Updated: January 01, 2024

25 Best Employee Wellness Gifts for 2024

You found our list of employee wellness gifts.

Employee wellness gifts are items that encourage and inspire self-care among workers. Examples of employee wellness gifts include fitness trackers, healthy snacks, and yoga equipment. These gifts set a tone of mindfulness and intentional well-being in the workplace.

These gifts are great items to hand out during holiday parties and employee appreciation events. You can also incorporate them into wellness programs around the office.

This list includes:

  • mental health gifts for employees
  • wellness gift basket ideas for employees
  • wellness swag ideas for employees
  • mental wellness gifts for team members

Here we go!

List of employee wellness gifts

From aromatherapy sets to soothing teas, here are some ideas for employee wellness gifts to give your team.

1. Essential Oils and Diffusers

Essential oils help reduce stress through their aromas and various chemical properties. Essential oil kits include bottles of floral and herbal fragrances that can soothe and energize the wearer. A carrier oil allows users to create wearable scents, while essential oil diffusers utilize a mist of purified water to deliver relaxing blends into the air. You can find selections packaged with small diffusers to provide your team with a variety of ways to utilize their aromatic oils.

A picture of an essential oil diffuser

Here is an example of essential oils and diffusers.

2. Massage Gift Cards

Massage relieves built-up stress that workers may not realize they are carrying. Gift cards to local spas and massage outlets invite employees to release the tension. Chains like Massage Envy have locations in most large cities, while smaller cities offer independent massage parlors that provide a range of relaxing massage procedures. With a gift card or certificate in an amount that covers a few visits, your worker can choose from a menu of techniques to receive the right massage to alleviate their aches and pains.

A picture of a gift card for Massage Envy

Here is an example of massage gift cards.

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3. Teas

Giving your team members comforting teas is an easy way to enhance employee wellness. Teas have less caffeine than coffee and can provide an energizing lift without overstimulation. You can create a basket of soothing black and green teas for coffee fans needing a boost or assemble caffeine-free herbal teas to provide daily well-being. Kits with complementary tea blends are easy to order from online outlets and send directly to your recipient or the office for personal delivery.

A picture of a selection of tea from Taylor's

Here is an example of teas.

4. Yoga Equipment

Practicing yoga can provide physical energy while bringing mental and spiritual calmness. With a simple yoga mat and a few blocks used for balance, you can launch your workers on their own wellness journey. For seated yoga, a yoga cushion can minimize spinal pressure and extend range of motion. Providing your team members with their own yoga tools will allow the group to start a wellness challenge with yoga as the central exercise. If your workspace has a multipurpose area or conference room, then you can reserve it for designated yoga breaks during the week.

A picture of a yoga mat, blocks, towels, and straps

Here is an example of yoga equipment.

5. Fitness Bands

Adding fitness bands to your wellness swag ideas for employees provides a fun and energizing gift to get your team moving and grooving. Bands are useful for increasing strength and muscle growth as well as promoting healthy full-body stretching and toning. You can choose from an array of vibrant colors and designs, from simple elastic loops to more sophisticated sets with comfortable handles for easier gripping. These fitness gadgets fit easily into a desk drawer and are ready for a quick workout whenever wellness inspiration strikes.

A picture of three fitness bands and a bag

Here is an example of fitness bands.

6. Aromatherapy Mists

Workers needing a quick touch of wellness can benefit from aromatherapy mists. These blends of essential oils and floral waters impart a sense of well-being with just a few spritzes around their personal workspace. When shopping, be sure to choose concentrated sprays that use non-synthetic chemicals to ensure the healthiest products possible. You can check ingredient listings to find sprays that utilize essential oils rather than fragrance oils, which have no therapeutic benefits.

A picture of a Zum mist bottle

Here is an example of aromatherapy mists.

7. Breathing Lamps

To get your team in a meditative mindset, give them lamps designed to help them control their breathing. These tools include LED lights in various soothing colors that create a gentle transition from light to darkness. By matching the pace of their breathing to the cadence of the light, users can slow their respiration to begin a relaxing pattern. Breathing lamps make it easy to tap into your body’s mechanisms to alleviate stress whenever the pressure builds. The gentle light can also provide sleep-inducing illumination at bedtime.

A picture of a Buddha lamp

Here is an example of breathing lamps.

8. Mindfulness Cards

You can help give your workers control of their sense of well-being by gifting them mindfulness cards. These pretty packs make effective mental health gifts for employees needing encouragement and motivation. Decks that include words of reassurance on every card provide tools to interrupt anxiety, inspire new ideas, and instill confidence. With illustrations that reinforce the verbal message, these cards can assist your team in moments of stress or uncertainty, gently prompting them in a more productive direction.

A picture of a pack of mindfulness cards

Here is an example of mindfulness cards.

9. Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers allow users to set and meet goals to make their wellness a daily priority. From counting steps to tracking heart rates, these wearable gadgets provide a visible guide to ensure your team keeps active throughout the work week. A smartphone app can store and compare user progress to make setting and achieving fitness goals easier. By gifting your staff their own trackers, you can coordinate challenges that energize and inspire the team to get in motion.

A picture of a fitness tracker

Here is an example of fitness trackers.

10. Healthy Snack Packages

You can gently guide your team into more mindful eating habits by introducing workers to a healthy snack package. These boxes are customizable by flavors, ingredients, and taste to ensure suitable options for each worker. Selections of nuts, dried fruits, and high-protein goodies make delicious wellness gifts for workers more accustomed to sugary treats. The difference in energy and productivity will emanate throughout the office thanks to a delicious upgrade to better eating.

A picture of a box of snacks

Here is an example of healthy snack packages.

11. Fidget Gadgets

Busy hands are sometimes necessary to keep productive thoughts flowing. By providing your team with fidget gadgets for their desktops, you help maintain their wellness with fun and functional gifts. Fidget spinners, magnetic sculptures, and clickers are all effective in aiding concentration. In addition, you can find branded fidget gadgets that include your company logo or a motivational quote. With a small collection of fidget gadgets in your wellness gift basket ideas for employees, you can remind your team that their well-being is crucial.

A picture of a group of fidget toys

Here is an example of fidget gadgets.

12. Desk Plants

Bringing the outdoors inside with desk-sized houseplants can deliver a refreshing supply of workplace wellness. Desk plants provide a touch of nature while also cleansing the air. Greenery selections like pothos and English ivy are easy to tend to and grow easily under fluorescent office lighting. Caring for plants also requires a sense of personal responsibility that can inspire mindfulness among your team. By giving each worker a small plant, you can start an employee wellness garden that beautifies as it purifies.

A picture of three house plants

Here is an example of desk plants, and read about more of the best plants for offices.

13. Sunlight Lamps

Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is a condition that affects workers during low-light winter months. The results are diminished energy and a reduced sense of well-being. Giving your workers small sunlight lamps can help lessen the effects of limited light exposure, keeping them in a more favorable state of mind. Sunlight lamps counteract the effects of SAD by mimicking the UV radiation of natural sunlight. The result is a more balanced winter experience and a happier workplace for your workers.

A picture of a sunlight lamp

Here is an example of sunlight lamps.

14. Healthy Cookbooks

Employee wellness may be a matter of improved nutrition. By gifting your team cookbooks focused on healthful eating, you give your workers an advantage that can benefit them in and out of the workplace. Books that emphasize balanced diets and plant-heavy dishes are readily available in an array of domestic and international cuisines. You can find individual titles that suit each team member’s personal tastes or choose a single volume that covers a range of recipes to satisfy the whole crew.

A picture of a cookbook titled Well Plated

Here is an example of healthy cookbooks.

15. Food Sensitivity Testing Kits

For workers with food-based allergies and sensitivities, finding a sense of wellness is often challenging. Food sensitivity testing kits allow users to obtain a breakdown of which ingredients cause their allergy flare-ups. This personalized analysis empowers eaters by exposing an array of food issues that may have gone undiagnosed. By knowing which foods to avoid, your team members can begin finetuning their diets and reaping the benefits of proper eating, setting them on a path to well-being that will benefit them in a significant and long-lasting way.

A picture of a food sensitivity testing kit from everlywell

Here is an example of food sensitivity testing kits.

16. Sleep Masks

For team members needing better sleep, the gift of a sleep mask makes a helpful and easy-to-use solution. Made of soft, lightweight fabrics, sleep masks slip easily over the user’s eyes to block out ambient light that can make it difficult to fall asleep. The added darkness allows sleepers to awake in sheer darkness during the night, avoiding intrusive illumination from alarm clocks and household sources. Some masks include lavender-scented sachets or essential oils for an added touch of relaxation.

A picture of three different sleep masks

Here is an example of sleep masks.

17. Calm Gift Cards

The Calm meditation app provides guided meditations that can assist stressed workers in finding their happy places. Calm charges a monthly fee that lets users access a selection of bedtime stories, tonal sounds, and verbal prompts designed to alleviate stress while providing renewed energy and sharpened focus. Users can customize their experiences, making Calm gift cards personalized mental wellness gifts for team members who need help relaxing. Workers who currently use the app with their smartphones or tablets will appreciate a top-up, while new users can benefit from the gift of a trial subscription.

A picture of a gift wrapped box

Here is an example of Calm gift cards.

18. Weighted Blankets

For anxious sleepers who respond to tactile pressure, a weighted blanket can make the difference between restlessness and a restful night. Rather than light fiberfill, these blankets contain heavier materials such as sand or microfiber beads. The result is a gentle pressing that reduces overstimulation and helps calm the user, allowing them the chance to drift off peacefully. If you know of team members who respond to this sort of deep pressure stimulation, then the gift of a weighted blanket is a valuable and thoughtful investment in their wellness.

