20 Unique Client Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Impress

By: | Updated: December 12, 2023

Here is our list of unique client gift ideas.

Client gift ideas are business gifts for current or potential customers. Examples include personalized journals, portable projectors, and personalized padfolios. These gifts make clients feel seen, loved, and appreciated for their loyalty.

These gifts make great additions to customer appreciation day events or conference swag. These presents are similar to employee gifts and luxury VIP gifts.

This list includes:

  • inexpensive gift ideas for clients
  • client gift ideas for Christmas
  • unique client gift ideas
  • new client gift ideas
  • client thank you gift ideas
  • client appreciation gifts

Let’s get started!

List of client gift ideas

From fresh fruit baskets to inspirational key chains to portable projectors and personalized journals, here is a list of gift ideas to impress clients.

1. Fresh Fruit Baskets

Fresh fruit gifts signal that you wish the recipients a long and healthy life. Beyond being a thoughtful gift, these options are also inexpensive. This gift is also a good idea for clients who already have everything, since the present is consumable. To DIY this present, all you need is a nicely decorated basket and various fresh fruits arranged in an aesthetic manner letting a burst of color show. Adding a cute handwritten note expressing gratitude is also a plus.

Here is an example of a fresh fruit basket.

2. Personalized Padfolio

A high-quality leather personalized padfolio is a unique client gift idea. A business tycoon client who often travels for work, meetings, and conferences will most definitely find a personalized padfolio to be a thoughtful and unique gift. The padfolio will help keep documents well-organized, making it easy to find notes and help organize contact cards.

Thanks to your unique gift, the client will appear professional. The genius of this gift lies in its personalized nature. The padfolio will have either client’s name or company name aesthetically inscribed.

Here is an example of a padfolio.

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3. Personalized Journal

Journaling will never go out of style because folks will constantly need to record an experience, write a reminder, register an appointment, or make a to-do list. Practicality makes a personalized journal a good client gift idea. Your client will have you on their minds when they write in their journal. The gift will also pass and serve as a reminder that you want your clients to stay organized. As your clients set and make plans, they will feel appreciated.

The journal is more significant when personalized. For instance, the cover could be in the client’s favorite color or include their name, and pages can include industry or personality-relevant prompts.

Here is an example of a journal.

4. Customized Wine Bottle

Wine is a great gift idea because clients may need to celebrate, have a toast or have a drink to relax. Thus, a customized wine bottle should be on your client’s gift idea list. It is advisable to give each client a wine to their taste. However, sparkling wines are generally a good choice. For this gift, it is also wise to check in on your client’s preferences regarding alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

The packaging could be a fancy paper bag or a cute surprise box. You could even make a personalized label. Adding a wine glass to the gift package can make all the difference. The lingering taste of the wine will keep you on your clients’ minds.

Here is an example of a customized wine bottle.

5. Portable Projector

The thought of packing your work equipment to travel can be inconvenient and exhausting. Thus, a portable projector is a perfect gift for a tech-oriented client who does a lot of video conferencing.

The cost price of a portable projector could be on the high side. Hence, you can collaborate with a brand to get them in bulk and at affordable prices. You can also find several mini projectors for less than $70.

Here is an example of a portable projector.

6. Inspirational Key Chain

Clients need encouragement sometimes. Therefore, inspirational key chains are sweet client gift ideas. This present is a great way to send a motivational message that will constantly give your clients a mini pep-talk. Key chains are also affordable and make great inexpensive gift ideas for clients.

An excellent way to add more magic to this gift could be by making the words glow in the dark. You can also start each message with their name. Keep the quotes meaningful, thoughtful, and brief.

Here is an example of an inspirational key chain.

7. Travel Destination Map

A travel destination map is a good client gift idea for travel or hospitality companies. This piece of art is affordable and useful to the recipient. For each client who makes a travel plan or books a reservation through your company, you can attach a travel destination map as a gift to show them how much you care and wish them a great trip.

