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Here is our list of the best company retreat ideas in Kansas City.

Company retreat ideas in Kansas City are entertaining events you can use to help your workforce take a break from work and have fun in the Kansas City region. Examples include visiting Kansas City Zoo, Boulevard Brewing Company, and Kansas City Speedway. The purpose of these activities is to strengthen workers’ relationships and boost employee belonging. Company retreat ideas in Kansas City will also build productivity and help to break barriers among employees.

These ideas cover group retreat activities, company retreat locations, and executive retreat ideas. The activities are similar to group outings in Kansas City and Kansas City team building activities.

This list includes:

  • corporate retreat ideas for big groups in Kansas City
  • corporate retreat ideas for small groups in Kansas City
  • company retreat entertainment ideas in Kansas City
  • company retreat locations in Kansas City
  • team retreat ideas in Kansas City

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List of company retreat ideas in Kansas City

Kansas City offers a wide variety of retreat ideas that will interest every team player in your workforce. From a team visit to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art to Breakout KC and Worlds of Fun, here is a list of the best company retreat ideas that you can engage your team in Kansas City.

1. Espionage!

Espionage! banner

If you are looking for engaging team retreat ideas in Kansas City, then Espionage! is a good bet. In this 90-minute social deduction activity, a fun host will start by dividing your workforce into teams of five to twenty players. Then, the host will lead your team through challenges and puzzles that will help teams uncover spies. With each participant’s active role in Espionage!, you will see your team’s hidden capabilities.

Learn more about Espionage!.

2. The Great Guac Off

Guacamole making competition

If you want to create a memorable retreat for your team, then you must try The Great Guac Off. For 90 minutes, you will watch your team bond over a guac-making competition. Before the contest, a fun host will lead participants through fun avocado-themed activities like the Trivia-cado. Then, participants will make the guacamole, where you will crown the winning team based on factors like presentation and taste. Finally, attendees can try other teams’ creations and learn how to make better guacamole. While The Great Guac Off works well as a stand-alone retreat idea, you can add the activity to a day of meetings or training.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

3. The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling is a professional development workshop that will benefit your entire workforce. A team of storytellers will teach your team storytelling techniques that will help to improve attendees’ communication skills. The 90-minute event will offer participants handy storytelling tips that attendees can apply in their professional and personal lives. You can run The Art of Storytelling at any location in Kansas, be it your office or a rental facility.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

4. Boulevard Brewing Company

As the largest independent brewing company in Kansas City, Boulevard Brewing Company tops the list of company retreat entertainment ideas in Kansas City. The brewery offers unfiltered tours where attendees will learn all about the Boulevard beers. You can opt for the Smokestack Tour, where participants will sip and learn about all the breweries’ beers, or the Unfiltered Tour, which includes multiple tasters. You can check out the public brewery tours and purchase your tickets in advance for a more budget-friendly option. If you want your team to have an exclusive beer tasting experience, then make a reservation at the Boulevard Brewing Company’s Beer Hall. Attendees will explore a wide variety of beers from the 30-tap handles.

Learn more about Boulevard Brewing Company.

5. Kansas City Zoo

Home to over 1,300 animals, Kansas City Zoo is one of the best zoos in the U.S. Your team will enjoy world-class exhibits and programs that attract tourists from all over the globe. Habitats include the Polar Bear Passage, the Tiger Trail, and the Africa sections, which feature wild animals in Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Your team can experience unique animal encounters such as the Keeper Chats, Sea Lion Show, and elephant painting demonstrations. You can also let participants take a safari boat ride across the African Plains Lake. The Kansas Zoo tour will connect attendees to wildlife and foster appreciation and conservation of animals.

Learn more about Kansas City Zoo.

6. Union Station

Union Station is one of the best team retreat ideas in Kansas City for a diverse team. The venue features a wide collection of rotating history exhibits and art. In addition, your group can tour The Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium, where attendees will learn about astronomy. For a unique concert experience, visit the planetarium in the evening and let your workforce enjoy musical events.

Participants will see and interact with the model trains in the 8,000-square feet Model Train Gallery. The venue features tiny and big-scale model trains that offer a fun model railroading experience. You can also browse the list of events at the in-house City Theatre and enjoy comedies, dramas, and musicals with your team. If you are looking for a venue to host your corporate retreats, then you can check out the event space rentals at Union Station. Be sure to get meals for your team at the in-house eateries.

