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16 Fun Games to Play with Friends and Coworkers

You found our list of fun games to play with friends and coworkers.

Fun games to play are challenges that facilitate interaction between participants and foster bonding in a relaxed way. Examples include Scavenger Hunts, Blind Contour Drawing, and Goodie Bag Skits. The purpose of these activities is to help participants engage with each other outside of work. While there are tons of games that teams can play, the ideal choice depends on the demographics of the participants.

These games are similar to team building games for the office, team building exercises for work, or office challenges. These exercises are some of the best ways to improve team cooperation at work.

This list includes:

  • fun games to play with friends
  • fun games to play with coworkers
  • fun games to play at school
  • fun games to play at home
  • fun games to play when bored

Let’s get started!

List of fun games to play

Fun games can become an integral part of team building routines. While there are tons of team building activities, your choice of games should be fun and light-hearted. From Icebreaker Bingo to Human Knot and Memory Wall, here is a list of the best games participants will enjoy playing with friends, coworkers, or students.

1. Goodie Bag Skits

The Goodie Bag Skits game is a great way to get your team out of their comfort zone. If you have a large team, then you can divide players into groups of five to ten participants. You can start by preparing goodie bags for each group with different items. Then, give each team five minutes to look at the items, devise a skit, and present it to all participants. For instance, you could have two pens, a notebook, and a phone. Participants could then develop skits that players can use to sell the pens. Groups are free to be creative and use the goodie bags to base their performances. The Goodie Bag Skit is an entertaining game that fosters collaboration and teamwork among players. You are free to simplify the Goodie Bag Skits as per the available resources.

2. Who Da Baby?

Who Da Baby? is one of the most fun games to play with coworkers. The game will have every participant laughing at their colleague’s baby pictures. You can start by requesting all participants to bring two photos of themselves up to age five. Then, mix up all the pictures and start the fun activity. Then, pick pictures one at a time, show the photos, and challenge players to match the baby faces to their coworkers.

The player who gets the most guesses right earns points and bragging rights. After the game, you could let all participants tell amusing memories about the picture. Who Da Baby? will bring out funny childhood memories and can create a sense of diversity among colleagues and friends.

3. Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunts are fun games to play when bored at work, school, or even home. With little preparation, this activity can foster stronger bonds between players and promote creativity. If you have a large group, then you can start by dividing players into teams of up to ten participants. Then, provide a list of activities or items that players will find within a specific timeframe.

Examples of Scavenger Hunt ideas:

  • Photo scavenger hunts- The photo hunt idea is a great way to get evidence upon the completion of prompts or engage participants in fun picture-taking tasks. For instance, you can give a prompt where participants snap a picture of a sleeping pet.
  • Videos- Video scavenger hunts will encourage interaction among participants. Just be sure to include activities that require participants’ teamwork. For instance, folks can pair up and recreate a popular video within two minutes.
  • Hidden QR codes- QR code scavenger hunts are a clever way for team leaders to incorporate hidden or specific objects into a game. You can also use scavenger hunt apps like Scavify to prompt your team to complete different activities.
  • Location scavenger hunts- Location-specific scavenger hunts will encourage participants to visit and explore specific locations. For instance, remote or in-person participants can take pictures in a popular restaurant.

Scavenger Hunt inspiration is endless. We encourage team leaders to go outside the norm when looking for scavenger hunt ideas. Be sure to push participants to go beyond their comfort zone, with all safety measures in place.

Here are some great scavenger hunt ideas and templates and scavenger hunt ideas for adults. Also, check out this list of scavenger hunt apps.

4. Flip-It-Over

If you want your workforce to understand the importance of teamwork, then the Flip-It-Over game is a great option. You can start by grouping participants into teams of up to six players. Then, provide each group with a blanket. Once all group members stand on the blanket, instruct the team to flip the covering without standing on the ground or getting off the fabric. The Flip-It-Over game will teach players creative thinking and also highlight problems that can arise if one player does not cooperate.

