15 Top DEI Companies to Work With

By: | Updated: December 11, 2023

You found our list of the best DEI companies.

DEI companies help other organizations outline and implement diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies. Examples include Humareso, Boston Consulting Group, and The Diversity Movement. The purpose of these activities is to offer organizations guidance in the implementation of DEI initiatives. With the right DEI strategy, companies can increase their customer base, enjoy more profits, and benefit from a happy workforce. These providers are also known as ”diversity, equity, and inclusion companies” and “dei organizations.”

These companies can help organizations create a positive work environment and reap the benefits of diversity in the workplace. These companies can help leaders design DEI programs and plan diversity activities.

This list includes:

  • DEIB consulting firms
  • diversity and inclusion companies
  • diversity training companies
  • diversity program companies
  • DEI improvement companies

Here we go!

List of DEI companies

Companies embracing DEI initiatives have higher chances of achieving better levels of business performance. However, while DEI initiatives may seem simple in theory, it can be difficult for an organization to determine the right strategy to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion. From APS Intelligence to Paradigm and Diversity for Social Impact, here is a list of the best companies that you can use to improve DEI in your organization.

1. TDC Global

Boasting over ten years of experience in corporate diversity initiatives, TDC Global is a fantastic choice for DEI consulting firms. The global diversity, equity, and inclusion company seeks to have more women take on leadership roles and more inclusive workplaces. The company offers talent attraction, strategic advisory, and leadership development services. Through these solutions, organizations can attract and retain top talent globally.


  • Has worked with leading brands such as Google, Coca-Cola, Vodafone, and PWC
  • Offers services such as employer branding, needs analysis, and inclusive hiring audits
  • Provides e-learning services for workers, including SheDares, ShePivots, SheReturns, and Better TogetHER
  • The company has transformed over 200 organizations and more than 5,000 women through strategic advisory solutions, employer branding, and training

TDC Global drives sustainable and long-term DEI initiatives for global organizations through partnerships with the private and public sectors.

Learn more about TDC Global.

2. Humareso

Founded in 2012, Humareso is a company that offers a wide range of services, including DEI consultancy. The company’s core belief is that businesses need a DEI strategy to succeed, thus customizing initiatives per each organization’s needs.


  • Support organizations in different industries, geographies, and sizes
  • Offers compliance and administration, training and development, recruitment, and strategic engagement services
  • With the Humareso DEI services, organizations can leverage a diverse workforce for their benefit.

Humareso supports organizations of various geographies, sizes, and demographics.

Learn more about Humareso.

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3. APS Intelligence

With a focus on offering solutions for modern workplaces, APS Intelligence is a fantastic choice for DEI improvement companies. The organization partners with other businesses to provide evidence-based solutions that can solve DEI-related workplace challenges. In addition, the company’s long-term strategies for crisis response and performance improvement can be pivotal in helping your organization improve workplace culture.


  • Uses collaborative systems that focus on corporate experience and psychological expertise to solve problems
  • Offers other solutions that foster DEI strategies such as leadership, culture and values, and teamwork and collaboration training
  • Has various initiatives for building inclusion, such as keynote speeches, network evolution, myths of D & I, anatomy of inclusion, and organizational diagnostic

APS Intelligence works with various organizations, such as educational institutions, large multinationals, or start-ups across many industries.

Learn more about UPS Intelligence.

4. Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group is a company that helps other businesses tackle their problems and capitalize on their greatest opportunities. The organization works closely with clients to provide a transformational approach that will benefit all stakeholders. Through the spirit of a global community and collaboration, the company’s initiatives make workplaces and the world a better place. Some of the DEI consulting services that Boston Consulting Group offers include supplier, gender, and racial diversity. Companies can also seek advice on inclusive product design, people strategy, and measuring diversity and inclusion.


  • Has offices in over 100 cities in more than 50 countries
  • Has over 25,000 employees and over $11bn in revenue
  • Serves clients in different industries such as health care, automotive, finance, retail, and energy sectors

Boston Consulting Group also partners with the public and private sectors to create inclusive businesses and social impact through well-thought-out DEI strategies.

