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Scalable 1 on 1 leadership coaching for your managers

Our system develops effective, personable leaders that teams love to work with


Services: Management Training, Leadership Assessments, Professional Development

How it Works

teambuildingβ„’ provides leadership coaching via 1 on 1 video calls. The goal is to help new managers develop the skills and habits of successful leaders, and for more experienced managers to have a trusted advisor to consult with.

We believe in developing strong, empathetic, communicative leaders that people love to work with. Our system is process oriented, and based on best practices in organizational behavior, clinical psychology, data science, management training, entrepreneurship and academia. We also make it fun; for your managers to stick with the program it needs to be something they look forward to and are excited to participate in.

The coaching experience starts with a Programmatic Leadership Evaluation that assesses current skills, core-competencies and functional dissonance within the workplace. We also identify a leadership super power for each manager to work on. From this data we develop a personalized development plan with specific goals and due dates. We are a little obsessed with making sure that everyone follows through on these commitments, and prepare quarterly reports on aptitude targets and progress.

Over the course of the leadership coaching, we work with your people 1 on 1 to develop and apply skills like how to give feedback, recognizing common performance issues early, process creation and effective delegation, hiring and terminations, having difficult conversations, culture development, data-backed decision making, and organization-scale thinking. You will see measurable increases in performance both in your managers and their direct reports.

Each session is 45 minutes, and we have weekly and monthly plans available. After each call, we summarize notes and action steps which your team members will have lifetime and private access to. We also provide management tools your leaders can use to increase engagement, productivity and retention with their teams.

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