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15,000+ Organizations Use TeamBuilding For Employee Engagement

What is team building?

Team building is the improvement of group dynamics via activities and processes. For example, you can play connection games, attend workshops or do trust building exercises.

TeamBuilding is the #1 team building company that provides these activities and events as a service. We have 25,682+ five star reviews from clients like Apple, Amazon, Google and NASA.

Why is team building important?

Team building is essential to healthy work culture, and improves a variety of important organizational metrics. These metrics include job satisfaction, employee retention, productivity and profitability.

Groups that do team building tend to have better communication, show more trust, and work together more effectively to overcome challenges. Learn more about the benefits of team building.

Choose From 21 Unique Virtual Event Types

virtual team building

We run fun virtual team building activities for organizations around the world. Examples include:

  • Online Office Games
  • Art Heist: The Vanishing Van Gogh
  • War of the Wizards

You can plan a world class event in 30 minutes or less. Our online team building programs will help ignite engagement and boost employee morale.

Here are the Top 3

1. Online Office Games

️ loved by remote teams all over the world

Online Office Games is a series of fun virtual team building games and challenges designed to be equal parts team bonding and skill building. Your remote team will form squads, compete in smart trivia, and play games like "Can Your Hear Me Now." At the end of your event, we tally up the points and celebrate the winners. Online Office Games is a professionally facilitated, 90 minute experience on a secure video conference line. The game mechanics work with both small and large groups.

🕒 1.5 hours 👪 2 - 300+ people More Info

2. Murder in Ancient Egypt

️ loved by puzzle solvers, strong teams, smart cookies

Murder in Ancient Egypt is our flagship murder mystery program. We use game mechanics similar to escape rooms, that include puzzles, codes, and other challenges; in an epic race to solve the real historical murder before time runs out. At the end of your event, our facilitator will share the story of the actual unsolved murder that took place in Ancient Egypt, and award a winning group.

🕒 1.5 hours 👪 9 - 300+ people More Info

3. Superhero Academy

️ loved by every day heroes, comic book lovers, film-franchise fans

At Superhero Academy, you team members will match wits on diabolical puzzles and go head-to-head in action-packed physical (virtual) challenges. Your team will combine each person's strengths to overcome the supervillains plotting to sabotage your victory. Your mission? Save the world from evil, while building stronger team bonds.

🕒 1.5 hours 👪 10 - 300+ people More Info

New Virtual Team Building Event

Pride Trivia

️ loved by all

Honor Pride Month this June with a custom trivia event for your team. Pride Trivia celebrates the LGBTQ+ community. Your group will enjoy several rounds of unique trivia, with questions like where the first Pride parade was held and famous LGBTQ+ individuals. Pride Trivia runs for 60 minutes and is an excellent way to recognize and celebrate Pride Month with your colleagues. You can even add a 30-minute upgrade to include a Pride-themed cocktail instruction!

🕒 1 hour 👪 9 - 300+ people More Info

25,682+ "We Loved It!" Reviews

Great host! Lots of fun energy! Good mix of puzzles and not too hard, which was what fit our group.
Richard Kwan
Richard Kwan
23:00 18 Jun 21
My group tells me that they were THRILLED to have taken part in this event. Jordan was a delight and he was able to get all of our people very engaged and equally educated on the subject. Thank you for a great time.
Kathy Herrera
Kathy Herrera
22:39 18 Jun 21
Jordan was great. I enjoyed how it was mixed up from questions we answer to bonus questions while we were all in room. Fun!
Ralph Castro
Ralph Castro
22:03 18 Jun 21
Very fun Zoom team building activities. Would highly recommend their fun games for a virtual staff celebration.
Laura Nuno
Laura Nuno
21:40 18 Jun 21
It was fun but I don't know if the clues were quite helpful enough to build out the full story. Jen was great though.
Rachel Schrichte
Rachel Schrichte
21:34 18 Jun 21
This was such a fun event to do with my team while working remotely! Lots of laughs and fun memories. Thanks, Kelly!
Sarah Saladino
Sarah Saladino
21:34 18 Jun 21
The host made it work. The puzzles are nice and engaging. Zoom was OK, sputtering from time to time. Breakout rooms are great. Sharing links was not the smoothest process, but it was workable.It might work better with a smaller number of people though. Not everyone had chance to participate fully.
Milenko Drinic
Milenko Drinic
21:19 18 Jun 21
Great fun for a group for a teambuilding event. Thanks to Kaela for keeping our group engaged and having such a great time!
Bill Jones
Bill Jones
21:03 18 Jun 21
The host and assistant were really great for the team. It was my first week on the job and it was a nice way to also get to know my co-workers.
Holly Prag
Holly Prag
20:42 18 Jun 21
Baxter was an exceptional host for GSI's staff appreciation 'Nerd Talk'. It was a really fun and engaging experience. An enjoyable way to spend an hour "at work"
Laura Hagler
Laura Hagler
20:39 18 Jun 21
Jordan and Jerica were the best!!!!!!The event was a success thanks to you. We are repeat customers and will be again :)
Heather Rasberry
Heather Rasberry
20:33 18 Jun 21
Eric did an amazing job making our event fun for everyone involved! He was also well prepared to handle technical issues that arose.Thank you for a great teambuilding experience!
20:27 18 Jun 21

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