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Beer & Sharks

Mini, Interactive, Virtual Presentation

❤️ loved by aquarium nerds, beer aficionados, remote teams

🕒 1 hour 👪 2 - 300+ people 🎟️ $$

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Beer & Sharks is a mini, interactive "Nerd Talk" about two of nature's most misunderstood subjects: calculus and progressive tax systems. Just kidding: it's about beer and sharks. In this 60 minute, 100% virtual presentation, Ethan "Hops" Angelica will take your team through a wild explanation of aquatic ecosystems, conservation, beer making, shark facts and the tenuous links between them. The presentation is smart, thought provoking, wildly entertaining, and one of the best damn ways to enjoy a virtual meeting.

Beer & Sharks is presented by Ethan Angelica, an educator who develops programming for zoos, aquariums, teambuilding.com, world class beer experiences and 100+ other institutions. Of the 7+ billion people on our spinny little experiment, Ethan is the one you want to tell you about what makes beer and sharks tick.

Nerd Talks™️ are teambuilding.com's proprietary format for wildly smart, interactive and entertaining mini-presentations for teams. In each session, we explore the links between two barely related topics, in a way that feels good to you. It's like hanging out with your super smart, know-it-all, friend, but your friend has 10+ years of theatre training, actual facts and great comedic timing. We also include elements like icebreakers, trivia and call-outs for audience participation. It's fun.

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