18 Corporate Gift Boxes for Employees

By: | Updated: November 21, 2022

Here is our list of the best corporate gift boxes for employees.

Corporate gift boxes for employees are packages gifted to workers containing various items like snacks, self-care products, and books. Examples include Recharge by Sage & Gifts, New Hire Gift Box, and Bondy Snack Boxes. The purpose of these gifts is to show appreciation to your employees in a unique way and boost their morale.

Corporate gift boxes are perfect for corporate events, team celebrations, and office parties. You can also give these gifts during intern orientation and office Christmas parties. These corporate gifts are similar to holiday party favors and employee gifts.

This list includes:

  • holiday gift boxes for employees
  • gift boxes for remote employees
  • corporate gift box ideas
  • luxury corporate gift boxes

Let’s get started!

List of corporate gift boxes for employees

You can send employees a gift box as a token of appreciation for their contributions to your company. From Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes by Boxable to Teak & Twine Holiday Boxes, here are fabulous gift box ideas that will impress your employees and brighten their day.

1. Whittard Gift Box

Whittard offers luxury corporate gift boxes for clients and employees. Sending these boxes is a great way to wish your employees a happy Christmas. Whittard has been providing Christmas gift services for employees, customers, and clients for over 100 years. The boxes come in sophisticated designs and have festive decor. Also, you will find various items inside the package, such as wines, mini marshmallows, and tasty bites.

The available holiday gift boxes include The Signature Hot Chocolate Hamper, The Luxury Hot Chocolate Gift Box, and The Alice in Wonderland Mini Caddy Gift Box. Whittard can also help you send a heartwarming message to your gift recipient alongside the Christmas gift boxes. If you have any dietary restrictions, then you can always go through the ingredient lists on Whittard’s official site.

Learn more about Whittard Gift Box.

2. Packed With Purpose

Packed With Purpose provides corporate gift boxes that also do social good. Packed with Purpose’s thoughtful, hand-selected and sustainable gifts source products from over 140 purpose-driven organizations that positively impact more than 750,000 lives across 33 states and 16 countries. From preserving the environment, to investing in women & diverse-owned businesses, to employing adults with barriers to employment, these gifts transform lives and communities.

Most of the products of the Packed With Purpose site are made in small batches and support small businesses who face obstacles to economic success. The company also offers branding, customized messages and other ways to personalize.

A few of the noteworthy offerings include themes on Black History Month and Women’s History Month boxes, Kosher healthy snacks box, vegan and gluten free snack box, outdoor oasis box, and a virtual conference box.

Check out Packed With Purpose (we earn commission for purchases made via this link).

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3. Bondy Snack Boxes

Bondy offers fun gift boxes for remote employees. The boxes feature tasty snacks your employees will love. From vegan-friendly and gluten-free options to sweet and salty treats, Bondy offers various snacks for different dietary requirements. The corporate gift boxes are available for several occasions, whether a holiday celebration or a birthday anniversary.

The “Holiday Gift Box” has cozy items like socks, cookies, hot chocolate, and a stress ball designed in the form of a snowball. If your employee prefers a vegan option, then you can opt for the “Plant Power Snack Box.” This box contains a variety of vegan goodies to snack on, including banana chips, protein balls, and pineapple snacks. Furthermore, the “Inspiration Gift Box” is among the best packages to motivate your employees. Inside this box is a bedside prayer book, a mug with “You Are A Blessing” prints, and a “Faith” notepad set. Additionally, you can include a personalized gift card inside the box for free.

Learn more about Bondy Snack Boxes.

4. Successories Care Packages

Successories provides care packages excellent as gifts for your employees. You will find tons of boxes specially curated for different employees. If your recipient is a team leader or in charge of a project, then you can consider the Leadership Gift Box. This thoughtful package comes with a leather leadership journal and a stainless steel tumbler. Also, your employee can celebrate with a cake if you choose the Awesomeness Gift Box. The package features a yellow cake mix and instructions, a journal and matching pen, a keychain, and a ceramic mug.

Most boxes designed by Successories have the words “Thanks for all you do” printed on the lid. Nevertheless, you can customize the box with your company’s logo and add a personalized note inside the package.

Learn more about Successories Care Packages.

5. Minny & Paul Gift Boxes

Minny & Paul offers fancy corporate gift boxes for employees. You will get to work with a team of experts to help you curate a perfect, heartwarming gift for your employees. Minny & Paul sources the best gift items from small businesses. Plus, the gift boxes feature only tested and trusted products.

Minny & Paul stands out for packing their gifts with eco-friendly and reusable packages. The company has an option for every occasion, whether holiday celebrations or a virtual conference. Depending on your preference, you can specially request products sourced from businesses that give back, BIPOC-owned, or even women-owned businesses. Also, you will receive a complimentary handwritten card or a custom card bearing your company’s logo.

