25 Fun Corporate Event Themes for Company Celebrations

By: | Updated: February 28, 2024

You found our list of best corporate event themes.

Corporate event themes are creative and engaging party or event ideas that enliven group gatherings. Examples include Heroes vs. Villains, Hollywood Theme, Wild West, and ’80s Bash. Event themes are great ways to make large gatherings memorable, unique, and fun for guests.

Corporate event themes are similar to holiday party themes and office theme days. You can work with corporate event management companies or virtual event companies to host your next corporate event for teams.


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Let’s get to it!

List of fun corporate theme event ideas

From Masked Balls to Wild West to Summer BBQ, here is our list of best theme ideas for your next corporate event.

1. Heroes vs. Villains

Heroes vs. Villains is a classic themed party idea that you can adapt for your corporate event. You will need a suitable backdrop, some balloons, multi-color LED lights, and stickers of popular heroes and villains.

To organize this event:

  1. Decorations can create a Marvel ambiance with themed balloons, superhero stickers, and a Marvel backdrop.
  2. Guests can dress according to the theme, such as Thanos, Dr. Strange, or Superman.
  3. Serve pastries like cupcakes featuring hero and villain faces.
  4. Set up a photo booth with a Marvel backdrop, stickers, and colorful lights.
  5. Make action speech bubbles from cardboard featuring phrases like “Pow!” and “Wham!”

At the end of the event, you can even choose the guests with the best hero and villain costumes and give them a reward. Some amazing gift ideas include hero-and-villain-themed costumes, water bottles, phone cases, and headsets.

2. Hollywood Theme

Hollywood Themes are fun themes for corporate events because they allow folks to dress like their favorite Hollywood stars. Guests can recreate iconic looks from Hollywood red carpet events, galas, and concerts.

To organize this event:

  1. Make a guest list, including plus ones, to determine your venue’s size.
  2. Choose a venue with a red carpet setup, such as a hall or movie theater, allowing photo opportunities.
  3. Decorate with red rope posts, bright lighting, gold and silver accents, and movie-themed decorations like reels and stars.
  4. Arrange seating strategically based on guests’ interests.
  5. Send invites electronically or as printed tickets.
  6. Offer catering of a variety of snacks, food, and drinks.

Hollywood-themed parties are elaborate affairs and may cost more than an average party. Therefore, this theme best suits company award nights or anniversary celebrations.

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3. Murder Mystery Party

Murder Mystery Parties are one of the best employee appreciation event themes because they allow you to surprise team members. This theme enables you to assign different characters and roles to your guests for the game. Additionally, you can make this theme more specific by choosing a supernatural murder mystery game or opting for a scarier horror murder mystery party.

To organize this event:

  1. Choose a murder mystery theme, such as Zombie Apocalypse or The Christmas Killer.
  2. Decorate the venue according to your theme.
  3. Serve themed drinks and snacks, like bloody marys or witch’s finger cookies.
  4. Write a storyline that features a mysterious death.
  5. Assign character roles tailored to guests’ skills and interests.
  6. Encourage folks to wear costumes matching character roles.
  7. Guests become their characters and work together to find the killer.

This themed party idea is a great way to surprise employees during appreciation events. At the end of the game, you may surprise and appreciate the “killer” employee with gifts and a speech. Then, end the event with some food and a group picture.

4. Summer BBQ

Summer BBQs are great outdoor ideas for colleagues. This party works best in an open area during summer’s peak when employees can dress comfortably.

To organize this event:

  1. Choose a venue for the event. Colleagues can gather at the beach, a park with a lake view, or by the poolside.
  2. Set up a BBQ grill, and have a group of colleagues with experience cook the meat.
  3. Set up white tents.
  4. Set up picnic tables with checkered tablecloths and balloons.
  5. Arrange food. Some great options include potato salad, burgers, or hotdogs.
  6. Share drinks. Some cold beers and lemonade are great options.
  7. Organize games and activities for teams. Some great ideas include dodgeball and badminton.

Summer BBQs are excellent ways for employees to unwind and have fun outside the office. This corporate event theme is a great way to encourage workers to loosen up and connect with other staff members.