Learn more about Boston Consulting Group.

5. Paradigm

If you are looking for diversity training companies for remote teams, then Paradigm is a great option. The company aims to design solutions incorporating DEI into an organization’s processes and systems. Facilitated by a Paradigm expert, the live training will help build an inclusive company culture. The training can also engage remote workers and build a community.


  • Focuses on a data-driven approach in the implementation of DEI strategies
  • Through the Paradigm Blueprint platform, organizations can benchmark, implement programs, and track the progress of DEI progress
  • Has a blended learning platform where companies can create DEI learning journeys for their workers

Paradigm also offers various DEI workshops on DEI topics such as growth mindset, belonging, anti-racism, and managing unconscious bias.

Learn more about Paradigm.

6. OrangeGrove Consulting

OrangeGrove Consulting is a women-owned company that uses well-thought-out strategies and plans to build an organization’s DEI strategy. The company helps organizations improve the recruitment, promotion, and retention of top talent.


  • Has a unique DEI approach that offers organizational leaders an opportunity to create specific and strategic goals that are unique to their workforce
  • Offers different strategy and planning workshops such as issue-specific, strategy update, and strategy development plans
  • Provides a feature where an organization, leader, or ally can take assessments to measure where their company falls on the inclusive organization continuum
  • Organizations can choose training on specific DEI topics such as allyship, cultural competence, inclusive communication, work-life integration, and unconscious bias

Through strategies that uncover barriers to diversity, companies can create more inclusive and innovative workplaces.

Learn more about OrangeGrove Consulting.

7. TopDog Learning Group

If you are looking for diversity program companies to facilitate training for a large workforce, then TopDog Learning Group is a good bet. The Orlando-based company with over 20 years of experience provides DEI training through executives and coach leaders.


  • Has custom learning solutions such as face-to-face workshops, online lessons, podcasts, and lunch-and-learn sessions
  • Has tailored modules such as pre-recorded videos and self-paced lessons
  • Offers leadership coaching and custom development programs

TopDog Learning Group also measures the impacts of learning efforts.

Learn more about TopDog Learning Group.

8. Diversity for Social Impact

Diversity for Social Impact is an organization that focuses on empowering DEI professionals to become more influential and productive in their efforts. The company empowers DEI professionals, HR leaders, social sustainability practitioners, and DEI consultants with the right skills. Stakeholders can opt for programs such as strategic planning, education, or implementation of DEI strategies.


  • Advises on DEI regulation and compliance in countries such as Australia, the United States, the UK, Canada, and New Zealand
  • Provides DEI certification processes
  • Provides DEI rankings for private and public companies, educational and government, and NGOs

Through Diversity for Social Impact, you can create DEI strategies with a focus on empowering and promoting social impact across the globe.

Learn more about Diversity for Social Impact.

9. Diversity@Workplace Consulting Group

Diversity@Workplace Consulting Group is a fantastic choice for organizations searching for diversity program companies. The organization bases its operations on implementation-focused and innovative DEI strategies. Businesses can opt for services such as learning and development, recruitment, performance management, and succession planning.


  • Offers customized DEI assessments
  • Provides training on DEI topics such as workplace gender identity, racial equity, DEI foundations, and inclusive leadership
  • Through experienced moderators, keynote speakers, and panelists, the company provides speaking engagement services that leave a lasting impact on your audience
  • Offers DEI certifications and workshops that will demystify DEI and teach participants actionable approaches to creating an inclusive workplace

Diversity@Workplace Consulting Group works with organizations in different industries such as finance, academia, non-profit, tech, and pharmaceuticals.

Learn more about Diversity@Workplace Consulting Group.

10. The Kaleidoscope Group

The Kaleidoscope Group is a great choice of diversity and inclusion companies for organizations that want full-service customized DEI solutions. The certified minority company, headquartered in Chicago, provides services that enable other organizations to achieve sustainable organizational changes and measurable results. The Kaleidoscope Group focuses on a consistent framework and an integrated approach that creates sustainability, buy-in, and momentum.


