Updated: August 23, 2022

22 Best Corporate Event Venues in Washington DC

Here is our list of the best corporate event venues in Washington, DC.

Corporate event venues in Washington DC are locations where you can host your corporate events in the Washington DC region. Examples include The National Archives, The Graham, and District Winery. These venues aim to create an out-of-office environment where your team can bond and have fun. The locales can also boost workers’ morale and reduce work stress.

These spaces suit corporate events in Washington, DC, and Washington, DC retreats, as well as office Christmas parties, organizational celebrations, and team building events.

This list includes:

  • small corporate event venues in Washington DC
  • large corporate event venues in Washington DC
  • outdoor corporate event venues in Washington DC
  • corporate event spaces near Washington DC

Let’s get to it!

List of corporate event venues in Washington DC

As the capital city of the United States of America, Washington DC has tons of corporate event venues. From Nationals Park to Josephine Butler Parks Center and Meridian House, here is a list of the best corporate event venues where you can host your guests in the Washington DC region.

1. Culture House

As a premier destination for creatives, Culture House has a comprehensive exhibit of artistic mediums. Culture House also has over 15,000 square feet, providing vibrant venues for different events. The courtyard is an excellent option if you are looking for artsy outdoor corporate event spaces near Washington, DC. The space has a vibrant exterior that is flexible to accommodate different corporate event styles. The Lounge area has beautiful artwork displays and is ideal for a corporate party. If you want to entertain up to 200 guests, then the performance and event space is perfect. Culture House also has a full buyout option for companies that want to host a large group.

Learn more about Culture House.

2. The Mansion on O street

The Mansion on O Street offers some of the most unique corporate event venues in Washington, DC. The venue has creative and traditional spaces to host events. You can choose any of the 100 ultra-secure and private rooms that have 709 secret doors. The venue’s expansive footprint includes ballrooms, 12 conferencing rooms, meeting galleries, and unique venues. You can host up to 185 attendees for dinner-style events and 650 for reception-style events at the venue. You can also rent the O Street Museum for your corporate event. The 300-capacity museum has art, antiques, and music memorabilia that your guests can explore during the gathering. The Mansion on O Street also serves world cuisine that will create a positive impression on your guests.

Learn more about The Mansion on O Street.

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3. The Watergate Hotel

The Watergate Hotel is a luxury urban resort on the banks of the Potomac River. The hotel features elements of modern design and is an iconic landmark. Your guests will experience the avant-garde architecture that adds extravagance and contemporary luxury to a mid-century modern design. The venue has a total event space of 27,000 square feet. The 7,000-square-foot Moretti Grand Ballroom has nine functional spaces and 336 guest rooms and is a perfect venue for many groups.

If you want to host your guests at an outdoor venue, then you will love the Top of the Gate space. The rooftop offers attendees 360-degree views of the Potomac River, the Washington Monument, the Kennedy Center, and the D.C. skyline. In addition, the Watergate Hotel offers creative menu options that will delight your team.

Learn more about The Watergate Hotel.

4. The National Archives

Beyond holding permanent records by the U.S. Congress and select federal agencies, the National Archives offers a vast selection of event venues in Washington, DC. For example, the Rotunda Galleries is a breathtaking space that can accommodate 250 guests for a reception-style event and up to 200 attendees for a seated event. The room features 75-foot ceilings that provide ample lighting and magnificent outdoor views. Or, you can host your team at the William G. McGowan Theatre, a 290-seating venue ideal for different corporate events. The William G. McGowan Theatre also has a lobby that serves as a post-and pre-program reception.

The Presidential Conference Center is the ideal space for companies looking for small corporate event venues in Washington DC. You can host guests at the Jefferson Conference Room, the Madison Conference Room, and the Washington Conference Room. The conference rooms have a capacity of 15 to 65 guests, depending on the event style.

Learn more about The National Archives.

