15 Examples of Diverse Companies

By: | Updated: March 18, 2024

Here is our list of the best diverse companies.

Diverse companies hire employees across different races, genders, ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations. As a result, diverse companies access a broader talent pool and foster a sense of belonging. Examples of diverse companies include Sodexo, Deloitte, and Marriott. The purpose of diversity is to ensure that all groups are welcome and respected in the workplace.

There are many key benefits of workplace diversity, like lower employee turnover and better company culture. You can use workplace DEI tips like implementing diversity training programs and virtual DEI activities to improve your company’s diversity.


This list includes:

  • real-life examples of diversity
  • companies that embrace diversity
  • most diverse companies
  • examples of diversity in the workplace

Let’s get started!

List of best diverse companies

Many global companies have made giant strides in attaining diversity in their organizations. Here is a list of the best companies with a diverse workforce.

1. Sodexo

Sodexo is a food and management services provider with locations in 55 countries. With over 400,000 employees, Sodexo’s operations service 100 million customers daily. Sodexo puts its resources into setting the pace of championing diversity. Gender balance is vital to Sodexo’s brand. The company hopes to share that ideology with other organizations.

Sodexo’s hiring strategy does not discriminate against gender, age, or sexual orientation. Over the last 20 years, Sodexo has made gender balance a focus in its business strategy. Sodexo’s efforts have put the company in the 2020 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index.

Women comprise 29% of Sodexo’s executive committee and 60% of its board of directors. Yet, the gender diversity at Sodexo extends beyond the company’s executive personnel. Over 55% of its staff are women.

The company runs over 23 gender balance networks across the globe. Sodexo correlates gender balance with better employee engagement, gross profit, and brand image. The Sodexo Global Pride Network drives inclusion among LGBTQ+ employees.

Sodexo has over 18 LGBTQ+ and ally employee networks that champion this cause. The networks advocate through community involvement, education, and awareness. This advocacy led to a Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s award for LGBTQ+ equality.

Learn more about Sodexo’s diverse culture.

2. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is a globally recognized medical, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods brand. The company has maintained quality and innovation for over 130 years, and the company’s approach to diversity is no different. The organization supports a detailed, sustainable global diversity and inclusion vision.

Johnson & Johnson approaches diversity through:

  • employee resource groups
  • mentoring programs
  • incorporating diversity initiatives

With over 140,000 employees, Johnson & Johnson invests in creating an inclusive environment. The company tackles gender imbalance in advertising as well as unconscious bias. Johnson & Johnson is also a founding member of the Unstereotype Alliance.

Eight of Johnson & Johnson’s first employees in 1886 were women. In 1998, the company established its Global Supplier Diversity and Inclusion Program. Working Mother Magazine also named it the Best Place to Work for working mothers. In 2018, Diversity ranked the company the #1 Company for Diversity.

By 2025, the company hopes to have 50% women in management globally. In the US, Johnson & Johnson targets 35% racial diversity in management positions. Further, 90% of the company’s leaders report feeling prepared to achieve these DEI goals.

Johnson & Johnson has a Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer who reports to the CEO. The role shows that the company prioritizes diversity at the top management level. US Veteran’s Magazine recognized the company with the Best of the Best award for its diversity efforts.

Other recognitions include:

  • Seramount Top 10 Inclusion Index Member
  • 2021 Disability Equality Index
  • Forbes Best Employer for Diversity

Johnson & Johnson received the Best Employer for Diversity for three consecutive years.

Learn more about Johnson and Johnson’s diversity vision.

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3. Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is a leading healthcare provider with over 12 million US patients. The organization’s approach to diversity is evident in its hiring, retaining, and promotion. The company employs physicians and other allied health professionals across 737 medical facilities. Kaiser Permanente is one of the top examples of diversity. About 72% of its over 220,961 employees are female, 70% are people of color, and half of its executive team is female.

The company also has a “speak up” culture, which empowers its employees with the voice and platform to effect change. In addition, Kaiser Permanente’s inclusivity approach focuses on gender, race, sexual orientation, and disability.

Kaiser Permanente offers culturally appropriate medical services to all cultures. The company’s equity principle runs on inclusion, accountability, and advocacy. The diversity approach has helped the company rank in DiversityInc’s Hall of Fame. The Human Rights Campaign Foundation also recognized Kaiser Permanente as an LGBTQ+ healthcare leader for twelve consecutive years.

