Art Heist: The Vanishing Van Gogh

Solve the brazen heist before the painting is lost forever

️ loved by mystery enthusiasts, Alfred Hitchcock and Agatha Christie (probably)

🕒 1.5 hours 👪 9 - 300+ people 📍 Location: Virtual

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How it Works

Crime struck the Art Institute of Chicago last night as one of Vincent Van Gogh's famous paintings, The Bedroom, disappeared without a trace off gallery walls. Investigators are stumped and have called on your team to solve the mystery before the painting is lost to history forever. Art Heist is a virtual team building event built from the ground up to engage, connect, and inspire teams.

Our professional event hosts will lead your group through all elements of this online adventure. We use small group dynamics and engagement principles in breakout rooms to promote better communication, collaboration, and connection within your team. Your team will work in small groups to solve puzzles, piece together clues, and uncover the truth about what happened in the museum's galleries.

Art Heist: The Vanishing Van Gogh is a 90-minute experience great for groups of nine or more people. We'll conduct your virtual team building event over a secure video conference line. Art Heist combines all the best principles of whodunnits and virtual escape rooms to create a custom, engaging, high-energy team bonding experience.

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