Updated: May 01, 2023

80 Fun Fact Or Fiction Questions For Work in 2024

This is a list of the best fact or fiction questions for team building.

Fact or fiction questions are statements that are either true or false. Trying to guess which is which is when things get fun. Examples include: “The Leaning of Tower of Pisa does not actually lean, it is a fun name. (Fiction).” “Some calculations estimate that the universe is home to 2 trillion different galaxies.” (Fact) The purpose of this activity is to have fun and bond with your team.

Fact or fiction is a type of question game similar to trivia questions. You can use this game as  virtual team icebreakers or virtual energizers.

This list includes:

  • funny fact or fiction questions
  • fact or fiction questions about yourself
  • fact or fiction questions for teams
  • work fact or fiction questions
  • fact or fiction questions and answers
  • science fact or fiction questions
  • history fact or fiction questions
  • pop culture fact or fiction questions

Let’s get to it!

Funny fact or fiction questions

  1. In June 2020 a British bakery threw a birthday party for their 65-year-old sourdough starter. (Fact)
  2. Jaguars have the strongest bite of the animal kingdom but the smallest teeth. (Fiction)
  3. To avoid flashing aviation lights, The Tower of Terror, Orlando, is exactly 199ft tall. (Fact)
  4. Potatoes have eyes but grapefruits have ears. (Fiction)
  5. Singapore has banned durian fruit from the entire country due to its notorious smell. (Fiction)
  6. Cows hate country music. (Fact.)
  7. A man once wore 60 shirts and 9 pairs of jeans to the airport to avoid extra fees. (Fact)
  8. Polka dots enrage geese. (Fiction)
  9. A Hooters waitress once sued the restaurant chain because after winning a sales contest she thought was for a new Toyota, she received a toy Yoda figurine instead. (Fact)
  10. Bacon cheeseburgers are illegal in China. (Fiction)

Fact or fiction questions about yourself

  1. I know how to fly a hot air balloon. (Fact/Fiction)
  2. I have a tattoo nobody can see. (Fact/Fiction)
  3. I secretly troll random people with silly posts on the internet. (Fact/Fiction)
  4. I fronted a band in middle school. (Fact/Fiction)
  5. I only leave positive reviews on Yelp. (Fact/Fiction)
  6. I put away my laundry as soon as I finish it. (Fact/Fiction)
  7. I am related to a celebrity. (Fact/Fiction)
  8. I have traveled to another country this year. (Fact/Fiction)
  9. I can speak three or more languages. (Fact/Fiction)
  10. I have a pet with a human name. (Fact/Fiction)

Fact or fiction questions for teams

  1. The 40 Elephants was the name used by London’s first documented all-female gang. (Fact)
  2. The ideal team size is 10 to 15 people. (Fiction)
  3. The Legion of Super-Pets is a team of super-powered animals which fight crime together. (Fact)
  4. The average office chair with wheels travels 27 miles per year. (Fiction)
  5. Monet, Manet, and Van Gogh launched a covert smear campaign against Renoir. (Fiction)
  6. In Japan, falling asleep at your desk is not taboo. In fact, the act is often seen as a sign of diligence and hard work. (Fact)
  7. At a multimillion-dollar tech company, an HR representative once played a prank and entered a dog into the employee database. However, they forgot to delete the pup on that day, and the error wasn’t discovered until a month later, after which the pooch received a large paycheck! (Fiction)
  8. Pyramid-Schemers is the most commonly chosen team name during Egypt-themed team building events. (Fact)
  9. A group of hippopotami is called a bloat. (Fact)
  10. In 2015, Taylor Swift unsuccessfully tried to trademark the word “squad.” (Fiction)

Work fact or fiction questions

  1. Leonardo da Vinci wrote the first resume in 1482. (Fact)
  2. The Netherlands has the shortest work week in the world at 29 hours per week. (Fact)
  3. Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest building in the world and features 300,000 sq ft of office space. (Fact)
  4. In 1942 a group of mafia bosses started National Boss’s Day. (Fiction)
  5. The first conversations around standardizing paper sizes took place in 15th century Norway. (Fiction)
  6. “Full time Netflix viewer” is an official job that actually exists. (Fact)
  7. 65% of kindergarten students want to be firefighters when they grow up. (Fiction)
  8. In the eighties, a man was once charged with a felony after being revealed to have stolen coworker lunches every day for two years. The charges, however, were eventually dropped at the victims’ request. (Fiction)
  9. Employees in colder offices tend to make fewer errors than employees in hot offices. The ideal temperature for focus seems to be around sixty-eight degrees. (Fact)
  10. One single company owns 90% of the vending machines in US office buildings. (Fiction)

Fact or fiction questions and answers

  1. Ms. Marvel’s Kamala Khan lives in Jersey City, NJ. (Fact, Kamala Khan is a Jersey girl and lives in Jersey City with her family.)
  2. James Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Williams, and Rosalind Franklin worked together to write the ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe. (This is fiction. They actually worked together to discover the double helix structure of DNA.)
  3. Chinese-American abstract expressionist painter Bernice Bing used the nickname Bingo. (This is true. Friends and family called Bernice Bing, Bingo.)
  4. The ‘flying V’ is popular among Canada Geese because V is their favorite letter. (Fiction! Birds travel in this formation to help with communication and to keep track of all the birds in their flock. Flying in formation also reduces wind resistance. This makes it easier for birds to migrate long distances. Canada Geese take turns leading the ‘V’ to avoid burnout.)
  5. Billionaire Richard Branson once staged an elaborate prank in which he paid over 100 random employees, staff at local businesses, and even family members to convince his assistant that they had never heard of the country of Scotland and that she must have imagined the entire nation. (Fiction! No word that this ever happened, however, Branson is quite the prankster. In 1989, he staged a fake UFO sighting that almost led to him getting arrested.)
  6. If you Google “cat” and click the paw print button that appears in the sidebar, cartoon cat arms will appear and tap ever space on the page you click. (Fact! This trick also works for the word “dog.”)
  7. Geckos lick their eyeballs to moisten them because they lack eyelids. (Fact! Most Gecko species lack movable eyelids and use their tongues to prevent their eyes from drying out, especially in hot, desert climates.)
  8. A man once tried to sue Nintendo after a woman canceled all future dates upon hearing him recite the first 151 Pokemon in order. (Fiction! If this ever happened, nobody knows about it!)
  9. A snake milker is an official job title. (Fact! These animal handlers milk venom from poisonous snakes, not milk!)
  10. Halloween is one of the busiest days of the year for pizza orders. (Fact! In fact, during many years, Halloween actually surpassed the Super Bowl as the day with the most pizza orders.)