Kaiser Permanente scored 100% on the 2022 Disability Equality Index. The American Association of People with Disabilities runs the index, and Kaiser Permanente has topped it for six consecutive years. These accolades make Kaiser Permanente one of the best real-life examples of diversity.

Learn more about Kaiser Permanente’s inclusive approach.

4. Accenture

Accenture is a leading professional service and consulting organization. The company boasts over 738,000 global employees. Accenture’s strength lies in strategizing for businesses and creating lasting policies. The company’s teams include expert strategists, business intelligence professionals, and data scientists. Accenture’s diversity policy has distinguished the company over the years as diversity-forward.

Accenture’s first approach to ensuring diversity is conducting training across three major categories. Diversity awareness training helps employees understand the benefits of diversity. Also, its diversity management training equips executives to manage diverse teams. Professional development training helps women and LGBTQ+ employees build their skills.

Other supports include networking, flexible work arrangements, and employee mental health resources. The company also provides equal benefits to same-sex couples according to local laws. Despite its leaps, Accenture plans to improve its diversity index. The company will combine trust and transparency with consistent data collection and analysis.

Accenture had 37.8% female and 51% minority representation in the workforce in 2019. By 2025, the company hopes to achieve a 50% female participation rate. As of November 2021, Accenture has ensured 100% pay equity for both genders.

Accenture has scored the highest in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index for five years. The company also topped the Disability Equality Index for six consecutive years. Additionally, DiversityInc ranked Accenture number one on the 2022 Top 50 Companies for Diversity.

Learn more about Accenture’s diversity and inclusion achievements.

5. Marriott

Marriott is a leading player in the global hospitality and tourism industry. With 30 brands and 8,000 properties across 139 companies, Marriot has over 120,000 employees. Marriott still focuses on diversity despite their scale. For example, women-owned businesses comprise about 10% of its supply chain. Also, over 50% of Marriott’s US leadership is diverse.

Marriott has 53% women in its workforce globally. In the US, 54% of its workforce is female. People of color make up 66% of the company’s total workforce, and 21% are executives.

LGBTQ+ inclusion is also a priority for Marriott. The company has received accolades as the “Best Place to Work” for LGBTQ+ equality. Marriott aced the HRC 2016 Corporate Equality Index, the benchmark for diversity. The company’s TakeCare Movement drives commitment to cooperation and global diversity.

In 2010, Marriot introduced a new cultural competence and leadership effectiveness curriculum. The company also hosts Global Unity Day and Culture Days. These multicultural resources help employees understand a wide range of guests.

Marriott belongs to different organizations that promote diversity, including:

  • National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
  • Women’s Business Enterprise National Council
  • WEConnect International

Such affiliations allow Marriott to partner with over 4,000 diverse-owned companies yearly.

Great Place to Work named Marriott one of the World’s Best Multinational Workplaces. The recognition comes from the world’s most extensive annual study of workplace excellence. Also, Forbes included Marriott in the “America’s Best Employer for Diversity” list in 2020.

Learn about how Marriott prioritizes diversity.

6. Novartis

Novartis is a global pharmaceutical company that combines innovative science with digital technology. The result is transformative treatments that address the needs of patients worldwide. Novartis is notable for its dedication to research and commitment to inclusivity. With over 110,000 employees worldwide, Novartis boasts diversity as its strength.

Novartis’ approach to diversity is training managers and employees on pivotal diversity issues. The issues include unconscious bias, disabilities, and pay equity. The company’s associates build communities that stimulate curiosity and opportunities. At Novartis, creating a great working environment means curating a safe place to share ideas. The community also encourages employees to take risks and gives constructive feedback.

Bloomberg included Novartis in its 2022 Gender-Equality Index. Novartis also received the Silver Award as a Stonewall Top Global Employer. The award recognizes the inclusivity of the LGBTQ+ community worldwide.

Learn more about Novartis’ approach to diversity.

7. Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young, known as EY, is a business auditing, risk service, and consulting company. EY has operations worldwide and over 365,399 employees. The company leverages different opinions and perspectives to build high-performing teams.

EY was one of the first Big Four accounting firms to embrace diversity. That meant assigning a top-level full-time executive to oversee diversity recruitment.

Maximizing varying points of view is an integral part of EY’s decision-making process. As a result, the company has seen an increase in women in top executive management positions. EY has also invested in hiring diverse college students at different levels.

