing job listings to keep writers posted on the best gigs. Advice and resources in each issue demystify the process of turning freelance writing into a full-time work from home opportunity.

Learn more Peak Freelance.

2. No Commute

For workers who love keeping their prospects open, No Commute presents a world of possibility. This Substack subscription delivers job listings for remote workers looking for new opportunities. A new letter arrives every business day with an extensive list of work from home prospects. Subscribers can choose the sectors that interest them the most to streamline the information they receive. Industries such as human resources, product development, and software engineering receive the bulk of the postings, making the job search a clickable task.

Learn more about No Commute.

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3. Talking Travel Writing

For remote workers in the travel writing industry, Talking Travel Writing explores the ups and downs of working from home when home moves from place to place! Experts weigh in with perspectives that guide and inform and facts about maximizing the mechanics of writing about travel for money. Travel writers can learn about expanding opportunities, finding creative ways to increase exposure, and exciting updates for travel writers. A weekly inbox delivery makes it easy for readers on the go to stay in the know, no matter where they are.

Learn more about Talking Travel Writing.

4. Maker Stations

If seeing how other remote workers set up their stations gives you a burst of inspiration, then Maker Stations is the newsletter for you. Subscribers receive a free showcase of photos featuring home-based worksites worldwide. Rather than simply sending a catalog of possibilities, Maker Stations provides a window into the mind of the home employee. Whether for picking up ideas for creating a workspace or just finding connection with other remote employees through their personal set-ups, this newsletter is a unique opportunity to see how workers from around the world set up their worksites.

Learn more about Maker Stations.

5. Out of Office

Subscribers receive a variety of fun and informative write-ups in the Out of Office newsletter. Subjects ranging from company loyalty to career development arrive monthly, delivered in a friendly, down-to-earth voice. Author Lizzie Denning offers advice and mines wisdom from pop culture, the business world, and her own personal experience. Her insights are aimed at career women working on their own terms and establishing a new set of rules. Readers looking for a relatable newsletter have a usable resource filled with real-world wisdom delivered with charm.

Learn more about Out of Office.

6. NoDesk

NoDesk sends out the latest remote work stories every Thursday, keeping the work from home spirit alive with job postings and eye-opening articles. Content from around the Web shares the freshest information about remote working practices and developments. The publication is not without its humorous side. Memes and videos end each issue on a lighter note to keep home workers laughing on the job.

Learn more about NoDesk.

7. Remote Tools

More than 5,300 readers enjoy the weekly work from home newsletter from Remote Tools. Rather than sending an overstuffed PDF filled with links and write-ups, Remote Tools sends a single subject every Wednesday. Articles zero in on crucial topics featuring name brands and their experiences with work from home situations. This simplified format and focus on familiar companies gives remote teams a quick update on important information without overwhelming readers.

Learn more about Remote Tools.

8. Sorry, I Was on Mute

The clever title of this newsletter indicates the challenges of working from home! Sorry, I Was on Mute sends blog articles as remote work newsletters to emphasize the diversity of issues that can arise in a home working scenario. With a blend of lighter fare like office prank roundups and more serious subject matter such as choosing the best remote employee monitoring system, this journal gives employees and managers the tools needed to fine-tune the home-working experience from both sides of the screen.

Learn more about Sorry, I Was on Mute.

9. Home Business

The newsletter version of Home Business Magazine highlights opportunities and success stories from entrepreneurs who have taken their work from home opportunities to stratospheric heights. This digital digest provides advice on owning and operating successful home-based businesses for remote workers who aspire to work for themselves. The online format includes links to videos and podcast episodes that reinforce the philosophy that working from home can be a full-fledged operation when a remote worker is also the owner of the company.

Learn more about Home Business.

10. Remote

Remote turns their blog into free work from home newsletters for subscribers to enjoy. A global employment solutions company, Remote is an authority on what works best in the world of remote workers. No-nonsense topics keep the focus sharp by using data reports, statistics, and commentaries that explore trends in the remote work movement. Managers and employees can find valuable viewpoints from Remote’s knowledgeable team arriving regularly in their email.

