Updated: January 01, 2024

29 Top Gifts for Bosses, Leaders, and Managers

You found our list of the best gifts for bosses.

Gifts for bosses are presents you can give your employer or manager. Examples include gift cards, office accessories, and leadership books. The purpose of these gifts is to express your gratitude for their efforts and leadership or celebrate milestones.

These ideas are examples of work from home giftsemployee gifts, and boss day gifts.

This article contains:

  • unique gift for bosses
  • Christmas gifts for bosses
  • farewell gifts for bosses
  • thank you gifts for bosses
  • expensive gifts for bosses
  • thoughtful gifts for bosses

Here we go!

Personalized gifts for bosses

An ideal present would show consideration but is also suitable for a business setting. The gift you choose can also strengthen your relationship with your boss and improve your professional development. If you want to show your employer your appreciation, then you can consider one of these personalized gifts.

1. Onyx Black Double Hunter Mechanical Pocket Watch

A picture of an open pocket watch

The Brelsen Mechanical Pocket Watch is a classic timepiece that goes well with any outfit. This pocket watch is meticulously crafted by hand, emphasizing quality and style. The black watch features a skeleton face on a white Roman numeral dial and a gold interior. Shoppers can engrave the polished front and back cases for personalization, making the watch a great gift for bosses. The watch also has a 40-hour power reserve. Best of all, this gift comes with a matching chain in a gift box with a cleaning cloth.

Learn more about the Onyx Black Double Hunter Mechanical Pocket Watch.

2. Engraved Marble Bookstyle Bookends

A picture of two marble bookends holding up a book

This unique gift for bosses is the perfect addition to any bookshelf! The Engraved Marble Bookends are a unique and practical gift. These bookends resemble real books and make a thoughtful present for avid readers. Shoppers can add a personal touch by engraving custom text or a quote to commemorate special occasions like awards or retirements. Additionally, shoppers have the option to use a preexisting logo or select free artwork. Customers can choose their preferred font style and enter the desired text for engraving. Personalized Engraved Gifts’ skilled art department will format the text and provide a proof for approval. Teams can elevate their gifting with these elegant and personalized marble bookends.

Learn more about Engraved Marble Bookstyle Bookends.

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3. Wood Art Print

A picture of a wooden picture of a tree with some words

This beautiful print makes for a unique and thoughtful gift. You will get a print on a thin, semi-flexible piece of maple wood veneer that is perfect for framing. You can get this style in three different dimensions. No two pieces will appear exactly alike due to the inherent variation in wood grain, but this feature further distinguishes your thoughtfulness in selecting this present for your superior.

Check out this wood art print.

4. Acrylic Wall Plaque

A picture of a clear plaque with a logo on it

Wall plaques made of acrylic, a kind of plastic recognized for its durability and transparency, are a popular form of wall decoration. This item can be decorative or display informational or promotional materials. Whether you want to impress or thank your employer, this personalized photo acrylic plaque is a perfect choice.

Check out the acrylic wall plaque.

5. A Lumbar Throw Pillow

A picture of a throw pillow with snowmen on it

If you are looking for nice Christmas gifts for bosses that will cushion your coworker’s back, then consider this soft monogrammed lumbar throw pillow. This one-of-a-kind throw cushion is a thoughtful and long-lasting gift.

Check out lumbar throw pillows.

6. Boss Lady Christmas Ornament

A picture of a Christmas ornament that says "Boss Lady"

An old-fashioned Christmas ornament will wow your employer with its refinement and beauty. This item looks lovely when grouped with other decorations on a wall during the holiday season. This ornament is perfect for decorating a Christmas tree, door, window, or any other part of the home during the holidays.

Check out this boss lady Christmas ornament.

Gift cards

Gift cards may seem impersonal, but they can actually be great thank you gifts for bosses. Here are some ideas to consider.

1. A Fancy Dinner or a Cooking Class

If your boss is a foodie, then a gift card for a cooking class could be the perfect gift. You can treat your boss to a fancy dinner with a gift card or by paying for the experience outright. This idea is a great way to show appreciation and allow your boss to relax and enjoy themselves. You can look for options that match their interests and taste preferences. To make your gift extra special, consider pairing it with a nice bottle of wine or a set of fancy utensils.

2. A Day at the Spa

A gift card for a day at the spa can help your boss relax and unwind. The spa gift card can cover options like massages, facials, or manicures to help your boss pamper themselves.

3. A Local Attraction or Activity

If your boss is a fan of local attractions or activities, then a gift card for an activity like a museum visit, a round of golf, or a wine tasting could be the perfect gift. You can explore options in your area that match your boss’s interests, and if you are unsure, you can always ask.

4. A Local Gym or Fitness Class

If your boss is into fitness, then a gift card for a local gym or fitness class could be the perfect gift. You could choose options like yoga, spin class, or weightlifting.