EY demonstrates its commitment to driving diversity and inclusivity by:

  • building a workforce that reflects diversity at all levels
  • cultivating an anti-racism culture with fair practices
  • fostering an inspiring environment for employees

The organization maintains its goals of driving pay equity and championing anti-racism initiatives. Employees also get many opportunities to learn about diversity. EY holds the Global Equality Standard recognition award.

Learn more about Ernst & Young’s diverse company culture.

8. Mastercard

Mastercard is a global payment network processor that works with financial institutions globally. The company is a major player in international finance and a key diversity advocate. Mastercard partners with several initiatives to become one of the most diverse companies.

Decency is the core principle behind Mastercard’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. The company also has zero tolerance for hate, discrimination, and hostility. As a result, Mastercard fosters a safe environment for different beliefs and cultures. For example, the company developed nine business resource groups with 130 chapters in 47 locations worldwide.

Mastercard’s approach to diversity involves closing the wealth gap for Black communities. The company is also committed to gender balance within the organization. Additionally, Mastercard supports the LGBTQ+ community with equal opportunities and rights.

Mastercard offers other direct employee benefits, such as:

  • sex reassignment surgery coverage
  • same-sex domestic partner coverage
  • facility treatment
  • surrogacy and adoption assistance

Mastercard invests in several diversity initiatives, including:

  • equal pay for equal work
  • using technology for social good
  • encouraging girls to consider careers in STEM fields

Mastercard ranked fifth in DiversityInc’s top ten list for diversity for four consecutive years. One of the four senior managers is a person of color, and 39% of its global workforce are women. Hence, this recognition is well-deserved.

Learn more about Mastercard’s diverse workforce.

9. Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble is a global business that provides branded consumer packaged goods. The company focuses on a wide range of beauty, grooming, and healthcare products. This 186-year-old organization seeks to stay ahead as a diversity leader.

A 2020 internal diversity dashboard reveals an improved gender and ethnic diversity on the company’s board since 2015. The brand announced a global parental paid leave policy of up to eight weeks. The leave is available to biological parents, domestic partners, and same-sex couples. Further, the company gives birth mothers an eight-week leave for delivery and recovery. The leave highlights the company’s approach to inclusivity.

Procter & Gamble’s workforce comprises 41% women globally and 28% multicultural US staff. This data increases when considering executive teams. Forbes recognized Procter & Gamble as World’s Best Employer in 2021. DiversityInc also listed Procter & Gamble in the top 50 companies for diversity.

Learn more about Procter & Gamble’s equality and inclusion efforts.

10. KPMG

KPMG is a global network of professional firms that provide audit, tax, and advisory services to companies worldwide. With over 219,000 employees, 40% of its staff work within seven national diversity networks. The networks include:

  • African-American
  • pride@kpmg
  • KPMG’s Network of Women (KNOW)

Each network has local chapters that act like ERGs and tackle different issues. KPMG’s diversity approach has measurable steps from hiring to talent development. KPMG also employs the reverse mentoring strategy.

Leaders pair up with junior employees from different gender, race, or sexuality. The aim is to teach leaders inclusivity and empower junior employees. Studies have shown that reverse mentoring is more rewarding than traditional mentoring.

KPMG was #5 in the 2018 World’s Most Attractive Employer rankings for business students. Also, the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index recognized KPMG as an inclusive employer. The Times recognized the company as one of the Top 50 Employers of women in 2018.

Learn more about KPMG’s diversity awards and recognition.

11. Salesforce

Salesforce makes cloud-based software to help businesses find prospects and close deals. The company has recorded an accelerated level of representation and diversity. Still, it maintains its goal of 50% of the US employees from underrepresented groups by 2023.

Salesforce goal is to have 40% its employees be women identifying and nonbinary by 2026. The company also supports campaigns against racism, violence, and hate. The Human Rights Campaign named Salesforce the Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality. Forbes also announced Salesforce as one of America’s Best Employers for Diversity.

Learn more about Salesforce’s diverse workplace.

12. L’Oréal

L’Oréal is a leading cosmetic company focusing on quality and service innovations. The company prioritizes multicultural diversity in 150 countries among over 88,000 employees.

L’Oréal hosts initiatives to:

  • raise awareness of disability
  • provide multicultural mentorship programs
  • train vulnerable young professionals

L’Oréal works to reduce the gender pay gap and offer global paid parental leave for at least six weeks. Since 2007, L’Oréal has invested in training all employees on diversity and inclusion. The company does this by dispensing over 80 learning resources. The organization also provides accommodations for workers with disabilities.

