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How it Works

ScavBoss hosts challenging scavenger hunts for corporate teams. The events can be run both indoors and outdoors, and are organized around exploring the fascinating historical landmarks, neighborhoods and museums in our host cities.

These are not your average scavenger hunts. We obsess over the tiniest of details to build creative and engaging hunts that teams love. Instead of making a hunt that is difficult because the clues are too damn hard or the time is too short, we craft clues and puzzles that take strategic thinking, teamwork, and different approaches to solve. It's rad.

We can customize your scavenger hunt around your industry, mission, values, and other themes. For example, a finance firm did a custom hunt of the Financial District and learned about the history of banking and major economic events. Foursquare did an alien-themed scavenger hunt to match a company project, and Buzzfeed ran a "Great Outdoors" hunt for an adult summer camp.

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