Learn more about Minny & Paul Gift Boxes.

6. Introvert Retreat by CrateJoy

If you have an employee who loves to spend their free time snuggling up with a book, then you cannot go wrong with the Introvert Retreat gift box. The box features new novels alongside self-care products like scented soap, soy candles, and bath salt soak. You can personalize the box by choosing a literary genre your employee would love, whether mystery thriller or science fiction.

Also, the box features tasty snacks handcrafted in small batches by small business owners. The boxes come in two sizes to suit different budgets. Also, you can make a single purchase or take advantage of the monthly subscription plan.

Learn more about Introvert Retreat by CrateJoy.

7. Mystery Box

Carefully curated by Packed with Purpose, a certified woman-owned business that embeds social and environmental impact into the everday act of gift giving, Mystery Box is among the thoughtful gifts to present to employees during any season. Typical contents include mini notebooks, booklets, and snacks. This box will surely brighten your employee’s day.

Mystery Box features gifts from businesses that support hunger and homeless relief efforts and the building of schools in disinvested countries. The same goes for other boxes curated by the company. For instance, the “Spread Some Cheer” gift box supports ovarian cancer research and employment for people with developmental disabilities. Also, the “Petite & Perfect” box promotes environmental sustainability and hunger alleviation.

Learn more about Mystery Box.

8. Teak & Twine Holiday Boxes

Teak & Twine specializes in developing creative corporate gift box ideas for corporate groups. You can check through the company’s corporate catalog for gift box inspiration. If you find a box that catches your interest, then you can simply brand the package and include a personalized note. Also, you can have your business’s artwork or logo customized on the gift items.

From handpicking the gift items to branding the box, a team of professionals will take care of everything you need to create the perfect gift box. Teak & Twine can curate gift packages for different purposes, including employee recognition and holiday celebrations.

Learn more about Teak & Twine Holiday Boxes.

9. Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes by Boxable

Gifting your employees a gift box from Boxable is a unique way of showing appreciation. Whether you celebrate work anniversaries or team wins, these budget-friendly boxes will make the recipient feel special. Boxable offers “The Vegan Treat Box,” filled with gluten and palm oil-free chocolates.

Also, “The Onboarding Box” is an excellent option for welcoming new employees or new team members. This box features a bamboo pen, notebook, and chocolate bar. If your goal is to keep your team members motivated, then you can opt for “The Give It Socks Box.” Boxable gift boxes are simple yet unique packages that will make your employee’s day.

Learn more about Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes by Boxable.

10. Work From Home Gift Box

You can consider getting the Work From Home Gift Box if you have a remote team. This box has items that will keep your team members cozy while working from home. The box typically contains a journal, gold pens, a soy candle, and various snacks. Also, you can add a handwritten note to personalize the gift.

The Work From Home Gift Box is perfect for any occasion at work. Plus, your employees can find the items helpful during most work days. For instance, the cleaning towelette will come in handy for employees to keep their work devices’ screens clean. Also, your team members will find the journal useful in organizing their thoughts and taking notes at work. You can decide to build your own box featuring your preferred items.

Learn more about Work From Home Gift Box.

11. Virtual Meeting Coffee Gift Box

Virtual Meeting Coffee Gift Box is among the best gift boxes for remote employees. The box features a notebook, pen, and snacks alongside a fine coffee bean blend. This box has the supplies you need for a successful meeting in a virtual space. Also, the notebook has words of encouragement written on the cover page to motivate your employees.

You can send this box to employees as a pre-meeting preparation gift. Depending on your preference, you can choose between a whole bean or ground coffee sampler. Also, the coffee is available in various flavors, including Jamaican Me Crazy, Butter Rum Cream, and Highlander Grog. The baked treats in the gift box are available in gluten-free options and made with high-quality ingredients.

Learn more about Virtual Meeting Coffee Gift Box.

12. Remote Rockstar

Remote Rockstar is one of the best work-from-home gifts you can use to impress your workers. The box contains the essentials you need to decorate your workspace at home. You will find items like notebooks, lighting kits, water bottles, and vegan leather tech pouches. You can make your gift box stand out by including a personalized message for the recipient.

Remote Rockstar makes a great gift to appreciate your employees or even celebrate a particular work event. The box design comes in a dark or light color theme. Plus, your purchase will include a complimentary greeting card, depending on the occasion you celebrate.

Learn more about Remote Rockstar.

13. Bateel Gift Boxes

Bateel is famous for offering luxury boxes of chocolate and gourmet dates. If you plan to build your box, then you can choose from different types of dates, such as Kholas, Ajwa Madina, Khidri, and Segai. You will get to work with experts to decide the best customization options for your package.

