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The Origin Story

Before we were teambuilding.com, we had a few market-leading team building brands.

The most popular is Museum Hack, which leads unconventional tours of the best museums. Museum Hack is a well known activity with tourists, in the museum world and as a team building provider. Partly because we were featured in the New York Times and other major outlets 🙂

Celebrities like Emilia Clarke, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Clayton Kershaw and Tony Hawk tour with us. Clarke’s visit was the backdrop for a Vanity Fair cover story.

Via The Great Guac Off, we run office guacamole making competitions for companies like YouTube, Salesforce, Deloitte and many others.

We have more brands too, including some epic flops 😀

teambuilding™️ combines the creative energy and success of our best activities under one parent brand. Now, in addition to enterprise clients, we are a leading service provider for the US Air Force and other government entities around the world.

In 2020, we are very focused on virtual team building, obviously.

We were the first to launch flagship events like Online Office Games, tiny campfire 🔥 and Murder in Ancient Egypt.

We are the go-to provider for team building online, and are grateful for it.

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We help you and your coworkers love your work at Level 10. We believe that organizations are made up of ✨ extraordinary ✨ individuals, and that with teamwork we can really shake the world into its best alignment. We obsess over building strong teams, so that yours can achieve its highest potential ✊

Who runs teambuilding?

Some people that seriously love company retreats. We care about a lot besides team building too. Our colleagues are fighting child slavery, promoting women in leadership, advocating for human rights, adopting animals, and otherwise trying to do our part 🙂

CEO: Michael Alexis 🇨🇦

This is a photo of Michael at the beach, which is an odd spot for him because his greatest fear is squid layer. Fortunately, the beach is not quite the ocean. Michael grew up in small town Canada, and studied Tourism at University of Guelph then law at University of British Columbia. He is technically a lawyer, and prefers leadership. Michael is best known for his obsession with Level 10 Integrity, Asimov non-fiction, and ultra-light living. You can check out his personal blog for more info, or email [email protected] to chat about nearly anything.

LinkedIn: Michael Alexis

COO: Tasia Duske 🇺🇸

Tasia is a small kangaroo that lives in Queensland, Australia. She likes apple bites and… Just kidding, Tasia is a super rad lady from near Seattle, Washington. She has a masters in psychology from Eastern Washington University, with a focus on organizational behavior. Tasia worked in leadership at Marriott, and then joined Museum Hack to help it grow from renegade startup to renegade but well run business. Now, Tasia is COO of TeamBuilding where she oversees operations, including creative development and the processes that make the business work. Tasia is great 🙂

LinkedIn: Tasia Duske

And it takes a team...

Michael Alexis headshot Michael Alexis CEO
Tasia Duske headshot Tasia Duske COO
Jackie Miller headshot Jackie Miller Sales Director
Bryce Weinert headshot Bryce Weinert Operations Manager
Carly Hill headshot Carly Hill Marketing Manager
Marielle Howell headshot Marielle Howell Sales Manager
Sam Warnke headshot Sam Warnke VIP Manager
Ally LaBriola headshot Ally LaBriola Media Relations
Jessica Chen headshot Jessica Chen Content Writer
Angela Robinson headshot Angela Robinson Content Writer
Casi Richie headshot Casi Richie Client Advisor
Michelle Carra headshot Michelle Carra Client Advisor
Aaron Rajan headshot Aaron Rajan Client Advisor
Ryan Guard headshot Ryan Guard Client Advisor
Stephanie Byers headshot Stephanie Byers Client Advisor
Mikaela Trott Rickards headshot Mikaela Trott Rickards Client Advisor
Alyssa Beauchamp headshot Alyssa Beauchamp Sales Associate
Amanda Adebambo headshot Amanda Adebambo Sales Associate
Mark Kennedy headshot Mark Kennedy Creative Associate
Taylor Cordeiro headshot Taylor Cordeiro Operations Specialist
Emily Ide headshot Emily Ide Operations Specialist
Nichelle Cody headshot Nichelle Cody Operations Specialist
Marly DiFruscio headshot Marly DiFruscio Operations Specialist
 Grisel Garate headshot Grisel Garate Operations Specialist
Jason Ellis headshot Jason Ellis Distribution
Anna B headshot Anna B Event Host
Kevin H headshot Kevin H Event Host
Kevin T headshot Kevin T Event Host
Harry E headshot Harry E Event Host
Caroline W headshot Caroline W Event Host
Lia T headshot Lia T Event Host
Baxter G headshot Baxter G Event Host
Faith M headshot Faith M Event Host
Grace B headshot Grace B Event Host
Kris B headshot Kris B Event Host
Alex D headshot Alex D Event Host
Kash F headshot Kash F Event Host
Jim D headshot Jim D Event Host
Erich B headshot Erich B Event Host
Vic L headshot Vic L Event Host
Blakeshine H headshot Blakeshine H Event Host
Ali C headshot Ali C Event Host
Ayana E headshot Ayana E Event Host
Jen B headshot Jen B Event Host
Paris W  headshot Paris W Event Host
Jackie M headshot Jackie M Event Host
Leah G headshot Leah G Event Host
Randy K headshot Randy K Event Host
Soups P headshot Soups P Event Host
Mary R headshot Mary R Event Host
Jay O headshot Jay O Event Host

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