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Improv Games

Fun training workshop

❀️ loved by remote workers in the US, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom

πŸ•’ 1.5 hours πŸ‘ͺ 2 - 300+ people 🎟️ $$

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Improv Games is a fun training event where your team learns skills like improvisation, fast-decision making, and public speaking. The event is designed to be fun and engaging for introverts, extroverts, beginners, advanced-performers and everyone in-between.

During your event, your host will facilitate a series of team activities, games and challenges. Each of these activities serves a specific purpose, for example we start with icebreaker questions that help people open up to the experience, and then move on to more advanced activities.

Improv Games is a 90 minute event and we can run it both online and for in-person training. If you would like to customize your event, then we can add extra time, snacks, catering, swag bags and more.

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"It was AMAZING.
Everyone had a great time."

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