Science fact or fiction questions

  1. The Eiffel Tower grows up to 6 inches over the summer. (Fact)
  2. The composition of a star is fire and ice. (Fiction)
  3. The human heart beats 27 times per minute. (Fiction)
  4. Your eyes can always see your nose but your brain ignores it. (Fact)
  5. Venus is one of two planets that rotate clockwise. (Fact)
  6. Uranus was originally named “Georgium Sidus,” or George for short. (Fact)
  7. The Celsius and Fahrenheit scales are the same at -40 degrees. (Fact)
  8. The newest addition to the periodic table was added in 2012. (Fiction)
  9. Astacology is the study of crawfish. (Fact)
  10. There are more individual species of mosquitoes than general species of mammals. (Fiction.)

History fact or fiction questions

  1. At the start of its voyage, the Titanic had 20,000 bottles of beer, 1,500 bottles of wine, and 8,000 cigars on board. (Fact)
  2. Since the fire of 1666, Shakespeare’s Globe is the only building in London allowed to have a thatched roof. (Fact)
  3. During WWI Australian troops smuggled kangaroos to the warfront as mascots. (Fact)
  4. The word “serendipity” comes from the old Persian word for Sri Lanka, Sarandib. (Fact)
  5. Blackbeard the Pirate hosted an annual gathering of pirate captains in the Maldives. (Fiction)
  6. Early US President John Quincy Adams used to regularly swim naked in the Potomac River. (Fact)
  7. The Caesar salad was named for Julius Caesar. (Fiction)
  8. The shortest war in history lasted only 38 minutes. (Fact)
  9. The Netherlands was the first country to officially legalize same-sex marriage. (Fact)
  10. The notorious 79AD erruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii had less than 50 survivors. (Fiction.)

Pop culture fact or fiction questions

  1. NYT crossword puzzle editor Will Shortz helped Jon Stewart propose to his girlfriend. (Fact)
  2. Selena Gomez can play many instruments, including the cello, violin, and trumpet. (Fiction)
  3. In 1981 country music legend Johnny Cash was almost killed by a revenge-seeking ostrich. (Fact)
  4. Parque Warner, an amusement park in Madrid, Spain, is home to a Scooby-Doo-themed tea cup ride. (Fact)
  5. Marilyn Monroe inspired the look of Disney’s Tinkerbell. (Fiction)
  6. Game of Thrones’ Night Watch cloaks are made out of rugs from IKEA. (Fact)
  7. Dolly Parton once lost a Dolly Parton lookalike contest. (Fact)
  8. Cher’s daily breakfast consists of a grapefruit and a shot of tequila. (Fiction)
  9. Andy Warhol was once commissioned to design a US postal stamp, but President Nixon vetoed the project because he thought Warhol was too much of a hippie. (Fiction)
  10. The actor who plays Creed Bratton on The Office is actually named Creed Bratton in real life. (Fact)

Final Thoughts

Playing games allows teams to relax, especially after a busy or hard week. Games can reveal hidden strengths and interests and different facets of coworkers’ lives. Fact or Fiction is a great alternative to trivia. You can also customize the game to include facts about your company or team. Revealing if a statement is fact or fiction, is the best part. Watch as teams connect over being right, being wrong, and cheering for the one person that got it correct. Fact or Fiction is an excellent way to make group memories, reconnect, and build better bonds.

For more fun, check out sample trivia topics or trivial pursuit questions and answers.

FAQ: Fact or Fiction

Here are answers to common questions about fact or fiction.

How do you play Fact or Fiction?

Fact or Fiction is very easy to play. First, choose your favorite real and fake statements. Next, write the statements on cards or take turns reading them out loud. Try including facts about your company or team too. You can also invite teammates to stump the group with their own fact or fiction statements. When inviting coworkers to share, set the tone and break the ice by going first. You can play together as one big group or individually. For even more team bonding, create teams. Small group work allows for more detailed conversations and connections.

You can play just for fun, or bring competitive energy to the table by keeping score. Include scorekeeping when playing with individuals or teams. Each time a player or a team chooses the correct answer they get a point. The player or team with the most points wins.

What are some fun fact or fiction questions to ask at work?

Some fun fact or fiction questions to ask at work include:

  • The average water polo player swims 1,600 meters in a game. (Fact)
  • Penguins and toucans live on different continents because they are mortal enemies (Fiction)
  • Bangkok was the most visited city in 2022. (Fact)
  • Keanu Reeves turned down the role of Paddington Bear in 2014. (Fiction)
  • The world’s largest choir performed in India with 121,440 people. (Fact)

Fact or Fiction is a great addition to your team building activity roster. This exercise is an easy way to break the ice or break up the work week with a little trivia and some fun.

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