20 Fun Bonfire Night Activities, Games, and Ideas

By: | Updated: May 11, 2023

You found our list of the best Bonfire Night activities, games, and ideas.

Also known as Guy Fawkes Night, Bonfire Night ideas are fun activities individuals use to celebrate the failure of the 1605 Gunpowder Plot to assassinate King James I in Britain. Examples include the Guy Fawkes Quiz, Apple Bobbing, and Marshmallow Maverick. The purpose of these activities is to commemorate the foiling of the plan to blow up King James I by the Catholic plotters.

Celebrating Bonfire Night is related to other holiday celebrations, including holiday team building activities and UK Christmas party ideas. These activities are also similar to community building activities, relationship building games, and fun group activities.


This list includes:

  • Bonfire Night activities for adults
  • Bonfire Night activities for kids
  • Bonfire Night games
  • Bonfire Night event ideas

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List of Bonfire Night activities, games, and ideas

Dating back hundreds of years, Bonfire Night is a popular celebration in the UK every citizen should experience. From Fireworks Painting to The Winking Assassin to the Catherine Wheel Dizzy Whizzy Game, here is a list of fun ideas to celebrate Bonfire Night.

1. Bonfire Party

Building a fire from scratch may be a first for many participants. Thus, the idea is one of the most memorable Bonfire Night activities for kids. You could start by identifying tasks for children and adults. For instance, the kids could collect firewood and bring it to the fireplace. Then, adults could practice traditional fire-starting techniques such as using feather sticks and making bow drills. All players can then gather around the fireplace with drinks and snacks and play Bonfire Night-themed games. Building a bonfire is a major attraction before or after the Bonfire Night fireworks.

To counter fire-related risks, we advise that you have a dedicated team looking around the bonfire. The team could ensure the fire stays a safe size without dying out too soon. For larger crowds, consider putting up a fence to prevent individuals from going beyond a specific point.

2. Guy Fawkes Quiz

As a major player behind the plot to assassinate King James, Guy Fawkes Quiz will teach players the history of Bonfire Night. You could start by preparing a series of questions about Guy Fawkes’ Life, the history of the Gunpowder Plot, and other individuals behind the plot.

Examples of quiz ideas:

  • Who was the mastermind behind the Gunpowder Plot?
    • ​Robert Catesby
  • All the plotters were of which religion?
    • Catholic
  • How was the Gunpowder Plot foiled?
    • ​Through an anonymous letter
  • How many people were behind the Gunpowder Plot?
    • ​13
  • What is the name of the traditional cake British citizens eat on Bonfire Night?
    • ​Parkin cake
  • Where was Guy Fawkes born?
    • ​York, England
  • How many barrels of gunpowder were in the cellars under the Houses of Parliament?
    • ​36
  • What was the main job of Guy Fawkes in the plot to assassinate King James I?
    • ​To light the fuse
  • Complete the phrase: “Remember, remember”
    • ​The fifth of November
  • What is the name of the court that tried Guy Fawkes and other plotters?
    • ​The Star Chamber

Be sure to tally each player’s right answers and reward the winner. For a memorable event, you could pair the quiz night with treats such as cinnamon sugar donuts and chocolate eclairs.

Check out more trivia inspiration.

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3. Mosquito Bite

If you are hosting an outdoor Bonfire Night event, then Mosquito Bite is a great game idea. You will need red stickers, preferably small plain labels to mimic mosquito bites.

Instructions for the game:

  1. Give each player five dot stickers.
  2. Instruct participants to get rid of the mosquito bites by placing them on other players. However, individuals must transfer the stickers unknowingly.
  3. Any player who catches another participant giving them their mosquito bite gets to transfer one sticker to the culprit.

Announce the first participant to get rid of all their mosquito bites as the winner.

4. Hot Potato

The Hot Potato game is one of the best Bonfire Night event ideas for large groups. For this activity, you only need one potato and a fun music playlist.

