20 Corporate Event Venues in Mountain View, CA

By: | Updated: September 26, 2023

Here is our list of the best corporate event venues in Mountain View, California.

Corporate event venues in Mountain View are spaces where you can hold your corporate events in the Mountain View region. Examples include Hakone Estate and Gardens, HanaHaus, and Winchester Mystery House. The purpose of renting these spaces is to connect your employees or clients with your business on a higher level and ensure a great event.

These places are great locations for corporate events in Mountain View, such as corporate holiday parties, team building events, group celebrations, and employee appreciation day events. These venues are great spaces to entertain groups in Mountain View.

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List of corporate event venues in Mountain View

Famous for its views of the Santa Cruz Mountains and high technology companies, Mountain View has a variety of spaces where you can host your guests. From Mountain Terrace to S’more Studio and Nestldown, here is a list of the best venues where you can hold your corporate gatherings in the Mountain View area.

1. Nestldown

The Nestldown is a 180-acre family-owned property with 36 acres of lush gardens. The venue fosters an environment where your team can relax outside the city’s hustle and bustle. Your guests can enjoy a stroll around the seasonal gardens which feature waterfalls, two ponds, fruit orchards, and meadows. Nestldown offers numerous outdoor corporate event venues in Mountain View, which can accommodate up to 200 guests. You can check out the venue’s vendor recommendations and ease your event planning process.

Learn more about Nestldown.

2. Allied Arts Guild

Allied Arts Guild is an extraordinary property with seasonal gardens and Spanish colonial architectural detail. The three-and-a-half-acre venue features hand-wrought iron, intriguing walkways, stunning tile work, and colorful frescoes. If you want to host your event in the interior spaces, then you will love the artwork throughout the areas, high-beamed ceilings, Spanish fireplaces, and hand-carved floors. You can host up to 140 guests at the venue for a reception-style event. The 750-square-foot conference room is another perfect space for business meetings and conferences. The 24-seating private conference room has tons of natural light streaming in and offers guests access to an outdoor garden court. In addition, you can get catering services from Café Wisteria and enjoy California’s cuisine.

Learn more about Allied Arts Guild.

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3. Hakone Estate and Gardens

Hakone Garden and Estate is an old Japanese estate that overlooks Silicon Valley. The 100-year-old 18-acre venue is on the National Register of Historic Places. Businesses looking for meeting venues in the Silicon Valley region can host guests at the business meetings area. These spaces offer a productive atmosphere in an office setting. You can use the koi pond, the bamboo garden, and the gazebos as breakout areas. Another space ideal for corporate gatherings is the cultural exchange center, a venue that fits 10 to 50 guests. The space also has a small deck that overlooks Silicon Valley, where guests can have a tea break.

You can also check out the Lower House, a space that combines traditional Japanese elements with historic California bungalow style. The Lower House, which offers views of the Dry Garden, accommodates groups of 10 to 40 guests. In addition, you can bring your alcoholic and soft drinks to Hakone Estate and Gardens at no corkage fee.

Learn more about Hakone Estate and Gardens.

4. Shoreline Amphitheatre

Shoreline Amphitheatre is one of the best corporate event venues in Mountain View. The iconic venue offers guests soaring views of the surroundings and serves as an iconic backdrop for your event. Shoreline Amphitheatre offers companies unique and versatile spaces ideal for different event styles. For example, you can host your guests at the 6,241-capacity Amphitheatre for a theatre-style event or 15,759 guests at the Lawn area for a reception event. The VIP Terrace is an ideal location for hosting groups of 150 to 300. The 60-capacity Hideaway is a great space ideal for hosting intimate gatherings. Event planners who are on the search for large corporate event venues in Mountain View can rent the entire Shoreline Amphitheatre and host up to 22,000 attendees.

Learn more about Shoreline Amphitheatre.

5. Menlo Circus Club

The Menlo Circus Club takes pride in being the scene for outstanding polo matches, horse shows, tennis tournaments, and swimming events. The club also offers an inviting atmosphere for different corporate gatherings. Menlo Circus Club spaces that accommodate large groups of up to 250 guests include the Main Dining Room and the Ballroom. You can also combine the Main Dining Room, the Private Dining Room, and the Ballroom to host groups of up to 400 guests. Each space accommodates a different number of attendees depending on the event style. You can also check out the Polo Lounge, the Turf Club, the Terrace Room, or the Trophy Room.

Learn more about Menlo Circus Club.

6. Canyon View Event Center

As one of the most scenic corporate event spaces near Mountain View, the Canyon View Event Center is a great pick for corporate events. The venue features an indoor space that offers panoramic city views and sunsets. The outdoor space creates an unforgettable setting owing to the surrounding hills of Mount Diablo. You can host up to 300 guests for an outdoor seating event and up to 450 attendees for an indoor reception event. If you want to host more guests, then an indoor setup will accommodate up to 910 guests.

Learn more about Canyon View Event Center.