5. Icebreaker Bingo

Icebreaker Bingo tops the list of fun games to play with coworkers. To play Icebreaker Bingo, you can start by making cards with personal questions and prompts. Then, give participants time to interact. Players will then mark a square with the names of other team members who fit the description on the card. The player who gets the five squares in a column or row shouts ‘Bingo’ wins.

Examples of Icebreaker Bingo prompts:

  • Has a snack box in the office
  • Has two dogs
  • Took a cruise within the past year
  • Loves running
  • Does yoga
  • Is a great cook
  • Is a morning person
  • Can sing in a band
  • Is vegetarian
  • Is a wine connoisseur

Icebreaker Bingo will encourage team members to interact and learn fun facts about themselves.

Check out this free icebreaker bingo card generator.

6. Pencil Drop

Pencil Drop is a fun activity that players of all ages will enjoy. For this game, you can provide participants with a string, a pencil, and pop bottles for each team.


  1. Group participants into pairs
  2. Provide each pair with a pencil that has a string tied in the middle
  3. Let each team member tie the excess string around the waist so that the pencil is between two players
  4. Participants will walk to a pop bottle and lower the pencil into the water

If you find the Pencil Drop game too simple for your team, you can devise a more challenging version. For instance, you could blindfold one player and let their teammate lead them into dropping the pencil into the pop bottle.

7. Blind Contour Drawing

If you are looking for fun games to play at home, then Blind Contour Drawing is a good bet. In the exercise, team members will draw the contour of an object without looking at the paper. You will need drawing materials, including a large sketchbook, cardboard, tape, and pencils.


  1. Start by pairing participants and let one player stand behind the other participant.
  2. Place the cardboard in front of the two members and use tape to secure a sketchbook on the first player’s back.
  3. The second player will draw on the sketchbook on the first player’s back.
  4. The first participant will draw on the cardboard by following the partner’s hand movement.

The Blind Contour Drawing game is a fun way to enhance team members’ observation skills.

8. Four-Way-Tug-of-War

Tug of War is a familiar game to most folks. Rather than playing the usual two-way game, you can give the activity an interesting twist with a multidirectional turn. You can start by dividing participants into three or four teams. Then, tie the ropes in a way that accommodates three to four groups simultaneously. The three or Four-Way-Tug-of-War will bring out a competitive spirit among all participants. Teams will also test their physical strength and spot room for improvement where needed.

9. Blindfold Puzzle

The Blindfold Puzzle is one of the best fun games to play at school for students of any age. The activity is ideal for large groups and does not require much preparation. However, you must get a large open space to accommodate all players.


  1. Split players into smaller groups of up to eight participants. Then, let participants choose their team leaders.
  2. Blindfold all students other than the team leaders and hide clues in the open space
  3. Team leaders will only lead the groups with verbal instructions

The team that collects all the puzzles first can remove their blindfolds and complete the challenge. The Blindfold Puzzle is a fun way to help students interact. You can also use this activity to encourage leadership among participants.

10. Hopscotch

Hopscotch, a favorite game among kids, is an excellent way to loosen up colleagues at work. In this activity, players use their hands and feet to make it to the other end without falling over.


  1. Start by getting an open space where participants can hop around.
  2. Print out a mix of foot and hand images.
  3. Mix the foot and hand images and glue them on the ground with tape.
  4. Let each player move to the other end by stepping on the foot images and tapping the hand pictures upon instruction by the team leader.
  5. Any player who fails to tap the hand image or falls over exits the game.

If you want to make the Hopscotch game more challenging, then you can place the feet images further apart. Also, ensure that all players dress appropriately for the activity.

11. Rock, Paper, Scissors Competition

Rock, Paper, Scissors is a seemingly simple yet fun game for friends, colleagues, or students. Most players may already know the rules of the two-person game. If not, the steps are easy to explain. Players simply use their hands to make symbols at the same time.


  • Flat hand = paper
  • Fist = rock
  • Two fingers = scissors

Rock crushes scissors, scissors cut paper, and paper covers rock.

