19 Fun Corporate Family Fun Day Activities & Ideas

By: | Updated: August 01, 2023

Here is our list of the best corporate family fun day ideas.

A corporate family fun day is an event put on by a corporation for employees’ families. Ways to celebrate the occasion include hiring entertainers, offering food, or doing a scavenger hunt. The purpose of these ideas is to foster relationships among teammates and celebrate hard work.

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Here we go!

List of corporate family fun day ideas

A corporate family fun day is a fantastic way to celebrate your team. Organizing family-friendly events to celebrate team members builds relationships and rewards employees. There are many factors to consider when planning a corporate family fun day.

1. Field Day (Top Choice)

Hosting a field day full of corporate family fun day games is a great way to celebrate employees. During Field Day, participants will go head-to-head in a series of interactive outdoor games. This experience builds collaboration and a strong sense of camaraderie.

Key highlights of Field Day include:

  • a 90-minute session led by a top-notch host
  • outdoor activities that blend nostalgic games with innovative competitions
  • chances to capture candid photos of all the participants

Further, we will meet you at your preferred location with all the game supplies. During Field Day, teams will deepen relationships while enjoying time with their families.

Learn more about Field Day.

2. The Great Guac Off™️ (Team Favorite)

Guacamole making competition

The Great Guac Off is an exciting avocado-filled fiesta! Families will go head-to-head in mini-games and a guacamole-making contest.

The Great Guac Off offers the following:

  • 90 minutes with a seasoned facilitator
  • premium guacamole ingredients and dippers
  • an optional secret ingredient to take players’ guacamole game to the next level
  • fascinating avocado facts, trivia, and mini-games
  • a thrilling guacamole-making showdown followed by a judging round

Additionally, we will bring all the necessary ingredients to your chosen venue. The Great Guac Off is a great way to build connections and strengthen teamwork!

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

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3. Superhero Academy (Popular)

superhero academy

Superhero Academy is a comic-book-themed adventure designed to unlock your team’s potential! Participants will create alter-egos and play exciting virtual minute-to-win-it-style games.

Key features of Superhero Academy include:

  • a 90-minute session led by a talented host
  • storytelling that transports players into a world of superheroes
  • engaging games and activities that strengthen participants’ skills
  • empowering exercises that showcase unique talents

We also provide all the necessary supplies, and we will meet you at your venue of choice. Be sure to add Superhero Academy to your family fun day agenda to help families challenge themselves and create connections!

Learn more about Superhero Academy.

4. Family Feud

Family Feud is a game show where families compete to earn points by answering questions about survey questions. Playing Family Feud at a corporate family fun day is an excellent way to encourage fun and laughs. To play this game, you can set up a tournament between families. Families who win rounds move closer to the final. You can download a Family Feud app or develop your own categories.

Check out this list of Family Feud survey answers.

5. Volunteer

Group volunteering time is good for the community and company morale. Many organizations will work with large groups to set up an event for varying ages. First, get a feel for causes that are important to your team. Some examples include nature preservation, homeless shelters, or kids in the foster system.

Before the event, be sure to allow time to collect needed supplies. For example, if you are cleaning up a local park, then volunteers will need gloves and other protective gear, landscaping tools, and trash bags. Be sure to provide drinks and snacks to team members during the event. At the end of the event, teammates will know each other better and will have served the community.

6. Food

Food is one of the most essential corporate family fun day ideas. One of the best ways to celebrate employees and their families is to feed them. You can plan a special lunch or dinner or include catering as part of another event for families.

There are many ways to provide food to teammates and families. Depending on the event’s location, consider a buffet, food truck, BBQ station, dessert stand, or specialty food like cotton candy or a s’mores bar.

Here are fun company cook-off ideas to try.

7. Clothes

Nothing screams organized fun like matching t-shirts. For a corporate family fun day, consider creating a theme and ordering matching shirts for all participants. If a corporate family fun day is an annual event, then be sure to include the theme and year in the design.

