Updated: November 08, 2022

18 Corporate Catering Companies

Here is our list of the best corporate catering companies.

Corporate catering companies are businesses that provide full-service catering or packed meals for employees. Examples include Zing Good Food, Yummy Goodness Catering, and The Heights Catering. The purpose of these companies is to save employers the stress of planning and preparing meals for employees and clients during a corporate gathering.

This list includes:

  • corporate catering companies in the US
  • corporate catering companies in Europe
  • online corporate catering companies
  • corporate catering directories

These companies arrange food for conferences and corporate events like office parties, team celebrations, and company Christmas parties.

So, here we go!

List of corporate catering companies

Corporate catering companies can help you customize your event menu to fit guests’ dietary requirements. Also, depending on the service you book, the companies usually take one-time or recurring meal orders. From CaterCow to Mobydish, here are the best catering companies and directories you can check out while planning your next corporate event:

1. San Francisco Catering Company

San Francisco Catering Company is one of the best corporate catering companies in the US. The company employs world-class chefs to create an unforgettable culinary experience for guests. San Francisco Catering Company also partners with other businesses providing rental services. You can easily access an expert bartender and attendant to ensure your event runs smoothly.

This catering service offers different options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Depending on your choice, the pricing ranges from $15 to $50 per person. Other options you can add to your order include appetizer stations, dessert stations, and beverage stations. In addition, aside from corporate events, the company offers different catering options for weddings and private events.

Learn more about San Francisco Catering Company.

2. Savory Hospitality

Savory Hospitality is among the best catering services in central Manhattan. The company’s event menu has many options, ranging from fresh salads and snacks to mouthwatering bowls. Therefore, you can conveniently customize your order to suit guests’ tastes. Savory Hospitality takes pride in the company’s capacity to accommodate clients’ dietary requirements, whether vegan-friendly or gluten-free. Also, the company partners with third-party vendors who can provide Kosher or Halal meals.

Savory Hospitality provides individually-packed meals and buffet-style dining for conferences and meetings. The company can cater to both large and small groups. In addition, Savory Hospitality aims to promote environmental sustainability by using eco-friendly packaging, compostable plates, and fully-recyclable plastics. You can also access beverages and amenities services for your corporate event.

Learn more about Savory Hospitality.

3. Zing Good Food

Zing Good Food is one of the best corporate catering companies in Europe. This company provides delectable breakfast, lunch, and dinner packages for large-scale events. You will also get to work with a professional and friendly staff of bartenders, chefs, and servers.

Zing Good Food is available to cater to corporate event gift boxes. If you plan to host a company cocktail party, then you can book drink packages delivered directly to your team members’ addresses. The company can also help you create amazing gourmet boxes to impress your guests. Zing Good Food’s services are flexible enough to accommodate different budgets. Furthermore, the company partners with rental services for easy access to equipment like coffee machines, tables, and chairs.

Learn more about Zing Good Food.

4. The Uptown Catering Company

The Uptown Catering Company can cater to different corporate events, from holiday parties to cocktail receptions. The company features cuisine from different corners of the world, including Latin, French, Italian, and Mediterranean. The company curates meal packages with business in mind and provides swift delivery services. Also, you can have your order customized to your budget and specific needs.

The Uptown Catering Company prioritizes its food quality and will only offer freshly-prepared meals made with the best ingredients available. In addition to catering, the company provides event planning services for clients. You will work with a trained staff who will handle your event details. You can contact the company for a free consultation session.

Learn more about The Uptown Catering Company.

5. Claudio Rotunno Events Designer

Claudio Rotunno Events Designer is among the best corporate catering companies you can find in Europe. The company helps clients plan their catering experience to their tastes. You can expect an exclusive menu for whatever corporate event you are planning. The company specializes in planning a sophisticated banquet that features world-class chefs. Therefore, you can rest assured that your guests will enjoy a VIP experience during your event.

Alongside catering, Claudio Rotunno Events Designer can plan other details of your corporate event, including rental equipment and graphic designs. Claudio Rotunno is an excellent catering service option for companies looking to impress guests with a luxurious experience. The company takes pride in being “perfectionists in the art of receptions for prestigious events.”

Learn more about Claudio Rotunno Events Designer.

6. The Heights Catering

The Heights Catering mainly serves Houston and nearby areas with top-notch catering services. Whether you prefer gourmet catering or a food truck at your event venue, this catering service will ensure attendees get the best culinary experience.

The company has an expert team of chefs willing to work on time and prepare well-presented meals. Also, the menu options offered reflects diverse culture and nationality. The Heights Catering sources fresh ingredients and sustainable poultry from local businesses. Furthermore, the company takes time to curate a personalized menu that fits clients’ needs.

