15 CEO Certification Training Programs

By: | Updated: May 01, 2023

Here is our list of the best CEO certification training programs.

CEO certification training programs are interactive workshops where participants learn how to lead and manage organizations effectively. The programs often teach various skills, from leadership and decision-making to negotiation and communication. Examples include the Career Self-Management Advanced Certification, BVOP Chief Executive Certification, and Rise to Leadership: Become a CEO. The purpose of these programs is to identify core issues faced by CEOs and provide practical solutions to tackle these challenges.

These programs are similar to leadership training programs and help participants become good leaders and good managers. Attendees can emulate good leadership qualities and build their executive skills.

This list includes:

  • online CEO certification training programs
  • CEO training programs with certificates
  • CEO certification courses
  • free CEO training

Let’s get to it!

List of CEO certification training programs

Attending a CEO certification training program is an excellent way for chief executive officers to advance their careers and learn valuable skills. From UNE Certified CEO Program to Global CEO Program, here are the best certification training programs for CEOs.

1. BVOP Chief Executive Certification

The BVOP Chief Executive Certification is among the best online CEO certification training programs. The training is great for current and future CEOs, including senior human resources managers. During the program, you will learn the impact of being emotionally close to your human resource department.

To get started, you need to create a BVOP account and pay for the certification assessment. You can take the assessment anytime you want. After passing, you will earn a virtual certificate to boost your job qualification. The program helps CEOs become more aware of product teams and managers’ workflow. The training also addresses business and people-oriented business management principles to earn respect for your subordinates.

Learn more about the BVOP Chief Executive Certification.

2. Career Self-Management Advanced Certification

Career Self-Management Advanced Certification is one of the best CEO training courses. The course features a capstone project which takes the form of an annual retreat to reenergize participants. During the program, you will have access to valuable tools and learn practical concepts to advance your career as a CEO.

The program takes place virtually and is flexible enough to fit with participants’ schedules. The capstone project serves as a “career fitness gym” where you investigate new career opportunities to help you professionally. Furthermore, you can work on a project independently or with a study group. The program takes about nine hours to complete. However, since the class is self-paced, you can complete the training within a few days or weeks. You can expect this certification program to build your personal branding and strategic thinking skills.

Learn more about the Career Self-Management Advanced Certification.

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3. UNE Certified CEO Program

UNE Certified CEO Program is one of the best CEO training programs with certificates. UNE Partnerships partners with The CEO Institute to provide this training for CEOs and senior managers worldwide. After completing the program, you will earn a provisional or full certificate, depending on your work experience.

UNE Certified CEO Program provides an excellent opportunity to grow as a global business leader. The class is fully online and self-directed. Also, this program focuses on building participants’ leadership competence. The estimated time for completing the course is 12 to 24 months. Furthermore, the program features four modules and a capstone project. Both current and future business leaders can benefit from this course. In addition, students who complete the program will earn academic credit to study further at the UNE.

Learn more about the UNE Certified CEO Program.

4. Leadership: How to Become an Effective CEO, Leader, and Manager

This program is ideal for CEOs who want to learn tips for managing a high-performing team. The program addresses using emotional intelligence to encourage your team to work together. You will also learn helpful techniques for resolving conflict and getting employees to become productive.

Furthermore, the course curriculum covers ways to be a good boss and optimizing the running of your business operations. The training is available in a three-hour video format. The instructor, Elizabeth, has reliable experience leading teams in top international organizations, including The Royal Society and The World Bank. The program is great for any business leader ready to implement the techniques learned during the class.

Learn more about Leadership: How to Become an Effective CEO, Leader, and Manager.

5. Rise to Leadership: Become a CEO

Rise to Leadership: Become a CEO is a fantastic free CEO training. The course is excellent for individuals aspiring to become leading CEOs. You can spend up to four weeks completing the program. During the training sessions, you will learn the six competencies required of a CEO, from formulating strategies to driving innovation. You will also learn how to attract the best talents to your organization and lead a highly talented team.

At the initial stage of the program, you will take an assessment to identify your strengths and weaknesses as a CEO. Furthermore, the class features practical case studies and group challenges for the best learning experience. You can also expect feedback from current CEOs. In addition, this course helps students build their abilities to communicate effectively with stakeholders.

Learn more about Rise to Leadership: Become a CEO.

6. C-Suite Institute CEO Certification Program

C-Suite Institute organizes a CEO certification program for leaders aiming to broaden their skills in organizational management. The training is excellent for various professionals, including CEOs, organization leaders, executive directors, senior managers, and senior directors.