5. A Professional Development Course or Seminar

You can help your boss continue to grow and learn in their career with a gift card for a professional development course or seminar. For a personal touch, try finding options that match their interests and career goals.

Check out the best virtual gift cards to send coworkers.

Thoughtful gifts for bosses

Practical gifts tend to get good reception, especially if they make your boss’s job easier or more efficient. Here are some thoughtful gift ideas to consider.

1. The Vista Hammock

A picture of a man in a hammock that is outside

Adventurous and relaxed bosses alike will love getting the gift of relaxation from Yellow Leaf Hammocks! The firm has spent over three years designing The Vista to meet all customers’ relaxation dreams. This hammock features absolute comfort, hassle-free assembly, lightweight portability, and a sturdy frame. Yellow Leaf constructs The Vista with top-notch materials, featuring a jet-grade aluminum frame known for its lightweight strength. Additionally, the hammock has a powder coat finish for durability and weather resistance and TPU Cordura fabric in the backpack for protection against the elements. In just under a minute, users can set it up and start relaxing in their chosen spot. Some testers even set the whole assembly up in just 30 seconds! When it is time to pack up, the item neatly fits into the included backpack for easy transport. Whether relaxing on a mountaintop or lounging in the office, bosses will love this gift idea.

Learn more about The Vista.

2. OTTOLOCK Cinch 18-in. Combo Lock

A picture of a black combination lock

Bosses who bike to work will appreciate the practicality of this bike lock. Designed for quick-stop security and protection against theft, the item offers a lightweight alternative to traditional locks. This lock’s multi-layer steel and Kevlar band design make it highly cut-resistant. These features deter theft attempts with wire or bolt cutters. The Santoprene plastic and Cerakote paint prevent any scuffs or damage to your bike’s frame finish. With a resettable three-digit combo code, users can personalize access. Additionally, the coiled design allows users to easily coil the lock down to a mere three inches for convenient transport in a saddlebag, backpack, or pocket. Bosses can keep their bikes secure and enjoy peace of mind during their daily commutes with this reliable lock.

Learn more about the OTTOLOCK Cinch 18-in. Combo Lock.

3. A High-Quality Coffee or Tea Set

A picture of a black teapot and matching tea cups

Many bosses are coffee or tea lovers, so a high-quality set could be the perfect gift. You can consider options like a French press, pour-over set, or fancy teapot and cups.

Check out tea sets.

4. Luggage or Travel Accessories

A picture of a silver luggage scale

If your boss is a frequent traveler, then a nice luggage set or a travel accessory could be the perfect gift. A high-quality carry-on or a portable luggage scale can help your boss make the most of their travels. This option is one of the best farewell gifts for bosses.

Check out travel accessories.

5. Golf Clubs

A picture of a set of golf clubs

If your boss is a golf fan, then a nice set of clubs or a gift card for a round of golf is a great choice. You can find options from several high-quality brands. If you have the budget, then consider pairing the gift with a nice golf bag or a set of golf balls.

Check out golf clubs.

6. Birthstone Necklace

A picture of a green necklace in a box

Seeing your boss use a gift you got them can be heartwarming, so consider gifting them jewelry. This necklace has an exquisite raw gemstone hand wrapped in sterling silver to form the pendant. The chain comes in either rose gold, silver, or gold.

Explore birthstone necklaces.

7. A Book on Leadership or Personal Development

A picture of the book cover for "7 Habits of Highly Effective People"

These books can help your boss continue to grow and improve as a leader. Countless options are available, from classic works like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to more modern offerings like Radical Candor.

Check out leadership and personal development books.

8. A High-Quality Coffee or Espresso Machine

A picture of a coffee machine with two cups of coffee

Many bosses are coffee lovers, so good coffee or espresso could be the perfect gift. You can get coffee makers from top brands like Keurig or Nespresso, and consider pairing the present with gourmet coffee beans or syrup flavors.

Check out coffee machines.

9. A Fancy Bottle of Wine or a Craft Beer Set

A picture of a flight of four beers

An expensive bottle of wine or a variety of handcrafted beers might be the ideal present for your employer if they enjoy alcoholic beverages. You can choose from selections produced by reputable wineries or breweries and consider including a fine set of glasses or a beer opener to round off the present.

Check out this craft beer set.

10. A Set of Nice Coasters or a Drinkware Set

A picture of six glass cups and straws

This gift idea can help your boss help them maintain an orderly workspace or attractive home bar. For a truly one-of-a-kind piece, you can explore several designs and material choices, such as marble, wood, and even etched glass.

Check out drinkware sets.

11. High-Quality Office Headphones

A picture of silver Bose headphones

You can gift a good workplace headset as a present if your boss is often on conference calls or could use some quiet time to get work done. You can consider noise-canceling headphones that block out ambient noise and are comfy to use for extended periods.