Learn more about The Heights Catering.

7. CaterCow

CaterCow is also among the best online corporate catering companies. The company partners with reliable caterers, famous restaurants, and chefs. CaterCow has a history of successfully working with small and large groups since the company’s establishment in 2012. Past clients include top companies like L’Oréal, Airbnb, Uber, and Disney.

The company’s website provides an option to order food on behalf of your team or let each team member take their own orders. Furthermore, you can create an account manager, especially if you plan to set up daily lunch. After placing an order, the recipients will receive their meals with their names and dietary details inscribed on the package. Also, the meals are available in seasonal options and for different dietary needs. The best part of working with CaterCow is that you do not need any contract or commitment to any plan. You are free to order whatever meal you want at any time.

Learn more about CaterCow.

8. The Catering Company Seattle

The Catering Company Seattle has reliable experience planning meals for different events, including corporate gatherings. The company has a professional team who will take care of your event details. The team will also be around on the event day to ensure your event runs smoothly.

The Catering Company Seattle offers bar catering services delivered by friendly and knowledgeable bartenders. The catering team will equally be responsible for all setup and take-down during your event. Also, The Catering Company Seattle will customize your event menu according to your budget and taste. Whether you need full-service catering or packed lunch, you can trust this Washington-based catering service to do the job.

The Catering Company Seattle is willing to cater to low-impact and waste-free events, including themed parties. Aside from catering, other services offered include equipment rental, venue decorations, and networking event planning.

Learn more about The Catering Company Seattle.

9. Arch Food

Arch Food is one of the best corporate catering companies in Europe, promoting sustainability. This company offers fresh seasonal food options that fit guests’ dietary needs. Also, the company uses the service of passionate chefs to prepare delectable meals from scratch.

Arch Food takes sustainability seriously and uses degradable materials to pack clients’ meals. Also, most of the foods offered are vegan-friendly. Furthermore, Arch Food provides online catering services, particularly in London. Whether you intend to have a regular corporate meeting or a work Christmas party, Arch Food will deliver an exceptional catering service for attendees.

Learn more about Arch Food.

10. Bennett Hay

Based in the UK, Bennett Hay helps clients prepare great food made with fresh and seasonal ingredients. You can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner catered for your clients or guests during an event. Bennett Hay works with local suppliers to access fresh ingredients and provide sustainable food and drinks.

The company’s culinary team is always searching for unique recipes and ingredients to deliver the best culinary experience for guests. Furthermore, the catering company provides guest services, which include a VIP lounge, reception, security-licensed concierge, and telephony. You can book this service to give guests a good first impression of your brand or company. Bennett Hay can also help you plan an unforgettable fine dining experience for your next corporate event.

Learn more about Bennett Hay.

11. EAT Club

EAT Club is one of the most reliable corporate catering companies that can work with teams of any size. This online cafe operates within the US, especially in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. EAT Club has a good reputation for catering to corporate events. The best part is that employees and other attendees can choose their preferred meal options on the company’s website.

The only downside with EAT Club is that not all the listed products have nutritional and allergen information. Nevertheless, if you need to find the dietary description of the meals, then look for options with “Smart Choice” icon.

Learn more about EAT Club.

12. EatFirst

EatFirst offers top-notch corporate catering services, particularly in Europe. The company provides one-time or recurring corporate meals, whether morning tea or team lunches. Plus, the catering service can handle last-minute orders.

Besides fast delivery, EatFirst provides good quality customer care service to customers across the UK. The company once served the culinary needs of top companies, including Facebook, Sony, and Amazon. In addition, you can rent pantry supplies for your gathering. While taking your orders, the company will consider your budget and dietary needs.

Learn more about EatFirst.

13. Yummy Goodness Catering

Yummy Goodness Catering is a small and women-operated business in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The company provides customization meal options for corporate parties. Therefore, you can build your own salad bar, pasta bar, or Fajita bar from fresh ingredients. You can also book breakfast catering, which is excellent for early morning meetings with clients and employees.

Yummy Goodness Catering is among the most reliable corporate catering companies in the US. Whether you have a small or large party, you can expect an exceptional dining experience. If you hire this catering service, then you can also access bartenders and servers for your event. In addition, Yummy Goodness Catering takes pride in supporting other local and small businesses when possible.

Learn more about Yummy Goodness Catering.

14. Mobydish

Mobydish specializes in providing online catering services for groups. This catering company is reliable and offers easy and fast delivery. You can also work with this company if you would love to feature local restaurants during your corporate gatherings.

