20 Top Company Outing Ideas in Mountain View, CA

By: | Updated: July 28, 2023

You found our list of the best company outing ideas in Mountain View, California.

Company outing ideas in Mountain View can be a fun and terrific way to strengthen communication and cooperation within the workplace. Mountain View has a wide variety of options for company outings, including the Center for Performing Arts, Shoreline Golf Links, and the Allen Telescope Array. Selecting suitable activities may increase morale and provide insight into an employee’s growth potential.

These ideas are suitable for team building days, group retreats activities, and company offsites. These activities are similar to team building events in Mountain View and Mountain View Corporate Events.

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List of company outing ideas in Mountain View

From museums to tech companies and a bustling downtown with a wide variety of restaurants and cafes, Mountain View has many offerings for companies. The following is a list of outing ideas to consider.

1. Espionage! (Top Choice)

espionage banner

Teams looking for team building outings in Mountain View, CA, should check out Espionage! During this experience, teams can step into a thrilling world of secrets. Espionage! features an immersive story of spies, puzzles, and challenges.

Espionage! includes the following:

  • 90 minutes with a world-class host to lead the experience
  • undercover teams of agents and spies
  • deception and hidden identities
  • tricky code scrambles, word searches, and scavenger hunts
  • strategic thinking and group discussions

We will meet you at your preferred location and provide all the necessary supplies for this thrilling game. Espionage! will boost your creative thinking and competitive spirit.

Learn more about Espionage!

2. Field Day (Team Favorite)

You can energize your team with Field Day’s energizing outdoor games and friendly competitions! This action-packed event is designed to lift spirits, strengthen relationships, and cultivate essential workplace skills.

During Field Day, you can look forward to:

  • 90 minutes with a world-class host
  • nostalgic outdoor games and innovative activities
  • games that remind participants of their childhood
  • chances to take exciting team photos

We will bring all the equipment to your chosen venue, making planning a breeze. Overall, Field Day’s thrilling activities promote teamwork and camaraderie.

Learn more about Field Day.

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3. Ultimate Trivia Showdown (Popular)

If you are looking for an innovative twist on a classic team building activity, then check out Ultimate Trivia Showdown! This experience includes engaging games and competitions to entertain and involve the whole team.

During Ultimate Trivia Showdown, here is what to expect:

  • 90 minutes of entertainment led by a talented host
  • optional trivia customization for a personalized experience
  • unique trivia questions across a range of categories like history and sports
  • original games like The Champion Challenge and Smarty Pants Ultimate Trivia
  • games, puzzles, and question rounds that keep players engaged

To make planning a breeze, we will meet you at your preferred venue with all the necessary materials. Overall, Ultimate Trivia Showdown allows each player to shine while promoting collaboration and bonding within your group.

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

4. The Oxford Kitchen & Gastropub

The Oxford Kitchen & Gastropub is a great stop for a quick bite or a big meal. This gastropub takes heavy inspiration from London, including tributes to some of the city’s icons, like The Beatles, Princess Diana, and Big Ben. In addition, the firm prides itself in farm-to-table cooking, sourcing from local businesses like Zuckerman’s Farm, Iacopi Farms, Panorama Baking Company, and Mary’s Chicken. The menu features English classics, such as fish and chips and tikka masala. If your team would enjoy a happy hour, then you can sample house cocktails and happy-hour snacks. Be sure to check out The Oxford Kitchen and Gastropub for a delicious meal!

Learn more about The Oxford Kitchen and Gastropub.

5. De Anza College Planetarium

You can bring your team on a magical evening to stare at the stars at the De Anza College Planetarium! This space features a 50-foot domed screen, 139 seats, and a surround-sound system. The college’s projection system features scientifically accurate representations of planets and stars across the galaxy. Visitors can either experience astronomy shows or laser music shows. During astronomy shows, trained presenters show you a full-dome show plus a live tour of the sky. The laser music show projects exciting lights onto the screen along to the beat of the music, featuring artists like Michael Jackson or Pink Floyd. Larger teams can also contact the school for a group booking.

Learn more about the De Anza College Planetarium.

6. Cuesta Park

Cuesta Park is a fantastic choice if you are searching for picnic locations for your corporate outings in Mountain View. Courts and a practice facility for tennis are available in the park. Cuesta Park has a spacious picnic area with BBQ facilities and tables ideal for a day of fun and relaxation with a large group of coworkers. Employees can take a walk in the park or play a game of baseball or basketball. A summer picnic in Cuesta Park is an excellent idea due to the abundance of trees and seats. The park also hosts city-sponsored activities, such as free summer concerts and movies.

Learn more about Cuesta Park.

