189 Best Company Culture Survey Questions for Work

By: | Updated: January 30, 2023

Here is our list of helpful company culture survey questions.

Company culture survey questions are prompts to assess whether an organization’s internal culture aligns with the stated values and mission. Examples include questions on cultural diversity in the workplace, management culture survey questions, and company culture and communication questions. These surveys aim to improve the culture and enhance the company’s leadership strategy.

These surveys are similar to employee engagement surveys and exist to improve company culture.

This list includes:

  • best culture survey questions
  • survey questions about company values
  • team culture survey questions
  • questions on cultural diversity in the workplace
  • management culture survey questions
  • company culture and communication questions
  • organizational culture survey questions

Let’s get started!

Best culture survey questions

These questions will reveal the areas where your company culture is excelling and where it could use some improvement.

  1. How would you describe  this company’s work culture?
  2. Do you feel respected at this company?
  3. What can management do to create a more positive workplace?
  4. Would you recommend this organization to your friend or family?
  5. What should this company do to improve its culture?
  6. Do you feel your voice is heard in this company?
  7. If the company culture remains constant can you see yourself working in this environment long-term?
  8. What arre the benefits of working in this organization?
  9. Do you feel the management listens to the employees?
  10. In your opinion, do employees treat each other with respect?
  11. Do you have all the resources you need to grow in this company?
  12. Can you describe the workplace culture in three words?
  13. What aspects of working at this company can be improved?
  14. Can you describe the management and leadership style in this organization?
  15. To you, how does this company measure success?
  16. Do you feel diversity and inclusivity are a priority for this company?
  17. Do you feel this company promotes unhealthy competition?
  18. Do you feel this organization prioritizes the mental health of its employees?
  19. Do you feel the work done at this company impacts the environment positively?
  20. Is your work-life balance healthy?
  21. What do you feel this organization can do to improve the work-life balance at this company?
  22. Do you feel safe working here?
  23. Do you ever have to worry about harassment in this organization?
  24. What is the worst part about working in this company?
  25. Do you feel valued by this company?
  26. Are you genuinely happy working here?
  27. Do you trust the management?
  28. Do you feel that most employees are happy working in this company?
  29. Do you feel this company respects the work you do?
  30. Does working in this organization make you overwhelmed?
  31. How often is the feedback given constructive?
  32. Do you feel like you are part of a work family?

Great company culture is not built in a day, but these survey questions are a good starting point.

Survey questions about company values

If your company does not have defined values, your employees will not understand what the company stands for. However, consistently abiding by those values can be a challenge. These questions evaluate how well your employees understand and embodies core company values.

  1. Do you feel this company’s values are in line with the reality of the work culture?
  2. How much does this company work to uphold the correct values?
  3. What value makes our workplace unique?
  4. What does this company do better than other organizations?
  5. Are new employees exposed to company values from the onset?
  6. Do you think current employees know about the company’s values?
  7. Are the company values easy for job seekers to find?
  8. Can you pinpoint what makes you proud of this company?
  9. Do you think the company values are easy to understand?
  10. On a scale of 1-10, how well does this organization promote the right company values?
  11. What do you think the superpower of this company is?
  12. Do you think employees agree with the company values?
  13. Are the company values adequately defined for all employees to understand?
  14. What do you feel is missing from this company’s core values?
  15. In your opinion, do you feel employees work with these values when carrying out daily activities?
  16. Does the management embody these company values?
  17. Can you list this company’s core values?
  18. What really makes you stay at this organization?
  19. Do you disagree with any core values of this company? What value and why?
  20. Do you feel this company values the employees?
  21. What organizational core value most resonates with you and why?
  22. Do customers and employees benefit from the company values?
  23. Do you feel the values align with the company’s vision and mission?
  24. Can you tell us what initially drew you to this company?
  25. Do you feel this company’s management adequately engages the employees in devising making?

Helping employees understand your culture and values will ensure they feel supported and engaged.

Team culture survey questions

The team culture goes beyond the defined values and rules of the organization. Many times, the team culture is a reflection of the dynamics between the workers in the company. Here are some questions to get more insight:

  1. Would you refer to your team as a family?
  2. What do you love the most about the teams in this office?
  3. Do you feel the team dynamics are right for you?
  4. What do you like the most about working with other employees?
  5. What do you dislike the most about your team?
  6. Do you feel your team’s values align with the company’s values?
  7. Have you noticed favoritism in your team?
  8. Is collaboration an important part of working in this team?
  9. Do you feel your team brings out the best in you?
  10. Has any team relationship translated to non-work relationships?
  11. Do you feel the company rewards efficient teams?
  12. How does working in a team make you feel?
  13. Do you feel the teams in this organization are adequately inclusive and diverse?
  14. Do you feel certain team members get an undue advantage?
  15. How does your team manage conflict?
  16. Do you feel your team manages conflict efficiently?
  17. Does your supervisor motivate you enough?
  18. Does your company give you flexibility in working?
  19. What training programs are available for the team? Are the training programs adequate?
  20. Does your company encourage collaboration?
  21. How are decisions in the team taken?
  22. Who has the last word on your team?
  23. Have you ever felt left out of big decisions concerning your work?
  24. How would you rate your team on a scale of 1-10?
  25. If given a choice to pick your team members or colleagues, would you still choose the current team members?
  26. Did you receive adequate recognition the last time your team completed a project?
  27. Do you feel a sense of belonging to your team members?

The answers you get from these questions should inform your team building strategy for better cooperation.

Questions on cultural diversity in the workplace

A good company culture is inclusive. You should ensure your employees feel like they belong and that the company is welcoming to individuals of all backgrounds. These are some questions to gauge their perception of diversity as regards your company culture.

  1. Is this company culturally diverse?
  2. What measures can the company take to improve cultural diversity?
  3. Is diversity a value of this company?
  4. Do you feel safe being yourself in this company?
  5. What do you think a culturally diverse workplace is, and does this company embody that?
  6. Does this company work overtime to ensure diversity in the workplace?
  7. Does this organization emphasize diversity and equality only as a strategy to comply with legal requirements?
  8. Is there a system for reporting issues surrounding the status of diversity in this organization?
  9. Do you feel the management team is diverse?
  10. Do you feel the promotion and evaluation process of this company takes into account diversity?
  11. Does this company truly embrace and celebrate diversity?
  12. Does the HR of this company work towards hiring underrepresented groups?
  13. Would you advise someone from a similar cultural background to work in this company?
  14. Do you ever feel judged when you talk about your background?
  15. Have you ever felt othered on account of your cultural background?
  16. How do you feel about the policies surrounding diversity in this company?
  17. Do you feel this company prioritizes diversity at work?
  18. What do you like the most about the way this company handles diversity?
  19. Do you feel this organization needs to establish more diversity initiatives?
  20. Is cultural diversity an important discussion topic in this organization?
  21. Do you feel this company has a diverse workforce?
  22. What barriers to diversity and inclusion have you noticed in this company?
  23. Do you feel this organization has implemented any impactful diversity initiatives?
  24. Does cultural diversity have a positive impact on your business’s culture?
  25. What do you feel are the consequences of not implementing diversity initiatives in this company?

Asking your coworkers these questions should help you measure how far the organization has  come and how far it may need to go in terms of diversity.

Management culture survey questions

The management culture of your business affects every part of the company. You can use these surveys to ensure the management culture is positive or needs improvement.

  1. How can the management of this company improve the culture?
  2. Do you feel the management of this common is working well enough to improve the work culture?
  3. Are you satisfied with the company’s work culture?
  4. What would make this organization a better workplace?
  5. Do you feel the management cares about the employee?
  6. Does the management prioritize integrity, collaboration, and teamwork?
  7. Do you feel comfortable sharing your ideas with the team leader?
  8. Can you describe the management style of this organization in three words?
  9. Does the management encourage employees to take risks and be creative?
  10. Do you feel this company cares about the mental health of employees?
  11. Does your manager give you adequate feedback for your work?
  12. Are your ideas implemented regularly?
  13. Has any of your superiors taken ownership of your idea?
  14. Do you feel your supervisors take advantage of you?
  15. Can you describe the leadership of this organization in three words?
  16. What do you dislike the most about this company’s work culture?
  17. Is the management inclusive in their decisions?
  18. Is your manager a good role model?
  19. Does management provide you with the opportunity to advance in your career?
  20. Do you get the recognition you deserve from your supervisors?
  21. Does the work your team leaders do contribute to the company vision?
  22. Have you ever noticed  favoritism from your manager?
  23. Are the behaviors displayed by the organization’s management consistent with the company’s values?
  24. Do you feel your leaders have a good grasp of the organization’s vision, mission, and values?
  25. Is the organization constantly looking for ways to make the company’s services better?
  26. Does the pace of work at your company allow you to do a good job?
  27. Does the company management’s style align with your goals?
  28. Does the management equip you with skills to scale up in your workplace?

These questions make all employees feel like an important part of the company.

Company culture and communication questions

Successful companies across various industries rely on clear and effective communication to work. Understanding how your company’s communication culture would give you a deeper insight into the overall culture. Here are some culture and communication questions.

