19 Best Corporate Event Venues in Austin, TX

By: | Updated: May 01, 2023

Here is our list of top corporate event venues in Austin, Texas.

Corporate event venues in Austin are locations where you can host your guests for a corporate function in the Austin region. Examples include Peached Social House, Barr Mansion, and The Paramount Theatre. The purpose of these venues is to provide an environment where companies can engage with staff outside the workplace. Corporate event venues in Austin will also improve the company culture and boost workers’ cohesion.

These spaces are ideal for office parties, company Christmas parties, and team building events. These places are locations to host corporate events in Austin and Austin team retreats.

This list includes:

  • small corporate event venues in Austin, Texas
  • large corporate event venues in Austin, TX
  • outdoor corporate event venues in Austin
  • corporate event spaces near Austin

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List of corporate event venues in Austin

As one of the most populated cities in the U.S, Austin offers a wide variety of venues that are ideal for different corporate events. From Hotel Ella, Vulcan Gas Company, and Circuit of Americas, here is a list of the best corporate venues where you can hold your events in the Austin region.

1. Barr Mansion

Just fifteen minutes from the city, Barr Mansion is the perfect space for companies looking for corporate event spaces near Austin. The over 124-year-old venue boasts beautiful landscapes, organic gardens, and architectural marvels. You can opt for the Artisan Ballroom, where you can host 300 guests for a cocktail party or 186 seated guests. With 40-foot glass walls, the Artisan Ballroom provides guests with the best views. The space has a stage, a DJ set-up, and a built-in bar. You can also rent the Farmstead, which can accommodate up to 250 seated guests. Attendees can relax in the open-air pavilion as guests marvel at the modern gardens. In addition, you can let your team experience Barr Mansion’s contemporary cuisine that features ingredients from local markets and the venue’s lush garden.

Learn more about Barr Mansion.

2. Peached Social House

Peached Social House is a modern multi-functional space ideal for corporate events. The venue has vital amenities, including a projector screen, a well-equipped kitchen, and speakers. You can host 250 guests for a cocktail event and 104 attendees for a seated event. You can order an in-house catering package and delight your guests with the extensive menu options. Peached Social House also has a bar where your guests can sip drinks. If you need help in the selection of event vendors, then feel free to browse the Peached Social House vendor recommendations.

Learn more about Peached Social House.

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3. Parkside

As the pioneer of the farm-to-table concept in Austin, Parkside tops the list of corporate event venues in Austin. The restaurant is also a major influence in the growing culinary landscape in Austin. You can host your guests at the 2nd-floor event space with a rooftop patio overlooking the historic 6th street. The space also has a bar and a private banquet room. The 2nd-floor space can accommodate 200 guests for a cocktail event and 100 seated guests.

You can also have the option of a private dining room, which can accommodate up to 40 guests. If you have a large group, then you can buy out the Parkside restaurant for your event. The entire space can host up to 400 guests for a cocktail reception and 200 guests for a seated event. You can let your team enjoy Parkside’s seasonal menu options, including classic American fare. Attendees can also enjoy one of the best selections of oysters in the U.S in a friendly atmosphere.

Learn more about Parkside.

4. The Allan House

The Allan House is a historic space in downtown Austin that features stunning Victorian architecture. Companies who want outdoor corporate event venues in Austin will marvel at the old oak trees, and Texas blooms on the property. With custom tent capabilities, you can host up to 200 guests in the outdoor space regardless of the weather. You can host up to 65 guests in the venue’s indoor space. You can also rent out both the indoor and outdoor spaces and host up to 250 guests. You can book a private tour and view the venue’s amenities or visit during the open house viewing. The Allan House has a list of caterers that provide full-service catering.

Learn more about The Allan House.

5. 800 Congress

800 Congress is an event venue on Congress Avenue that offers guests panoramic views of the Capitol Building and the Paramount and State Theatres. The fountain walls and exposed brick gives the venue an industrial and polished look. The space has a total square footage of 5,800, including 4,500 square feet and the 1,300-square-foot outdoor patio. You can accommodate up to 600 standing guests and up to 300 seating guests at the venue. While 800 Congress allows outside catering, you can choose the in-house catering package, where you will get a variety of menu options. You can also opt for the cash bar or the open bar services.

Learn more about 800 Congress.

6. Circuit of Americas

If you are looking for large corporate event venues in Austin, then Circuit of Americas is a great option. With multiple outdoor and indoor event spaces, the venue can accommodate corporate groups of all formats and sizes. You can check out venues at Circuit of Americas, such as the Event Center, Velocity Lounge, Pit Lane Garages, Private Suites, and the Germania Insurance Amphitheatre. You can also delight your guests with add-on experiences such as the zipline, COTA Karting, or sportscar racing. The Circuit of Americas culinary team is ready to cater to your guests with world-class menu selections and drinks.