Depending on your preference, you can print your company’s name and logo on the box packaging and ribbon tied to the box. Also, you can decide to wrap individual gift items with fully customized wrappers. The boxes come in various sizes and designs, from ballotin packaging to luxury wooden boxes.

Learn more about Bateel Gift Boxes.

14. Streamline’s Corporate Gift Boxes

Streamline offers luxury corporate gift boxes designed to match any occasion. The boxes are available in different sizes and packaging styles. Also, you can customize the gifts to include a wide range of products, from clothing to technology devices and eco-friendly merchandise. An expert team will work with you to design and create your desired box.

Streamline allows you to take complete control of the gift customization process. Also, if you plan to gift many employees, then the company can take and send large orders to the recipients’ respective addresses.

Learn more about Streamline’s Corporate Gift Boxes.

15. Digital Detox

Digit Detox is the perfect gift box for employees working from home. The box features gifts that can boost your employees’ morale during the time spent away from the screens. Digital Detox contains a five-minute journal ideal for a self-reflection session. Also, you will find items like an oud wood-scented candle, water bottle, bath soap, gift tag, and tea.

Your purchase comes with a blank note card. However, you can choose to add a handwritten message on the card. You can also customize the gift box to feature your company’s logo.

Learn more about Digital Detox.

16. Recharge by Sage & Gifts

Recharge by Sage & Gifts is one of the best corporate gift boxes for employees. Sage & Gifts curates the box with various self-care items. The box features a sustainable candle pot with plantable seeds and soil pellets. Therefore, your employee can plant the seeds in the candle pot after using the candle.

Also, the Recharge gift box features handmade body care products created with natural ingredients. The Recharge gift box is an excellent option to boost your employees’ morale. Alongside beauty products and candles, you can add other items like table flowers, chocolate, a fresh flower bouquet, and a complimentary gift card message.

Learn more about Recharge by Sage & Gifts.

17. New Hire Gift Box

The New Hire Gift Box from SPARKS is the ideal gift to present to new employees in your company. However, you can also choose this gift for employees moving to a new team. The package includes a unisex cotton t-shirt, custom laptop stickers, and a tree-free notebook. If you prefer to have other items in your box, then you can always build a custom package.

SPARKS will help you create a representation of your proposed gift box. New Hire Gift Box contains eco-friendly items your employees will love. You will work with an expert team to curate a perfect welcoming box within your budget.

Learn more about New Hire Gift Box.

18. HappySwag Corporate Gift Boxes

HappySwag offers high-quality gift boxes that you can use to show appreciation to employees. The company provides a “gift box builder” tool rather than pre-made boxes. Therefore, with this tool, you can design the box and curate the gifts to your employee’s tastes in only about five minutes.

HappySwag offers over 200 products you can choose from, including coffee, chocolate, technological devices, and environmentally-friendly candles. You can make your gift box even more special by adding a personalized message or your company’s logo to the package. Furthermore, you can easily contact the company to request a price quote for building your own box.

Learn more about HappySwag corporate gift boxes.


Packaging a gift box for your employees is a great way to portray your company as creative and innovative. Many online services provide pre-packed corporate gift boxes to suit different budgets and occasions. However, if you prefer a customized box, then you can look for a gift packaging service that offers this option. Whether you have a new team member or are just looking for ways to recognize workers, you cannot go wrong with these corporate gift ideas. Plus, the gift can boost the recipient’s morale and improve productivity at work.

Next, check out virtual events gifts and employee appreciation quotes you can add to corporate gift boxes.

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FAQ: Corporate gift boxes

Here are answers to questions about corporate gift boxes for employees.

What are corporate gift boxes for employees?

Corporate gift boxes for employees are packages filled with gift items like stationery, eco-friendly products, beverages, and snacks. These boxes are a unique idea to celebrate a particular occasion with employees. Also, giving your employees a corporate gift box will go a long way in increasing productivity at work.

What are the best corporate gift box ideas for employees?

The best corporate gift box ideas for employees include Thriver Holiday Gift Box, Bateel Gift Boxes, Digital Detox, New Hire Gift Box, HappySwag Corporate Gift Boxes, Remote Rockstar, and Virtual Meeting Coffee Gift Boxes.

How do you send corporate gift boxes to employees?

To send gift boxes to your employees, decide on the kind of gifts your workers will love. You can get items like notebooks, chocolate, coffee, and technological devices. Also, you can direct your purchase towards a cause, such as supporting small businesses, promoting environmental sustainability, or supporting women-owned businesses. You can check for an online service offering gifts in pre-packed packages. Depending on availability, you can also customize the box to your liking and add a handwritten note. After, you can provide your employees’ addresses and have the package delivered to their respective homes.

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