16 Best Corporate Gifting Companies

By: | Updated: February 25, 2023

Here is our list of the best corporate gifting companies.

Corporate gifting companies are services that help companies create and deliver gift boxes to their clients, employees, or prospects. Examples include Corporategift.com, The British Gift Co., and Gift My Client. The purpose of these companies is to handle all tasks essential for curating and sending gift packages to recipients in different locations.

These ideas are similar to gift box companies and gift sending services. You can use the companies’ services for employee appreciation day, team celebrations, and end of the year celebrations.

This list includes:

  • luxury corporate gifting companies
  • corporate gifting platforms
  • professional gifting companies
  • client gifting companies
  • employee gifting companies

Here we go!

List of corporate gifting companies

Outsourcing gift-sending tasks to third parties is a great way to save time while guaranteeing client and employee satisfaction. From SnackMagic to Gourmet Luxe, here are reliable companies that can help you curate and send impressive gifts to recipients.

1. Gourmet Luxe

Gourmet Luxe is one of the best luxury corporate gifting companies. The company has a reliable experience in branding consultation. Therefore, you can rest assured that the company will help you pack unique gifts that reflect your company’s value, brand ethos, and sales journey.

Gourmet Luxe will handle all the steps necessary for your corporate gifting, from sourcing to packaging to delivery. The best part is that this corporate gifting service is fully customizable. The company will also organize an initial consultation with you to advise on corporate gifting strategies.

Furthermore, Gourmet Luxe has in-house graphic designers to create custom cards and letters for whatever occasion you celebrate. Plus, the company can accommodate your recipients’ dietary and cultural requirements. Gourmet Luxe can also add your company’s products inside the gift boxes.

Learn more about Gourmet Luxe.

2. Veritas

Veritas takes pride in producing bespoke gifts that meet your clients’ needs. There are a variety of corporate gifts to choose from, including leather accessories, photo frames, and jewelry. Veritas can also accommodate a range of budgets. If you are on a lower budget, then you can look into Veritas’ branded merchandise. These gift items are affordable without having their quality compromised.

Furthermore, Veritas makes fascinating trophies you can give as appreciative gifts to your clients or employees. You can customize each gift with your business logo and desired message. Veritas also offers design services to ensure your gift packages are unique and impressive.

Learn more about Veritas.

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3. Bestowe

Bestowe is one of the best professional gifting companies. The company works closely with clients to provide the best “done-for-you gifts.” To make your gift recipients feel cared for, the company can also add personalized handwritten notes inside the boxes. The best part of using Bestowe’s service is that you get to give back to the community. The company partners with One Tree Planted and plants a tree for every gift purchased through their partner. Bestowe’s past clients include Google, Netflix, Coinbase, and Salesforce.

In addition, Bestowe can handle large and small orders. From sourcing to branding and shipping, you will have all your gift-packing tasks managed by the company. The company also curates gift boxes for various occasions, including holiday celebrations and large parties. Bestowe sources gift items from local artisans in Northern California. Therefore, using the company’s service is an excellent opportunity to support small businesses. In addition, the products contained in each box are sustainable and high quality.

Learn more about Bestowe.

4. SnackMagic

SnackMagic is a build-your-own snack box company that serves organizations from different parts of the world. The company takes up the hassle of curating and shipping gift boxes to recipients in diverse locations. Whether you have a few or many recipients, rest assured that SnackMagic beautifully presents and packs all the gift boxes. Also, SnackMagic offers both prepacked and fully customizable gift box options.

The company’s site features a menu of over 2,000 items. Also, your gift recipients will receive the same link to choose their preferred treats and provide their respective shipping addresses on the platform. SnackMagic partners with businesses in different countries to ensure a seamless delivery. Furthermore, you can customize the gift boxes with branded stickers, swag, and an organizer video message.

Learn more about SnackMagic.

5. The British Hamper Company

The British Hamper Company is one of the best corporate gifting companies that ship across various countries. The available gift baskets come in varying sizes to suit different budgets and needs. Using the build-your-own gift basket service, you can add a personal touch to your gift box. With this option, you can fill the boxes with gourmet snacks that suit your gift recipient’s taste.

Plus, The British Hamper Company can take both small and large-scale orders. Your recipients will receive the gifts in beautifully presented boxes or traditional wicker baskets. The company can also accommodate various dietary requirements. Additionally, you can expect a gift card in each box featuring a heartwarming message.