Learn more about Circuit of Americas.

7. Hotel Ella

Set up within walking distance of the Texas State Capitol, Hotel Ella offers an array of corporate event venues that will marvel your guests. The 3,593-square-foot Grand Ballroom features a neutral canvas and allows for customization to suit any event. You can also host your event at Goodall’s Kitchen, a local American bistro combining modern and historic charm. The landmark Mansion Veranda is the perfect outdoor space for an intimate event. The Lawn is another high-standard event venue inside Hotel Ella that you can use to host a corporate garden party or an upscale picnic event. If you are looking for an out-of-the-box corporate event idea, then you may want to check out The Pool Courtyard. The beautiful outdoor pool is perfect for corporate cocktail events. For a stay-in corporate event, you can get accommodation for your guests at the hotel’s guest rooms and suites.

Learn more about Hotel Ella.

8. The Paramount Theatre

Right in the Middle of downtown Austin, the historic Paramount Theatre is one of the best large corporate event venues in Austin. The theatre is one of the oldest buildings in Austin and is on the list of the National Register of Historic Places. The venue features classic architectural details, state-of-the-art sound, traditional theatre seating, attractive lobbies, and bars. You can host a group of up to 350 attendees at the Paramount Theatre. You can also include a catering and décor option to your event package.

Learn more about The Paramount Theatre.

9. Vulcan Gas Company

Vulcan Gas Company is a must-try if you want to host a performance-style corporate event. The 9,500-square-foot space can accommodate up to 658 standing guests and 350 seated guests. You will also have a 500-square-foot terrace that outlooks 6th street. Your guests can grab drinks at the full-service bars on each floor. The venue’s event package also includes catering areas, a sound system, LED lighting, a projection screen, and VIP parking.

Learn more about Vulcan Gas Company.

10. Bullock Museum

Just minutes from downtown Austin is Bullock Museum, a premier venue for your corporate events. You can host your guests at the Grand Rotunda, an elegant space that features the rotunda, granite architecture, and a striking spiral staircase. The 9,750-square-foot space can accommodate 600 standing guests, 450 seating guests, or 525 attendees for a theatre-style event. The Bob Bullock Atrium features stunning views of the Lone Star Plaza and the terrazzo mosaic. The 3,750-square-foot space can accommodate 250 standing guests, 200 seating guests, and 225 attendees for a theatre-style event. The Austin Room is a 6,500-square-foot space that can accommodate 500 standing, 350 seating, and 400 guests for a theatre-style event. You can also check out the Boardroom and Texas Spirit Theatre venues. You can transform Bullock Museum’s venues to suit your corporate event.

Learn more about Bullock Museum.

11. Mattie’s Austin

Mattie’s Austin is the perfect corporate event venue for companies that want a picturesque event set up. The 160-capacity Marion Hall is ideal for cocktail parties, dinners, and meetings. You can customize the 2,300-square-foot space and add a dance floor. Your guests will rave about the east and south galleries that have stunning door windows. You can also host your guests in the 32-seating Lounge Room. The 500-square-foot space features views of the venue’s heritage oak canopy. If you are looking for small corporate event venues in Austin, then The Table Royale is a great pick. The 175-square-foot private dining room seats up to 16 guests. Mattie’s has an extensive menu selection that you can offer your guests.

Learn more about Mattie’s Austin.

12. The Driskill

Right in the heart of downtown Austin, The Driskill is an iconic corporate event venue that offers a variety of spaces. The venue boasts three restaurants, bar options, and impeccable service. You can host your corporate event at The Driskill Mezzanine, a 6,634-square-foot space that can accommodate up to 750 guests. The space has detailed paintings of Texas scenery, historic columns, and marble floors. You can also opt for The Driskill Ballroom, a 2,501-square-foot space with a maximum capacity of 350 attendees. The 1,500-square-foot Maximilian Room is another exquisite venue that can host up to 150 guests. You can also check out other event spaces at The Driskill, such as the Victorian Room, the Crystal Room, Jim Hogg Parlor, the Austin Room, and the Citadel Room. In addition, you can browse The Driskill’s catering menu or create a custom menu for your guests.

Learn more about The Driskill.

13. The Roosevelt Room

The Roosevelt Room is an award-winning event venue and cocktail bar in downtown Austin. The venue boasts classic designs with modern touches that will captivate your team. Roosevelt Room is a-3,750 square-foot space that can accommodate up to 300 guests. If you are looking for small corporate event venues in Austin, then the Mezzanine is the perfect option. The 750-square-foot space, which features lounge seating, a separate bar, and a view of the downstairs, can accommodate 60 guests. Neighboring the Roosevelt Room is the Elanor, a 3,750-square-foot space that can accommodate 350 guests. The Eleanor has three distinct areas, including the front lounge, the dance floor, and the upstairs bar. You can let your team enjoy The Roosevelt Room’s house creations and classic menu options.