Check out this guide to company BBQs.

5. Masked Balls

Masked Balls are exciting corporate award ceremony themes. This themed party allows colleagues to come dressed wearing embellished masks that may cover some parts of their faces or hide their features entirely.

To organize this event:

  1. Select a theme for the ball, such as The Great Gatsby or a Venetian Masquerade.
  2. Choose a venue and decorate it to match the theme. For instance, for a Great Gatsby theme, focus on gold and black decor.
  3. Send out invitations, and encourage guests to dress in theme attire. Folks must wear masks to match the masked theme.
  4. Serve drinks, appetizers, and snacks fitting the ambiance. For instance, champagne and gourmet treats elevate the experience.

Masked balls are great themed party ideas for award ceremonies because they are elaborate and excellent for elite guests.

6. Wild West

Wild West is a fun Western-style party where guests dress in full cowboy or cowgirl gear. This laid-back event does not require excessive preparations.

To organize this event:

  1. Decorate with cactus plants, wooden tables, and cowboy hats.
  2. Swap white lights for yellow bulbs, and feature wanted posters of special guests or staff.
  3. Provide barrels of beer for guests.
  4. Create personalized sheriff badges.
  5. Encourage cowboy-themed costumes.
  6. Serve Western-style foods like fried chicken, bacon-wrapped pork, mashed potatoes, and brisket sliders.
  7. Organize games like lasso tosses, balloon stomps, and tin can shootouts with water guns.

The Wild West theme is an excellent way to encourage employees to loosen up and have fun. The theme is simple and rustic, and the costumes do not require much effort.

7. ’80s Bash

An ’80s Bash is a classic event where guests must imitate the ’80s fashion trends. This party is one of the best company anniversary party themes because it is laid back, stylish, and fun.

To organize this event:

  1. Choose a venue for the event.
  2. Swap out your white lights for color-changing neon lights, and decorate with balloons and ’80s-themed posters.
  3. Encourage guests to dress in washed-out distressed jeans, leggings, colored headbands, neon bracelets, and fishnets.
  4. Play nostalgic ’80s music.

The ’80s were a time when folks expressed themselves through colorful fashion statements. So, guests can wear whatever they want as long as it is on theme.

8. Luau

Luau is one of the best corporate retreat themes because it allows attendees to enjoy themselves in a fun and relaxing environment. To enjoy the vacation-like effect of this theme, host it on the coast.

To organize this activity:

  1. Set up tables and seats by the beach, and decorate them with balloons and flowers.
  2. Set up a BBQ stand.
  3. Encourage attendees to come to the party dressed in Hawaiian shirts with leis around their necks.
  4. Guests can wear sandals or even walk barefoot.
  5. Share colorful cocktails or punch with guests.
  6. Play trendy songs over a loudspeaker.
  7. Share foods like grilled fish, poke bowls, and poi.
  8. Play games like beach volleyball, limbo, and hula hooping.

This theme is a perfect opportunity for corporate teams to meet and connect. This gathering helps foster camaraderie and creates a relaxing environment for colleagues to ease stress.

9. Journey to the Future

Journey to the Future is one of the most brilliant themes for business events because it is innovative and creative. This theme is best suited for tech companies, as it represents technological growth in the future.

To organize this event:

  1. Select a venue resembling a futuristic sci-fi setting, like glass office buildings.
  2. Decorate with floor and ceiling LED lights.
  3. Arrange a futuristic backdrop with spaceship designs for photo ops, along with space props.
  4. Encourage folks to wear outfits that match the theme, such as black or silver clothes with glow-in-the-dark accessories.
  5. Offer glow-in-the-dark drinks and themed snacks.

Tech teams may then employ creative graphics and futuristic designs to present and share ideas with guests. The hosts can also organize a hackathon or any similarly challenging activity for tech teams.

10. Circus Party

Circus Parties are excellent marketing event themes because employees can use different acts to promote products.

To organize this event:

  1. Locate a spacious venue, and set up a large tent with a presenter’s platform and seating.
  2. Arrange booths outside for marketing team product displays.
  3. Encourage themed costumes, such as clowns and ringmasters.
  4. Showcase marketing campaigns.
  5. Book professional performers for intermissions.
  6. Provide circus-themed drinks and snacks for guests, including popcorn and cotton candy.

