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Our Nerd Talks™️ program brings in experts to educate and entertain your staff. You can think of the format like an interactive Ted-style talk on obscure topic pairings. The goal of these team building activities is to invest in your employees to develop new skills and ideas. A successful talk can inspire creativity and new ways of thinking, as well as be an entertaining way to spend time with your colleagues.

We work with experts in a wide variety of fields and interests. For example, your team can learn about Beer & Sharks, Volcanoes & Vikings, The Library of Alexandria & Cuttlefish and more. Each experience is an eclectic mix of education and entertainment. We recommend booking your event, and letting our team surprise you with the host and topic.

The Nerd Talks™ format is typically 60 minutes, and we can shorten or extend this training at your request. We've built the program both for in-person and online engagements, and to work with audiences of all sizes. This training is a good fit for introverts, extroverts, beginnings, advanced folks, and everyone in-between. The experience is about 30 minutes of interactive presentation, with the remainder of the time allocated to games and activities like trivia.

Why 30,000+ Teams Love Us

  1. Fun, social, engaging experiences.
  2. Real team building and connections.
  3. The best hosts in the industry.
  4. Game dynamics designed by experts.
  5. Super easy bookings.
  6. Fair prices.

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Choose a Theme

1. Cowboys, Whiskey, & Visionaries

️ loved by whiskey enthusiasts, anyone who used to want to be a cowboy (or still does!)

Hitch your horse, pull off your boots, and prepare for an hour of truths about cowboys and the Wild West that you never got to see in Hollywood. Who were the original cowpokes? What's the story behind whiskey, the famed cowboy drink of choice? And what happens when you bite a bull's ear? All that and more will be explained in Cowboys, Whiskey, & Visionaries: A Nerd Talk Celebrating Black History!

2. Witchcraft & Wine

️ loved by witches, wizards, wine lovers

For some, a mid-autumn night's activities may involve wine, and for others it may involve witchcraft. Until now, the two Ws were seldom seen together. In this 60 minute, 100% virtual presentation, we will take your team through a wicked explanation of witchcraft, magic, horticulture, ancient wine practices and the somewhat unusual links between it all. The presentation is unique, wildly entertaining, and a fun way to get together with your team

3. Zombies & Philosophy

️ loved by people with braaaaaains

Like zombies, some philosophies are coming back from the dead. In this 60 minute presentation held in a virtual conference room, we will march your team through the legends of zombies, the way these walking dead-folks exploded into pop-culture, the peculiarities of philosophy and how it all comes together. There is no presentation alive that is quite like this.

4. Library of Alexandria & Cuttlefish

️ loved by history nerds, friends of the sea, remote teams

Library of Alexandria & Cuttlefish is a mini, interactive "Nerd Talk" about two mildly connected things: the Library of Alexandria and Cuttlefish. In this 60 minute, 100% virtual presentation, we will take your team through a wild explanation of ancient Egyptian record keeping, what it's like when the historic "hard drive" fails, the peculiar habits of cuttlefish and the tenuous links between it all. The presentation is smart, thought provoking, wildly entertaining, and one of the best damn ways to do increase engagement with remote teams.

5. Cereal & Serial Killers

️ loved by bowls, spoons, virtual workers

There is more tying together Cereal & Serial Killers then cute Halloween costumes in the 90s. In this 100% virtual, 60 minute presentation, we will steer your team through the origins of the breakfast food, infamous killers, cold cases and how it all connects. There is no presentation quite like this.

7. Yule Logs & Sled Dogs

️ loved by anyone with a little holiday spirit!

For many, the burning of a yule log marks the peak of the holidays. But what about the Yule Goat? Or the Oaxacan Night of the Radishes? Or a caroling hobby horse that sings for its supper? And what better way to discover wild holiday customs from around the world than to be guided by a trusty sled dog, with their fluffy coats, excellent teamwork skills and very specific foot care routines. In this fast-paced, 100% visual mix of talks, trivia and adorable puppy photos, your team will celebrate, compete and learn their "dog personality." It's a new holiday tradition you never knew you needed.

8. Tea & Krampus

️ loved by everyone, even Scrooge.

Cozy up with a cup of something warm as we dive into the Victorian Era of high tea, finger sandwiches, and the oft misunderstood iconic Boston Tea Party. But uh oh, did you forget the Boston Tea Party took place on a cold December night? Just in time to meet all of the terrifying creatures of holiday seasons from around the world. Beware a vengeful yule cat, a winter witch who might cook YOU into tea, and the ever-chilling alter ego of Santa Claus… Krampus.

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50,225+ "We Loved It!" Reviews

Andrew was so much fun and helped us get some good team building in!! Would definitely want to do another murder mystery with Andrew as the host.
McKenzie Bricker
McKenzie Bricker
21:38 12 Aug 22
Eric and Faith are great and this was a great event for work. We're all remote so this is a great teambuilding activity.
Rob Bellomy
Rob Bellomy
21:28 12 Aug 22
Mark was absolutely AMAZING!!! He made everyone feel included and had the best jokes. Our team had such a great time. We'll definitely book again for more fun events. We enjoyed every second of it!
Shana Wade
Shana Wade
18:53 12 Aug 22
Leighton and Kelly were spectacular hosts! Such a fun virtual experience! Looking forward to booking with TeamBuilding again in the future!
Collin Fairlie
Collin Fairlie
16:39 12 Aug 22
Thanks for a fun, creative team-building was a great afternoon spent with teammates+friends!
Barry Helfrich
Barry Helfrich
12:27 12 Aug 22
Our team spy activity was a lot of fun and the hosts were very engaging! They made it lighthearted and this gave us some good laughs.
Katie Santangelo
Katie Santangelo
22:39 11 Aug 22
We hosted a Murder Mystery team event to celebrate to closing of our Hack Week. Julia and Steven brought so much energy to our event and could not recommend them enough. We look forward to hosting another event with Team Building!!
Joscelyn Szymkowski
Joscelyn Szymkowski
21:02 11 Aug 22
Peter and Vanessa led a very fun team building event. Would highly recommend the Egyptian murder mystery.
BostonScientific Vascular
BostonScientific Vascular
20:59 11 Aug 22
Paisley is so awesome! So glad to have her facilitate this time with new and old teammates!P.S. Women deserve more credit :)
Grayson Cooper
Grayson Cooper
22:26 10 Aug 22

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