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A two-hour, interactive communication training where teammates learn a storytelling framework and work together to practice weaving compelling tales.

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How it Works

We teach highly interactive storytelling workshops. This training is available both online and locally and can help managers, marketers, sales people, HR and many other roles improve their job performance. Telling stories well is one of the most effective ways to inspire others to take action; whether it is leading for cultural change in the organization or closing the sale. This trait means that the workshop will have utility for your colleagues both in job performance and in other aspects of their lives.

Via Museum Hack, our live and guided museum tours brand, our story masters told thousands of stories every month. To make this effort more manageable, we have a proprietary framework for quickly developing effective and impactful stories. In your workshop, your coworkers will learn this framework, plus other techniques for telling better stories. The training is communicated in a way that is beneficial to beginner and advanced storytellers alike.

These storytelling workshops are very interactive, which means your team will have time to practice and develop these new skills. Our story masters will guide your team through the process, and give each person clear and direct feedback on how to improve. Our goal is for every attendee to leave the session as a higher level storyteller, and with confidence to actually put the techniques into action. We often hear from attendees that they appreciate the opportunity to actually practice and receive feedback during this training.

Sample Schedule

Intro to Museum Hack + Our Secret Storytelling Sauce10 minutes
Breakdown of the Secret Sauce10 minutes
Identifying + Engaging Your Target Audience15 minutes
Engagement Exercise15 minutes
Personal Connections15 minutes
Building A Story Workshop30 minutes
Finding Real World Applications20 minutes
Conclusion5 minutes

Why 30,000+ Teams Love Us

  1. Fun, social, engaging experiences.
  2. Real team building and connections.
  3. The best hosts in the industry.
  4. Game dynamics designed by experts.
  5. Super easy bookings.
  6. Fair prices.

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50,225+ "We Loved It!" Reviews

Our adventure in Egypt was really fun, a good mystery, and educational as well. The hosts were great, Dr. Kari brought such a great energy and spirit to the whole event. Highly recommended.
Mark Terrano
Mark Terrano
21:02 30 Sep 22
Ayana and Cherie were the best!! Plenty of laughs while we worked through puzzles together. I'd highly recommend to any group!
Support Test
Support Test
18:32 30 Sep 22
Eric is the actual moment and brings amazing energy! I loved this event! He makes everything so fun :)
Corina Peguero
Corina Peguero
23:59 29 Sep 22
Eric and Rachel did a great job staying very energetic throughout the entire espionage and explaining the games super well!
Adryanna Coy
Adryanna Coy
21:55 29 Sep 22
We had a lot of fun during our virtual event with Team Building. I highly recommend them for a team virtual event!
Aurora Ramirez
Aurora Ramirez
21:54 29 Sep 22
Angelica & Abbey are awesome! I had a great time bonding with my team and they made this really fun!!
Monica Kelsey
Monica Kelsey
20:29 29 Sep 22
I had a wonderful experience at the Campfire. Paisley and John Mark were amazing hosts and very engaging. I would definitely recommend them to others!
Leslie Ann Lopez
Leslie Ann Lopez
20:19 29 Sep 22
High energy, fun event for our team. Got us all laughing and thinking. Thank you Ayana and Tessa!!
Liza Stehman
Liza Stehman
20:04 29 Sep 22
This was a fun way to break up the monotony. I enjoyed meeting new co-workers and the s'mores were delicious! 5 out of 5 stars, highly recommend.
Kelli Campbell
Kelli Campbell
19:04 29 Sep 22
Julia and Hannalore were great! the hour flew by and the smores were delicious. Loved Julia's energy.
Francisca Jaque
Francisca Jaque
19:03 29 Sep 22

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