It's been a weird few years…

It’s not a surprise that your people are stressed, disengaged and lonely. Return to office feels like an uphill battle. Even when your team gets together, it just doesn’t feel like it used to. Layoffs are looming. Morale is down. Forced fun doesn’t work.

You are here because you have employees you care about that need to have real fun, connect in new ways, and celebrate some wins together.

But choosing a team building provider is way harder than it should be:

  • It takes hours to find options, request quotes, poll your team for interest and availability, negotiate terms, get budget approval, schedule the event, arrange logistics and so on.
  • How can you evaluate providers when everyone says they are the #1 team building company? Why isn’t there more transparency around reviews and ratings?
  • Once you’ve made a choice, there is still anxiety – “What if the event is boring? Or the host is awkward? What if my team doesn’t like it? What if no-one shows up? What if it rains?”

Bringing a little joy back to the work day shouldn't be so hard!

Hi, we’re, and our goal is to make planning successful experiences for your team as nice as ordering gelato (because all of the options are good). To date, we’ve helped 45,000+ managers plan world class team building experiences for over 1 million participants at organizations like Apple, Amazon, Google, NASA and the US Air Force. Maybe we’ve hosted an event for your team too.

Now, we’ve created Social Calendar to make your planning even easier:

  • You can schedule an entire year of team experiences with just one contract approval.
  • Every experience is top rated and backed by a happiness guarantee.
  • Every host is trained to be the best in the industry.
  • Your people can come and go as they please.
  • It’s all bundled into one low price.
  • And you don’t even have to leave the office.

9 Key Benefits

Chart benefits

Happiness Guarantee

With 1 million participants to date, our average event rating is 4.96 / 5.0 stars. After every event, your team members can choose to add a rating. If any event averages under 4.8 / 5.0 stars, then your next one is on us.

What Event Organizers say about

Kristina P

“I’m thrilled to report that our team of leaders had the BEST time….your team did a great job on setting up and rallying everyone together. The feedback I received was “I’m surprised at how much fun I had”. It was the best news!”

Theresa T

"Thank you so much. It was a really smooth and fun time. They are a tough crowd and I have already received a couple of emails saying what a great time they had."

Elana C

"The event was sooo fun!!! We really had a great time. One colleague told me her headache was gone after the event as she was having fun. Another one said that we nailed it and it was such a refreshing activity. [The facilitators] were high in energy making sure that the event was lively all the time. This is indeed highly recommendable!"

Tammy Y

"The feedback I have received was glowing. Not a single detractor. Everyone enjoyed it and thought it was well done. From the games to the facilitators, responses were that the event was top-notch. I will add ditto to that and also say my interaction with [the support team] has exceeded expectations each time as well. Thank you for your professionalism and assistance!"

Tanya S

"It was absolutely wonderful!! We would happily schedule another team build. The energy was consistent in both sessions. Your team was so great and engaging! Time moved super-fast."

Mao R

"The event was absolutely fantastic! Your team is incredible and we are so thankful for all of your efforts in putting together such a wonderful event for our team."

Social Calendar Features

Curated Experiences

We created a balanced series of high impact events in categories like Creativity, Wellness, Problem Solving, Charity and Diversity & Inclusion.

Flexible Activities

Most team building events need your team's full attention from start to finish. With Social Calendar anyone can come for 10 minutes or two hours. Either way, the experience will be fun!

Dedicated Team

You have a dedicated Account Manager and host team for your Social Calendar. As we get to know you and your team, we continue to improve your experiences to make them even more fun and effective.

Easy Scheduling

You can choose the experience calendar that works best for your team, including swaps and substitutions. You can schedule your entire year upfront to "set it and forget it", or start with the first few dates and return to planning the rest when it works for you.

Real Feedback

Your team can rate and review events, including how engaging it was and how connected they feel. We compile and send you reports so you know exactly how effective your Social Calendar is.

Expert Hosts

Becoming a host isn't easy. We review hundreds of applicants and hire the best of the best, including Broadway performers, stand-up comedians and other entertainers. Then, hosts join a supportive ecosystem of trainers, managers and peers to learn experience management, group dynamics, active engagement, voice projection and more.

Our Promises to You

Happiness Guarantee

With 1 million participants to date, our average event rating is 4.96 / 5.0 stars. After every event, your team members can choose to add a rating. If any event averages under 4.8 / 5.0 stars, then your next one is on us.

90 Day "Zero-Fee" Cancellations

Within 90 days you can cancel your commitment with one email and for any reason. That means you can try up to three Social Calendar experiences to make sure it's a fit for your team without taking on too much risk. If for some reason Social Calendar isn't a fit for you, then we will honor the cancellation request and refund the remainder of your contract.

No-Limit Credit Swaps

At any time you can cancel your Social Calendar series and swap the remaining value for credits. Credits never expire and can be used to book from the full range of in-person and virtual experiences, held for later Social Calendar bookings, or transferred internally at your organization. Whether you've been with Social Calendar for 12 days, 12 months or 12 years, your commitment is flexible.

Unlimited Pauses

You can pause your Social Calendar at any time and for any reason. We will keep track of your remaining experiences and you can resume when your team is ready within the 12 month duration.

"We built Social Calendar to be a fun, effective and affordable team building solution for teams like yours; groups of smart, interesting, talented people that are looking for new ways to connect. If we ever fall short of that goal, then we will work with you to make it right. Our team is friendly, responsive, and here for you."

Michael Alexis

CEO of


How can I see all of the Social Calendar options?

Schedule a call. Your Client Advisor will introduce the program, explain how we created our standard experience series, and show you options for swaps and substitutions.

Where is Social Calendar available?

Social Calendar is available in all major US cities. Depending on your location, there may be a waitlist to get started.

Where do the events take place?

Our hosts come to your office or other location of your choice. All we need is a dedicated area with tables (and in some cases a place to wash up). The best event spaces allow for an easy flow of participants in and out, while not disturbing non-participants. For remote teams, virtual Social Calendars take place on Zoom.

Who will my event hosts be?

Your event hosts are experienced facilitators that are committed to bringing joy and bonding to your team. Your host is local to your city, and so will vary based on your location. Once you've met your hosts, we usually keep the same dedicated team for your Social Calendar series. You can also meet with your host before the first event to say hello and discuss any logistics.

Anything else?

Our Client Advisors are friendly and informative. Book a free consultation to learn more.

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