Women make up over 69% of L’Oréal’s workforce and 58% of international brand directors. The Ethics & Boards Observatory and the Institute for Responsible Capitalism awarded L’Oréal the grand prize for diversity.

Learn more about L’Oreal’s diversity and inclusion leaps.

13. Walmart

Walmart is one of the world’s biggest retail stores. The company operates grocery stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and departmental stores. Walmart has a diverse employee base of 1.7 million in the US alone. About 39% of Walmart’s US management workforce are people of color. Also, women make up 54% of its global workforce and 53% of its US workforce.

The Walmart Foundation has pledged to contribute $100 million to racial equity. Such steps have made Walmart a trusted, diverse, and inclusive company. The retailer commits to diverse hiring, inclusive supply sourcing, and spreading inclusivity tenets.

Walmart recently launched the Culture, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion dashboard. The purpose of the dashboard is to achieve the company’s diversity goals. The dashboard provides monthly updated data on representation for hires, promotions, and exits. The organization also has CDEI modules and LGBTQ training that encourages inclusion.

Walmart scored 100% in the 2021 Disability Equality Index and Corporate Equality Index for the sixth consecutive year. In 2022, Walmart ranked #26 in DiversityInc’s top 50 US companies’ diversity list. Also, Fortune magazine placed Walmart in the top 20 Fortune 500 companies for diversity and inclusion.

Learn more about Walmart’s diversity and inclusion metrics.

14. Hilton

Hilton Hotels is an international hospitality company. The company grows, develops, and manages 7,061 properties globally. The hospitality company has a culture of bringing out the best in its staff and helping them bloom. The company’s approach to diversity and inclusion is comprehensive and transparent.

Hilton has served over 3 billion guests in its 100-year history. The company’s inclusivity programs map demographics like culture, skills, and competencies. The company conducts breakout sessions on inclusivity, respect, and building a safe environment. Hilton also has other programs targeted at:

  • millennials
  • military families and veterans
  • Hispanic and Latinx
  • African Americans
  • women
  • LGBTQ+

Hilton was on DiversityInc’s Top 50 Companies for Diversity in 2018. The company was also #1 in the Fortune Best Companies to Work For in the U.S. in 2019. Forbes also ranked the company as one of the best employers for diversity and women in 2020. Glassdoor has recognized Hilton’s commitment to diverse hiring. The Human Rights Campaign also rated Hilton 100% on the Corporate Equality Index.

Learn about Hilton’s diversity and inclusion values.

15. Deloitte

Deloitte provides audit, insurance, risk, and financial advice to companies worldwide. The Black Employee Network, Globe & Allies, and Women Network are some of its inclusion council and resource groups.

Deloitte subscribes to diversity and inclusivity at different levels, which include:

  • Diversity of customers: increasing the customer base through personalized products and services
  • Diversity of markets: responding to economic behaviors, such as the growing middle class
  • Diversity of ideas: listening to all innovative ideas
  • Diversity of talent: ensuring fair age profile, ethnicity, and sexual orientation employment opportunities

UK Best Places recognized Deloitte as a Great Place to Work in 2022. Deloitte also appeared on The Times‘ Top 50 Employers of Women in 2021. The company also ranked #12 in the Social Mobility Employer Index of 2021.

Learn more about Deloitte’s diversity and inclusion journey.


Equality, integration, and diversity are major issues in the global workplace. These factors affect organizations’ employment and culture and can influence public perception. Creating a work environment where employees feel heard is key to business success. Regardless of ethnicity, culture, or sexual orientation, every employee deserves to feel respected. Companies that put effort into that effect gain better branding, employee engagement, and growth.

For more DEI ideas, check out our articles on corporate social responsibility, diversity program ideas, Diversity Awareness Month ideas, and DEI books.

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FAQ: Diverse companies

Here are common questions and answers about diverse companies.

What are good examples of diverse companies?

Here is a list of diverse companies:

  • Sodexo
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Mastercard
  • Kaiser Permanente

These companies are pacesetters in diversity and are worthy of emulation.

Why is it important for companies to embrace diversity?

Companies that embrace diversity tend to have happier and healthier employees. Employees know their rights and feel respected in their work environment. Diversity also helps managers get the best out of employees’ talents and skill sets. Research has shown that diverse companies have a higher innovation revenue.

What can companies do to be more diverse?

Here is a list of methods companies can use to be more diverse:

Conduct diversity training
Provide targeted internships and scholarships
Create an inclusion council
Celebrate employee differences

Incorporating these principles into your company will introduce a sense of belonging.

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