Updated: September 02, 2023

10 Top Employee Discount Program Ideas for Work in 2024

You found our list of the best employee discount program ideas.

Employee discount program ideas are part of a benefits package that provides your workers discounted services or vouchers at popular online and high street retailers. Examples include a learning and development budget, retail discount vouchers, partner concessions, and mental health support. The program aims to help employees save money on everyday expenses like eating out, traveling, and grocery shopping. In addition, employee discounts improve morale, productivity, and general well-being.

These programs are a type of worker benefit and perk and employee incentive. These methods are often used in conjunction with employee recognition programs and as ways to motivate remote workers.

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List of employee discount program ideas

Workers value companies that show concern for their workers’ health and financial security. Consequently, putting money into benefits effectively decreases turnover while simultaneously boosting employee loyalty and commitment. As a result, employees can get more out of their paychecks and may subsequently invest in what matters most to them. The following are discount program ideas for your business.

1. Travel Discounts

Many companies offer travel discount programs as a valuable perk for their employees. Through partnerships with airlines, hotels, and car rental companies, employees can access exclusive discounts on a wide range of travel options. These programs aim to make adventures more accessible and affordable, whether employees are planning a vacation, family getaway, or business trip. By providing substantial savings on airfare, accommodations, and transportation, these programs contribute to better work-life balance. These benefits ensure staff members can explore new destinations and create lasting memories without breaking the bank.

2. Technology Discounts

Technology discount programs are becoming increasingly popular in the corporate world. Companies can collaborate with leading tech firms to offer reduced prices on cutting-edge gadgets, software, and devices. Such programs ensure that employees stay up-to-date with the latest innovations without the hefty price tag. An employee may be a tech enthusiast or simply need reliable tools for work. Technology discount programs provide access to laptops, smartphones, software licenses, and other tech essentials. This benefit enhances employee productivity and connectivity, helping them stay ahead of the curve.

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3. Childcare Services

Balancing work and family responsibilities can be a challenge for employees across various industries. To address this issue, numerous companies offer childcare service programs to support their workforce. These programs often involve partnerships with daycare centers and babysitting services, providing employees with discounted childcare options. Companies can ease the burden of finding trustworthy and affordable care for employees’ children. Whether an employee requires full-time daycare or occasional babysitting, these programs provide peace of mind. Ensuring access to high-quality childcare services is a testament to a company’s commitment to its employees’ well-being and work-life balance.

4. In-House Discounts

You do not need to make any specific agreements with other organizations to meet the requirements of your workers and company. A discount card for in-house goods and services may be a good option. You may reward your staff and boost your bottom line by offering them discounts on company goods and services at special rates. If you extend the deal to your workers’ loved ones, then you may see an uptick in business.

5. L&D Budget

A well-crafted discount program can be a strategic tool for addressing Learning and Development, or L&D, needs within a company. Businesses can offer their employees discounted access to valuable learning opportunities. For instance, firms can collaborate with educational institutions, online learning platforms, or professional training providers. This approach demonstrates a commitment to employee growth and incentivizes skill development. Employees are more likely to engage in L&D activities when they have a tangible benefit, such as reduced tuition fees, discounted courses, or subsidized certifications. Consequently, a well-structured L&D discount program can foster a culture of continuous learning within the organization. Learning programs can enhance employee skills, productivity, and overall performance. Additionally, this discount opportunity may boost retention rates by showing that the company invests in its employees’ professional development.

Read more about the importance of professional development.

6. Partner Concessions

As a valued customer, many of your vendors will offer your staff discounts on products and services like computers, printers, and printing services. Some companies may demand a minimum number of transactions each quarter, six months, or annually. In any case, this discount idea boosts your relationship with your staff and clients. You can contact your business partners to see if they have any rebate or concession plans. If any of your business partners is ready to make concessions, you can ask whether they offer discount cards or if your workers only need to show ID or an employee number at the point of sale.

