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An interactive mystery that comes to your team!

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The vault has been breached! A brazen bank heist has left your team trading their laptops for detective gear as your group is tasked with solving this daring whodunit! Where was the bank's security team? How did the criminals get past the state-of-the-art technology guarding the vault? Our hosts will lead your team through a series of puzzles and challenges to earn clues and uncover key details to help discover who is responsible for this daring heist before the perpetrators get away with the crime for good.

Bank Heist is an activity carefully curated to integrate key team building principles cloaked as a fun, high-energy social deduction team building event. Your group will enjoy friendly competition, collaborate, and work together to solve the heist.

Our team of hosts will travel to your location to help your team crack the code. This event is available in all cities beginning August 1.

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  1. Fun, social, engaging experiences.
  2. Real team building and connections.
  3. The best hosts in the industry.
  4. Game dynamics designed by experts.
  5. Super easy bookings.
  6. Fair prices.

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50,225+ "We Loved It!" Reviews

Sonya is very sophisticated in hosting the team building activities and we are very happy to have this activity.
Junhuan (Wilson) Zhu
Junhuan (Wilson) Zhu
21:35 24 Jun 22
TeamBuilding was amazing, Dr.Julia who was working with us was so energetic and funny making the whole experience totally worth while!! thanks so much :))
Brooke Hinshaw
Brooke Hinshaw
20:40 24 Jun 22
Super fun! Dr. Julia and Raul were awesome! Super fun experience, well coordinated and flowed really well!
Tim MacLeod
Tim MacLeod
20:35 24 Jun 22
Eric and Vanessa is incredible! Our murder mystery was a great time, and we couldn't have asked for a better team builder.
Jon Parsley
Jon Parsley
18:41 24 Jun 22
Team-building but with a realllllly on-par energy hosts to get you in the mood! The Sith Order sends their most chaotic thank you.
Tanner Narkoff
Tanner Narkoff
17:03 24 Jun 22
Julia and Sonya were amazing, and his animated upbeat attitude really made what can be sometimes an awkward virtual teambuilding exercise fun and interesting.
Domonic Lastoria
Domonic Lastoria
17:01 24 Jun 22
We had Jim, a super fun Aussie, and it was so fun. He was full of energy even at 7am! Great time had by all. Thank you Jim!
Lara Mazzone
Lara Mazzone
22:08 23 Jun 22
Julie & Alyssa brought fantastic energy! The event was action packed, lots of fun, and really well organized. Would definitely do it again.
Bobby Donovan
Bobby Donovan
22:06 23 Jun 22

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