33 Fun Virtual Event Ideas for Online Socials in 2021

You found our list of the best virtual event ideas for companies. Virtual events are fun online gatherings usually held over video platforms like Zoom, Webex and Google Meet. Virtual social event ideas are specific ways you can use this time, for example by playing games or doing other activities. The purpose of these events […]

30 Virtual Happy Hour Ideas, Games & Activities for Coworkers

Welcome to our list of virtual happy hour ideas, games and activities. Virtual happy hours are social events held over video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Webex and Google Meet. The goal of these events is to have fun and build relationships between attendees. Virtual happy hour ideas are specific games, activities and themes that you […]

Outdoor Team Building Activities, Games & Ideas for Adults

You found our list of the best outdoor team building activities for adults. Outdoor team building activities are group bonding and engagement exercises that take place outside. Example activities include scavenger hunts, field days, and walking tours. The purpose of these outings is to get fresh air and sunshine while building camaraderie and trust with […]

26 National Fun at Work Day Ideas, Games & Activities for 2021

You found our list of the best virtual National Fun at Work Day ideas. National Fun at Work Day is a holiday that encourages employees to relax and enjoy themselves. For example, managers and employees play games, do team building activities, enjoy entertainment and show appreciation for each other. The goal of this day is […]

14 Best Creativity Books To Read In 2021

You found our list of top creativity books for professionals. Creativity books are works that inspire innovation, expression, and out-of-the box thinking. These guides cover topics such as discovering inspiration, collaborating creativity, avoiding burnout and creative blocks, and finding ways to innovate professionally. The purpose of these books is to help individuals and teams in […]

27 Employee Resource Groups Best Practices for 2021

You found our guide to employee resource groups best practices. Employee resource groups are internal committees that revolve around certain identities or experiences, such as race, spirituality, parenting, and sexual orientation. The purpose of these groups is to provide support to diverse team members and to promote more inclusive practices throughout the organization. These groups […]

21 Fun Slack Channel Ideas for Work in 2021

You found our list of the best Slack channel topic ideas for remote work. Slack channel ideas are topics for Slack groups. For example, #furry-friends and #gaming-lounge. The purpose of these channels is to encourage interaction and reveal common bonds between remote coworkers. These spaces are a type of remote employee engagement activity and are […]

15 Best Growth Hacking Books to Read in 2021

You found our list of top growth hacking books. Growth hacking books are guides that teach marketers and entrepreneurs low-cost strategies to attract and retain customers. These books share tips and tricks about building social media followings and customer bases, branding, and efficient organizational operation. The purpose of these books is to help entrepreneurs scale […]

Remote Work: The Ultimate Guide for 2021

You found our guide to remote work. Remote work is a work style where employees work at home or outside the office as opposed to working from a centralized location. The practice often involves emails, messaging platforms, and virtual meeting software. Remote work is also commonly called working from home, telecommuting, and virtual work. This […]

14 Best Nonprofit Books to Read in 2021

You found our list of helpful nonprofit books. Nonprofit books are guides that teach readers how to start and effectively run philanthropies. These works cover topics like fundraising, leadership best practices, legal and tax structures, and ways to market the mission. The purpose of these books is to help nonprofits be more organized and maximize […]

16 Fun Get to Know You Games & Activities for Adults in 2021

You found our list of fun get to know you games. Get to know you games are activities that help members of groups quickly learn more about each other. For example, you can play twenty questions, would you rather, show and tell, and this or that. The purpose of these games is to make it […]

16 Best Career Books to Read in 2021

You found our list of the best career books. Career books are guides that help readers choose a fitting job field and develop professionally. These works cover topics like job searching, forming relationships, and building skills. The purpose of these books is to help readers find job satisfaction and flourish career-wise. You can use these […]

13 Best All Hands Meeting Ideas for Work in 2021

You found our list of all hands meeting ideas. All hands meetings are company-wide conferences where employees gather with leadership to hear updates, discuss organizational topics, and celebrate victories. The purpose of these meetings is to keep team members informed about the current state and the future direction of the company, and to foster better […]

Employee Attrition: Definition, Causes & Examples

You found our guide to employee attrition. Employee attrition is the practice of leaving roles unfilled following workers’ departures. Employers will often eliminate positions, restructure departments, or implement a hiring freeze instead of bringing on new staff. There are many reasons for employee attrition, including cost-saving and organizational change. This concept is similar to employee […]

Team Building Questions: The #1 List for Workplaces in 2021

You found our list of the best team building questions! Team building questions are conversation prompts that help group members connect and build relationships. For example, “What is your favorite movie ever?” or “How do you spend the majority of your work day?” The purpose of these prompts is to facilitate discussions and find points […]

10 Best Training and Development Books to Read in 2021

You found our list of the best training and development books! Training and development books are guides that teach best practices for onboarding and educating employees. These books cover topics such as course design and delivery, learning evaluation, and performance reviews. The purpose of these books is to streamline the process of teaching staff new […]

14 Causes & Reasons for Employee Turnover in 2021

Here is our list of the top causes of employee turnover. Employee turnover is the rate at which employees leave an organization. Reasons behind employee turnover include lack of growth and progression, inadequate compensation, and inefficient management. Understanding the causes of high staff turnover can help managers know how it affects the company. This topic […]

16 Best Recruitment Books to Read in 2021

You found our list of the best recruitment books. Recruitment books are guides to attracting, interviewing, evaluating, and hiring new employees. These resources cover topics like data-driving hiring practices, interviewing strategies, technology’s role in recruiting, and best practices for assembling offers. These books are also called “hiring books” or “recruiting books.” These books are a […]

8 Best Onboarding Books to Read in 2021

You found our list of helpful onboarding books. Onboarding books are guides on how to conduct client or employee orientations. The purpose of these guides is to improve training and transition periods and increase retention. The audience for these books is typically HR professionals and managers. These books are a subset of HR books, are […]

9 Examples of Effective Team Management Skills for 2021

You found our list of essential team management skills & competencies. Team management skills are qualities that help leaders guide groups effectively. Examples skills include emotional intelligence, communication, and decision-making. These characteristics enable managers to guide employees with empathy, logic, and confidence. The skills are signs of good management and include beginner manager tips. Leaders […]