  • Provides different DEI assessment solutions such as talent landscape, supplier diversity, education review, and exit analysis
  • Offers expert DEI law enforcement guidance
  • Uses data-driven insights to form DEI strategies that will achieve real and lasting change
  • Uses different approaches, including surveys, in-person meetings, and group conversations

As a full-service DEI firm, the company has a pool of field experts in the assessment, law enforcement, global practice, and LGBTQ+ sectors. In addition, the Kaleidoscope Group drives measurable DEI results in the workplace, workforce, supplier base, marketplace, and community.

Learn more about The Kaleidoscope Group.

11. Kanarys

Kanarys is a technology company that provides vital tools organizations need to create systemic and long-term DEI strategies. Through the companies’ data-driven approach, your organization can build more equitable strategies that will benefit all stakeholders in your organization.


  • Provides an analytic tool that helps businesses measure and track DEI in the workplace
  • Has a range of solutions that can benefit stakeholders, including equity innovation, supplier DEI assessment, and organizational assessment solutions
  • Offers a one-on-one demo for organizations that want to achieve higher levels of diversity, equity, and inclusion

Kanarys focuses on a holistic approach that includes analytics, insights, and individual organizational implementation strategies.

Learn more about Kanarys.

12. The Diversity Movement

Launched in 2019, The Diversity Movement is one of the best diversity training companies. The product-driven consultancy helps other organizations leverage diversity, equity, and inclusion as a growth strategy. The former eLearning company has a team of experts who use a mix of coaching, education, analytics, and technology to achieve healthy workplace cultures.


  • Offers customized strategic plans to meet every organization’s strengths, goals, and needs
  • Offers a wide range of DEI-related services, including online education, certification, data collection, and analytics
  • Has a learning platform that provides over 500 videos that individuals and organizations can use to learn more about DEI. These in-person and interactive programs offer practical tools that will promote inclusive leadership and disrupt unconscious bias
  • Provides globally-recognized diversity certifications
  • Organizations can book a speaker through The Diversity Movement’s Speaker’s Bureau, which has certified diversity executives and renowned business leaders
  • Has an impressive working portfolio with leading brands such as Lenovo, American Health Law Association, and American Accounting Association

The Diversity Movement helps organizations to take the right steps toward being diversity champions. The company has a team of experts, including angel investors, business strategists, certified diversity executives, and renowned TEDx speakers to drive DEI initiatives.

Learn more about The Diversity Movement.

13. Bain & Company

Bain & Company tops the list of DEI companies for organizations that want to build a future-ready and innovative culture that embraces diversity. The company has a comprehensive approach to DEI that focuses on real experiences. To get the right DEI strategy for each organization, Bain & Company uses a data-driven approach. Through these data-driven activities, organizations can measure their stakeholder’s shifting behaviors and mindsets. The company helps build organizations’ DEI visions through talent and culture, culture change, change management, and leadership.

Learn more about Bain & Company.

14. Forshay

If you are looking for DEI consulting firms to help deliver your workplace vision, then Foshay is an excellent choice. The 2011-founded company has hands-on inclusion and diversity consultants who deliver real impact to organizations by providing a blend of science, data analytics, and business acumen. Together with your organization, Foshay creates your blueprint for hiring, retaining, benchmarking, and performance management.


  • Partnerships with notable organizations such as Airbnb, Mozilla, Meta, and eBay
  • Delivery of tailored plans to provide insights and execution
  • Prioritization of client relationships

The company also offers practical tools that foster inclusion, such as calibration cards and inclusive meeting table tents.

Learn more about Forshay.

15. The Nova Collective

Founded by four women, The Nova Collective is a DEI company with years of experience in diversity and inclusion, communications, and advertising. The BIPOC-led business focuses on positive organizational cultures that provide equitable opportunities for all stakeholders. As a company that practices what it speaks, businesses can emulate the Nova Collective’s DEI culture. For instance, the company provides medical insurance that covers gender affirmation benefits and fully paid paternal leave.