Beyond playing the game on its own, you can also use this activity to determine playing order or settle ties in other games.

Given the ease of planning, Rock, Paper, Scissors is a game that teams can play without much planning.

12. Dog, Rice, Chicken

If you want to encourage creative thinking among your team, then the Dog, Rice, and Chicken is a fantastic choice. You can start by selecting one team member for the role of the farmer. The other participants will play villagers who help the farmer make a difficult decision. The farmer wants to return home with her three purchases, the dog, rice, and chicken. However, he has to cross a river and can only carry one item at a time. If the farmer leaves the dog with the chicken, then the dog will eat the chicken. The chicken will also eat the rice if unsupervised. Team members will devise a way for the farmer to cross the river and bring all his purchases home safely.

13. The Human Knot

The Human Knot tops the list of fun games to play at school. You can start by requesting students to stand in a circle. Then, let all participants hold the hands of students on the left and right side but not learners right next to them. Participants will then untangle the knot without releasing their hands. Players are free to use creative ways to untangle the knot, such as by jumping, squeezing through the gaps, or ducking. The human knot is a great way to introduce new workers and teach communication skills.

Here is a guide to doing the human knot.

14. Balloon Questions

If you want team members to learn more about each other in a fun way, then you can try the Balloon Questions game. The game does not require much planning other than purchasing balloons, pieces of paper, and pens equivalent to the number of participants.


  1. Give each player one balloon, a pen, and paper.
  2. Instruct every team member to write a question on the form and slip it into the balloon.
  3. Teams can then blow and release the balloon into the room but push it furthest possible.
  4. Let each player pick a different balloon other than their own
  5. Participants will then pop the balloon and answer the question

If you have a team of fewer than 15 players, then you could let each player answer all the questions in the balloons.

Here is a list of random questions.

15. Two Truths One Lie

If you are looking for fun games to play with friends, then the Two Truths One Lie activity is a fantastic pick. While the game may seem simple among friends, participants may be shocked by surprising details about their confidants. The game’s goal is for participants to guess the true phrases and the one lie. The Two Truths One Lie game will foster deeper bonds among friends in a fun way.

Check out more question games to play with friends.

16. Memory Wall

One of the easiest ways companies can relieve positive work experiences is through the Memory Wall game. To start the activity, jot down a theme on a whiteboard. Then, let players write down memorable workplace experiences.

Examples of themes:

  • Work travel
  • Dining
  • First day at work
  • Best day at work
  • Team outings
  • Team support

Participants can then share their memories with other team members along the themes. Encourage participants to write uplifting and positive memories. The Memory Wall game will foster deeper bonds among participants and encourage workers to create a positive workspace.


Fun games are fantastic ideas that will bring groups of friends, coworkers, or students together. Companies that incorporate a game and activity culture in the workplace report a positive work culture and increased productivity. We would encourage team leaders to plan fun games weekly if possible. Team leaders can squeeze some of these quick games into the team’s daily schedules without interfering with the work routine.

Next, check out this list of Zoom team building games or this detailed article about unusual team building activities for work.

FAQ: Fun games to play

Here are answers to common questions about fun games to play

What are some fun games to play with friends & coworkers?

Games are some of the easiest team building activities for friends and coworkers. These challenges help participants to develop a higher level of interaction that can lead to long-term positive relations. Some fun games you can play with friends and coworkers include Two Truths One Lie, Blindfold Puzzle, and Four-Way-Tug-of-War.

How do you play fun games with coworkers or friends?

If you want to develop deeper relations with coworkers or friends, then you cannot go wrong with fun games. However, choosing activities that will interest all participants may not be easy. You can start by considering participants’ demographics, such as age, interests outside work, and personalities. If you realize that one game does not interest participants, then we advise that you be quick to choose another fun challenge.

What games should you play at work?

Work monotony can be a hindrance to your team’s productivity. Hence, entities should focus on fun team building activities for workers. Some games you should play at work include Pencil Drop, Who Da Baby?, and Flip-It-Over.

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