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How it Works

We run a variety of team building activities in the United States, around the world and virtually. Each of our team activities is a fun and unique experience with a goal of maximizing employee happiness, engagement and retention. We have 5640+ five star reviews from happy clients.

Our membership program is a paid, VIP service for leaders who want to take team building to level 10. The program is a way for you to invest in your team over time, that also gives your organization cost savings, preferred scheduling, concierge service, access to private demos, community and more.

Basically, membership is a fun way to develop your team, as well as secure meaningful gains in employee engagement scores, job satisfaction, retention and productivity. You already work on these priorities; let our team support you with some of the heavy lifting.

teambuilding™ is a leader in the team building industry and we've mastered the best practices and developed our own techniques for engaging workers and building strong teams. We love planning fun, meaningful team building activities that our members and their teams love 🙂

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Your Membership Benefits

Preferred Scheduling

Our members enjoy preferred scheduling, which includes peek demand times like Friday afternoon and end of the month. In most cases, we will be able to provide the exact day and time that you request.

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Senior Event Facilitators

We have a small team of Senior Event Faciliators who have honed their talents in event engagement with years of experience and training. Members can access this senior team, and also schedule with a preferred faciliator; which could mean working with the same person over months or even years to support your team.

Cost Savings & Fee Waivers

As a member, you don't pay the service charge on event bookings; which instantly saves you 8% on every booking. We also have preferred pricing for multiple or recurring events.

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VIP Concierge Service

Members work with a designated account manager to plan your events and tailor each one to your goals. The longterm relationship with an account manager also helps us develop experiences that are a match for your team's unique interests and preferences.

Private Demo Events

You can schedule up to two private demo events to experience teambuilding™ activities before booking an event for your team. Private demos are up to 45 minutes with a live faciliator and include highlights of the games and experiences.

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Guest Passes to Share

You have two guest passes for each private demo, which you can share with colleagues and peers to also experience the activity. For public demo events, the limit is usually two people per organization and members can extend this count to three total.

Bonus Gifts for Multiple Event Bookings

When you book three events, you receive a $100 Visa gift card. When you book five events, you receive a free custom event highlight video. When you book ten events, you receive a free event up to the average price of your event bookings, to a maximum value of $1000.

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Invites to New Product Development Betas

Join private sessions with other members to experience our new event types before the public launch. You can participate in the product evelopment or just enjoy the experience. Early viewings come with perks like priority bookings and member pricing.

Optional $750 Event Credit

When members book five events in a 12 month period, you earn a $750 event credit with your next membership renewal. This event credit is fully transferrable within your organization.

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