  1. Do you feel heard in your workplace?
  2. Do you feel the management gives clear and concise directives?
  3. What do you love most about the communication flow in your workplace?
  4. Do you feel the management can have better communication?
  5. Have you ever made mistakes at work because of a lack of clear directives?
  6. Do you feel the communication culture in this company is adequate?
  7. What changes would you like to see in the company?
  8. How does your company handle conflict resolutions?
  9. In your opinion, what falls under “conflict” in this company?
  10. Do you feel any policies in this company are ambiguous?
  11. How does this company make high stake decisions?
  12. Do you feel the communication chain in this company works efficiently?
  13. What can be done to improve the communication chain?
  14. What is the best part about the communication chain?
  15. Do you feel this company adequately communicates the value propositions?
  16. Do you feel the company is vocal about inclusion and diversity?
  17. Are you comfortable talking about your cultural experiences in this company?
  18. Do you feel there is a right platform to air your grievances in this company?
  19. What can this company do to make this platform better?
  20. Do you feel employees work in harmony in this business?
  21. Do you believe that there is effective communication between departments in this company?
  22. On a scale of 1-10, can you rate team collaborations?
  23. Do you believe clear communication promotes good collaboration?
  24. In your opinion, how does the workplace culture impact communication in this company?
  25. What new ways can this company explore for better communication?
  26. What tools might improve communication in this organization?
  27. How would you describe the communication style in this company?

Company culture and communication are intrinsically linked, and these questions will show where you stand in both areas.

Organizational culture survey questions

Your company’s organizational culture influences employees’ experiences from top to bottom. Communicating effectively, empowering employees, and improving well-being in the company will help grow your company culture. Here are some organizational culture survey questions to ask employees.

  1. How would you describe your workplace?
  2. If you could go back in time knowing all you know now, would you still choose to work in this company?
  3. Do you think your colleagues respect you?
  4. If you could become the CEO, what would you change to improve workplace culture?
  5. In your opinion, does the management style of this business work?
  6. Do you feel this company includes you in the business’s decision-making and plans?
  7. Are diversity, inclusion, and equity a priority for this organization?
  8. Do you feel your job contributes positively to the business?
  9. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by work?
  10. Can you highlight any major issue you feel this company is undergoing?
  11. Can you provide any insights into the company’s values? What values can the company improve on?
  12. Do you feel the organizational structure works for this company?
  13. Does the vision of this company motivate you?
  14. What learning resources would you like the company to provide in the future?
  15. How does the organization deal with workplace conflict?
  16. Do you feel how this company deals with workplace conflict is good enough?
  17. Do you feel like you belong at this workplace?
  18. Do you feel like your supervisors are accountable?
  19. In your opinion, is your manager transparent?
  20. Does your work allow you to meet personal responsibilities?
  21. Do you feel psychologically safe at work?
  22. Do you feel that this company respects the opinions and lived experiences of people from various cultural backgrounds?
  23. Do you feel employees enjoy collaborating?
  24. Does your organization value healthy competition?
  25. Do you feel like the culture at this company allows you to be innovative?
  26. Does management effectively communicate with the workers?
  27. Do you feel the orientation and onboarding processes are good enough?
  28. How can you improve the orientation process in the company?
  29. Does this organization feel like one single, cohesive entity?
  30. Do you feel that the members of this organization are adequately close and connected?
  31. On a scale of 1-10, how familiar are you with members of the organization with whom you do not regularly interact?

The answers you get can help you work through bottlenecks that may reduce your team’s efficiency and productivity.

Final Thoughts

Organizations knowingly or unknowingly create a workplace culture that can make or mar employees’ experiences. This internal culture can come in the form of company values, traditions, skills, hierarchies, traditions, and systems. Gaining insights into these nuances through the help of surveys would give you a deeper understanding of the culture and effect much-needed changes.

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FAQ: Company culture survey questions

Here is more information about company culture survey questions.

What are company culture surveys?

Company culture surveys are questionnaires, prompts, or tools used to collect insights about the company nuances and employees’ experiences in an organization. These insights help business owners understand what the workers in the company think about the culture and how to improve the workplace. Essentially, a company culture survey helps diagnose the deficits between the current and achievable company culture.

What are some good questions to include in company culture surveys?

Some good questions to include in company culture surveys include:

  • Do you feel there is a platform to air your grievances in this company?
  • Do you feel the work done at this company impacts the environment positively?
  • Is your work-life balance healthy?
  • Does the work of your team leaders contribute to the company vision?
  • Have you ever noticed nepotism from your manager?
  • Do you feel employees work in harmony in this business?

For any company, maintaining a healthy culture is crucial to the business’s survival. Surveys and employee feedback can help employers improve the workplace atmosphere and boost organizational health.

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