Learn more about Union Station.

7. Powell Gardens

Powell Gardens is a 970-acre botanical garden home to over 6,000 plant varieties and 225,000 seasonal plant displays. Depending on the time you visit the garden, your team will enjoy eight-themed display gardens, seasonal festivals, a nature trail, and rotating exhibitions. You can also let participants stroll the grounds and marvel at the fantastic architecture. Some of the gardens include the Fountain Garden, the Perennial Garden, Memorial Garden, and Heartland Harvest Garden. Powell Gardens is the best retreat venue to rejuvenate your workforce and reinforce their appreciation for nature.

Learn more about Powell Gardens.

8. Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Renowned for its collection of art from nearly every culture and continent, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is one of the best company retreat locations in Kansas City for art lovers. The museum holds an extensive collection of Asian Art, European paintings, American paintings, photography, and decorative arts. You can start with the American Art Deco exhibit, which features an extensive collection of art, design, and architecture pieces. You can also make the museum tour more interactive by booking your workforce adult studio classes such as sketching, printmaking, sculpting, and drawing. The collection of art from 5,000 years to the present day will provide an avenue for your team to explore the world and create a sense of belonging.

Learn more about Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

9. Worlds of Fun

Worlds of Fun is a 235-acre entertainment complex that features the Midwest’s largest water park and amusement park. From towering rides to refreshing pools and thrilling roller coasters, attendees can choose their ideal activities. The park has five major sections your team can explore, including Europa, Africa, Americana, the Orient, and Scandinavia. Thrill lovers among your team can try the Constrictor, Cyclone Sams, the Detonator, Mamba, or the Predators’ Plunge. Participants who fear height or speed can explore the Aruba Tuna, Bamboozler, or the Camp Bus. Willing attendees can also cool off at the Surf City Wave Pool, Sharks’ Revenge, or the Typhoon. In addition, the venue features eateries and great spots where attendees can grab refreshing drinks.

Learn more about Worlds of Fun.

10. Kansas City Speedway

Kansas City Speedway tops the list of company retreat entertainment ideas in Kansas City. You can purchase single-race tickets for team players and watch as participants have an adrenaline-filled retreat as they take laps on a real NASCAR track. For safety, attendees can stay in the passenger seat or ride with an experienced instructor. If you want to go to Kansas City Speedway on a race day, then you can opt for the Ignition Garage package, where attendees will get a VIP motorsports experience. You can also add a pre-race pass where your team will have exclusive infield access, which includes up-close access to NASCAR Cup Series driver introductions.

Learn more about Kansas City Speedway.

11. Breakout KC

Escape Rooms are immersive company retreat ideas in Kansas City that you can use to foster team bonding and create memories for your workforce. Breakout KC offers teams a friendly environment and escape rooms with varying challenges.


  • Patient 57- You are among subjects to illegal tests that will perfect mind control. There is an opportunity for you to escape. However, time is not on your side, and you only have 60 minutes to break free. With a difficulty level of eight out of ten, Patient 57 is ideal for team players looking for a challenge.
  • The Hero- A delusional doctor believes he can cure all illnesses in the world. While he has pure intentions, his treatment methods may be fatal. You have 60 minutes to bring the risky operation to an end.

The private experiences will facilitate team bonding as your workforce race against time to escape the selected rooms within 60 minutes.

Learn more about Breakout KC.

12. Bury the Hatchet

If you are looking for corporate retreat ideas for small groups in Kansas City, then you must try axe throwing at Bury the Hatchet. You can engage your team in a tournament at the 7,200-square-foot venue. For every two-hour session, participants can play multiple games and get support from a team of axe masters. Whether you have axe throwing pros or beginners on your team, let your workforce experience the thrill of this ancient tradition. Axe throwing is an activity that will relieve participants’ stress and give attendees an adrenaline rush. You can BYOB and food and let participants bite and sip drinks during the axe throwing competitions.

Learn more about Bury the Hatchet.

13. American Jazz Museum

If you have a team of jazz lovers in your team, then a tour of the American Jazz Museum is a must-try. The American Jazz Museum is the only museum focusing on global preservation, advancement, and exhibition of jazz music. Your team will explore a collection of artifacts, documents, and photographs that tell the story of the impact of Jazz on the world. Some of the highlights in the Permanent Exhibit include the Ida McBeth Changing Gallery, Charlie Parker’s Grafton saxophone, and the Ron Chaney Gallery. The Changing Gallery that features Jazz, Vine District, and baseball displays will also interest your team. You can check out the list of live music or interesting community events at The Gem Theatre. You can also browse the list of events at The Blue Room that honors and showcases past and present names in Jazz.