Circus Parties are fun ways to introduce new products to large audiences. This gathering also ensures you can market to potential buyers interested in your services.

11. Casino Night

Casino Themes are vibrant themes for business events. Guests get to dress classy, drink wine, and live extravagantly by wagering and playing with in-game currency.

To organize this event:

  1. Choose a venue.
  2. Decorate your venue with chandeliers, gaming tables, bright lighting, metallic chrome balloons, and casino backdrops for guests to take pictures.
  3. Encourage guests to dress according to a black-tie code.
  4. Hand each guest a specific amount of in-game currency to spend on games throughout the event.
  5. Share drinks like champagne and wine while guests play.

This event is an excellent opportunity for guests to share business ideas. You may also set up a wheel of fortune where winners win gift items to take home after the event. Optionally, you can raise funds for a cause by organizing a silent auction where guests can donate.

12. Sports Theme

Sports Themes are great corporate event ideas where colleagues can dress in their favorite team colors or wear a company jersey for workplace team Olympics. Employees can watch a popular game on TV together or organize team Olympics where colleagues compete against each other to win medals.

To organize this event:

  1. Encourage employees to wear jerseys in their team colors.
  2. Find a venue large enough to accommodate all members of the team.
  3. Set up a projector facing a large wall.
  4. Live stream a popular ongoing match for team members to watch.
  5. Alternatively, you can organize team Olympics by splitting attendees into teams for different activities.
  6. Organize games like tug-of-war, football, and relay races.
  7. Give medals to teammates with the best performances.

This event idea is a great way to build team spirit and encourage team bonding. Employees can also enjoy a drink and celebrate their favorite teams or players together.

13. Comedy Night

Comedy Nights are fun-filled events where employees get to watch different hilarious performances and laugh as stand-up comedians perform.

To organize this event:

  1. Rent a local theater. This venue ensures you do not need to go to great lengths to decorate.
  2. Invite a comedian to entertain guests.
  3. Share drinks and snacks as employees enjoy the show.
  4. Give the workers a chance on the stage to entertain their colleagues.

There is no specific dress code for comedy nights, as employees can simply be themselves and have fun. You may also skip renting out the venue and instead buy tickets to a comedy show for employees to attend together.

14. Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is all about fun, music, and dancing. Employees get to wear colorful costumes, enjoy tasty treats like King Cake, and maybe even participate in a mini parade. This theme brings the lively spirit of New Orleans to the workplace.

To organize this event:

  1. Choose a spacious location for easy decoration, like a local event hall or large office space.
  2. Hire performers such as bands, dancers, or stilt walkers to capture the Mardi Gras spirit.
  3. Offer New Orleans classic food and drinks, such as jambalaya, beignets, and hurricanes.
  4. Set up a photo booth, mask-decorating station, or mini parade.
  5. Encourage folks to wear colorful and creative outfits. You can even host a costume contest to enhance the festive atmosphere.

Attendees will love this party’s vibrant atmosphere, fun entertainment, and delicious food.

15. Game Night

Game Night at the office allows teams to unwind and have fun. From classic board games like Monopoly to exciting rounds of charades or trivia, players will have a blast. With snacks and drinks on hand, game night is the perfect opportunity for team bonding and making lasting memories.

To organize this event:

  1. Choose a spacious venue, and set up board game-themed decor.
  2. Provide a variety of games, like Monopoly, charades, or Mario Kart.
  3. Offer snacks and drinks like finger foods and soda.
  4. Offer prizes for winners of different games or competitions. Prizes can range from gift cards to company-branded merch.

Game Night promotes team bonding. This theme fosters friendly competition and provides a fun and memorable experience for all attendees.

16. Enchanted Forest Party

The Enchanted Forest Party turns the office into a fairy tale world. Guests can enjoy whimsical activities and decorations. This theme allows folks to escape reality and let their imaginations run wild.

