Event Services

teambuilding™ offers a variety of team building activities and virtual team building activities that are designed to increase employee happiness, communication, collaboration, retention and loyalty. We believe that happy teams are the greatest sum of their parts.

From guacamole competitions to unconventional museum tours, gingerbread house making and more, we’ve got you and your team covered. Just get in touch and our client advisors will help you plan the perfect event.

Our Mission

We believe that workplaces are made up of kind, hardworking people that want to do their best work.

We believe that those individuals, as part of a team, can achieve extraordinary things together.

We believe that the work week is f***ing awesome!

We are on a mission to inspire teams to do their best work, together.

Our History

We started running team building activities in 2013 via unconventional museum tours. Last year, we facilitated hundreds of corporate events in a variety of event types.

Our clients include Google, Facebook, KPMG, Johnson & Johnson, Chipotle and hundreds of other awesome organizations.

Our Team

Michael Alexis CEO
Tasia Duske COO
Jackie Miller Sales Director
Bryce Weinert Operations Manager
Carly Hill Marketing Manager
Marielle Howell Sales Manager
Sam Warnke VIP Manager
Ally LaBriola Media Relations
Kerry Sherin Digital PR
Dem Freeman SEO & Links
Jessica Chen Content Writer
Angela Robinson Content Writer
Casi Richie Client Advisor
Michelle Carra Client Advisor
Aaron Rajan Client Advisor
Mark Kennedy Client Advisor
Kate Duske Client Advisor
Jenna Smith Sales Support
Taylor Cordeiro Operations Specialist
Emily Ide Operations Specialist
Anna B Event Host
Kevin H Event Host
Kevin T Event Host
Harry E Event Host
Caroline W Event Host
Lia T Event Host
Baxter G Event Host
Dan A Event Host
Colin H Event Host
Dwight S Event Host
Mandi L Event Host
Jim D Event Host
Monisha D Event Host
Kelly R Event Host
Jessi G Event Host
Ethan A Event Host
Karl A Event Host
Emily E Event Host
Jay L Event Host
Maggie E Event Host
Alexa R Event Host
Elise Z Event Host
Kelly D Event Host
Alexa W Event Host
Briana S Event Host
Alejandra M Event Host
Eden N Event Host
Emma T Event Host
Jaelyn K Event Host
Jess S Event Host
Connor K Event Host
Jackson H Event Host
Lexi C Event Host
Devin L Event Host