Instructions for the game:

  1. Have participants form a circle.
  2. ​Hand the potato to a willing player.
  3. Start playing the music, and instruct participants to pass the potato, starting with the individual on their right side.
  4. Randomly stop the music. The player holding the potato once you pause the tunes exits the game.

You can continue playing until you have one participant in the circle. The Hot Potato game is an excellent game for adults and children alike.

5. Fireworks

You cannot go wrong with fireworks for Bonfire Night celebrations. You could provide attendees with handheld sparklers and ensure individuals have enough space to set them off. Alternatively, consider hiring specialists to run the fireworks displays, especially for large parties. However, we advise that you look out for all guests’ safety, including the communities. Also, consider the authorities’ health and safety guidelines.

6. Bonfire Night Food and Drink Festival

One of the best ways to host a memorable Bonfire Night is by including food and drinks. Depending on the number of attendees, you could set up tent areas for different varieties of food and drinks. Consider serving a mix of traditional meals, street food from local vendors, and hearty Bonfire Night food. Some great choices of Bonfire Night drinks are locally brewed beers, hot chocolate, chai teas, and spiced ciders. Be sure to include sweet treats sections with items like candy floss, toffee apples, and frozen pumpkin cheesecake.

7. Fireworks Painting

If you are looking for simple Bonfire Night activities for kids, then Fireworks Painting is a good bet. The activity is an art project that will engage kids of diverse ages and create memories. For this activity, you will need cardboard, acrylic paint, black papers, and paint palettes. You will also provide kids with paintbrushes.

Instructions for the activity:

  1. Cut different sizes and shapes of your cardboard, and let kids choose the ideal color palettes.
  2. Give each kid a piece of cardboard, and guide them into dipping the boards into paint and pressing it on the black paper. Players can carry this step with different paint colors until they get the desired fireworks shape.
  3. Kids will use the paintbrush to add colorful effects and paint splatter to their fireworks.

Consider using stiff and slightly curved cardboard, and let players clean the paintbrush before switching paint colors. Be sure to let the kids explore their creative sides and paint unique pieces.

8. Apple Bobbing

Apple Bobbing is a top choice of Bonfire Night ideas. With a few supplies and a simple setup, individuals of any age will enjoy the activity. For this activity, you will need bowls with water, a timer, and apples.

Instructions for the game:

  1. Prepare different tabs with water equal to the number of players.
  2. Place a tub on a strong surface or the ground, and add water and about two to three apples.
  3. Set the timer.
  4. ​Instruct players to dip their faces into the water and catch an apple with their teeth. Players must not use their hands.
  5. Players who do not catch an apple within 15 seconds exit the game.

If you want to increase difficulty, then be sure not to place too many apples in the tub so they freely move around. Since Bonfire Night falls in the cooler season, consider placing the apples in a tub with warm water. Alternatively, you could hang apples from strings and let players attempt to catch and bite them without using their hands.

9. The Winking Assassin

The Winking Assassin tops the list of Bonfire Night activities for adults. You will start by nominating one player to be the godfather.

Instructions for the game:

  1. Instruct all participants to close their eyes.
  2. ​Then, the godfather will choose the player who will be the assassin by tapping their shoulder. Other players must not know the assassin’s identity.
  3. The assassin will eliminate other players by winking at them. However, the assassin must be secretive to avoid the group’s wrath.
  4. Anytime the assassin winks at a player, the individual must wait for a couple of minutes before making a dramatic death in front of the crowd.

For an entertaining event, encourage players to be as dramatic as they please once they are “murdered.” The assassin wins only if they manage to wink at all players and hide their identity. However, if a player catches the assassin or correctly guesses their identity, then the player is the winner.

10. Roast Marshmallows and Make S’mores

Roasting Marshmallows is a great way to commemorate Bonfire Night. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the sweet marshmallows and catch up around the bonfire. You could start by lighting an indoor or outdoor fire pit. For safety, be sure to get extra-long marshmallow skewers. Also, provide a variety of crackers to pair with the s’mores. Finally, consider a storytelling session about the history of Bonfire Night, and play music.