To organize this event:

  1. Choose a venue with natural elements, or transform an indoor space with forest-themed decorations.
  2. Use fairy lights, fake plants, and woodland props to create an enchanting atmosphere.
  3. Hire performers like strolling musicians or magicians.
  4. Offer forest-inspired dishes and drinks, like mushroom risotto and herbal teas.
  5. Organize activities such as a scavenger hunt, fairy wing-making station, or storytelling circle.
  6. Encourage attendees to dress in woodland-inspired costumes, from fairies to elves to mystical creatures.

By following these steps, you can host an unforgettable Enchanted Forest Party. Guests will travel to a magical world of wonder.

17. Vintage Tea Party

The Vintage Tea Party invites guests to enjoy a sophisticated afternoon of tea and conversation. Guests can dress in their finest outfits and enjoy delicate treats.

To organize this event:

  1. Choose a cozy indoor space or garden setting.
  2. Use lace tablecloths, vintage china, and floral arrangements to decorate.
  3. Set the mood with soft background music, or hire a live band to play classical songs.
  4. Serve tea sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, and a selection of teas.
  5. Arrange a hat decorating station or vintage photo booth for interactive fun.
  6. Encourage guests to dress in vintage-inspired clothing, or provide costume accessories for added flair.

You can create a delightful Vintage Tea Party full of elegance and old-world charm.

18. Black and White Gala

At the Black and White Gala, guests will dress to impress in stylish black and white attire. With sleek decor, classy music, and gourmet cuisine, it is a night to remember.

To organize this event:

  1. Choose an elegant venue with space for dining and dancing.
  2. Use black and white decorations, such as table linens, centerpieces, and lighting.
  3. Arrange for live music, a DJ, or a jazz band to provide entertainment.
  4. Offer a gourmet menu featuring classic dishes. Food can match the theme, such as black and white sesame-crusted tuna or black and white cookies.
  5. Require guests to wear formal black and white attire.
  6. Add speeches, auctions, or awards to the itinerary.

Your Black and White Gala will be sophisticated and stylish. This theme will ensure a memorable evening for all attendees.

19. Around the World Event

The Around the World Event takes guests on a journey to explore global cultures and cuisines. Guests will enjoy delicious dishes, colorful decorations, and interactive activities.

To organize this event:

  1. Divide the venue into different sections to represent different countries or regions.
  2. Use flags, cultural symbols, and themed decorations.
  3. Hire entertainers who perform international music, dance, or cultural showcases.
  4. Offer a menu with dishes from various worldwide cuisines.
  5. Provide interactive experiences like cultural crafts, language lessons, or passport stamp stations.
  6. Encourage guests to dress in outfits representing different countries.

By following these steps, your Around the World Event will offer fun global experiences. This theme fosters cultural exchange and appreciation among attendees.

20. Under the Stars Theme

During an Under the Stars Themed event, guests will love the magic of a starry night. This evening is a chance to relax and unwind under the cosmos.

To organize this event:

  1. Choose an outdoor venue with clear skies or an indoor space with ceiling projections showing a starry night.
  2. Use string lights, starry backdrops, and planetary decor to spark the feeling of being under the stars.
  3. Arrange for stargazing telescopes and live acoustic music.
  4. Offer a menu inspired by space, including cosmic cocktails and celestial desserts.
  5. Provide constellation map readings, DIY star lantern-making stations, or guided meditation sessions under the stars.
  6. Encourage guests to dress in star-inspired outfits.

With these steps, your Under the Stars Theme event will send guests to space.

21. Rock ‘n’ Roll Bash

A Rock ‘n’ Roll Bash is a high-energy event that brings the excitement of a concert to the corporate world. With live bands, retro decor, and tasty snacks, this party is sure to be a hit.

To organize this event:

  1. Choose a spacious venue with a stage and a large dance floor.
  2. Set the scene with vinyl records, concert posters, and neon signs for a retro vibe.
  3. Book a live band or DJ playing classic rock ‘n’ roll hits.
  4. Serve hearty diner-style fare like burgers, fries, and milkshakes.
  5. Arrange karaoke sessions, air guitar contests, or a dance-off to let guests rock out.
  6. Attendees can wear leather jackets, band tees, poodle skirts, and greaser attire.