5. Embassy Row Hotel

If you are looking for intimate rooftop spaces in Washington, DC, then the Embassy Row Hotel is a great pick. The venue features stunning views of the Washington Skyline. Your guests can relax at the bar and pool area on Dupont Circle. The private rooftop deck can accommodate up to 30 attendees. For a semi-private corporate event, you can host up to eight guests at the Dupont Deck. In addition, you can choose the in-house catering option and select different dishes for your guests.

Learn more about Embassy Row Hotel.

6. National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery holds an extensive collection of portraiture that presents the achievements of remarkable scientists, politicians, and artists. The gallery also has event venues with easy access to the Convention Center and downtown D.C. For companies that want large corporate event venues in Washington, DC, then the Robert and Arlene Kogod Courtyard is one of your best options. The venue features a glass canopy with a courtyard that accentuates the gallery’s Greek architecture.

You can also host your event at The Great Hall, which features 19th-century architectural details. The venue can accommodate 336 attendees for a reception-style and 300 guests for a dinner-style corporate event. The Luce Foundation Center is another space with large windows, elaborate columns, and a marble floor. The venue can accommodate up to 500 attendees for a reception-style and 300 guests for a dinner-style event. The Portico is one of the best spaces in Washington, DC for hosting an intimate cocktail party and can host up to 50 attendees.

Learn more about The National Portrait Gallery.

7. The Graham

The Graham is a luxury hotel that sits in the heart of Georgetown. The hotel boasts a modern indulgence coupled with a cultured sophistication. For intimate corporate events, you can check out the Alex Craft Cocktail Cellar & Speakeasy. The venue’s patio provides the perfect setup for your event. The rooftop at the Graham can accommodate up to 140 guests for reception-style events. Your guests will enjoy panoramic views of the D.C. skyline. If you have smaller groups of up to 55 guests, then you can entertain attendees at The East Terrace. The Graham also features luxurious suites and guest rooms perfect for stay-in corporate events.

Learn more about The Graham.

8. Nationals Park

Other than the modern sports facilities, National Park has an array of event venues. If you want to host your event in an indoor space, then you can try the 1,200-capacity FIS Champion Club. With overall square footage of 18,886, you can customize the stadium to suit your event. The PNC Diamond Club is also a great venue for hosting 450 guests in a reception-style and 400 for a banquet-style event. You can also host your guests at the indoor Terra Club, Nationals Clubhouse, Budweiser Brew House, and the Conference Center.

This option offers ample space if you are looking for outdoor corporate event venues in Washington DC. You can host a group of up to 8,000 attendees at the 132,159-square-foot field. In addition, the 2,800-square-foot Bullpen outdoor space is a great event venue for small groups of up to 75 attendees. Other outdoor spaces that you can check out include the Budweiser Terrace, the Ultra Loft, and the Concourses. You can also rent out the entire ballpark and host groups of up to 41,000.

Learn more about Nationals Park.

9. Long View Gallery

As one of the largest contemporary art galleries in Washington, DC, Long View Gallery is a versatile spot for corporate events. The Long View Gallery’s 8,500-square-feet space features a flexible floor plan, making it easy to accommodate different event styles. You can host 25 to 220 attendees for a dinner event and 400 guests for a reception-style event. Your guests will love the venue’s natural lighting and the proximity to the Washington Convention Center.

Learn more about Long View Gallery.

10. Capitol Hill Hotel

Located two blocks from the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. House of Representatives, Capitol Hill Hotel offers spaces ideal for intimate events. The hotel has a 2,000-square-foot event space that features state-of-the-art technology and ample lighting. The Boardroom can accommodate up to 12 guests, while The Independent can host groups of 16 to 20. You can host a group of 10 to 35 attendees at The Parlor. You can also opt for The Library, a 640-square-foot space that accommodates 36 to 60 guests. For a 60-capacity lunch or corporate cocktail party, check out The Salon. You can choose a catering package option and let your guests explore the Washington DC cuisine.

Learn more about Capitol Hill Hotel.