Check out this guide to team building attire for inspiration.

8. Company Family Day Scavenger Hunt

Family Scavenger Hunts build essential skills in employees and are a way to facilitate family fun and teamwork. To plan a scavenger hunt, first the location for the game. Some fun options are a public park, a downtown area, a mall, office space, or a zoo. Next, prepare a list of items to find, clues to solve, or challenges to complete. For example, find a pink hat or take a picture in front of a sign with the word “no” in it. The first family or team to finish the Family Scavenger Hunt wins.

Here are some fun scavenger hunt prompts to get started:

Scavenger hunts are also great virtual corporate family fun day ideas. If your team is remote or unable to meet in person for a corporate family fun day, encourage the whole family to get involved in a scavenger hunt around their house. The items to find can be books, food, movies, and other household items.

Here are instructions for a virtual scavenger hunt and scavenger hunt at the office.

9. Family Fun Day Bingo

Bingo is a classic game that people of all ages enjoy. To play Bingo at your next corporate family fun day, supply each participant with a board. You can use an online generator to fill in each box with things participants will hear at the event.

For example:

For more ideas, check out this icebreaker Bingo template.

10. Bounce House

Family parties immediately become more fun when you add a bounce house. It is easier for children to participate in the corporate family fun day when you plan age-appropriate activities. Plus, these features mean that parents will not have to entertain the kids for the entire event and can spend time socializing with other adults.

Bounce houses, also called inflatables or bouncy castles, are an affordable way to provide entertainment. Many companies offer these rentals. Plus, there are a variety of styles to choose from, like traditional moonwalks, obstacle courses, slides, climbing walls, and even water attractions. Be sure to choose an inflatable type based on the event location and the age of the children attending.

Pro tip: be sure the location you are using has space for an inflatable and access to electricity.

11. Entertainers

There are many entertainers you can hire for a corporate family fun day event. Team members will enjoy the added fun, from magicians to clowns to face painters.

Magic entertains both children and adults. There are different ways to include magicians into your corporate family fun day event ideas. One way to have a magician at your event is to organize a magic show. A magician will perform tricks and illusions for around an hour during the show. Often, magicians will ask for volunteers. Another option would be to have a magician interact with families during the event. In this laidback option, a magician will walk around the party and interact with small groups and perform simple tricks throughout the day.

Along with magicians, clowns provide endless entertainment for families. Like magicians, some clowns have a formal routine. The clown will perform skits and act out jokes to entertain the audience during the show. Or, you could hire clowns to interact with team members and their families throughout your event. Many clowns will make balloon animals for attendees, as well.

Face painting is another fun option for kids. You can hire face painters to create designs like unicorn horns or tiger stripes. Kids will have fun, and the pictures will be priceless!

Finally, a DJ will entertain all in attendance. Most professional DJs will work with you to create the atmosphere you desire. Beyond playing music, DJs also facilitate games and can act as the master of ceremonies to keep the entire event running smoothly.

12. Movie Night

Movie nights are unique corporate family fun day ideas. You can play a movie from a projector at your office space or a park for a fun movie night. Another option would be to reserve a movie theater for a private showing. Be sure to consider the ages of all attendees when choosing the movie. To make the evening even more fun, offer popcorn, drinks, and other snacks.

If you are looking for virtual corporate family fun day ideas, a virtual movie night is a great option. Netflix offers a watch party extension. To plan a virtual movie night, ask team members to download the extension from Netflix. Then, pick an appropriate movie to watch as a group. Sending out care packages with popcorn and snacks is a fun way to make a virtual movie night more fun for team members and their families.

Here is a list of movies about team building.

13. Dining and Dancing

A corporate family fun day does not need to end when the sun goes down. An evening of entertainment with food and dancing is an exciting way to celebrate team members and their families. This event could also work as a party for employees and their partners.