Your Rock ‘n’ Roll Bash will rock the night away with a high-energy atmosphere and unforgettable memories.

22. Underwater Adventure

During an Underwater Adventure, guests will feel like they are exploring the ocean. Blue décor, mermaid performers, and sand art activities will send attendees to the sea.

To organize this event:

  1. Choose an event space with blue lighting or aquatic-themed decor.
  2. Transform the venue with blue and green decorations, bubble machines, and oceanic props.
  3. Hire performers like mermaids, underwater acrobats, or a live band playing sea-themed music.
  4. Serve seafood dishes, sushi rolls, and tropical fruit cocktails.
  5. Offer underwater photo booths, sand art activities, or virtual reality experiences.
  6. Encourage attendees to dress in water-themed outfits, such as beachwear or mermaid costumes.

Your Underwater Adventure event will send guests to a world beneath the waves. Beachgoers will have a blast at this party.

23. Steampunk Party

The past meets the future at a Steampunk Party! With gears, gadgets, and Victorian flair, guests will go on a fun adventure.

To organize this event:

  1. Choose a venue with industrial or vintage scenery.
  2. Create a steampunk atmosphere with gears, cogs, brass accents, and Victorian-inspired decor.
  3. Arrange for steampunk-themed entertainment, such as live bands or circus performers.
  4. Serve rustic pies, roasted meats, and vintage-inspired cocktails.
  5. Organize activities such as a costume contest, DIY steampunk accessory workshops, or Victorian-style parlor games.
  6. Encourage guests to wear steampunk accessories like goggles, gears, and corsets.

By following these steps, your Steampunk Party will send guests to a fantastical world!

24. Winter Wonderland Event

A Winter Wonderland Event is a joyful celebration of the winter season.

To organize this event:

  1. Transform your venue with white drapery, twinkling lights, and shimmering snowflake decorations.
  2. Arrange activities such as sleigh rides, ice skating, or snowman building.
  3. Hire carolers or live bands to perform festive music.
  4. Serve seasonal treats like hot cocoa, mulled wine, and hearty soups.
  5. Organize winter-themed games, craft stations for making ornaments, and a photo booth with snowy backdrops.
  6. Encourage guests to dress in cozy clothes like scarves, hats, and mittens.

Guests will love this Winter Wonderland Event filled with joy and wonder.

25. Retro Rewind Night

Your team can groove to the beat of the past at Retro Rewind Night! Guests will go back in time to the funky ’80s and ’90s. This event features nostalgia around every corner.

To organize this event:

  1. Decorate a space with nostalgic items like neon lights and vintage signs.
  2. Represent the decade you choose with disco balls, lava lamps, or retro posters.
  3. Arrange for a DJ to play hits from the chosen era, or hire a live band to perform classics.
  4. Serve retro-inspired snacks like sliders, popcorn, and soda floats.
  5. Organize retro games such as Pac-Man tournaments, ’80s trivia contests, or a dance-off.
  6. Encourage guests to dress in retro fashion from the chosen era, whether it is ’70s disco, ’80s punk, or ’90s grunge.

Following these steps will ensure your Retro Rewind Night is a blast from the past. Attendees will have a blast during this nostalgic party.


Corporate event themes are fun party ideas that help corporate event planners organize engaging and entertaining parties. These themes ensure party planners can choose and organize events that suit the taste of their audience and reflect the purpose of their gathering. These events help team members connect and create an opportunity for clients to engage with businesses.

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FAQ: Corporate event themes

Here is our list of frequently asked questions about corporate event themes.

What are corporate event themes?

Corporate event themes are fun theme ideas that party planners can follow when organizing parties for large teams or groups.

What are the best themes for corporate events?

Some best themes for corporate events include the Hollywood Theme, Comedy Nights, and Luau.

Why is it important to choose a good theme for a business event?

Choosing a good theme for a business event is important because it determines how your guests engage and interact during your event. For example, a lively theme like a summer BBQ will best suit a group of employees who have recently concluded a project. This theme will allow teammates to relax and enjoy the project’s success. Alternatively, a Hollywood theme will fit elite clientele guests and give the hosts a chance to introduce a new venture or seek donations for a cause.

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