Learn more about The British Hamper Company.

6. Giftsenda

With around 20 years of experience in international gifting, Giftsenda is one of the best corporate gifting platforms. This platform lets you easily access unique gift items sourced from over 200 countries. Giftsenda offers more than just gift-sending services to clients or employees. The platform features resources users will find helpful in choosing the right corporate gifting partner.

Giftsenda offers a subscription-based service if you would like to send gifts regularly to employees or clients. But if you plan to make a one-time purchase, then you can shop directly from the platform’s online gift shop. Furthermore, you can integrate Giftsenda with your preferred customer relationship management platform.

Learn more about Giftsenda.

7. Knack

Knack specializes in curating unique items and sustainably produced products from women-owned businesses. This company ships gift orders to groups of all sizes. To get started, select your gift items from the collection or request a custom gift from Knack. Afterward, you can personalize your gift page with a custom greeting and links to your company’s sites. The page makes monitoring your clients’ gift satisfaction easier.

You can have your gifts packed in custom packaging and add corporate video messages to impress the recipients. You can also include a personalized gift message card in the gift package. Furthermore, Knack offers last-minute gift services, allowing recipients to choose their favorite gifts. Knack is a woman-owned gifting company and a proud One Tree Planted Million Tree Challenge member.

Learn more about Knack.

8. The British Gift Co.

The British Gift Co. is one of the best luxury corporate gifting companies. This business offers ready-made gift boxes ideal for small-scale orders. But if you are getting gifts for many recipients, then you can build your own gift box instead. Each package contains locally produced and sustainable items.

The company offers a gift option for various celebrations, from virtual events to onboarding. The British Gift Co. can help you bring to life any unique gift idea you have. You can also add branded items to the box. Furthermore, this gifting company will help you customize the gift boxes with your business logo. If you would like to add a personalized touch to the boxes, then you can request the company add bespoke cards inscribed with your desired message.

Learn more about The British Gift Co.

9. Givenly.com

Givenly.com makes packing and sending corporate gifts to your employees or clients hassle free. The company offers a platform you can easily access. Aside from automated corporate gifting, the services provided by Givenly.com include corporate stores and warehousing, CRM integrations, and promotional merchandise.

Creating a standard account on this platform is free. However, to access an enterprise account, the pricing starts at around $1,500. Additionally, Givenly.com offers “Redemption,” an online experience that lets you send corporate gifts through a personalized email link. Sending a Redemption link to your client or employee is a great idea if you need a last-minute gift or are unsure of the recipient’s address.

Learn more about Givenly.com.

10. Corporategift.com

Corporategift.com uses advanced technology to provide the best gifting services for customers worldwide. The company offers a gifting platform with a self-serve customization service. The platform also features triggers to automatically send gifts to clients and employees during any special event. You can design the gift items, including the packaging and ribbon, to match your brand. Furthermore, your gift recipients can leave a thank-you note through the company’s system.

There is a wide range of theme-based gift collections guests can choose from, including gifts with liquor. You can also take advantage of the company’s eGift services. Your eGift invitations sent to your client or employee will feature your recipient’s name, custom greeting, business logo, and an image of the gift. Furthermore, recipients are free to decline their eGift invitations. You can expect notifications as well as a refund for all declined gifts. Corporategift.com is one of the best client gifting companies. The company has worked with top brands like Yelp, Dell, TED, and HomeAdvisor.

Learn more about Corporategift.com.

11. Ferns N Petals

Ferns N Petals provides affordable services to make your corporate gifting process seamless. First, you have to consult with a gifting expert from the company. During the online session, you can expect recommendations and the best proposal from the expert. You can further request the company to have your gifts customized to the recipient’s taste.

Ferns N Petals ships to different countries. Inside each corporate gift basket, you will find various items like seasonal fruits, indoor plants, and even personalized diaries. The gift items offered by the company are available all year round at an affordable price. You can also customize the gift packages with your brand name and logo. Ferns N Petals has worked for clients like Amazon, Google, and Samsung.

Learn more about Ferns N Petals.

12. Gift My Client

Gift My Client is one of the best corporate gifting platforms. This platform allows you to accurately track all the essential information, from gift shipment and receipt to your client’s gift history. Also, Gift My Client lets you automate your corporate gifting and set the frequency according to your company’s rules.

