10 Unique Working From Home Tips

August 07, 2020

These are our top working from home tips and guidelines, and tips for working remotely.

Working from home tips are ideas or recommendations that can help you improve productivity and success when working from a home office.

This list includes:

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And more recommendations too 🙂

So, here is our list of tips!

List of working from home tips

One of the best tips for remote work is to go outside daily. However, the tips below span a wide range of topics for you to consider.

1. Go outside every day

When you work from home, it is easy to stay inside every damn day. If you get groceries delivered then it may be weeks before you have a reason to poke your head outdoors. Take charge of your outdoor life and either go for a 10 minute walk or do some gentle Tai Chi out on the lawn.

2. Track your showers

If you work remotely then you know it easy to forget when you last showered. Some people shower in the morning, at night and after the gym, which is probably overkill for one day. You likely don’t need to shower every single day, but you do need to shower every sometimes. Track your showers on the calendar to make sure you don’t go too many days without one.

3. Don’t stay up late if you wouldn’t wake up early

Working from home often gives you the flexibility to work hours that fit your schedule. You may be tempted to stay up late, sleep late, and then start work late. This pattern is kind of dangerous for working from home productively. Instead, follow this rule of thumb: don’t stay up late to do something unless you would wake up early to do it too. You probably wouldn’t wake up early to watch Season 2 of Game of Thrones again, and you probably wouldn’t wake up early to read Reddit on your phone, so don’t stay up late doing it either.

4. Do postural exercises

Future you is going to be really mad when you get tight neck muscles and weird curves in your spine because you didn’t take care of your body well. Working from home sometimes means working from the couch or other awkward positions, which is okay, but you need to make sure you counteract the damage with proactive postural exercises. Do yoga, stretch and other exercises that help support good posture and future you will be happy.

5. Invest in a good setup

When you work at an office it is your employer’s responsibility to make sure you have a good work setup, and when you work from home the responsibility is probably yours. Get yourself a good desk, chair, monitor, external keyboard and mouse. All of these items will help improve your productivity while working remotely.

6. Put in the hours every day

One of the traps of working from home is getting into a pattern of running errands and other distractions that are not work. Putting off work hours for one or two days is okay, as long as you catch up on other or the weekend. If you get in a pattern of putting off hours each week then you will eventually be in a time-debt that you can’t get out of. Maybe no-one will notice except your guilty conscience, but if your employer notices then it may be a problem. The level 10 integrity approach to remote work is to put in the hours every day.

7. Put YouTube on loop

One of the common productivity drains on working from home is constantly going back to YouTube to search a new set of songs. Instead, find a song you love, right click and select “loop” to listen to Alicia Key’s Underdog over and over.

8. Keep protein bars by your desk

If you wake up late and then jump on conference calls then you may go hours without eating anything. Keep a box of protein bars on your desk you can chomp down on some high energy snacks to keep you going during meetings and working from home effectively. Instead of protein bars you could keep a bag of trail mix, but that is dangerous on portion control.

9. Get house plants

I am a strong advocate for two things: pursuing refunds when a company lets you down, and getting an absurd number of house plants. My preferred ratio is 20+ house plants for each full-sized human in your living quarters, and you could probably get by with less. House plants give you a fun hobby called “try to keep them alive” and may give you a productivity boost by having better air quality in your space.

10. Do a deep clean at least 1x per week

When you work from home, every room gets more use than when you go to an office. Your bedroom, office, bathroom, kitchen and other living quarters will take wear and tare that leaves them messy, smelly and unkempt. Don’t wait until friends are coming over to clean your place. Instead, do frequent tidy-up times and at least one deep clean every week. Deep clean means scrubbing your toilet.

More tips for working from home

Working from home productively and successfully is part art and part science. When you actively learn tips and guidelines for remote work, you set yourself up to do well at it.

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Author: Michael Alexis

CEO of teambuilding.com. I write about my experience working with and leading remote teams since 2010.

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