The certification training program is available in six levels. The first level is ideal for CEOs who manage companies that earn a billion dollars or more yearly. On the other hand, CEOs of companies who make a million dollars or less annually can take level six certification training. The program features practical strategy playbooks and maps that gradually help students improve their capacities and competencies. Furthermore, the training will teach you all you need to know to gain a competitive edge as a business leader.

Learn more about the C-Suite Institute CEO Certification Program.

7. Berkeley’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Program

Berkeley’s Chief Executive Officer Program is one of the best CEO certification courses.

The program runs for approximately eight months. Also, the class sessions take place in a hybrid format. During this 120-hour training, you will learn more about the evolving role of CEOs. The program also teaches the skills needed to lead successfully amidst uncertainties.

During the program, you will discover diverse leadership strategies and ways to manage your network. The program also addresses how participants can promote diversity, equity, and inclusion culture. You will work on a capstone personal case project where you can apply the lessons learned to a real-life challenge. After, you will share what you learned from your experience as a personal case study story. During the program, you will discover diverse leadership strategies and ways to manage your network. The program also addresses how participants can promote diversity, equity, and inclusion culture. Aside from global leaders, the program encourages attendees to learn from their peers and build a strong network.

Learn more about Berkeley’s Chief Executive Officer Program.

8. Global CEO Program

Global CEO Program is one of the best CEO training courses. The facilitators designed this program for business leaders with over 20 years of experience, including CEOs, chief marketing officers, managing directors, and regional presidents. You can expect the best learning experience in this program, led by experienced professors from MIT Sloan School of Management and IESE Business School.

The training session features action-oriented activities, debates, and peer coaching. Attendees will learn the skills and competencies required to become global leaders. Also, the program features tips for effective communication and strategic decision-making. Furthermore, you will learn to lead with integrity while building your listening and self-awareness abilities.

Learn more about the Global CEO Program.

9. The CEO Institute’s Certified CEO Program

The CEO Institute’s Certified CEO Program is among the best online CEO certification training programs. The training is best for upcoming and experienced business leaders looking to advance their leadership and management abilities. The CEO Institute partners with UNE Partnerships to offer this certification course.

The program features five modules. In the final stage, you will engage in a practical capstone project. The best part is you can choose a project that aligns with your personal or professional interests during the capstone project. If you attend the program with several employees from your organization, then you can form a cohort and tackle the project as a team. In the end, you will receive a full or provisional certificate, depending on your years of professional experience.

The training takes approximately 300 hours to complete. However, you can study at your own pace and stretch the completion over 12 months. This course covers leadership, marketing, critical thinking, and financial management. Each lesson comes with a multiple-choice test to assess participants’ knowledge. You cannot take the next class unless your assessment score meets the pass mark limit.

Learn more about The CEO Institute’s Certified CEO Program.

10. NHRA Rural Hospital CEO Certification Program

NHRA Rural Hospital CEO Certification Program is one of the best CEO certification programs for medical workers. The training aims to teach participants the essential skills to lead in rural hospitals.

The curriculum covers community and business leadership skills. Furthermore, the program is great for both current and future CEOs. During the training, attendees will also learn tips for improving the quality of life in rural hospitals. After taking this program, you can deal effectively with unique challenges as a CEO. You will also gain the competence to lead as a top-performing rural hospital CEO.

Learn more about NHRA Rural Hospital CEO Certification Program.

11. Wharton Executive Education’s CEO Academy

Wharton Executive Education’s CEO Academy is one of the best CEO training programs with certificates. The training is excellent for new and experienced CEOs. During the program, you will interact with current and retired CEOs from top companies. The training addresses core leadership issues executive leaders often face. Also, you can expect the speakers to share helpful insights based on their own work experiences.

The program covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • The Art of Delegation
  • Why CEO Continuous Improvement is Critical
  • The Discipline of Getting Things Done

You will also learn the best methods for accessing your team. CEO Academy is a fun and insightful workshop helping CEOs advance their decision-making and leadership skills.

Learn more about Wharton Executive Education’s CEO Academy.

12. The CEO Syndicate Program

The CEO Institute offers The CEO Syndicate Program, an interactive workshop designed to help executive leaders grow personally and professionally. You can network with other business leaders during the monthly meetings. You will also collaborate and receive support from your peers.

