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Manchester Team Building Activities

1. Ultimate Trivia Showdown

️ loved by teams across Manchester

Sure, your city has a glorious sporting history, but how’s your useless knowledge? Get ready for the most epic night of trivia in Manchester! In our 90-minute Ultimate Trivia Showdown, you'll compete to determine who is the brightest and brainiest; and finally get to figure out who among you wins the coveted prize of Bragging Rights For All Time. It’s fun, high-energy, and full of friendly cutthroat competition.

🕒 1.5 hours 👪 6 - 300+ people More Info

2. Espionage!

️ loved by Mastercard, Charles Schwab, National Nuclear Security Administration

You may have played Werewolf or Mafia with your group before, but you've never played it like this! Our Espionage! event is the ultimate in social deduction team building activities. Join us for 90 minutes of agents, spies, and intrigue; our world-class hosts will assign each participant a role within the game and lead your group through a series of high-energy puzzles and challenges as your team works to uncover the spies hidden among them. Does your team have what it takes to stop the spies?

🕒 1.5 hours 👪 5 - 20 people More Info

3. Superhero Academy

️ loved by GoDaddy, Capital One, Epic Games

Now's your chance to step into a real-life comic book with your team. During this 90-minute in-person team building event, our group of world-class hosts will take your team on an incredible superhero journey. Your group will enjoy puzzles and challenges of heroic proportions as your team relies on each person's individual strengths to succeed.

🕒 1.5 hours 👪 12 - 300+ people More Info

4. Pride Trivia

️ loved by Charles Schwab, Amazon, Lockheed Martin

Pride Trivia is back and all-new in 2022! Our host will come to your group to celebrate Pride Month by sharing knowledge, inspiring pride, and bringing your team members together to learn and have a great time with each other. This event was designed and is led by members of the LGBTQ+ community who have created an event that feels educational and celebratory while reflecting on lived experiences.

🕒 1 hour 👪 6 - 300+ people More Info

5. Minute Madness

️ loved by Circle K

The clock is ticking! Minute Madness is the ultimate in active, high-stakes team building! Over the course of 60 minutes, your team will compete in energetic physical competitions designed to see who among your group can win one-minute challenges. Race against the clock to earn points for your team during 5400 seconds of mild mayhem!

🕒 1 hour 👪 6 - 300+ people More Info

6. Storytelling Workshops

️ loved by Burberry, Autodesk, Adobe, Pinterest

Storytelling is a very important skill for your team to learn because it makes what they share more memorable and actionable. Every individual role, from marketing to sales to HR, customer service and more will benefit from telling more effective stories.

Our hosts train for three months before leading one of these workshops. These facilitators are skillful actors, stand-up comedians, academics and nerds. This team will teach your group a simple and powerful framework for telling stories that will appeal to a wide range of audiences.

🕒 1.5 hours 👪 2 - 300+ people More Info

7. The Great Guac Off™

️ loved by YouTube, LinkedIn, Amazon, PwC

The Great Guac Off is a wildly fun experience that starts with mini games like Trivia-cado and House Builder and culminates in a fast-paced guacamole making competition. If your team loves even kind-of loves avocados then these are the team building activities for you.

Your event includes the essentials of a great party: a fun and energetic host, all of the guac ingredients and dippers, themed prizes and team photos; with swag bags and BYOB optional. You can run your Guac Off anywhere in Manchester, including your office or one of our rental locations.

🕒 1.5 hours 👪 6 - 300+ people More Info

8. ScavBoss

️ loved by British Embassy, Facebook, PepsiCo, American Express

These scavenger hunts are anything but easy. ScavBoss combines fun and creative story-lines with unique game mechanics and puzzles that challenge your team to solve problems together. We have indoor and outdoor hunts available in Manchester and the surrounding area, and can customize the experience to match a wide variety of themes and topics.

Important: We really do not make easy scavenger hunts, and not every team finishes the race. Everyone will have a great experience though!

🕒 1.5 - 2 hours 👪 6 - 300+ people More Info

9. Gingerbread Wars™

️ loved by San Antonio International Airport, EY, NerdWallet, Metadata

For the holidays, Gingerbread Wars hosts cheerful team building activities in Manchester. Your holiday team event starts with games like themed trivia and Snowman Hustle, followed by the main experience: a fun gingerbread house making competition.

Gingerbread Wars is very portable and we can run it nearly anywhere: at your office, conference space or one of our rental locations around the city. You can also customize your experience with add-ons like "Cookie Monster", snack plates, holiday decorations, gift bags and BYOB.

🕒 1.5 hours 👪 6 - 300+ people More Info

How it Works

We offer multiple corporate events and corporate team building activities in Manchester. Each of our team building events is a fun and unique experience with a goal of maximizing employee happiness, engagement and retention. We have 50,225+ five star reviews from happy clients.

teambuilding™ is the umbrella that connects our team building companies in Manchester. You can contact the brands directly or book through us; there are no extra fees or differences because these are brands we own. You will be talking with the same cheerful client advisors and meet the same world class facilitators 🙂

We will never sell you an event that isn't a great fit. Your event planner's goal is to help you choose the best team activities for your objectives, personalities and budget. Many clients love our team building activities so much that they book multiple events each year.

Note: Due to the pandemic, we have special operations. A client advisor will be happy to discuss your options.

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