7. Discount Dealers

When you either cannot find a discount card option that suits your needs or want to provide multiple discounts to your employees, consider working with a company that provides access to numerous discounts for products and services from a wide range of businesses. Some common employee discount websites include BetterWorks, PerksCard, Next Jump, or Abenity. For a price, these businesses, sometimes known as discount dealers, can assist you in locating, selecting, and administering a multiple discount scheme. These organizations often provide a website where your workers may shop for discounts and a discount account number or card with a number they can use at the point of sale, online or in-store.

8. Mental Health Support

Your workers’ mental health is essential. You can mitigate the cost of mental health care in several ways, including having access to therapy and counselors on call or through telehealth.

One excellent method of providing this discount program for workers is via an Employee Assistance Program. Employees can speak to a trained professional in complete privacy about any issues that may be causing them stress. In addition to providing workers with access to confidential support around the clock, EAPs also offer businesses the flexibility to assist their staff most conveniently.

Group meditation and mindfulness classes are low-cost alternatives. These options help workers tune in to their emotions, which is a critical first step toward mental wellness.

Check out mental health awareness ideas for work.

9. Reduced Lunches

Depending on your preferences, monthly lunches are an inexpensive choice for employee discount programs for small businesses. The shared experience of lunch has brought individuals of different cultures closer together for centuries. The same is true in the corporate world. This option is a wonderful way to express appreciation, recognize your staff, and foster camaraderie. In addition, free or discounted lunches can increase office morale since they allow employees to socialize outside the confines of their desks and break up the monotony of working hours.

Your workers are probably already eating out, so saving them money is a win-win situation. Discounts to local establishments are a nice bonus that may help employees make ends meet. Many discount programs provide discounts at various local businesses such as restaurants and cafés. For example, employees may get a free Uber Eats coupon via the program.

Free coffee is another discount option if you are not working with an astronomical budget. This option is underrated, but excellent coffee has a significant impact on companies all around the globe. By providing your staff with coffee, you are doing everyone a favor. You can treat employees to a cup of coffee from their go-to cafe instead of the instant coffee in the break room.

10. Movie Tickets

Employees let some steam off in many ways. For this reason, entertainment savings schemes are great perks to offer employees. For example, free or discounted movie tickets are a terrific option for your corporate discount program ideas. Giving workers the freedom to choose their entertainment ensures that every member will find an option they like and can share with their loved ones. This discount idea does not have to break the bank but should make the staff feel appreciated and special. Not to mention, this option will be popular with families looking for ways to entertain kids without breaking the bank.

The benefits of employee discount programs

Keeping employees happy is challenging even if you have a robust employee benefits package that includes several essentials. The following are the primary benefits of offering discounts to employees.

1. Improved Recruitment and Retention

An effective employee discount program can significantly improve a company’s recruitment and retention efforts. When job seekers evaluate potential employers, attractive benefits like employee discounts can be a deciding factor. Such programs make a company more appealing and demonstrate a commitment to employee well-being. In the competitive job market, a robust discount program can set a company apart, helping attract top talent. Further, these programs play a crucial role in retaining employees by enhancing job satisfaction and fostering loyalty. Employees who feel valued and supported through such initiatives are more likely to stay with the company long-term. This effect reduces turnover rates and associated recruitment and training costs.

2. Cost Savings

While implementing an employee discount program incurs some costs, the long-term benefits often far outweigh the initial investment. One significant cost-saving aspect is the reduction in turnover expenses. By retaining employees through the appeal of discount programs, companies save on recruitment, onboarding, and training costs associated with replacing staff. Additionally, the increased morale and job satisfaction coming from these programs can lead to higher employee productivity and reduced absenteeism. Moreover, companies often negotiate bulk discounts with program partners, letting employees access benefits at a lower cost than they would individually. In some cases, the tax benefits of offering specific discounts can further reduce costs for employers and employees. Overall, employee discount programs can be a strategic investment that pays off in terms of long-term financial stability and efficiency.

3. Employee Enjoyment

Some employees care more about your discount program than other perks like health insurance or life insurance. Your staff is hoping for money off at local businesses and on vacations. Discount programs for workers are a great way to show appreciation for employees’ hard work by giving them money off for the things they buy or do regularly anyhow. These programs are appealing because they enable employees to indulge in special treats rather than putting extra money towards bills. Plus, most folks love the thrill of scoring a sale. You may show your employees how much you value their efforts by taking advantage of employee discount programs for small businesses.

