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Working Without Pants, AKA "How to Work Remotely" is a training session that takes new remote workers from "okay I'm online" to "this is the happiest and most productive I've ever been at work." The training is driven by the idea that remote work can and should be available to your team, and that this work arrangement is beneficial not just to your employees but to the company as well.

We are a 100% remote company, and have studied the best practices of other remote organizations and developed our own. This training includes content on important topics like how to work productively from home, online co-working, contribution to remote meetings, health and wellness when working from home, time blocking, how to set boundaries with your family and friends, useful technical skills and more.

Working Without Pants is a 90 minute session that covers the essential lessons of working from home. If you would like to extend your training, we offer additional sessions that go deep on topics like productivity, time-management and healthy living.

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