17 Workplace Culture Consultants

By: | Updated: January 25, 2023

Here is our list of the best workplace culture consultants.

Workplace culture consultants are experts who specialize in helping companies shape and redesign a unique company culture. These consultants work closely with leaders to assess their current culture and provide recommendations. Examples of these groups include The Culture Equation, Keogh Consulting, and Boston Consulting Group. The purpose of these consultants is to help companies grow and gain competitive advantages.

These consultants help clients improve company culture and avoid workplace toxicity. Hiring these consultants can positively impact employee well-being and create a positive work environment. These experts are similar to DEI consultants and HR consultants.


This list includes:

  • large company workplace culture consultants
  • corporate culture consultants
  • company culture consultants
  • organizational culture consultants
  • remote workplace culture consultants

Let’s get to it!

List of workplace culture consultants

Hiring a workplace culture consultant can increase employee and client satisfaction. You can also use the consultants’ services to help your organization gain a competitive edge. From Great Place To Work to IMC Consulting, here are the best consultancy firms with expert culture consultants.

1. Culture Consultancy

Culture Consultancy is home to talented company culture consultants. The firm provides expert coaches who can work with leaders in various fields. Culture Consultancy takes a “human approach” by focusing on the workers in an organization to build an effective culture.

If you work with this company, then you can enjoy many valuable services, including:

  • Cultural assessment
  • Leadership development and culture coaching
  • Top team facilitation

The company also addresses various cultural challenges, including issues with leading and engaging remote teams. Culture Consultancy takes pride in helping clients design a culture that attracts a multi-generational workforce. Furthermore, the company has worked with reputable organizations like Cisco, Lloyds Banking Group, and CloudPay.

Learn more about Culture Consultancy.

2. Blue Beyond Consulting

Blue Beyond Consulting’s services include building a strong company culture with high expectations and trust. While working with this company, you can expect your organization to experience high employee engagement and sustainable business results. Blue Beyond Consulting assesses the gap and strengths of clients’ workplace cultures. Also, this consulting company will empower your leaders to lead significant culture change.

Furthermore, the company will help you develop values to motivate and inspire your team. In delivering culture-changing services, Blue Beyond Consulting takes an interdisciplinary approach. Therefore, the company will work closely with your business to understand your specific needs and provide effective outcomes. Aside from culture, the company also focuses on areas like communication, talent building, organizational effectiveness, and change management to help teams thrive. Blue Beyond Consulting has worked with several top companies, like Walmart, PlayStation, HP, and eBay.

Learn more about Blue Beyond Consulting.

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3. Keogh Consulting

Keogh Consulting is an excellent choice for corporate culture consultants. First, the company will review your organization to understand your culture baseline and the changes you would love to implement. Afterward, Keogh will give you a clearer direction by organizing engagement workshops with stakeholders.

If you partner with this company, then you can enjoy a practical culture implementation plan featuring resources, timing, and budget. Keogh will also ensure that your implementation plan matches existing initiatives, whether diversity or employee well-being. The consulting firm helps businesses coach their leaders and build a high-performing workplace. Furthermore, Keogh Consulting services focus on transforming a toxic workplace into a healthy environment with a sustainable organizational culture.

Learn more about Keogh Consulting.

4. together

together is an organizational culture consultancy corporation with vast experience leading top organizations in the Middle East. The firm has a team of experts with a combined experience of 60 years in areas like communication, CEO leadership, and consultancy.

You can expect impact-oriented outcomes from together’s processes and solutions. Furthermore, the firm’s experts take an insight-driven approach to provide the best service. The best part of partnering with together is the firm will tailor the service to fit your unique work environment. Additionally, the company has provided valuable culture solutions for top companies, like Walmart, Gulftainer, and Edelman.

Learn more about together.

5. Great Place To Work

Great Place To Work is among the best organizational culture consultants. The company provides the support you need to make your company culture a competitive advantage in hiring. Furthermore, Great Place To Work offers a certification to recognize employers who sustain a good work culture. To complete this certification, you have to take a survey to get employee feedback about your organization. You will also complete a questionnaire focusing on your workplace culture. In the end, you will earn a certificate to boost your business’s global recognition and gain an edge.

Furthermore, the certification is available in multiple packages to suit various company sizes and needs. You can easily reach out to one of the consulting company’s certification experts to decide the best options for your organization. Great Place To Work’s past clients include FreshBooks, Deloitte, Sony, and Mastercard.

Learn more about Great Place To Work.

6. The Culture Equation

The Culture Equation works with various experts, including investors, founders, and culture leaders. The company will help you develop a strong culture, giving you enough time to focus on other aspects of your business.