Learn more about American Jazz Museum.

14. Kauffman Stadium

A team sport-watching day at Kauffman Stadium tops the list of corporate retreat ideas for big groups in Kansas City. Home to Major League Baseball and the Kansas City Royals, the stadium has a seating of over 37,000. Attendees can explore the Walk of Fame that features the Blue Moon Taproom, where participants can get specialty beers. If you want a unique view of the game, then you can book your team the Price Chopper Patio. The Craft Cocktail Bar and the Konica Minolta Diamond Club are other features your team can enjoy as they watch a match. You can also book your group a stadium tour where attendees will explore areas that are not open to the public.

Learn more about Kauffman Stadium.

15. Sea Life Kansas City

A team retreat to Sea Life Kansas City is an activity that will educate your workforce on the conservation of marine life. The aquarium is home to various aquatic creatures, including sharks, seahorses, stingrays, jellies, turtles, and fish. Your team can explore the 11 interactive zones, including the touch pool, tropical ocean exhibit, and the stingray bay exhibit. Sea Life Kansas City plays a huge part in conserving marine life by rescuing seals, re-homing aquatic creatures, breeding seahorse, and protecting turtles.

Learn more about Sea Life Kansas City.

16. City Market

If you are looking for corporate retreat ideas for small groups in Kansas City, then a team tour to City Market is a good bet. The market has a rich history dating back to 1857 as a site for revivals, commerce, political rallies, and horse-trading. You can start with a tour of the Arabia Steamboat Museum, which preserves artifacts such as clothing, carpentry tools, guns, and clothing. Then, you can let attendees stroll City Market and shop for unique treasures, including jewelry, apparel, home décor items, and fresh flowers. Participants can also pass by the farmers’ market that opens on select days during the weekend and purchase fresh produce.

Learn more about City Market.

17. Museum of Illusions

Situated inside Union Station, the Museum of Illusions offers unique experiences that will interest your workforce. The museum tour will immerse attendees into a world of illusions that will trick your team’s senses and confidence. Participants will explore intriguing sensory, visual, and educational illustrations that will entertain the mind while deceiving the eyes. Illusions include the head on the Platter, Turntables, Kaleidoscope, Rubin’s Vase, and the Infinity Room. Be sure to take team pictures for memories’ sake.

Learn more about Museum of Illusions.

18. Loose Park

As the third largest park in Kansas City, Loose Park is one of the most preferred company retreat locations in Kansas City. The park has many amenities that you can use to entertain your team. You can start with a stroll along the park, where attendees will marvel at the collection of rose flowers at the Rose Garden. Then, you can hold a picnic at the venue and let attendees bond as they take in the beautiful lake views. You can also engage your team in a friendly tennis competition at the tennis courts. Your team will also enjoy some civil war markers and learn more about the history of Kansas.

Learn more about Loose Park.


If you expect a handful of outing ideas in Kansas City, then you will be in for a surprise. Boasting jazz music and barbeques, the variety of exciting retreat ideas in Kansas City will keep your team hooked. From major museums to historical monuments and exciting shopping avenues, set enough time to explore the city. Do not forget to try eateries with your team and learn why the city is renowned as the ‘Barbecue Capital’.

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FAQ: Company retreat ideas in Kansas City

Here are answers to questions about company retreat ideas in Kansas City.

What are some good corporate retreat ideas in Kansas City?

With the variety of places to explore in Kansas City, choosing a venue that will interest all participants is not an easy task. You can start by taking in recommendations from your workforce. If you have a large team with varying interests, then you can choose different activities that your workforce will enjoy. Some good corporate retreat ideas in Kansas City include Loose Park, American Jazz Museum, and Bury the Hatchet.

How do you plan a fun team retreat in Kansas City?

While often overlooked, planning a successful team retreat takes a lot of work. From the events’ agenda to choosing a location and ensuring that all participants have fun, the challenges can be overwhelming. Some of the critical areas that you need to get right when planning a fun team event in Kansas City include picking an ideal location and having a fun host. Then, have a clear structure of the activities that you will engage attendees in and how the retreat will run.

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