Check out noise-cancelling headphones.

12. Unique Desk Lamps

A picture of a twisty lamp

​You can give your boss a boost of light and character by giving them a pair of stylish desk lights or a one-of-a-kind lamp. You may choose a lamp built from conventional materials, like wood or metal, or you can go for a unique design, like one constructed from recycled materials.

Check out unique desk lamps.

13. Office Furniture or a Home Office Accessory

A picture of a desk in an office

If your boss needs some new office furniture or wants to upgrade their home office, then this idea could be the perfect gift. You could get wood or metal furniture or go for a more unique design, like a standing desk or ergonomic chair.

Check out office furniture.

14. A Charitable Donation

If your boss is a philanthropist or values giving back to the community, then consider making a charitable donation in their name. This donation could be to a nonprofit organization your employer supports or a cause that aligns with their values.

Expensive gifts for bosses

If you want to give your boss an expensive gift, then here are a few ideas that might fit the bill.

1. Smart Mug with Temperature Control

A picture of a black mug

This mug is unique and has many potential applications in the workplace, particularly during the colder months. The mug allows users to heat their drink to their preferred temperature and maintain it for hours. This feature enables busy folks to make their drink anytime without worrying about reheating. These rare mugs make for one of the best thank you gifts for bosses.

Check out smart mugs with temperature control.

2. Suit Accessory Pack

A picture of blue ties and accessories

An expensive set of suit accessories, including a tie, cufflinks, a tie pin, and a brooch, is a great option as a present for a boss who works in a more formal atmosphere. This set is usable at the office and other formal events.

Check out this suit accessory pack.

3. Mini PuriCare System

A picture of a black air purifier

Gifting your boss a portable air purifier like the LG PuriCare Mini so they can breathe easier wherever they go is a kind gesture they will appreciate any time of year. This lightweight device includes a twin inverter motor and ultra-fine particle filter to provide strong airflow while weighing in at a little over a pound. In addition, the device has a companion screen that shows air quality and the filter state. The primary features include a rechargeable battery that lasts up to eight hours and a sleek shoulder strap for transport.

Check out the mini PuriCare system.

4. Back Massager with Heat

A picture of a black back massager

Back problems are common among office workers, whether working from home or the workplace. With this back massager, you can relieve the strain of sitting in front of a screen all day, which combines deep-tissue massage movements and heat to relax your muscles.

Check out the back massager with heat.

Important points to consider when choosing a gift for bosses

The following are a few general tips to keep in mind when selecting a gift for your boss.

1. Consider Personal Interests and Preferences

You should take the time to get to know your boss and what they enjoy, whether it is a particular hobby or a favorite type of food or drink. This step will help you select a gift that will truly speak to your boss and show that you took the time to get to know them.

2. Avoid Gifts That Are Too Personal or Inappropriate

While you want to show your appreciation for your boss, it is advisable to avoid gifts that are too personal or inappropriate. These gifts include items like clothing or jewelry that could pass as overly intimate or gifts that are too expensive or lavish for your workplace setting.

3. Do Not Go Overboard

It is important to show appreciation for your boss, but you do not want to come across as sucking up or trying too hard. You should avoid going over the top with your gift and keep it professional and appropriate.

4. Consider a Group Gift

If you work in a team, then consider going in together on a gift for your boss. This idea can be a great way to show appreciation and can also make it easier to afford a nicer gift. You can coordinate with your coworkers and ensure they are all on board.


Overall, finding the perfect gift for your boss can be a challenge. Still, with some thought and consideration, you can find an item that shows your appreciation and professionalism. Whether it is a high-quality coffee set, a personalized planner, or a gift card for a local attraction, plenty of options are available to show your boss how much you value their leadership and hard work. No matter what you decide to give, remember to put some serious thought and care into the present.

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FAQ: Gifts for bosses

Here are some frequently asked questions about gifts for bosses.

What are good gifts for bosses?

Many different gifts can be suitable for bosses, depending on your relationship with them and their personal preferences. A personalized gift, such as a monogrammed item or a custom-made piece of art, can be a thoughtful and unique present. A gift card to a local coffee shop, restaurant, or bookstore can be a practical and appreciated gift, especially if your boss enjoys spending their downtime at these places.

What should you give your boss for Christmas?

A gift that promotes wellness, such as a fitness tracker or a massage gift certificate, can be a great way to show you care about your boss’s well-being. You can also present Christmas ornaments for decorative purposes.

Is it ok to give gifts to bosses?

Giving gifts to your boss is generally acceptable, especially around the holidays or on special occasions such as birthdays or work anniversaries. However, it is important to keep company gift-giving policies in mind and not overstep any boundaries or appear to try to curry favor.

If you are unsure about whether to give a gift to your boss, then you could try asking colleagues or your HR department for guidance.

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