You get to work with a team of professionals to design the best culture to retain the best talent in your organization. The Culture Equation’s team includes talented consultants in diverse fields, from CSR to diversity and inclusion. Furthermore, the company will determine your employees’ job satisfaction level. Therefore, you can solve your biggest cultural challenge and create a productive workplace. The Culture Equation takes pride in building high-performing teams and authentic employee experiences.

Learn more about The Culture Equation.

7. Bain & Company

Bain & Company has brilliant large company workplace culture consultants. You can partner with this consultancy company if your goal is to translate your company’s values into actual behavior. Also, Bain & Company helps organizations overcome cultural impediments and stand out from competing companies.

After partnering with this culture consultancy firm, you can work with the experts and access state-of-the-art tools. The company’s culture service includes an initial assessment, continuous monitoring, and implementation. You can expect positive outcomes while working with this company, including reenergizing employees and talent optimization. In addition, the company takes a holistic approach to help leaders build a culture characterized by diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Learn more about Bain & Company.

8. Transforming Culture Consultants

Transforming Culture Consultants offers all you need to change your organizational culture and build a thriving workplace. You can start by scheduling a free virtual consultation and answering a few questions on the firm’s official site. Afterward, the company will use the information to choose the best workplace culture consultant for you.

During the consultation, you can discuss your company’s goals and expectations. You can further take an online assessment to give your consultants an idea of your company’s current culture. The assessment will also highlight critical areas of your employees’ perception. Next, you will go through a one-hour session to get a written report and an interpretation of the assessment data. Transforming Culture Consultants can work with businesses of all sizes.

Learn more about Transforming Culture Consultants.

9. Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group is one of the best company culture consultants. The consulting firm works closely with business leaders to activate and embed a new company culture. The firm is home to experts who will ensure your organization’s culture aligns with your purpose and strategy.

These experts use a behavior change app called Amethyst to facilitate organizational culture change. Also, you can rest assured that the culture-shaping process will reflect diversity and inclusion in your organization. While working with Boston Consulting Group, you can expect improved employee collaboration and innovation. The best part is that Boston Consulting Group has organizational change experts in different continents, including North America and Asia-Pacific.

Learn more about Boston Consulting Group.

10. IMC Consulting

IMC is home to expert culture consultants. The company takes an innovative, motivational, and collaborative approach to designing and redefining company culture. IMC Consulting usually encourages clients to uphold diversity and inclusion as a part of their culture. The company further highlights yearly events and celebrations that can help organizations incorporate this culture, like Black History Month, Women’s Equality Day, and Juneteenth.

With IMC’s services, you can boost employee engagement and accountability. In addition, this consulting company helps with talent management and improving business outcome achievements. While working with the firm, you will go through a leading practice assessment and three-year strategic planning. Furthermore, the company offers leadership development planning and event management solutions to build influential leaders and managers.

Learn more about IMC Consulting.

11. Culture By Design

Culture By Design relieves clients of the hassle of developing a sustainable workplace culture. The consulting company offers Acentia, a system that designs customized culture strategies for organizations. If you run a small business, then you can also benefit from a version of the system called Acentia Core.

Culture By Design stands out by focusing on building in-house experts in client organizations. The company trains culture professionals from within your company to help you grow in the long run. Culture By Design’s approach is simple and practical, featuring research principles applicable to real-life experiences. Furthermore, you can access in-house workshops on other aspects apart from workplace culture, such as leadership capability, values, and strategy.

Learn more about Culture By Design.

12. The Culture Builders

The Culture Builders is one of the best culture companies to hire. The CEO, Jane Sparrow, is one of the best remote workplace culture consultants. She is also a highly sought-after keynote speaker, panelist, and facilitator for management and leadership events. The Culture Builders feature a unique approach that translates your organizational values and visions into actual behavior.

The consulting company also emphasizes how to use storytelling to connect stakeholders to your organization’s vision and plan. Jane Sparrow has reliable experience working with high-performing leaders to create sustainable remote and hybrid workplace cultures. Her past clients include Salesforce, Sony Pictures, and Viacom.

Learn more about The Culture Builders.

13. Achurch Consulting

Achurch Consulting offers valuable remote workforce consulting services for businesses and leaders who aim to improve communication and productivity at work. The firm can accommodate both hybrid and fully remote organizations.

The company will assess your employee and provide data-driven recommendations to offer an effective solution. In addition, Achurch offers training for remote managers who would love to lead successful teams. During the training, participants will enjoy access to the essential tools, resources, knowledge, and skills required to lead in a remote or hybrid workspace. Attendees will also be able to network with peers and learn from one another.

