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A new twist on traditional trivia, individual players square off in fast-paced quiz-style mini games for 60 minutes of hosted fun.

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Umm True?! is a 60-minute renegade adventure that puts a fresh spin on traditional trivia. Perfect for your next virtual happy hour, Umm True?! pits each person for themselves in a fun, competitive battle designed to find out who among your team members excels when it comes to random knowledge on unexpected topics.

You can choose from four different themes: Forgotten History, which dabbles in world history knowledge, Little Planets, which focuses on science and space, Unusual Beasts, which dives into the realm of real and mythological animals, and Weird Laws and Regulations, which takes you on a journey through some of the strangest ordinances in history. Bonus: We also have holiday-themed Umm True?!, a great choice for your next company holiday outing.

Umm True?! runs for one hour and is great for large and small groups, and is a strong choice for both US and international audiences. We'll host the event over a secure, private video conference line that we provide. While most of our events are Zoom-specific, we can host Umm True?! over Microsoft Teams and WebEx, too!

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50,225+ "We Loved It!" Reviews

Ayana and Emily were amazing! We had do much fun! Would love to do this again. What a great teambuilder!
Lidia Orozco
Lidia Orozco
21:55 17 Jun 22
AMAZING event! Loved the host and Vanna White!! Just amazing and team building event both Chris and Kari rocked it. Will do this again for sure for other teams.
Oscar Bolanos
Oscar Bolanos
21:33 17 Jun 22
Casey had a ton of energy and a lot of fun. Raul was super helpful and quick in the comments. Fun time.
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee
20:30 17 Jun 22
Miguel and Grace make a great team as hosts and their sense of humor is on point for a teambuilding event! 100% recommend.
Autumn Silbernagel
Autumn Silbernagel
19:31 17 Jun 22
Elizabeth and Paisley took wonderful care of us! Their trivia setup was a wonderful way to get us to communicate, learn, and have fun!
Helena Laster
Helena Laster
16:51 17 Jun 22
Ayana did a fantastic job hosting a work event for company in honor of Juneteenth. I highly recommend this experience to others. I learned a ton that I plan to share with my family and friends. Thanks Ayana.
Leigh Ann Solomon (US)
Leigh Ann Solomon (US)
23:00 16 Jun 22
Our team had a great time! It was creative, interesting, light hearted, and a great way to connect remotely. Highly recommend. Thanks Faith and Leah!
Becky McDonald
Becky McDonald
22:54 16 Jun 22
It was very fun and educational! LOVED the enthusiastic vibe, the excellent puns, and the Our Flag Means Death mentions!!
Catharine Corrigan
Catharine Corrigan
21:01 16 Jun 22
Elizabeth and Paisley did an awesome job, they hosted Pride Month trivia for us and were super funny, engaging, and gave us super clear instructions for each step as well!
Laura Williams
Laura Williams
21:00 16 Jun 22

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