7. HanaHaus

With two different locations, HanaHaus is one of the best event spaces where you can host your event in the Mountain View region. The venue features elements that encourage creativity and connection. One of the spaces your guests will love is the Palo Alto HanaHaus, a venue a few minutes walk to the Caltrain Station. You can host your guests in the Cape Town Lounge, the open space, the conference rooms, or the lobby and courtyard areas. The venue can accommodate 25 to 150 guests, depending on the event layout. Another great venue for corporate events is the HanaHaus Newport Beach, a space overlooking the Newport Harbor. The 30- to-120-capacity venue has different areas such as Garage 1, the deck, the open space, and the balcony. In addition, you can opt between an in-house catering or a self-catering package.

Learn more about HanaHaus.

8. Mountain Terrace

Right in the heart of Silicon Valley is Mountain Terrace, a space that provides the perfect escape from the city. The venue offers a rustic space that combines an individual approach to your event needs. You will love the natural beauty of the outdoors, expansive meadows, majestic redwoods, and views of the East Bay Hills and the San Francisco Bay. If you want spaces where you can hold presentations or meetings, then you will love the 100-capacity indoor venue. The Meadow is the perfect venue for hosting breakouts or a dining-style event for up to 300 attendees. Mountain Terrace offers in-house catering services which you can enjoy with your guests.

Learn more about Mountain Terrace.

9. Computer History Museum

Set up in 1968, the Computer History Museum presents stories from the information age and explores the computing revolution and its effects on society. The museum houses the most significant and extensive collection of computing artifacts in the world. The Computer History Museum also offers flexible venues where you can hold your next corporate event. You can hold your event at the Grand Hall, an 11,777-square-foot space that accommodates up to 400 guests. The 5,537-square-foot Hahn Auditorium is another excellent space that has a capacity of 350 to 400 attendees. The 2,252-square-foot Leslie Gallery space is an excellent option for hosting 70 to 150 attendees. If you are looking for small corporate event venues in Mountain View, then check out the 50 to 60-capacity Boole space. The Computer History Museum offers 400 on-site parking spaces at no extra cost.

Learn more about Computer History Museum.

10. Winchester Mystery House

If you want your guests to experience a historic space that features architectural curiosities, then Winchester Mystery House is a great pick. The California historical landmark is renowned for its vast size and the lack of a master building plan. The building offers companies various choices of spaces with unique stories of their own that are ideal for hosting corporate gatherings. You can host your guests at the Greenhouse & Patio area, an airy venue for a reception or a garden party. The space accommodates 100 seated guests and 200 attendees for a reception event.

The Estate Carriage House is also an excellent space that accommodates 60 guests for a reception-style event and 100 seated guests. The area has a rustic and vintage charm and is one of the most unique spaces in Winchester Mystery House. The 12-capacity South or North Dining Rooms are fantastic spaces where companies can host intimate gatherings. You can also check out the 25 to 50-capacity Shakespeare Grand Ballroom.

Learn more about Winchester Mystery House.

11. Homestead Bowl

Homestead Bowl is one of the best corporate event venues in Mountain View to host a fun company event. The venue can accommodate groups of up to 300 guests and entertain attendees in a relaxed atmosphere. Homestead Bowl also has a bar with the best IPAs and 12 drafts and an expansive menu selection. You can even host fun group activities such as dance competitions and karaoke sessions at the venue. Feel free to check out the company party packages for convenience.

Learn more about Homestead Bowl.

12. Half Moon Bay Lodge

Set up on the Pacific Coast is Half Moon Bay Lodge, one of the best corporate event spaces near Mountain View. The venue offers event planners over 3,600 square feet of small and large corporate gathering spaces. If you are hosting an intimate gathering, you will love the 15-capacity Fairway Room, which offers sweeping views of the Half Moon Bay Golf Links. You can also host small teams at the 32-capacity Pergola, the 15-capacity Terrace Room, or the 15-capacity Tower Suite. In addition, the 49-capacity Boardroom and the 60-capacity Club Room are ideal for hosting larger groups. For a stay-in event, be sure to check out the accommodation options at Half Moon Bay.

Learn more about Half Moon Bay Lodge.

13. S’more Studio

If you want a space to foster creativity among your team, then the S’more Studio is an excellent choice. The venue, which has a playful atmosphere, also features crafting party packages that you can use to entertain your guests. The 900-square-foot space has an open area that can accommodate up to 50 guests. You will get a variety of essential amenities such as silverware, a projector, whiteboards, and a kitchen area that has modern facilities. The venue also has plenty of parking on-site for your guests.

Learn more about S’more Studio.

14. Plumed Horse

Plumed Horse tops the list of spaces where you can offer your guests an unforgettable dining experience. The venue offers indoor and outdoor spaces with firepits, fountains, and chandeliers that will elevate your event to the next level. For an intimate dining experience, the 12-capacity Chef’s Table is an excellent choice. Guests can watch as the chef’s creations come to live in a calming environment. The Rose Room is ideal for a dining experience for up to 44 guests depending on the seating arrangement. The 16-capacity Library or the 30-capacity Gold Room are also excellent spaces where you can host intimate gatherings. Featuring shimmering Venetian plaster and Sapele wood walls, the Main Dining Room is a great space where you can host up to 100 guests. Plumed Horse has a wide selection of drinks attendees can pair with the food selection.