Learn more about Remote.

11. Remotive

For remote employees who could use a dose of truth regarding the work from home world, Remotive brings a collection of articles and resources curated with independent workers in mind. A quick click is all it takes to explore new job possibilities or read up on the latest work from home viewpoints from the business world. Topics like travel, management, and humor create a journal-style format that lets readers skip to the good parts and save the rest for later reading. A library of prior issues on the Remotive site provides deeper exploration for new subscribers.

Learn more about Remotive.

12. Virtual Not Distant

Leaders of remote teams have a resource in Virtual Not Distant, a newsletter devoted to managing work from home employees. This digest embraces the changing structure of work teams and offers advice for team leaders in search of guidance. Once a month, recipients can delve into a collection of reads meant to inform and enlighten readers. A quick missive from director Pilar Ortiz on each issue precedes links to thought pieces offering advice and opinions on how best to serve a team. Links to podcasts and books let subscribers follow their own trail beyond the newsletter to reinforce their learning and gather information in various formats.

Learn more about Virtual Not Distant.

13. Coffeehouse

A whimsical twist on standard freelance newsletters, Coffeehouse delivers one hour’s worth of coffee house background sounds to your inbox each weekday. For remote workers unable to relocate to a café or restaurant, these sound files bring the java-flavored white noise home. The idea may sound like a lark, but studies have shown that ambient sounds are helpful when workers require focus and a caffeine-free tool to get their creative juices flowing. Rather than ducking out to the Starbucks down the street, Coffeehouse makes it possible for work from home employees to queue up a soundtrack that puts them in a work-based mindset… actual coffee not included!

Learn more about Coffeehouse.

14. Wonder Tools

Home workers needing tech tools and apps can assess before using with a subscription to Wonder Tools. This option is unique among remote work newsletters, giving remote employees and freelancers a regular rundown of software that solves problems and makes working without an IT team an easier prospect. Each article gives a comprehensive overview of the app’s purpose and functionality, making it easy to choose the most helpful options. Weekly delivery and a robust archive bring the information home for subscribers to explore.

Learn more about Wonder Tools.

15. Remotely Interesting

Over 2,000 readers enjoy periodic dispatches from Remotely Interesting, a newsletter dedicated to enriching the work from home experience. Readers can find recommendations for keeping remote teams engaged and thriving, discover products that help with organization and productivity, and read profiles of other homeworkers. Leaders searching for newsletters for remote teams will find great value in this publication, both for their own development and for assisting their remote employees with staying fresh and focused.

Learn more about Remotely Interesting.

16. The Remote Hive

Bee-themed Remote Hive brings the various aspects of the work from home job search into an informative digital journal. Remote work coach Darren Cronian shares his knowledge from years of working outside of an office setting. His newsletter offers strategies for securing work from home jobs that make sense for the worker and explains best practices once an applicant secures a remote position. This free e-zine arrives every Sunday, letting readers in the remote working world get their work week off to a successful start.

Learn more about The Remote Hive.

17. Remote Drip

Remote Drip promises a one-minute read in their remote work newsletter. Subscribers create an account on the Remote ‘n Active website to sign up for a quick weekly dose of work from home information. Articles combine sources worldwide, creating a global vibe for remote workers in the US and abroad. With headlines announcing the latest work from home culture trends, the good and bad of remote employment provide a balanced view of the 21st-century workforce.

Learn more about Remote Drip.

19. Remote Worker’s Club Monthly

Each issue of Remote Worker’s Club Monthly focuses on a topic that can make remote working life more practical. Suggestions for protecting your money, tips on setting up a home office, and choosing new remote working destinations help remote workers stay organized. The minds behind Nomad Finance and Freedom offer this monthly publication as a free tool for freelancers and remote workers finding their footing. Eager readers can peruse a library of past issues to get caught up on what they may have missed before subscribing.