You can make this gift even more spectacular by customizing the maps based on the flag colors of your client’s chosen destination. You can also put pins on places they have visited and highlights on new locations you think they will prefer. This gift tells your client that the world is theirs for the taking and encourages them to be more adventurous.

Here is an example of a travel destination map.

8. Box of Varieties of Tea

Tea is a great way to unwind. Friends having tea has long been an act of love, companionship, or an avenue to make new friends. Giving your client a box of varieties of tea is a form of love and caring. This assortment is a good client gift idea, especially for older clients. Filling a nice box with different teas, such as ginger, lemon, mint, and hibiscus is an amazing gift. For better presentation, you could arrange the items in the gift box, attach a handwritten note, and wrap the package with a cute ribbon. You can extend your thoughtfulness by adding a tea cup and teaspoon to the gift box.

Here is an example of a box of varieties of tea.

9. A Gift Card and Shopping Vouchers

If your clients love to shop, then a gift card to a restaurant or retail store is an ideal Christmas gift.

Gift cards give the recipient the power to buy the perfect present. These gifts are easy to buy in bulk, and you can seamlessly send e-gift cards online. To make the gesture more meaningful, you could research your clients’ interests or favorite places and tailor the voucher to their tastes, or support a unique small business.

By giving this gift, you will make the client’s holiday memorable and allow them to enjoy their favorite activity without swiping their credit cards.

Here is an example of a gift card and shopping voucher.

10. Books

Books are one of the best new client gift ideas. New clients will enjoy this gift especially if the book covers topics that relate to their field. Self-help books or history books are also a great idea. New words, life hacks, tips, or advice they pick from the book you gift them, will always be a reminder of your thoughtfulness. These gifts do not have to be practical. However, feel free to simply select a great work of fiction you think your client may enjoy.

You can also give books about the client’s locality or interests. Books with beautiful covers also make a difference as your clients will be proud to put them on their shelves at work. Another way to make a book gift memorable is by adding a personalized message or getting the author to sign the inside cover.

Here are lists of work-themed book recommendations.

11. A Box of Scented Candles

A box of candles smells fantastic and has major cozy vibes. Thus, boxes of scented candles are good client thank you gift ideas. Scented candles will make your clients more relaxed, and energized and put their minds at rest.

When you say thank you with a box of scented candles, you make your clients feel appreciated for patronizing your business. This gift is the purest form of appreciation for a job well done.

Here is an example of a box of scented candles.

12. A Smartwatch

Time is of the essence, especially in a work environment. Thus, a smartwatch is a great client gift idea. This device is a gift of convenience suitable for clients with busy schedules. Busy clients can use the watch to make calls, reply to messages, and receive notifications. Smartwatches are also good for health checks and send reminders of fatigue and a need to rest or sleep. These watches are a good gift idea since working can be very tasking, but having these reminders on your wrist will make all the difference.

Here is an example of a smartwatch.

13. Board Games

Playing board games is an excellent way to relax when you feel overworked or overwhelmed. Therefore, a set of different board games is a good client gift idea. As your clients work around the clock, knowing they have a board game to relax is good compensation. In addition, this gift is an excellent way to let your clients know that taking breaks and relaxing from meetings and strategies is okay. To make this gift more remarkable, you can give your client a rare or custom board game or get a game in an artisan wood box.

Here is an example of a board game gift.

14. Smart Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important, and a smart water bottle is a brilliant gift idea for your client. Busy folks may forget to eat or drink water when working hard.

Besides holding the water, a smart water bottle keeps track of how many liters of water a person has consumed in a day. This gift will convey your concern about your client’s health and wellness. You can order smart water bottles from Amazon or collaborate with a brand to get them in bulk and at affordable prices.

Here is an example of a smart water bottle.

15. A Wellness Box

A wellness box contains items that aid relaxation, like warmable towels, essential oils, and positivity cards. Many folks do not have the time to relax or take time off from work, and others juggle with balancing work life and life at home. This care package is a thoughtful client gift idea, as a wellness box will remind them that they deserve to rest and that their efforts are appreciated. You can make the gift fancier by adding a reservation card for a spa or salon day.