You can also create a budget limit per user, department, or purchase. Additionally, you can personalize each gift with a thank-you note for the recipient. Gift My Client allows companies to monitor gift satisfaction by revealing clients’ previously received gifts and feedback. The platform is quite easy to use and provides access to affordable products, ranging from cosmetics and household items to food and drinks.

Learn more about Gift My Client.

13. The Mansion House of Gifting

The Mansion House of Gifting offers a wide range of products ideal for corporate gifting. The company can also help you create a custom gift box that aligns with whatever occasion you plan to celebrate. Plus, there is an option to personalize the gift package with your company’s logo.

The Mansion House of Gifting offers fully bespoke gifting services for clients looking for unique gift ideas or planning to take large orders. The company is willing to schedule a free phone consultation with you, so you can decide if this gifting service is best for you. Afterward, you will receive a gift design questionnaire. Your answers to the questions will guide the company in curating the right gift for you. The Mansion House of Gifting’s services makes the entire gifting process seamless and delightful for your recipients.

Learn more about The Mansion House of Gifting.

14. Sage & Gifts

Sage & Gifts is one of the best employee gifting companies. This organization offers a variety of prepacked corporate gifts that will leave a lasting impression on your clients and employees. The company’s logistics team will ensure your recipients in different locations receive their gifts at your expected time.

You can opt for customized corporate gifts if you would rather design your gift box from scratch. The company will help you curate bespoke items that match your desired theme. This service can also curate gift boxes for various occasions, including client appreciation and corporate events. Aside from the gift items, you can customize the ribbons, gift tags, and gift box sleeves to your taste.

Learn more about Sage & Gifts.

15. Marigold & Grey

Marigold & Grey is one of the best client corporate gifting companies. The company helps you deliver the perfect gifting experience. Also, the gifting packages are available in three options. First, you can choose the ready-to-ship gifts, which do not require any minimum order. The second option is the semi-custom gifts, where you add your logo to your preferred ready-to-ship package. Last, you can opt for the custom gift design. However, you must make a bulk order.

​All the featured products are from women-led businesses in the United States. Also, the ready-to-ship gift packages are available in various themes to suit different tastes. If your recipients are big fans of golf, then you can order the Par for the Course package. The Self-Care Saturday box also makes a great appreciation gift for employees.

Learn more about Marigold & Grey.

16. Teak & Twine

Teak & Twine is one of the best professional gifting companies. The company has a team of experts who can take up the hassle of sending delightful gifts to your recipients. You can work with this team to find the best gifts that match your goals.

Regardless of how many gifts you order, you can expect the company to deliver the packages to your recipients promptly. You will find readily packed gift boxes on Teak & Twine’s site curated with corporate occasions in mind. After picking an option, you can customize the box by adding a note and branding the package.

On the other hand, you can create a custom gift box from scratch. Teak & Twine also offers a corporate gifting platform. You can customize your private page on the platform with your logo and a personal message.

Learn more about Teak & Twine.


Gifting companies come in handy if you plan to impress your clients and employees with unique gifts. The company usually takes care of all aspects of your gift sending, from curating the items to delivery. Also, you can add a touch of uniqueness to the gift by asking the company to customize the package with your brand’s logo and preferred design. If you are unsure of the gift items to opt for, then you can scan through the ready-to-deliver gift collections usually featured on the companies’ websites. Alternatively, you can build your own gift box from scratch. These gift companies also offer corporate gifting platforms with customizable private pages.

Next, check out our list of corporate gifts for employees and employee care packages. You can also check these swag companies and swag gifts for employees. Plus, check out these corporate gift boxes for work.

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FAQ: Corporate gifting companies

Here are answers to questions about corporate gifting companies.

What are corporate gifting companies?

Corporate gifting companies are services that specialize in curating, sourcing gift items, packaging, and sending gift boxes directly to the recipients. Depending on the service you use, the company can also offer a platform that makes selecting, storing, and shipping gifts a lot easier.

What are the best corporate gifting companies?

The best corporate gifting companies include Teak & Twine, Bestowe, Marigold & Grey, and The British Hamper Company.

Why should I use a third party company for corporate gifting?

Using a third party company for corporate gifting is a great way to save the time and stress of sending the packages yourself. These companies do all the essential tasks, from curating to shipping. Also, you can use the service of a third party gifting company to easily access unique gift items from different parts of the world. In addition, the companies ensure that the gifts align with your company objectives and goals.

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