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You found our list of the best group activities in Atlanta, Georgia.

Fun group activities in Atlanta, GA, are events that get you and your team away from their work and life routine and to enjoy time together. Examples include Atlanta Beltline, The Great Guac Off, and Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse. These activities help participants learn about one another’s backgrounds, personalities, and teamwork.

These ideas are examples of big group activities for adults and ways to have fun at work. These activities are similar to Atlanta company outings and team building activities in Atlanta.

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List of fun group activities in Atlanta

If you are discussing fun things to do in Atlanta as a group, then consider the following ideas.

1. The Atlanta Beltline

This project converted the ancient 22-mile railway loop in the downtown region into a multipurpose paved route bordered by native flora and art pieces.

All the trails are accessible for hiking. However, only the Northside, Westside, Eastside, and West End Trails are complete. When completed, the beltline would be one of the biggest and most comprehensive urban rehabilitation schemes in the United States, linking 45 different communities via a network of 33 miles of multi-use paths and 2,000 acres of parks.

The beltline is a great place for a bike ride or a walk in the woods. You can choose an entrance and exit point and create your own shorter loop if you have time constraints. You may participate in marathons and races, or enroll in a fitness class. You can also enjoy outdoor art displays.

Learn more about Atlanta Beltline.

2. The Great Guac off

The Great Guac Off is an excellent idea for a memorable Atlanta-area office party. This exercise combines the fun of making guacamole with the benefits of working together as a team. Participants who think their guacamole recipe is the best in the group could be surprised. Professional facilitators will kick off your event by supplying every resource necessary for the mash-off, including dippers, group pictures, and prizes. You may have a team dinner and bring your alcohol if you wish. Participating guests may sample each other’s guacamole before voting for the best team based on criteria such as presentation and flavor. The Great Guac Off is a way to boost workplace morale and productivity.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

3. Ultimate Trivia Showdown

Ultimate Trivia Showdown is a fun and interactive team-building activity for businesses. You will have fun watching your employees battle to see who can get the most points by answering questions correctly. The professional performers hosting the event will first break teams into smaller groups. After that, the host will conduct rounds of quiz questions. It takes more than a wealth of random information to win these games, which are innovative twists on standard trivia forms. This event encourages collaboration and friendly competitiveness and throws players into a game-show-like setting. Ultimate Trivia Showdown is an excellent way for your group to have fun while learning to work together.

Read more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

4. Pride Trivia

Pride Trivia banner

Pride Trivia is a fantastic option if you are looking for group activities for adults in Atlanta to commemorate Pride Month. The trivia activity lasts for one hour and will educate and celebrate pride among your staff. Pride Trivia accurately depicts the lives of members who identify as LGBTQ. The significance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace will be a fun and fascinating topic for your staff. Hispanic Heritage Month and Women’s History Month are just two of the ethnic celebrations that have variations of team trivia throughout the year.

Learn more about Pride Trivia.

5. Minute Madness

minute madness

Your team will experience challenges at “Minute Madness,” a high-stakes business event. Workers will compete against the clock for a full hour to bring home the prize. Since Minute Madness involves physical exercises, it is best to host the event outdoors. The hosts can utilize your outdoor office in Atlanta or a rental location. Team members will learn teamwork and camaraderie via the exciting minute-long minigames.

Find out more about Minute Madness.

6. Bank Heist

Bank Heist works spectacularly if you want to explore the investigative side of your team. You will see groups think and work tirelessly to undo a bank robbery. To catch the leader that spearheaded the heist, your team will figure out how the gang circumvented the state-of-the-art security system. On the other hand, solving the mystery will not be as simple as the players may hope. The host will guide the participants through challenges and hints to help them solve the theft. Your team members will have a great time working together to foil the robbery before the clock runs out.

Learn more about Bank Heist.

7. The Center for Civil and Human Rights

This downtown landmark opened in 2014 and honored the American Civil Rights Movement and the worldwide Human Rights Movement. The building’s transparent glass front and two striking curving walls are only two elements of the building’s high-minded architecture, which was created to motivate people to take positive action. According to the architects in charge, the National Mall in Washington, D.C., Tahrir Square in Cairo, and Tiananmen Square in Beijing inspired the design. In addition, there are exhibition spaces and function rooms spread over three floors of the museum. Visitors will be able to see firsthand how Jim Crow laws and institutionalized racism shaped American society. The center delves into the struggles of many groups for fair treatment and analyzes the American public’s reluctance to criticize entrenched authority.

Learn more about the National Center for Civil and Human Rights.

8. Buford Highway

Buford Highway is a 35-mile road connecting Atlanta with the city of Buford. The Boulevard Highway is full of restaurants serving food from around the world, including Vietnamese, Peruvian, Chinese, Malaysian, Korean, Cuban, and Mexican. You can start your explorations at Lee’s Bakery, one of the few places to get a mix of great pho and banh mi. The food is typical of the treasures found along the way.