4. Improved Morale

Perks and discounts are great ways to show employees how much you value them and their work. With these reductions and freebies, you may create a fantastic workplace. You can acknowledge superior performance with a higher level of compensation. When shopping at the best brands in the world, both online and off, using a discount provider offers you more options with special corporate offers, discounts, and cashback.

Using a points-based system to recognize and reward workers has gained traction at several firms. When employees do well, the corporation pays them more generously.

How to implement an employee discount program

Employee discount programs strengthen ties between the company and its staff. Here are some points to keep in mind when creating a discount program for employees so that the relationship is long-lasting and beneficial to all parties involved.

1. Review the Related Products and Services

Most businesses start these initiatives by looking for products and services. First, it helps to find out the brands, products, or services that can be part of the discount program and if your staff will recognize these brands. It would help if you considered sticking to well-known, widely distributed names like Samsung, LG, or Toyota. Even if your worker does not regularly use these corporations, well-known brands demonstrate trustworthiness.

2. Choose Local Options

Employee discount programs that highlight local firms can potentially boost employee spending. Including indigenous options will increase the success of your discount program while also benefiting local businesses.

Businesses like pubs, restaurants, clothes shops, and movie theaters that workers frequent in their spare time are good candidates for inclusion if you are having trouble deciding which offers to include. These incentives often mean more to the employee, increasing the likelihood that they will continue to use the business.

3. Offer Exclusive Discounts

Offering exclusive discounts in your employee discount program can make a big difference. These special discounts show employees that you appreciate their hard work and loyalty, making them feel valued and unique. This method also helps your company stand out when recruiting new talent. Exclusive discounts boost morale, keep employees engaged, and make them more loyal to your organization. These offers can even turn employees into enthusiastic advocates for your company. By customizing these benefits to your employees’ needs and preferences, you create a program that aligns with your company’s values.

4. Consider the Discount’s Relevance

Whether you provide private or public discounts, the relevance of your offers to your employees will primarily depend on the depth of your values. Specifics, such as the typical price cut for the goods, should be crystal clear. In addition, you can ask your employees to know what discounts they prefer. The significance of medical procedure discounts and theft insurance is high. However, the underlying reality is that consumers spend far less money in these areas.

A significant portion of the income of the upper middle class is spent on flashy goods and services. This means that you should provide discounts on high-end or leisure items. For example, your office will benefit from the increased morale brought on by the usefulness of goods like smartphone coupons and vacation deals.

5. Consider Contract Duration

Your agreement with the company offering the discount program is also important. You should find out how long the contract is in effect and the notice period if you do not want to continue using the services. You also need to know if the agreement will automatically renew at the end of its term. You should keep these points in mind when making decisions.


Since discounts are crucial to rewarding and recruiting top employees, more and more companies are turning to services that give discounts via a wide range of shops.

Employee discount programs are often misunderstood as a way for workers to just save money or indulge themselves. However, reductions on big-ticket purchases like gadgets, automobiles, and even houses may help offset the interest that workers would otherwise have to pay, and discounts on daily necessities can add up to significant savings over time.

The best plan is always simple to adopt, requires little upkeep, and poses little danger. With the aid of the proper service provider, you can establish top employee discount program ideas for workers that are tailored to their specific needs. Which, if implemented, will unquestionably assist ease your company’s severe financial strain.

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FAQ: Employee discounts

Here are frequently asked questions about employee discount program ideas.

What are employee discount programs?

Employee discount programs are a common way for small business owners to show appreciation to their staff and inspire loyalty. Cards with a reference number or magnetic stripe are common in these schemes, and the employee uses them to get discounts at the point of sale.

How do you start an employee discount program?

To start an employee discount program, you need to review the associated products and services and what your employees would want. It would help if you also considered choosing local establishments.

What are some good employee discounts program ideas?

Some good program ideas include Mental Health Support, Movie Tickets. And Restaurant Discounts. Another idea you could consider is offering in-house discounts on your products and services.

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