Here is an example of a wellness box.

16. Desk Plant Kits

Desk plant kits are good client gift ideas because they elevate the aesthetics of your client’s desk, and they come with cute messages written on each plant. Plus, thanks to the rise of remote work, house plants are all the rage. The plus to giving your client a desk plant kit is that it will remind them of you each time they sit at the desk. You can order plants in bulk from Amazon, boutique e-retellers, or local plant shops.

Here is an example of desk plant kits.

17. Personalized Tumblers and Mugs

Tumblers and mugs are practical necessities and useful gifts. Most clients drink coffee or hot chocolate at least once a day at work. If you wish to remind your client of your business relationship daily, then gift them a high-end mug or tumbler. Personalized gifts will have a better effect. Therefore, it may be a great idea to include a logo or special message. Be sure to pick out a nice color, preferably a neutral hue. Or, you can customize a fun and unique design.

Tumblers and mugs can also make great client gift ideas for Christmas. For example, you may customize the mugs or tumblers with a snowman or a Christmas tree along with a special holiday message.

Here is an example of personalized tumblers and mugs.

18. Charitable Donations

Making a charitable donation in your client’s name is a heartwarming gift idea. This gift holds more profound value when you understand what causes your client to support these charities or their mission. For instance, if your client loves art, then you can donate to an art school in their locality. Supporting humanism in your client’s name is a meaningful gesture. This gift will make an incredible impact on humanity and your business relationship.

Here is an easy way to streamline charitable donation client gifts.

19. Box of Stationary

A box of stationery is an easy gift to assemble. First, find a fancy box. Then, fill the chest with notebooks, pens, pencils, stamps, staplers, paper cutters, and fancy paper. Be sure to select nice, premium products for the box. Delux office supplies are great client gift ideas because the contents are necessary for any work environment. You can go the extra mile by adding a customized notebook if you so desire. With this gift, attach a handwritten note.

Here is an example of a box of stationery.

20. Hamper Baskets

Hampers are a delight. Folks love a basket filled with goodies, from food items to chewy candies, drinks, chocolates, games, and cakes. Hamper baskets are fun gift ideas, as making the basket is just as exciting as receiving the gift. This gift is a good idea, especially for Christmas or any other celebration. Plus, the client can use the empty basket for storage. Hamper baskets will always be an easy go-to gift that will make your client happy and well-fed.

Here are some examples of hamper basket gifts.


Client gift ideas are business gifts you give to current or potential customers. These gifts aim to make the client feel seen, loved, and appreciated for their business support. Gifting can be a struggle when you hope to find the perfect gift for your client or, at least, a gift that sends the message you want. Therefore, gifts must be well-thought and designed to fit your client’s preferences. Some great client gift ideas include journals, key chains, and hamper baskets. However, the most important tip to gift shopping is to know and understand your clientele and cater to their needs and tastes.

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FAQ: Client gift ideas

Here are some questions that are often asked about client gift ideas.

What are client gift ideas?

Client gift ideas are business gifts you give to long-time, new, or prospective customers to show them how much they mean to you. These gifts foster long bonds between clients and businesses and show appreciation for clients’ continuous loyalty.

What are the best client gift ideas?

Some good client gift ideas include personalized journals, a portable projector, and personalized padfolios.

What kind of gifts can you give to clients?

There are different kinds of gifts you can give clients, they include thank you gifts, Christmas gifts, and new client gifts. Each gift depends on the time of year in which you wish to gift the client and the relationship your business has with the client. For example, a thank you gift may suit a client who has patronized your business regularly and a new client gift may help welcome new clients to your company.

What is the purpose of client gifting?

The purpose of client gifting is to make the client feel seen, loved, and appreciated for their support of your business. Client gifting also helps create better and longer-lasting bonds between clients and businesses. When clients get gifts from businesses, they become more loyal and tend to patronize the company often.

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