Learn more about Plumed Horse.

15. BootUP World

BootUp world is an innovative events space that offers indoor and outdoor venues where you can host corporate gatherings. The venue has an indoor space which accommodates groups of up to 120 attendees. The 2,000-square-foot space has the latest technology which is vital for varying event setups. If you are looking for outdoor corporate event venues in Mountain View, then you will love the 20,000-square-foot space. The 300-capacity venue has two lawns, a stage, and six seating areas with umbrellas and fire pits. In addition, the venue can organize other aspects of your events, such as décor, setup, and catering.

Learn more about BootUP World.

16. CuriOdyssey

Home to over 100 rescued animals, CuriOdyssey is a science museum and a space where visitors can see and interact with animals up close. The venue overlooks the San Francisco Bay and offers areas for company events. CuriOdyssey has an 8,000-square-foot Redwood Hall where you can hold seated dinners, cocktail parties, and meetings. Your guests can also explore the animal exhibits at CuriOdyssey. You are free to choose any event package, such as the Oak Package, the Cocktails in the Concourse, the Eucalyptus, and the Yosemite Exclusive Access package.

Learn more about CuriOdyssey.

17. Frost Amphitheatre

Frost Amphitheatre is a grassy, tree-lined 20-care property that dates back to 1937. The renowned music venue also offers various spaces ideal for hosting corporate events. You can check out the 30,000-square-foot Frost Grove, an outdoor space that can host groups of up to 1,000 attendees. The 3,520-square-foot Frost Stage is another excellent space that accommodates up to 200 guests. If you want to offer your team a dining or a reception event, then you can check out the 200 to 350-capacity Frost Stage House Roof. The entire Frost Amphitheatre tops the list of large corporate event venues in Mountain View. The 110,000-square-foot venue can accommodate groups of up 6,000 guests.

Learn more about Frost Amphitheatre.

18. Bing Concert Hall

Set up at Stanford University, Bing Concert Hall is a performing arts facility where you can hold varying corporate events. The Bing Concert Hall is the largest within the facility and can accommodate groups of up to 950 attendees. You can entertain your guests at the Bing Artist Garden for an outdoor reception or dining event. The Bing Gunn Atrium is another great indoor space that accommodates 150 seated guests and 600 attendees for a reception event. You can also check out the Bing Lawn, an outdoor space which can host up to 500 standing guests and 200 seated attendees.

Learn more about Bing Concert Hall.

19. The Woman’s Club of Palo Alto

The Woman’s Club of Palo Alto is an organization that drives change by advocating for women and partaking in community development initiatives. The organization, which dates back to the 18th century, also offers spaces where companies can hold gatherings. Your guests will rave about the National Historical Building, which maintains its original character and style from 1916. The venue accommodates up to 200 standing guests and 150 guests for a seated event. Some of the items that come with the rental package include tables, chairs, and audio-visual equipment.

Learn more about The Woman’s Club of Palo Alto.

20. IFES Society of Mt. View

Centrally set up in Mountain View, the IFES Society of Mt. View is a great location where you can hold corporate gatherings. The Portuguese organization offers a large space with a maximum capacity of 450 guests. You can rent the venue’s fully-equipped kitchen and offer your guests meals and drinks. You will also have access to the private parking area for your event. IFES Society of Mt. View is ideal for companies looking for open venues that can host varying event styles.

Learn more about the IFES Society of Mt. View.


Boasting an integral role in the history and growth of Silicon Valley, Mountain View offers event planners tons of creative, outdoor, and indoor spaces. The city is also home to some of the world’s largest technology entities, including Google, NASA Ames research center, and Intuit. The city, which has an urban feel, is also known for its pleasant weather throughout the year. You can browse our list of corporate event venues in Mountain View and choose one which has an ideal atmosphere. Be sure to let guests explore the city’s restaurants, shopping alleys, and wineries.

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FAQ: Corporate event venues in Mountain View, California

Here are answers to common questions about corporate event venues in Mountain View.

What are some good venues for corporate events in Mountain View, CA?

As an event planner, choosing a space that will enchant your guests can be a tough decision. Some good venues for corporate events in Mountain View include Gamble Garden, Bing Concert Hall, and Computer History Museum.

How much do event spaces cost to rent in Mountain View?

Event coordinators often struggle with finding event spaces within the budget range. Luckily, Mountain View offers various venues, including affordable and opulent settings. The cost of renting event spaces in Mountain View ranges from $200 to $10,000

How do you choose places to hold corporate gatherings in Mountain View?

When choosing the best event venue for your setup, it is essential to factor in the cost, capacity, amenities, and ambiance. Be sure to consider the proximity of your guests to the event venue and the availability of transportation facilities.

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