11. Josephine Butler Parks Center

The Josephine Butler Parks Center is a historic 18,000-square-foot mansion that overlooks Meridian Hill. The villa features a renaissance architectural style and serves as an event space in Washington, DC. You can host your corporate event in the indoor or outdoor spaces within the mansion. The 150-capacity South Garden is a phenomenal option for companies that want outdoor corporate event venues in Washington, DC. You can also host your event at the 1st-floor spaces, including the North Gallery, the Library, and Ballroom Two. The 2nd-floor event space features the South Gallery, Ballroom, and the Terrace. You can buy out the entire Josephine Butler Parks Center and host up to 300 guests.

Learn more about The Josephine Butler Parks Center.

12. Top of the Town

Top of the Town is an elegant corporate event facility in Washington, DC that offers guests unrivaled views of the city and the Potomac River. If you want your guests to experience the best views of Washington, DC, then the hilltop penthouse is the best venue. Attendees will enjoy views of the Lincoln Monument, the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, and the Kennedy Center. You can host up to 150 seated guests and 180 attendees for a presentation-style event. You can configure the space to suit different types of corporate events. Plus, you will also get free parking for all attendees at no extra cost.

Learn more about Top of the Town.

13. The Anthem

If you are looking for large corporate event venues in Washington DC, then you should consider The Anthem. The auditorium and music venue are part of The Wharf, a Southwest Waterfront area redevelopment. Set up along the Southwest Waterfront, the 54,000-square-foot state-of-the-art venue has a flexible capacity. If you have a standing event, then you can host up to 6,000 attendees. For a seated dinner, The Anthem can accommodate 1,200 guests and 3,000 attendees for a cocktail party.

Learn more about The Anthem.

14. National Housing Center

Right in the heart of downtown Washington, the National Housing Center is a noteworthy corporate event venue. The venue offers abundant natural light, floor-to-ceiling windows, and concert-worthy acoustics. The over 19,000-square feet of space is versatile enough to accommodate varying corporate events. The Atrium is one of the best spaces that will provide a picturesque setting for your event. You can also host your event at the Auditorium or the conference rooms. You can browse the list of vendors that the National Housing Center recommends and offer your guests an unforgettable dining experience.

Learn more about The National Housing Center.

15. The Observatory at America’s Square

The Observatory at America’s Square is a luxury rooftop space that offers guests panoramic views of Washington, DC. The venue is within walking distance of major landmarks in Washington DC, such as the Union Station and the Capitol Building. You will enjoy a venue that mixes modern sophistication with history. With the option of custom tenting and flexible setups, you can host your event at the venue regardless of the weather. In addition, you are free to choose your décor and catering options from the venue’s partners.

Learn more about The Observatory at America’s Square.

16. Arts Club of Washington

Arts Club of Washington is a historic venue celebrating performing, visual, and literary arts in Washington, DC. The venue has its original character, and guests will marvel at the 18th-century architectural accents. You can accommodate up to 180 attendees for a seated event or 400 guests for a cocktail reception. The 60-capacity Monroe Parlors is the perfect venue for an intimate event. You can also explore the Arts Club of Washington’s Theatre, Upstairs Salons, the MacFeely Gallery, and the Courtyard event spaces. The 200-capacity private gardens are perfect for event planners who are looking for corporate event spaces near Washington DC. You can choose the full-service catering event package and let guests enjoy the season’s provisions.

Learn more about Arts Club of Washington.

17. President Lincoln’s Cottage

Set up in Northwest Washington, DC, President Lincoln’s Cottage is a historical museum and site where you can host your corporate events. The venue offers tons of unique setups that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor events. Your guests will enjoy the woodwork, expansive lawns, and marble fireplaces. You can also get exclusive use of the entire venue and host up to 350 guests. You can have meetings in the cottage, head out for lunch on the grounds, sip drinks in the cottage, and hold a reception in the lawn area. For a cocktail event, you can rent the Cottage Cocktails and Lawn. You can also check out the great outdoors option and offer your guests a memorable event.