For the best learning experience, you will join a cohort featuring CEOs and business leaders from non-competing companies. To earn a certificate, you must have at least five years of experience as a CEO and attend 55 CEO Syndicate Meetings. You can share your business issues with your peers during the meeting, including your resolutions and accomplishments. The CEO Syndicate Program features experiential learning, encouraging attendees to gain knowledge from each other’s experiences, insights, and ideas.

Learn more about The CEO Syndicate Program.

13. Preparing for CEO Programme

Preparing for CEO Programme is one of the best CEO certification training programs facilitated by the University of Oxford and Saïd Business School. The facilitators designed the training for aspiring CEOs and principals. The program equips attendees with the tools and skills to earn a promotion to these roles.

Furthermore, you will learn tips for working with internal and external stakeholders. This program addresses how participants can build and lead high-performing teams. In addition, you will gain more confidence in your abilities to take responsibility for your staff. The program combines leadership strategies with networking, resilience, and decision-making topics. You will also discover and work on your unique leadership style.

Learn more about the Preparing for CEO Programme.

14. Harvard Business School’s New CEO Workshop

If you are new to taking up responsibilities as a new CEO, then you will not want to miss the Harvard Business School’s New CEO Workshop. The class instructors include experts who have reliable experiences working with CEOs and boards. However, the course is only open to CEOs from public parent companies with annual revenue of at least two billion dollars.

The workshop touches on various aspects of leadership, including time management and commitment. You will also take a self-assessment to discover your strengths and weaknesses as a CEO. Furthermore, you will learn more about the board’s role and how to build effective relationships with members. This program helps new CEOs identify problems in their roles and how to address them.

Learn more about Harvard Business School’s New CEO Workshop.

15. CPA Alberta’s CEO Program

CPA Alberta’s CEO Program is one of the best CEO certification courses. This program features a practical approach to help students learn ways to excel while taking up executive responsibilities.

Also, the training course focuses on how attendees can lead with purpose by identifying and applying their strategic intelligence. During the program, you will build feasible strategies that promote resilience. With these strategies, you can rest assured that you will gain an edge in the leadership competition. The best part of this course is that you learn a lot within a few days. Furthermore, the training is engaging. CPA Alberta offers this program to provide participants with the required risk management and self-management tools.

Learn more about CPA Alberta’s CEO Program.


CEO certification programs often address the challenges of being a CEO in the evolving world. In these sessions, expert and aspiring CEOs can learn practical strategies and skills for navigating these challenges and managing their businesses effectively. Furthermore, a CEO certification program offers an excellent opportunity to network professionally and personally with peers. You can also form cohorts and learn from your colleagues’ ideas and experiences. Depending on the facilitator, these courses can occur online, in person, or in a hybrid format. Attending a CEO certification program is worth the time and money. The training usually builds attendees’ abilities in various aspects, including leadership, strategic decision-making, team management, and negotiation. You will also learn ways to communicate with stakeholders.

Next, check out this list of books for CEO. We also have management books, leadership books, and entrepreneur books.

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FAQ: CEO certification training programs

Here are answers to questions about CEO certification training programs.

What are CEO certification training programs?

CEO certification training programs are interactive sessions designed to teach participants essential skills to lead and manage a business. The programs are great for chief executive officers, senior managers, and executive directors. Depending on the program you enroll for, the sessions might take place online, in person, or both. Also, you can find the programs in paid and free options. During the session, participants can advance their leadership, management, and communication skills. Also, the programs often feature a capstone project during the final stage. Attendees will work individually or in groups to apply the skills learned during the training to practical challenges.

What are the best CEO certification training programs?

The best CEO training certification programs include:

  • Berkeleys Chief Executive Officer Program
  • Wharton Executive Education’s CEO Academy
  • C-Suite Institute‘s  organizes a CEO certification program
  • Leadership: How to Become an Effective CEO, Leader, and Manager

With these programs, CEOs can build competence and learn how to manage high-performing teams.

Are CEO certificates worth it?

CEO certification programs are definitely worth the money and time spent. During these programs, you will learn leadership and management skills that can help you professionally and personally. However, to get the best from the training sessions, you must implement your new lessons and skills. Many of these programs feature a capstone project where you can apply your skills to different challenges. Also, you may form a cohort with your peers to discuss your challenges as CEOs and share practical solutions. In addition, the programs provide an opportunity to network with experienced and aspiring CEOs globally. CEO certification programs strengthen your competence as a leader. Taking these training courses also helps you develop confidence in your decision-making abilities. Also, after completing the program, you will receive a certificate of completion that will boost your job competence.

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