7. Mountain View Park’s Shoreline

The Shoreline at Mountain View Park spans 750 acres and serves as a scenic backdrop for various outdoor activities. This location is a great spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of work and relax in the open air, surrounded by plants and animals and with breathtaking views of San Francisco Bay and the neighboring mountains. There are around ten miles of trails in this park, both paved and unpaved, for workers who like hiking. Some routes go along salt ponds and tidal marshes. Besides hiking, you may also go riding or sail kites. You can sail, windsurf, and kayak with ease on Shoreline Lake. A nature refuge and lakeside cafe are also available.

Learn more about the Shoreline at Mountain View Park.

8. Computer History Museum

Whether you are a die-hard techie or only use a computer to check your inbox once in a while, you will enjoy the vast collection in Mountain View’s Computer History Museum. The museum has the biggest collection of computer-related items and equipment from throughout the industry’s history.

In the museum’s twenty rooms, you will see exhibits from the biggest computers ever made to palmtops and self-driving cars to phones and calculators, and even a Neiman Marcus Kitchen Computer from 1969. You will also get information on how firms like Apple, Microsoft, and Google started and the global impact of computers. On-site amenities include a café selling light fare and drinks and a gift store selling museum mementos.

Learn more about Computer History Museum.

9. Stevens Creek Trail

In Mountain View, California, the Stevens Creek Trail is a great place to get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and see sights. Starting at Shoreline Park and finishing at Heatherstone Way and Dale Avenue intersection, the Stevens Stream Trail follows the creek corridor of Stevens Creek. Hikers will see wildlife, such as raccoons, opossums, and several bird species, along the picturesque trail as it meanders through natural riparian habitats and tidal marshlands over Stevens Creek.

Locals use the trail for different activities, including walking and jogging, riding bicycles and scooters, roller skating and inline skating, dog walking, and bird watching. Additionally, Stevens Creek provides several learning opportunities for your team, including guided tours, creek clean-up days, and vegetation planting.

Learn more about Stevens Creek Trail.

10. Alberto’s Nightclub

Booking a night out at Alberto’s Night Club is one of the most interesting group outing ideas for adults in Mountain View, California. At Alberto’s Night Club, patrons may enjoy drinks, music, and dancing. Each day has a different dancing theme, so you may choose one that works best for your staff. For example, you can enjoy tango, salsa, bachata, mambo, and Latin night. Going out to Alberto’s Night Club presents a great opportunity to discuss the role of diversity in the workplace. Due to the nighttime nature of the dancing sessions, this outing is best suited for groups of ten or fewer.

Learn more about Alberto’s Nightclub.

11. Shoreline Lake Boathouse

The area around the Shoreline Lake Boathouse is beautiful and perfect for work team outings in Mountain View. You can enjoy various activities, including cycling, hiking, running, walking, and birdwatching. Located in the scenic Shoreline Regional Park, the Boathouse was created in 1983 by the City of Mountain View and incorporates the artificial 50-acre saltwater Shoreline Lake. Sailing, swimming, fishing, and other watersports like paddle-boarding, kayaking, and canoeing are just some of the activities you and your team can enjoy on the lake, which is just 25 feet deep at its deepest point but has warm waters. The Shoreline Amphitheatre, located on the water’s edge in Silicon Valley, hosts several concerts and other events every month of the year.

Learn more about the Shoreline Lake Boathouse.

12. Mountain View Center for Performing Arts

Throughout the year, different types of artistic, dance, musical, and dramatic acts happen at the Mountain View Center for Performing Arts, a community center located in the bustling center of downtown Mountain View. More than 50 performing arts groups, including TheatreWorks and the Peninsula Youth Theatre, call the Mountain View Center home. The center was founded to enrich audiences through involvement with the arts. Plays and performances, ballet and modern dance, music and dance from across the globe, and choral and instrumental music concerts are just some of the events at this state-of-the-art performing arts facility. The center also hosts travel films, lectures, discussions, and corporate events.

Learn more about the Mountain View Center for Performing Arts.

13. Shoreline Golf Links

Golfers may enjoy a round on the 18-hole, link-style course while taking in breathtaking views of the mountains and coastline. The well-kept course is a worthy test for golfers of all skill levels. Par 3s are a lot of fun, and there are obstacles to avoid. After a round of golf, you and your team can relax at the lakeside café.

Learn more about Shoreline Golf Links.

14. Moffett Field Historical Society Museum

Teams interested in learning more about the Bay Area’s role in aviation history may stop by the Moffett Field Historical Society Museum. Today, NASA manages the airfield, demonstrating the agency’s longstanding ties to Moffett Field. The museum houses several artifacts recovered from the airfield. The military history geek in you will love learning about Moffett Field’s long and storied history, from its inception through its pivotal roles in World War II and the Cold War.