  • A BIPOC and women-owned business
  • Offers customized instructor-led services and lessons that meet the unique needs of each organization
  • Has a team of DEI experts who collaborate with each organization to evaluate their needs and create a strategy

To bring a mix of perspectives to organizations, The Nova Collective prioritizes representation on the company’s team.

Learn more about The Nova Collective.


With the immense benefits of a diverse team, intentional DEI strategies are essential for any modern business. DEI initiatives offer organizations the opportunity to leverage the potential of their workforce and other stakeholders. Companies with strong DEI initiatives benefit from increased employee satisfaction, innovation, and improved company reputation. However, there are no one-size fits all DEI strategies. As such, introducing and maintaining a strong DEI workplace culture can be a difficult process. Our list of DEI companies can help create a unique DEI strategy as per the needs of your organization.

Next, check out this list of powerful diversity and inclusion quotes for the workplace, fun culture building ideas for employees, and books on DEI.

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FAQ: DEI companies

Here are answers to questions about DEI companies.

What are DEI companies?

DEI companies are organizations that provide consulting and support services related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. These companies work with organizations to develop and implement strategies and interventions that support diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. DEI companies can help identify candidates from underrepresented groups and improve employees’ well-being.

What do diversity and inclusion companies do?

Diversity and inclusion organizations offer varying services to companies.

DEI companies may offer a range of services such as:

  • Workforce training and development
  • DEI policy review and development
  • Diversity and inclusion assessments
  • Support for DEI initiatives and programs

DEI companies may work with organizations across several industries, such as education, healthcare, finance, and technology. These companies can help employees, and organizational leaders eliminate unconscious bias, improve the sourcing of diverse talent, and provide individualized DEI strategies.

How do I choose a DEI company?

Choosing a DEI company can be a hectic process. However, the right choice of a DEI company can help scale your business to greater heights.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing DEI companies:

  • The goals and objectives of your organization- The first step in choosing your DEI strategies is to identify your organization’s goals and objectives, both short-term and long-term. For instance, if you want to focus on gender equality, then you could look for a DEI company that focuses on specific areas. Focusing on your organization’s goals and objectives will ensure that the DEI company you choose aligns with the organization’s needs and values.
  • The needs and concerns of your workforce- Your DEI strategies should address the needs and concerns of your organization and all stakeholders. Be sure to factor in other areas in your DEI strategy, including work-life balance and career development. The best option is to choose a DEI company that provides individualized DEI strategies.
  • Your organization’s culture and policies- Be sure to look for DEI companies that align with your organization’s culture and policies.
  • The organization’s budget and resources- Your DEI strategies should be feasible as per the organization’s budget and resources. Thus, you may need to plan and prioritize resources to ensure the seamless implementation of strategies.

For better results, be sure to work hand-in-hand with the chosen company and measure the DEI initiatives’ effectiveness regularly.

What are the benefits of working with a diversity, equity, and inclusion company?

Working with a diversity, equity, and inclusion company offers immense benefits to organizations.


  • Organizations get access to expert views- A DEI company can bring expertise and knowledge in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The expertise views can be helpful for organizations that may not have in-house DEI employees or companies that need additional support and guidance to implement strategies effectively.
  • Organizations get access to customized solutions- A DEI company can provide customized solutions per the organization’s specific needs and goals. The customized solutions ensure that the strategies and interventions are effective and align with the organization’s culture and policies.
  • Businesses get access to best practices and resources- DEI companies often have a pool of experts. Thus, companies can access the best practices and resources that support the organization’s DEI efforts. For instance, organizations can access training materials and tools that can help to enhance DEI initiatives.
  • Improved employee engagement and satisfaction- Organizations can improve employee engagement and satisfaction by working with a DEI company. Some benefits of improved employee engagement include increased productivity, retention, and overall organizational success.

For better results, work with a DEI company that aligns with your organizational goals.

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