Check out these s’mores kits.

11. Fundraise Towards a Worthy Cause

As a top choice of Bonfire Night activities, fundraising toward a worthy change is a notable way to contribute to a positive society. You could start by identifying local organizations and supporting their causes. Then, host a series of fun fundraising activities.

Examples of fundraising ideas:

  • Hold raffles with enticing gifts
  • Charge an entry fee to your Bonfire Night event
  • Place donation buckets around your event area and indicate the cause you are supporting
  • Hold auctions
  • Sell sweet treats, drinks, or food, and channel the proceeds to an organization of choice

It is important to be open to taking suggestions from participants on notable causes to support.

Here is a list of virtual fundraising ideas.

12. Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are a classic game to enchant players during Bonfire Night. To start, hide Bonfire Night-related items all over your venue. Then, give players up to two minutes to find the items, depending on the difficulty.

Players could find:

  • Marshmallows
  • Toffee apples
  • Sparklers
  • Slow sticks

Be sure to offer prizes for the first individuals or teams to find the items.

Check out this guide to team scavenger hunts.

13. Chubby Bunny

The Chubby Bunny activity tops the list of hilarious Bonfire Night ideas for kids or adults. For this activity, you will provide players with many marshmallows. Then, participants will cram as many marshmallows in their mouths as possible and say Chubby Bunny out loud. However, individuals cannot chew or spit out marshmallows. The player who gets the most marshmallows in their mouth while saying Chubby Bunny wins!

14. Balloon Popping

If you are looking for Bonfire Night games, then you could consider the Balloon Popping game. The game requires minimal preparation and is ideal for players of all ages. You will need balloons and small pieces of paper equal to the number of players.

Instructions for the game:

  1. Write playful and simple prompts on the pieces of paper. You could also let each player write their prompts.
  2. ​Insert the papers into balloons.
  3. Inflate the balloons, and let each participant take one.
  4. Players will sit on the balloon and retrieve the paper.
  5. Individuals then have to reenact the prompt.

Examples of prompts:

  • Imitate animals like birds or a lion
  • Mimic another player
  • Stand on your left leg and jump to the count of ten

Be sure to include fun and respectful prompts.

15. Sevens

Sevens is a great Bonfire Night game activity for hosts searching for fun drinking games.

Instructions for the game:

  1. Start by preparing a bonfire and gathering participants around the area.
  2. Lead participants into counting. However, for any number that has the number seven or its multiples, individuals will clap.
  3. Players who forget to clap or those who take longer than two seconds to clap sip their drinks.

Be sure to alert players to exercise responsible drinking. Also, be sure to offer different beverages, including nonalcoholic drinks.

16. Watch Gunpowder Plot Movies and Shows

Watching Gunpowder Plot Movies is a tactical choice of educational and entertaining ways to commemorate Bonfire Night. Individuals will learn about the conspiracies of the Roman Catholics to blow up Kings James I and the parliament in 1605.

Examples of documentaries:

  • Gunpowder
  • Gunpowder, Treason & Plot
  • Gunpowder 5/11: The Greatest Terror Plot
  • Shakespeare: The King’s Man

Consider holding a quiz after the films.

17. Bonfire Night Themed Charades

As one of the most competitive Bonfire Night activities for adults, charades will get players laughing as other participants act out prompts. For this activity, you could start by splitting participants into two groups. However, if you have less than ten participants, then each player can act out the prompts. Each team will then nominate a player to act out the prompt.

Examples of Bonfire Night prompts:

  • Gun
  • Fireworks
  • Celebrate
  • Betrayal
  • Assassinate

You can make the activity more challenging by setting up a timer. Teams that take more than 30 seconds guessing the prompt lose.

18. Marshmallow Maverick

You cannot go wrong with a Marshmallow Maverick game on Bonfire Night. You could start by providing each player with a marshmallow on a long stick. Then, individuals will roast their marshmallows and peel off the crust as many times as possible. Players will attempt to beat the record of 12 times to remove marshmallow layers. You can crown players who surpass the 12-record number as the winner. If no one beats the record, then the individuals who get the most roasts win.