A picture of a woman reading a book with a blanket

Here is an example of weighted blankets.

19. Soft Noise Machines

Soothing sounds make great soundtracks for workers who need ambient noise reduction in their workspace. Gifting your team soft noise machines will allow them to choose the level of sound that suits them. These devices offer a range of sounds, including water and nature sounds, gentle music, and white noise. By controlling the surrounding auditory stimulus, your team members can customize their work environment to create an engaging and productive experience.

A picture of a small black speaker

Here is an example of soft noise machines.

20. Shower Steamers

For a soothing spa-like relaxation treatment, give your team a small set of shower steamers. While bath bombs create a fizzing effect and deliver exciting botanical perfume, shower steamers provide a calmer therapeutic experience. Available in relaxing lavender and energizing eucalyptus and mint, these tablets release scented steam when activated by hot water. The effect is a sensory slowdown that brings warmth and fragrance together in a soothing wellness cloud. A few minutes with this gently aromatic steam can cause a wellness shift that lasts beyond the shower’s end.

A picture of a bag of shower steamers

Here is an example of shower steamers.

21. Ergonomic Chair Supports

Office chairs can be notorious back breakers due to poor design and durability. If your team has trouble keeping comfortable at their desks, then ergonomic chair supports make great employee wellness gifts that can help remedy the situation. You can choose from a variety of shapes and designs that include seat cushions, lumbar braces, and neck supports. By adding a few pieces to their existing chairs, your team gets an upgrade from the cheap seats to the VIP suite.

A picture of a cushion

Here is an example of ergonomic chair supports.

22. Neck Massagers

Many workers carry tension in their necks, creating a cascade of pain and posture issues in their spine and limbs. With the gift of a neck massager, your team can work out the kinks before their neck pain becomes more worrisome. You can find foam rollers in sports therapy outlets online that provide a rolling neck massage for more mobile users or heated neck braces that deliver warmth to loosen stiff muscles. Handheld neck massagers allow users to control pressure with squeezable devices designed to knead the tissue gently. When choosing the right neck massager for your workers, be sure to consider the model that will work best for their needs.

A picture of a woman using a neck massager

Here is an example of neck massagers.

23. Infusion Water Bottles

Any gift that encourages your team to hydrate is an employee wellness gift worth giving. By adding fruit and vegetable essences to the mix, your workers can enjoy flavored water throughout the day. The infusion process adds flavor and sweetness using only what the fruit or vegetable contains. No added sugars or strange chemicals compromise the healthful benefits. Your team can enjoy the light, natural elements the infusion chamber lets through for clean drinking.

A picture of two water bottles filled with fruit

Here is an example of infusion water bottles.

24. Acupressure Mat

By gently pressing on pressure points along the back and limbs, an acupressure mat gives users a home version of an authentic spa-like treatment. These mats use a layer of beads or silicone nubs to recreate the acupressure process. The relaxation response an acupressure mat produces can release tension throughout the body, leading to elevated wellness and a much-needed sense of calmness for your workers. You can give these helpful devices to encourage a new level of self-care in the comfort and privacy of employees’ homes.

A picture of a blue spikey mat

Here is an example of acupressure mats.

25. Memory Foam Pillows

A pillow with poor support can prevent your workers from getting a good night’s sleep, resulting in a deficit of wellness that carries throughout their day. Gifting your team memory foam pillows can help restore their restfulness and renew their energy levels. Different shapes and firmness of memory foam provide distinctive support. If you choose to give memory foam pillows as employee wellness gifts, then you can survey your team to find out what level of firmness they prefer in a pillow before purchasing. Asking ahead of time will minimize the need for returns and make your life and theirs much less stressful!

A picture of a memory foam pillow

Here is an example of memory foam pillows.


Employee wellness gifts are an ideal way to show your commitment to the health and well-being of your team. By choosing items that make sense for your workers, you can demonstrate awareness of your workers’ health needs. While shopping, be sure to choose a wellness gift for yourself so you can join in on the office mindfulness movement too!

To make other gift-giving occasions special, read about Employee Appreciation Day gifts and unique gift boxes for workers.

FAQ: Employee wellness gifts

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about employee wellness gifts.

What are employee wellness gifts?

Employee wellness gifts are presents that encourage the well-being of your workers. These gifts can be for personal use at home or in the workplace.

Why should you give employees wellness gifts?

You should give employees wellness gifts to demonstrate your commitment to their health and sense of well-being in both the workplace and daily life. By providing wellness-oriented gifts to your workers, you invest in their comfort and happiness, which can lead to greater productivity and job satisfaction for your crew.

What are good employee wellness gift ideas?

Good employee wellness gift ideas include neck massagers, subscriptions to healthy snack services, and meditation apps. You can also gift items that improve sleep, such as weighted blankets and sleep masks.

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