To plan the evening, look for a venue that rents large rooms, like a civic center or hotel conference room. Many restaurants have a reservable private space, as well. If you need to bring in food, then plan to find a catering company. To facilitate dancing, bring in a DJ to keep the music playing. A fun idea is to offer a short dance lesson to attendees at the beginning of the night. A Dinner and Dancing night is a wonderful way for employees and their families to cut loose and get to know each other better.

Here are instructions for doing team building dances.

14. Office Tour

Many families may be curious about how their loved ones spend their workdays. Opening your office space for a corporate family fun day and office tour is a wonderful way to show families what a regular day looks like. To be considerate of spouse work schedules and children’s school schedules, plan an office tour for a Friday afternoon. During the tour, allow family members to explore the office space. You can provide food for snacks or dinner, as well.

15. Sporting Event

Attending a sporting event as a group is entertaining for all ages. Even if the company headquarters is not located near a professional sports team, most cities have minor league teams. Attending a game at these smaller venues is affordable and usually very interactive.

Baseball, football, basketball, and hockey games tend to be popular with employees. Soccer, basketball, and volleyball are other sporting events that are fun for the whole family. If you call ahead, many locations offer group or corporate discounts. If you plan it right, you might be able to overlap your corporate family fun day at the Ballpark with free hot dog night!

16. Go for a Hike

Planning a physical activity for a corporate family fun day encourages participants to get outside and be active. Going hiking also builds resilience in your team. You can check out a resource like All Trails to find a trail near you. All Trails usually breaks down hiking trails by location, difficulty, and length. When choosing a route, consider the age and ability of all participants. For example, if small children are in attendance, choose an easy and short hike. However, if all the participants are older, a more strenuous hike is appropriate. Be sure to encourage hikers to bring hydration and snacks and proper clothing and footwear.

Check out more outdoor team building activities.

17. Board Games

Board games are often family favorites. Classics like Monopoly and Pictionary never go out of style. Planning a board game day is a way to involve people of all ages and interests. For this event, find a spacious location to set up many tables. You can ask team members to bring in a favorite board game. If you have the budget, then the company can purchase a variety of board games, as well. Do not forget to bring several decks of cards. Many card games are great for group events. Some places to consider hosting a board game event are civic centers, hotels, or even a movie theater. As team members and their families play games, they will get to know each other better and have fun. Be sure to consider bringing food and drinks to offer, as well.

Here are lists of team building board games for groups and virtual family game night ideas.

18. Picnic

Hosting a picnic for all employees and their families is a lovely corporate family fun day option. You can choose a local park with pavilions, space to play, and even playgrounds for the kids. Be sure to plan out food for the picnic ahead of time. One option for food is to have all attendees bring a dish to share, potluck-style. You can offer a sign-up beforehand or assign courses. For example, certain team members bring main dishes, others bring sides, and the rest bring drinks and desserts. Another option would be to have the company purchase meats to grill while families bring sides, desserts, and beverages. If you want to make the afternoon less stressful for team members, then have the picnic catered. Be sure to consider food allergies and requirements. During the event, provide some yard games for families to play or let kids play on a playground if one is nearby. Families will enjoy this time interacting with each other and building friendships.

19. Team Building Games

You can play team building games specially designed for kids. These games include fun activities with elements of collaboration and competition, such as scavenger hunts and Bingo.

Check out this list of team building games for kids.


Corporate family fun day activities are ways to deepen team relationships. Team members who get to know each other better become comfortable and practice top teamwork. Furthermore, including families rewards team members for their hard work. Plus, it gives families a glimpse into the workday of their loved ones.

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FAQ: Corporate Family Fun Day

Here are answers to questions about corporate family fun days.

What is Corporate Family Fun Day?

A corporate family fun day is an event where a company invites families to be part of the work environment. Typically, corporate family fun days involve food and fun. These days are a chance for the family of an employee to interact with other team members and their families. A corporate family fun day increases camaraderie and helps team building by rewarding teammates for their hard work.

What are some good corporate family fun day ideas?

Some good corporate family fun day ideas are attending a Sporting Event, taking an Office Tour, or a Scavenger Hunt.

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