Learn more about Achurch Consulting.

14. Blend Me Inc

Blend Me Inc has a team of talented organizational culture consultants who specializes in working with small businesses and startups. You can work closely with these experts to improve your remote employees’ work experience. The consulting firm offers a free 30-minute consultation to gain insights into your organization’s values and needs. You can also take a free assessment on the company’s site, which takes an average of six minutes to complete.

In addition, the firm organizes training and coaching sessions to help clients develop their leaders and teams. Blend Me Inc experts can also help you build an inclusion and diversity strategy friendly to underrepresented groups. In addition, the company offers internal marketing and talent acquisition for remote teams.

Learn more about Blend Me Inc.

15. gothamCulture

gothamCulture offers organizational culture consultation solutions using an evidence-based approach. Whether you are a startup or would love to improve your customer experience, the firm will help you align the services with your specific needs.

gothamCulture helps companies improve existing skills to stand out in the competitive market. In addition, you can benefit from the firm’s culture transformation approach to reform your organization’s current culture and achieve sustainable behavior change. Furthermore, gothamCulture offers safety culture services to help organizations incorporate safe organizational behaviors. You can also partner with the firm to create a unique culture management plan that keeps your business’s culture in check. Additionally, gothamCulture offers culture consultation services for mergers and acquisitions.

Learn more about gothamCulture.

16. Tercon Partners

Tercon Partners takes an iceberg approach to company culture change. The firm believes that the crucial aspects of a company’s culture are not easily observable and are subject to individual interpretation and misunderstanding.

The company helps partners address critical topics like conflict management, internal communications, and leadership practices. Tercon Partners will test your employees’ values, behavior, and attitude, influencing your organization’s performance. The firm addresses two cultural challenges businesses often face, which include knowing the adjustment needed to achieve desired business results through the company’s culture. Tercon features Audit, a ten-question tool for assessing an organization’s culture. You can also add two customized questions of your choice. In addition, you can take advantage of this auditing tool to figure out the cultural adjustment needed to achieve your goals.

Learn more about Tercon Partners.

17. Aubrey Daniels International

Aubrey Daniels International is one of the best corporate culture consultants. The company will first identify and assess the current factors negatively affecting your desired culture. After, your employees will take a survey to express their views on the current culture. Aubrey Daniels International will then use these findings to provide the right support and tools to build a positive culture for your company.

This consulting company features a practical approach that uses behavior science to increase performance. Aside from culture shaping, other organizational solutions offered by Aubrey Daniels International include behavioral mapping, sales coaching, employee engagement, and leadership training.

Learn more about Aubrey Daniels International.


An organization’s culture largely determines employee performance and productivity outcomes. Therefore, partnering with workplace consultants takes your business to another level. These consultants are experts in designing a unique work culture that makes your organization stand out. Also, the professionals can help create a management plan to check your workplace culture and avoid problems in the future. The best part of using these services is that your business can gain a competitive advantage in retaining top talent. Workplace consultants also offer leadership and management coaching, internal communication, and advisory services to ensure the best results. Most of these services provide initial consultations to determine your values, needs, and goals. You can also take an assessment to measure critical areas of your business’s culture, including your employees’ perspectives. The benefits of partnering with a workplace consultant include easy access to tools and expert support that will help your organization grow.

Check out these books on company culture. We also have a guide on creating strong remote work culture and creating an inclusive workplace.

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FAQ: Workplace culture consultants

Here are answers to questions about workplace culture consultants.

What are workplace culture consultants?

Workplace culture consultants are experts who help companies meet their organizational, financial, and social goals by designing a solid culture. These experts work with leaders to align the company’s goals, visions, and values with their current cultures.

What do workplace culture consultants do?

Workplace culture consultants help companies address problems and dysfunctions caused by an insufficient culture. The consultants usually tailor their services and solutions to your work environment and specific needs. Also, these experts identify a clear plan clients can rely on to build the best company culture. Furthermore, the consultants will help you analyze your current culture and recommend essential changes. In addition, the professionals use various tools and assessments to receive stakeholders’ feedback about your organizational culture.

Who are some good workplace culture consultants?

Good workplace culture consultants include Bain & Company, IMC Consulting, Culture By Design, Achurch Consulting, and Blend Me Inc.

Why should I hire a workplace culture consultant?

One of the major reasons to hire a workplace culture consultant is to ensure employee and client satisfaction. Workplace consultants usually use a formal assessment to gain a deep insight into your current culture, company growth, and retention efforts. Also, hiring a workplace culture consultant is a great idea if you are experiencing issues with low employee engagement, poor quality levels, and low morale.

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