124 Best Either Or Questions for Work: #1 List

By: | Updated: January 05, 2023

You found our list of fun either or questions for teams.

Either or questions are a type of icebreaker question to delve into people’s preferences. Examples include the beach or the mountains, hot dogs or hamburgers, and summer or winter. The purpose of the game is to get to know your colleagues’ preferences better, and bond with colleagues.

These questions are similar to This or That questions, yes or no questions, balance game questions, and would you rather questions.

This list includes:

  • either or questions for adults
  • funny either or questions
  • deep either or questions
  • controversial either or questions
  • food either or questions
  • hard either or questions
  • Christmas either or questions
  • either or questions for students
  • weird either or questions

Let’s get to it!

Either or questions for adults

  1. Wine or beer?
  2. Going out or staying in?
  3. Train or plane?
  4. Cook or do the dishes?
  5. Vacation to do lots of things or a vacation to do nothing?
  6. Movie theater or streaming service?
  7. Amusement parks or regular parks?
  8. Sporting event or concert?
  9. Online shopping or in person shopping?
  10. Doing laundry or vacuuming?
  11. Running or working out at the gym?
  12. Family reunion or friend reunion?
  13. Talk on the phone or talk via video conference?
  14. Go to bed early or stay up late?
  15. A day out with your family or a day at home to yourself?
  16. Work from home or work in person?

Funny either or questions

  1. Clowns or Mimes?
  2. Pants or no pants?
  3. Bad hair day or bad face day (look sick/tired when you’re not)?
  4. Bad music or bad movie?
    Socks with sandals or cargo pants?
    Celebrity gossip or true crime?
  5. Breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast?
  6. Underdressed or overdressed?
    Funny cat videos or funny baby videos?
  7. Meme reactions or GIF reactions?
  8. Getting tagged in an awkward photo or accidentally texting the wrong person?
  9. Ninja attack or pirate attack?
  10. Ghost hunting or Bigfoot hunting?
  11. Having a song stuck in your head or not being able to remember a name?
  12. Forget to wear underwear or wear a shirt with a stain?

Deep either or questions

  1. Win the lottery or win an election?
  2. Dating apps or meet by chance?
  3. Be loved or be feared?
  4. Work for money or work for a cause?
  5. Know how you’re going to die (method) or when you’re going to die (time)?
  6. Love or money?
  7. Family by blood or found family?
  8. Grand gestures or secret acts of kindness?
  9. Soulmates exist or are soulmates imaginary?
  10. Live in the same place or travel the world?
  11. Individual benefit or for the greater good?

Controversial either or questions

  1. Pineapple on pizza or no pineapple on pizza?
  2. Thermostat settings: for comfort or for energy efficiency?
  3. Book or movie?
  4. Kids or Pets?
  5. Recycle everything or throw everything in the trash?
  6. Leaving all your money to family or donating all your money to charity?
  7. Free college or free healthcare?
  8. Break up via text or ghost your partner?
  9. Remote work or in-person work?
  10. Keep tipping culture or introduce a flat rate for servers?
  11. Lying on your dating profile or lying on your resume?

Food either or questions

  1. Burger King or McDonald’s?
  2. Breakfast or dinner?
  3. Coffee or tea?
  4. Cake or pie?
  5. Chicken wings or nachos?
  6. Pizza or tacos?
  7. Dine-in or delivery?
  8. Chinese or Mexican?
  9. Picnics or barbecues?
  10. Chain restaurant or locally-run restaurant?
  11. Cilantro or cilantr-NO?
  12. Sushi or hibachi?
  13. Fast food or fine dining?
  14. Afternoon snack or late night snack?
  15. Healthy food or junk food?

Hard either or questions

  1. Live forever or be remembered forever?
  2. In an emergency: Save the day or save yourself?
  3. On the grid or off the grid?
  4. Explore space or explore the deep ocean?
  5. Get fired or get dumped?
  6. Cure all diseases or solve poverty forever?
  7. Work a low-paid job you love or a high-paid job that’s just ok?
  8. Reunite with an old flame or reunite with your childhood best friend?
  9. Get to talk to a deceased loved one for one hour or have a deceased pet come back to life for one year?
  10. Everyone has a specific purpose or life is what you make it?
  11. Time travel 20 years in the past or 20 years in the future?

Christmas either or questions

  1. Giving or receiving gifts?
  2. Decorating the tree or decorating a gingerbread house?
  3. White or Green Christmas?
  4. Homemade or store bought gifts?
  5. Pine smell or cinnamon spice smell?
  6. Gingerbread or sugar cookies?
  7. Classic Christmas carols or modern Christmas carols?
  8. Finish gift shopping months before or on Christmas Eve?
  9. Christmas with immediate family or Christmas with extended family?
  10. Christmas at home or Christmas trip?
  11. Eggnog or hot cocoa?
  12. Christmas breakfast or Christmas dinner?
  13. Ice skating or viewing Christmas lights?
  14. Real tree or fake tree?
  15. Secret Santa or White Elephant?
  16. Buy presents for everyone or each person draws a name, Secret-Santa style?
  17. Kid-friendly Christmas or adults-only Christmas?
  18. Cocktail parties or sit-down dinners?
  19. Christmas bonus or extra holiday time off?
  20. Naughty list or nice list?

Either or questions for students

  1. Arrive early to class or stay after class?
  2. Take notes by hand or by typing?
  3. In person or recorded lecture?
  4. Sports or music?
  5. STEM or humanities (history, literature, art, etc.)?
  6. Presentation or written test?
  7. Field trips or snow days?
  8. Pencils or pens?
  9. Winter break or summer break?
  10. Classroom learning or online learning?
  11. Be principal for a day or no homework for a week?
  12. Watching a movie in class or having snacks in class?
  13. Group projects or solo projects?

Weird either or questions

  1. Unwanted bald spot or unwanted hair?
  2. Sense of taste or sense of smell?
  3. Too long hair or too long nails?
  4. Ghosts or aliens?
  5. Sweaty or freezing?
  6. Sleep 24 hours straight or stay up 24 hours straight?
  7. Overly chatty Uber driver or creepily quiet Uber driver?
  8. Nosy neighbor or noisy neighbor?
  9. Mohawk or mullet?
  10. Secret room or secret snack stash?
  11. New car smell or top of baby’s head smell?
  12. BO or bad breath?
  13. Ride a horse or ride a unicycle?
  14. Ride in a clown car or ride in an ice cream truck?
  15. Your picture appears on money or have a holiday named after you?

Final Thoughts

Asking your coworkers an either or question is a great way to gain insight into their personality and their preferences. Whether the question is silly or serious, an either or question can deepen the bond between coworkers in a unique way. The only question that remains is to either ask one of these questions or not!

For more fun options, check out how well do you know me questions and rapid fire questions.

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FAQ: Either or questions

Here are answers to common questions about either or questions.

How do you play the either or game?

To play the either or game, ask question, give players a moment to think about their answer, and then go around and have everyone share their answers.

What are some good either or questions to ask coworkers?

Some good either or questions to ask coworkers include:

  • Going out or staying in?
  • Coffee or tea?
  • Live forever or be remembered forever?
  • Work from home or work in person?
  • Healthy food or junk food?

These kinds of questions can help you learn coworkers’ personalities and preferences and can result in some surprising answers!

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