Learn more about Remote Worker’s Club Monthly.

19. The Ann Friedman Weekly

Writer Ann Friedman shares her thoughts on remote working as a creative and a writer who focuses on other creatives. Her newsletter has a free flow that follows her whim while encouraging readers to curate a successful life as independent workers. Occasional submissions from readers for fun prompts make their way into issues, adding to the eclectic feel. Friedman’s relaxed style is highly relatable to remote workers in creative industries who could use a little reinforcement from time to time.

Learn more about The Ann Freidman Weekly.

20. The Pit Wall Purple Sector

Remote team leaders can add to their toolbox with a subscription to Purple Sector. By offering techniques for making remote working meaningful, this newsletter provides a means for managers to stay connected with their workers while providing an enriching work experience from a distance. The Pit Wall Purple Sector’s articles emphasize purpose and intention, important aspects of homework life that can be challenging to maintain. Links to outside resources let readers capitalize on other sources without needing Google.

Learn more about The Pit Wall Purple Sector.

21. Remote Base

Working remotely means your home can be anywhere worldwide, even if that home is temporary. Remote Base provides a newsletter with the best Airbnb listings around the globe to help digital nomads minimize expenses. Twice a month, subscribers receive a heads-up on discounts and markdowns, all packaged in a free email. For traveling workers with limited funds, Remote Base makes an easy task of finding affordable places to stay, saving readers money no matter where their work leads.

Learn more about Remote Base.

22. Flex Jobs

With the Flex Jobs newsletter, freelancers and contract workers receive listings and articles designed to simplify the job search. A weekly newsletter arrives on Wednesdays and includes blog posts and featured jobs for readers to review. A weekly wrap-up sent on Fridays summarizes the week’s business and promotes featured employers. In addition to sharing prime employment opportunities for freelancers and short-term workers, these newsletters are an informative introduction to the paid job-finding services Flex Jobs offers.

Learn more about Flex Jobs.

23. Wildly Successful Travelpreneurs

For home workers interested in making a living as travel influencers, Wildly Successful Travelpreneurs creates a Substack newsletter that pulls back the curtain on a growing industry. Writer Daniella Schoeman explains how to build a successful presence by sharing the page with job opportunities and giveaways for a fun blend. Subscribers receive a weekly publication and have access to a backlog of issues to pore over.

Learn more about Wildly Successful Travelpreneur.

24. Remotely Serious

This newsletter from Wayviator launches conversations about the modern working world to help remote workers find a clearer path to success. A workplace without borders still requires boundaries, which Remotely Serious does its best to establish. This publication’s core offering is remote work strategies that can make employees more effective in their evolving workplace. Subscribers seeking further information from Wayviator can tune into the Remotely Serious podcast for related material.

Learn more about Remotely Serious.


Settling into a remote working situation often presents challenges that are difficult to address. Work from home newsletters can lend valuable insight to remote workers finding their way in a home office setting. Most of these newsletters are free, making the choice to subscribe an easy decision for employees in search of helpful information. Whether explaining how to keep focused amidst the activity of the house or ensuring career growth while working at a distance from leadership, these digital subscriptions are a valuable resource.

For other helpful remote work topics, check out articles about remote work statistics and how to create a strong remote work culture .

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FAQ: Work from home newsletters

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about work from home newsletters.

What are work from home newsletters?

Work from home newsletters are emails that share helpful information for remote workers. Topics range from setting up your workstation to keeping yourself organized to finding new remote work opportunities. Most work from home newsletters are free subscriptions, though some may require a paid membership.

What are the best newsletters for remote workers?

The best newsletters for remote workers are Remote Tools, a review of apps and software, Remote Work Junkie, a curated collection of remote work-related articles, and Flex Jobs, a listing of available positions for remote workers. Newsletters that offer multimedia subscriptions include Coffeehouse, a daily sound file that recreates the ambient noise of a coffee shop, and Makers Stations, a photographic collection of home workspaces from around the world.

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