Learn more about The Roosevelt Room.

14. The County Line on the Hill

The County Line on the Hill offers spectacular event venues overlooking the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Your guests will enjoy the fantastic views and the spectacular sunsets. You can host your guests in the private party room that can accommodate up to 100 attendees. The space also has two private decks where attendees can catch fantastic views. While the County Line on the Hill is famous for its ribs, spicy German sausages, and lean briskets, you can get a wide variety of menu options for your guests.

Learn more about The County Line on the Hill.

15. House on the Hill

Set up on the highest hill in Travis County, House on the Hill is the perfect venue for companies that want guests to experience spectacular Austin views. The venue can accommodate up to 150 guests for a day event and 20 for an overnight event. House on the Hill features Southwest architecture, glass walls, and Saltillo tile around the decks. The lush garden with a limestone waterfall, oak trees, and a pond tops the list of the best outdoor corporate event venues in Austin. You are free to choose your catering provider.

Learn more about House on the Hill.

16. Atelier 1205

Atelier 1205 is an art gallery that offers an inviting atmosphere where you can host your corporate event. The gallery features original wood ceilings that showcase impressive exhibits. You can rent out the main gallery space and the side room for an intimate affair. You can rent out the entire building if you have a large group. You can also rent the front and back patios to host music events. Your guests can access the venue by bicycle or public transit.

Learn more about Atelier 1205.

17. Waller Creek Boathouse

Waller House Boathouse is a premier event venue in Austin that overlooks Lady Bird Lake. The venue features spectacular views, modern amenities, and an idyllic environment that is perfect for an escape from the city. You can host your guests at the 1,900-square-foot upper-level venue that includes an indoor and outdoor space. You can also opt for the 2,700 square-foot lake-level space that includes the Congress lawn and flagstone patio. If you want exclusivity or have groups of up to 400 attendees, then you can make a partial or full venue buyout. In addition, you can let guests enjoy the lake by renting boats, paddleboards, or kayaks for your team.

Learn more about Waller House Boathouse.

18. The Wayback

Just 15 minutes out of downtown Austin, The Wayback is one of the most unique corporate event spaces near Austin. The venue has a flexible layout that includes the patio, the café, lawn areas, Cabana, the pool, and the oak grove. The Austin hill landscape surrounds The Wayback, providing a bespoke atmosphere for corporate events. For a stay-in event, you can rent out the entire property and let guests enjoy the cottages. Attendees can also enjoy The Wayback’s seasonal farm-to-table menu options and drinks from the in-house craft bar.

Learn more about The Wayback.

19. Vuka

Vuka offers two airy corporate event venues in Austin. The venue offers organizers a choice between the North Loop, which is set up in the Brentwood neighborhood, or the Bouldin Creek. Vuka North Loop is a 3,500-square-foot space with a maximum capacity of 380 guests. The space features handmade murals, large windows, and a large kitchen area. Vuka Bouldin Creek is a 2,400-square-foot space with a maximum capacity of 240 guests. Vuka also offers catering and bar services.

Learn more about Vuka.


As Texas’ capital of culture and one of the liveliest cities in the U.S, Austin offers a wide selection of corporate event venues. Whether looking for modern, traditional, or electric spaces, you will find plenty of choices. While a wide range of venues is a good problem to have, picking the right venue may be challenging. You can use your budget, the number of attendees, and the ideal atmosphere as the basis of venue selection. Do not forget to consider the impression that you want your guests to have. To avoid disappointments, book your ideal venue early since some spaces sell out quickly.

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FAQ: Corporate event venues in Austin, Texas

Here are answers about corporate event venues in Austin.

What are some good venues for corporate events in Austin, TX?

Austin offers tons of indoor and outdoor event spaces that you can use to host your guests. Some good venues for corporate events in Austin, TX, include Waller Creek Boathouse, The Roosevelt Room, and Bullock Museum.

How much do event spaces cost to rent in Austin?

The cost of event venues depends on capacity, location, amenities available, and availability. The cost of renting event spaces in Austin ranges from $150 to highs of $10,000.

How do you choose places to hold corporate gatherings in Austin?

Choosing the best place to host your corporate gatherings may not be easy. You need to start by determining the kind of event that you are hosting. If you have a formal event, then be sure to get a space that gives off a similar atmosphere. Do not forget to consider the venue’s capacity and amenities. If you want areas where your guests can stay overnight, then book venues that offer accommodation.

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