Top companies that once used this catering service include Yelp, Adobe, and Cisco, among many others. Mobydish will plan your event meal according to your budget and specific needs. The meal options for corporate events include buffet-style catering, boxed lunches, and concierge catering. Furthermore, Mobydish can cater to clients’ culinary needs at the last minute.

Learn more about Mobydish.

15. Black Chef

Black Chef is a culinary platform that represents black professional chefs, caterers, and bartenders. You can search the website directory through a particular location or specialty to find professional caterers for your corporate event. You will find chefs from different states in the US, including Massachusetts, Texas, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

Fresh Out Catering is among the catering companies featured on the website. This catering service specializes in planning corporate event meals and private dining. Other featured chefs and catering companies include ChefT Kitchen, Mattie’s Foods, and WINGS N THINGS. You will also find reviews, quotes, and details of each culinary expert featured on the website. Black Chef is an excellent online corporate catering directory you can resort to if you would love to support small businesses in the US.

Learn more about Black Chef.

16. BizBash

BizBash is one of the best online corporate catering directories. This International trade media platform provides a list of highly recommended caterers and beverage services you can use for your next corporate event.

BizBash recommends several food trucks and private dining restaurants, which include Carmine’s Restaurant and Latin Asian Fusion. Too Cool Chix Ice Cream Sandwiches is among the catering services featured on the media’s site. This women-owned business offers handmade treats great for different parties. You can also work with Good Gracious! Events, a full-service catering and hospitality business. In addition, BizBash provides guides to the best event venues, destinations, and technology companies for corporate parties.

Learn more about BizBash.

17. National Directory

National Directory makes planning food for corporate events stress-free. The directory recommends more than 200 reliable caterers in different locations, including Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra. Also, you will surely find meal options that suit your taste since a wide range of menu items are available.

Furthermore, National Directory recommends equipment suppliers for corporate events, including Frost Catering Equipment, The Big Fridge, and Catering Equipment Warehouse. For private dinner parties and high tea functions, you can book the service of Boutique Catering. Also, if you prefer to have great-tasting finger foods at your event, then you can check out Mr. Fingerfood Sydney, Davanna Catering, or even All Suburbs Catering.

Learn more about National Directory.

18. Zerocater

Zerocater is among the top corporate catering providers in the US. The company offers a wide range of catering services to fit different corporate events and budgets. Zerocater is equally among the best online corporate catering companies with a cloud cafe. An AI constantly curates various menu options to match your guests’ tastes. Furthermore, the cloud cafe’s features allow companies to pay for their employees’ meals fully or partly.

Zerocater can work with any dietary requirement. The catering company will take the burden of helping you build and design your onsite cafe. After giving reviews and feedback, the AI can learn what food your employees love the most and curate the next menu items according to their tastes. Zerocater also designed a hybrid cafe where employees can choose from several buffet-style meals. If you partner with Zerocater, then you will have an event manager dedicated to planning your meal. The company will also provide a professional team to handle essential details of your event, such as entertainment, decor, and equipment setup. Whether you plan to host a small or large event, you can expect an unforgettable technology-driven experience with Zerocater.

Learn more about Zerocater.


To make a corporate event successful, you need to plan all details, including catering. Corporate catering companies exist to handle this task and impress your guests with beautifully-presented food. The price charged for this service usually varies from different catering companies. However, most catering companies can help you customize your menu to your budget. Also, you can have your menu options tailored according to your specific needs and diet. If you need help deciding which catering company to hire, then you can search for caterers in a catering directory. The platform will recommend reliable chefs and bartenders close to your location.

Next, check these lists of event management companies and event management software. You can also go through these guides for planning events.

FAQ: Corporate catering companies

Here are answers to questions about corporate catering companies.

What are corporate catering companies?

Corporate catering companies are businesses that provide food and bartending services for professional events. The companies can serve various corporate gatherings, such as lunch and learns, fine dining, and holiday celebrations. Also, these catering companies might restrict their services to a particular location or serve clients from different parts of the world.

What are the best corporate catering companies?

The best corporate catering companies include:

  • Zerocater
  • Savory Hospitality
  • Bennett Hay
  • The Heights Catering
  • Claudia Rotunno Events Designer
  • Arch Food

These services can plan the menu for various corporate gatherings, from small office meetings to client appreciation events.

What are the benefits of using companies for corporate catering?

An advantage of using corporate catering companies for your event is that you will save time planning the event menu. Also, these companies usually provide the workforce you need for a successful experience, including bartenders and servers. The companies often partner with other businesses providing services like equipment rental, graphics designing, and event venues.

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