You will also find a collection of aircraft in the museum, including a P-2 and P-3 Navy Patrol plane, a Cobra helicopter, and a U-2 espionage plane. You may even learn to “fly” by getting in the cockpit of a Harrier VTOL.

Learn more about the Moffett Field Historical Society Museum.

15. The Allen Telescope Array

The Allen Telescope Array has been instrumental in the quest for extraterrestrial intelligence that has been going on since the 1960s. The SETI Institute has been actively searching for signs of extraterrestrial life for decades, and a group of telescopes outside of Mountain View called ATA is collaborating with them.

The Hat Creek Radio Observatory welcomes visitors who want to explore the facility. Four displays and a movie are visible as you and your team explore the complex, providing background on the facility and its services. The signal processing facility is also a highlight. The telescopes include 42 radio dishes for monitoring the sky and collecting data about the cosmos.

Learn more about the Allen Telescope Array.

16. The Renowned Farmer’s Market

Going to one of the Bay Area’s many excellent and expansive farmer’s markets is a relaxing way to spend a Sunday morning. All year long, the City of Mountain View hosts a Farmers’ Market at the Caltrain Station every Sunday, featuring the wares of more than 80 local farmers and artisans. You and your team can peruse the stalls, try some samples, and stock up on a wide variety of locally produced fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Learn more about The Farmer’s Market.

17. The Rengstorff House

The Rengstorff House is the city’s oldest residence and a prime example of Victorian Italianate design in Mountain View. The home was originally constructed in 1897 by Henry Rengstorff, a successful local businessman who ran a ferry service between San Francisco and Mountain View. The house was lovingly restored to its former glory in 1991 and features notable architectural details such as a hip roof, a central gable topped by a widow’s walk, an elegant front entrance, and symmetrical room layouts. Inside, you will find elegant period furnishings. Outside, immaculately landscaped grass and flower beds frame the brick patios. You can tour the Rengstorff House free of charge three days a week.

Learn more about the Rengstorff House.

18. The Shoreline Amphitheatre

The Shoreline Amphitheatre, located on the beaches of Shoreline Lake, hosts various events and performances year long. The facility has hosted many notable bands and singers, including Julio Iglesias, Steve Winwood, and the Bee Gees, and was erected in the mid-1980s as part of the Shoreline Park project. The venue has a capacity of 22,500, a huge grass area that can accommodate up to 16,000 people, and 6,500 reserved seats. In addition, the amphitheater has hosted many music events, including the Download Festival, Country Throwdown Tour, Lollapalooza, Harmony By the Bay Festival, BeachFest, and I Love This City Festival.

Learn more about the Shoreline Amphitheatre.

19. Red Rock Coffee

Many bright folks hang out at the Red Rock Coffee, and the vibe is very back and pleasant. This two-story café is a great place for your company outing, with its free internet and many outlets for charging laptops. You can sign up for their monthly coffee tasting event that features four freshly roasted coffees, a 12-ounce bag of coffee from the tasting, and a little coffee lore. In addition, red Rock’s weekly open mic nights on Mondays draw a dedicated crowd.

Learn more about Red Rock Coffee.

20. Historic Adobe Building

The Historic Adobe Building, built in 1934, is located in Mountain View, California. Local workers, aided by the New Deal’s Civil Works Administration, constructed this old landmark. After WWII, the building became a home away from home for returning servicemen and women. That structure has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 2002. The building’s high ceilings and open chambers are hallmarks of its Spanish style, making it an ideal venue for different company outing activities involving a small number of participants.

Learn more about the Historic Adobe Building.


Despite its location in the heart of Silicon Valley, Mountain View has several attractions that have nothing to do with electronic devices. Instead, you will discover attractions like museums and national parks. Any corporate outing should foster a positive work environment in which workers value and respect one another and their contributions to the firm. When planning an expedition, it is crucial to take into account the needs of every member of your team.

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FAQ: Company outing ideas in Mountain View, California

Here are frequently asked questions about company outing ideas in Mountain View, CA.

What are some fun company outing ideas in Mountain View CA?

Some fun company outing ideas include Alberto’s Nightclub, the Shoreline Lake Boathouse, and the Farmer’s Market. These exercises in team building are both intellectually stimulating and physically demanding while also being a great way to encourage cooperation and healthy rivalry among employees.

Where are good places for groups to go in Mountain View?

Some good places for groups to go in Mountain View include the Shoreline Amphitheater and the Computer History Museum. These places offer incredible learning opportunities for you and your team.

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