Event Pricing

Here is how event pricing works:

  • The minimum price is based on 10 people. For example, Online Office Games for up to 10 people is $400 and for 11 people is $440.
  • There is an 8% service charge.
  • All prices are in USD.
  • Some busy dates, for example holidays, may have an additional fee.
  • We have lower pricing and added bonuses for multi-event packages.
  • Your proposal will include a breakdown of all pricing before you sign it.
  • If some or all of your team members will be in the office, please choose from our hybrid-compatible event types. Your host will join the event virtually while running a great event for your team, no matter where they are!

Here is the price list:

EventUp to 10 People (per event)11+ People (per person)Compatible PlatformsHybrid Compatible
tiny campfire$700 (includes kits + US shipping)$70 (includes kits + US shipping)ZoomNo
Remote Storytelling Workshop$600$60ZoomYes
Comedy Workshop$500$50ZoomYes
Online Office Games$400$40ZoomOnline Office Games 3.0
Art Heist: The Vanishing Van Gogh$400$40ZoomYes
Superhero Academy$400$40ZoomYes
Espionage!$400$40Zoom, Teams, Webex, MeetYes
Murder in Ancient Egypt$400$40ZoomYes
Murder in the Queen’s Court$400$40ZoomYes
Murder in the Speakeasy$400$40ZoomYes
War of the Wizards$400$40ZoomNo
International Monster Hunter$400$40ZoomYes
Ultimate Game Show$400$40ZoomYes
Planet X$400$40ZoomYes
Trapped in the TV$400$40ZoomYes
Cocktail Shake-Up$400$40ZoomYes
Summertime Shake-Up$400$40ZoomYes
Just A Darn Fun Event$400$40Zoom, Teams, Webex, MeetNo
Nerd Talks$400$40Zoom, Teams, Webex, MeetYes
Virtual Trivia (Teams or Individuals)$300$30ZoomYes
Umm True?!$300$30Zoom, Teams, Webex, MeetYes
Virtual Retirement Party$500$50ZoomNo

And here is our holiday event price list:

EventUp to 10 People (per event)11+ People (per person)Compatible PlatformsHybrid Compatible
Virtual Halloween Party$500$50ZoomYes
Ghost Hunt in the Haunted Mansion$500$50ZoomYes
Halloween Trivia$400$40ZoomYes
Scary Movie Trivia$400$40ZoomYes
Gingerbread Wars$800$80ZoomNo
Virtual Holiday Party$400$40ZoomYes
Holiday Heist$400$40ZoomYes
Holly Jolly Cocktail Party$400$40ZoomYes
Kindness Quest$400$40ZoomNo
Just A Darn Fun Holiday Event$400$40Zoom, Teams, Webex, MeetNo
Winter Trivia$300$30ZoomYes

Recent Reviews

puzzles were fun and challenging. Hosts were engaging with lots of knowledge of the material. Fun time.
Matthew Crowell
Matthew Crowell
22:32 15 Sep 21
Dr. Julia and Increda-Casey did an excellent job keeping the hype up and guiding us through a really fun event!
Janell Graciano
Janell Graciano
22:32 15 Sep 21
Miguel and Andrea were fantastic! Our entire was laughing and having a great time. Will definitely utilize their services again.
Rebecca Gallo
Rebecca Gallo
22:00 15 Sep 21
Frank & Grace did an amazing job!! Thank you for bringing so much energy and enthusiasm to our teambuilding session. We had a great time!
Alyssa Savage
Alyssa Savage
21:37 15 Sep 21
fun game!!Vanessa and Sara changed my life and I’ll never be the same. Also they both look so rested. It is amazing.
Mandy Li
Mandy Li
21:33 15 Sep 21
Hilarious team building opp - Paisley was a great facilitator! Going to put that team screegrab on my desk fo sho.
Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris
21:30 15 Sep 21
We had Paisley as our murderologist and it was amazing! I have not smiler or laughed this hard in a while. Thanks for a great time!
Morgan Howder
Morgan Howder
21:28 15 Sep 21