19. Mini-Theater Production

A mini-theater production is a clever choice of Bonfire Night event ideas. Players will reenact the story of the Gunpowder Plot and Guy Fawkes. This idea requires preparation, including rehearsals by the acting team. You could have a simple setup with a stage and an audience center. If you have a large group of attendees, then consider collaborating with a local drama group or inviting renowned actors to surprise attendees.

20. The Catherine Wheel Dizzy Whizzy Game

The Catherine Wheel Dizzy Whizzy Game is a fantastic Bonfire Event idea.

Instructions for the game:

  1. Kids will spin around with their arms stretched out, similar to the Catherine Wheel firework.
  2. Children will stop spinning when team leaders call out, ”Stop!”
  3. Hosts will place a bean bag on the children’s heads.
  4. The players will try their best to reach the finish line without dropping the beanbag.
  5. Players who reach the finish line without dropping the beanbags first win.

Owing to the dizziness from the spinning, the parents and kids get to laugh due to the dramatic walks.


As a major celebration in the UK, Bonfire Night presents many possibilities to celebrate safely and responsibly. With a little planning, you can host an extraordinary event to bring folks together and create cherished memories for years. Regardless of the size of your Bonfire Night event, individuals can create lifelong memories and have a blast. However, incorporating safety measures such as fire prevention, crowd management, and adherence to local regulations is crucial. Our list of fun activities can entertain young or old individuals in indoor and outdoor spaces during Bonfire Night.

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FAQ: Bonfire Night activities, games, and ideas

​Here are frequently asked questions about Bonfire Night activities, games, and ideas.

What are Bonfire Night activities?

Bonfire Night activities are events celebrants use to commemorate the failure of the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London. Brits celebrate Bonfire Night on November 5th each year.

What are the best Bonfire Night activities?

Featuring fiery bonfires, dazzling fireworks, and a festive atmosphere, Bonfire Night is a fantastic occasion for communities to come together and celebrate. While there are many fun ways to celebrate Bonfire Night, be sure to follow local laws and regulations regarding fireworks and bonfires. Some of the best Bonfire Night activities include building a bonfire, playing Chubby Bunny, and hosting Hot Potato.

What is the significance of Bonfire Night games?

Bonfire Night activities add an element of fun to the commemoration of the 1605 foiled assassination attempt.

The occasion has diverse significance to the citizens in the UK, including:

  • Tradition: Bonfire Night events are part of a long-standing tradition in many communities in the United Kingdom. These activities help to uphold the cultural significance of Bonfire Night and keep the event’s customs and rituals alive.
  • Community Building: Celebrants play Bonfire Night activities in groups, encouraging social interaction and community engagement. The celebrations bring folks together, fostering a sense of togetherness and unity among participants and strengthening community bonds.
  • Fun and Entertainment: Since Bonfire Night ideas are entertaining, they provide a source of fun and excitement for participants of all ages. The games add a playful element to the festivities, creating a festive atmosphere that makes Bonfire Night celebrations memorable.
  • Competition: Many Bonfire Night activities involve friendly competition. Thus, the games can be a source of friendly rivalry among participants, adding an element of excitement and thrill to the event.
  • Physical Activity: Bonfire Night events often involve physical activity and forms of movement. These activities provide opportunities for participants to engage in physical exercise and outdoor activities, promoting health and well-being.
  • Symbolism: Some Bonfire Night ideas may have symbolic significance relating to the historical events that Bonfire Night commemorates. For example, games that involve capturing or escaping may represent the capture and escape of Guy Fawkes during the failed plot.
  • Education: Bonfire Night activities can serve as a way to educate participants, especially children, about the history and significance of Bonfire Night. Through games, participants can interactively learn about the story behind Bonfire Night and its historical context.

Be sure to select activities that the demographic of participants will enjoy.

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