Learn more about President Lincoln’s Cottage.

18. District Winery

Set up in the heart of The Yards, District Winery tops the list of small corporate event venues in Washington, DC. The venue, a functioning commercial winery, provides the perfect atmosphere for an intimate event. You can host over 30 guests and get access to all venue essentials. You can also rent out The Portrait Room at District Winery and offer attendees a waterfront experience. The Portrait Room can accommodate up to 40 guests. You can also offer guests a memorable dining cuisine that highlights seasonal ingredients.

Learn more about District Winery.

19. Meridian House

Meridian House offers two historic event venues that feature 18th-century architectural details. The picturesque spaces have European antique brass hardware, paintings, and lighting fixtures. Depending on availability and the type of corporate event, you can host guests at The Meridian House or the White-Meyer House. The venues can accommodate up to 200 guests for a reception event and 100 guests for a theatre-style event. For a seated dinner event at the venue, you can host up to 150 attendees.

Learn more about Meridian House.

20. Sudhouse

Sudhouse is one of the best venues where you can host a fun corporate event in Washington, DC. The over 900-square-foot private room features all the amenities that you need to offer an out-of-the-box event. Your guests will enjoy a full-service bar, a photo booth, T.V.s, and audio equipment. You can host up to 100 guests at the location. Be sure to let attendees sample the venue’s menu options.

Learn more about Sudhouse.

21. Studio52

Studio52 is a luxury boutique events space that creates an intimate and warm feel that attendees will love. The venue features 100-year-old reclaimed wood wall that gives the space its renowned character. Your guests can relax on the casual lounge furniture as attendees sip their drinks and interact. You can host up to 75seated guests and 150 standing attendees depending on the setup of your event. Across the venue, you will find a parking garage where attendees can park at no extra cost for the first three hours.

Learn more about Studio52.

22. The Showroom

Set up blocks away from the National Mall and the Washington Convention Center is The Showroom, a unique events venue where you can host your corporate events. The venue prides itself on providing event planners unique amenities, generous event space, and a fantastic location. The 18,000-square-foot venue features an open floor plan, custom lighting, 18-foot ceilings, and chic furnishings. If you have a large group, then you can hold your event open space, which accommodates up to 800 attendees. You can customize The Showroom to suit your event style.

Learn more about The Showroom.


Washington DC exists as the center of the federal government and is home to notable buildings such as the Capitol Building and the White House. Bordering the states of Virginia and Maryland, this city is more than a political venue. From waterfront properties to neoclassical buildings and top-notch hotels, the variety of corporate event venues in Washington, DC is incomparable. The city has many famous museums and historic national monuments, such as the National Art Gallery and the Smithsonian Museum. Be sure to let guests explore the city’s historic landmarks before or after your event, or consider hosting your gathering at one of these institutions!

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FAQ: Corporate event venues in Washington, DC

Here are answers to common questions about corporate event venues in Washington, DC.

What are some good venues for corporate events in Washington, DC?

Corporate events allow employers to maintain a good relationship with workers and clients. Some good venues for corporate events in Washington, DC include The Mansion on O street, President Lincoln’s Cottage, and The Anthem.

How much do event spaces cost to rent in Washington, DC?

The cost of renting event spaces in Washington, DC varies depending on the location, amenities, and capacity. You can find several free, mid-range, and extravagant venues in Washington, DC. However, the average cost of renting event spaces in Washington Dc is $300 to $2,000.

How do you choose places to hold corporate gatherings in Washington, DC?

Getting a central location that all attendees can easily access is key to a successful corporate event in Washington, DC. You can start by ensuring that the venue can accommodate all attendees. Then, factor in attendees’ travel requirements and accommodation, where needed. You can then select a few venues and check out the available amenities. Also, DC is rich in history, so consider organizing events around a national museum or landmark for an extra memorable and significant experience!

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