The crisp French bread and aromatic soup at Lee’s are hard to beat. Sushi Hayakawa has one of the best sushi in Atlanta, while Sokongdong Tofu House has authentic Korean cuisine, both of which are within driving distance of Panahar, a Bangladeshi restaurant.

Learn more about Buford Highway.

9. Splatter Studio

You can stop by Splatter Studio for an artistic endeavor to spark your team’s creativity. Whether you visit the original site in Ponce City Market, the new location in Virginia Highlands, or the original venue in Sandy Springs, Splatter Studio is a place where you can splatter any item with paint. Participants at Splatter get a disposable poncho, disposable shoe coverings, sanitized gloves and goggles, a 16 by 20-inch canvas, and splatter paint for their use throughout the hour-long event.

Learn more about Splatter Studio.

10. The Ponce City Market

At 2.1 million square feet, the Pounce City Market is the biggest brick building in the Southeast. The location has major retailers, local shops, fitness centers, and over 20 restaurants and food courts, including multiple James Beard Award-winning chefs. If you are looking for a good time, the management does a wonderful job organizing entertaining activities like culinary demonstrations, painting and candle-making sessions, and wine tastings. In addition, for a little ticket, you may ride a freight elevator to the roof, where you will find a collection of classic carnival games and spectacular city views below. This location is great for large group activities in Atlanta.

Learn more about The Ponce City Market.

11. Puttshack

You and your team can have fun late into the night in the summertime with a round of miniature golf at Puttshack. The fun spot in Atlanta is a high-end mini-golf club with cutting-edge technology where visitors may dine, drink, and battle with their pals for putt-putt bragging rights. After 8 pm, Puttshack hosts adult-only activities, so feel free to sneak in some late-night practice sessions with some of the venue’s fantastic drinks.

Learn more about Puttshack.

12. Atlanta’s Botanical Garden

This 30-acre paradise in the middle of Midtown attracts more than half a million visitors annually and is close to Atlanta’s lush Piedmont Park. The 600-foot-long Canopy Walk above the treetops opened in 2010 and roughly quadrupled the park’s area. Guests may have an elegant lunch at Longleaf, one of the few restaurants in the world to be located inside a botanical garden, after visiting the steaming orchid house and the edible garden of local plants. The Orchid Conservation Institute, the Conservation Greenhouse for endangered species, and the Program to Save Rare Frogs are all under the direction of ABG. The botanical garden is also a peaceful location for a walk.

Learn more about Atlanta’s Botanical Garden.

13. Little Five Points

Located at the crossroads of Euclid, Moreland, and McLendon Avenues in Atlanta’s east end, L5P is home to the Variety Playhouse, alternative clothing boutiques, vintage record shops, and many off-color restaurants. However, for a feel of what makes L5P unique, visit the Junkman’s Daughter, a store for novelties. Goths, hippies, and punks alike may discover the perfect souvenirs, attire, and artwork there.

Learn more about Little Five Points.

14. Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse

The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse is one of the most memorable locations in Atlanta. This place is a one-of-a-kind experience you will want to brag about for years to come. The location has the look and feel of a traditional tavern, with wooden tables and plenty of substantial, pub-style fare. Shepherd’s pie and draft beer will be available for your enjoyment before, during, and after the show.

Even more impressive than the visuals are the performances, which are Shakespeare’s actual works, in a more homey, rustic style with homemade costumes and roaming actors delivering the word delightfully. While Georgia may not ring a bell when talking about Othello and The Tempest, the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse proves that the Bard is alive and well in the Peach State. This Atlanta venue is ideal for small group activities in Atlanta and tends to fill up quickly. Therefore, if you are planning to visit, it is advisable to make a reservation as soon as possible.

Learn more about Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse.

15. Zoo Atlanta

Among the country’s top zoos, Zoo Atlanta dates back to 1889 and is one of Atlanta’s oldest cultural attractions. More than 1,000 animals of more than 200 species call the park’s 40 acres in Grand Park home. In addition to the usual zoo animals like elephants, lions, giraffes, bears, alpacas, tortoises, and flamingos, this zoo is notable for housing one of only three giant pandas in the United States and one of the largest numbers of great apes in North America. Whether you love the outdoors or want to view a particular animal, you will have a good time with your group.

Learn more about Zoo Atlanta.

16. The Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area

Though it is about 30 minutes journey outside of Atlanta, the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area is well worth the time and money if you and your group and comfortable with a side trip. The location has some of Georgia’s most breathtaking views. In the river, visitors may swim, raft, boat, fish, and tube thanks to the moderate current speeds.

Hikers and cyclists will enjoy the many paths around the area, and birdwatchers will appreciate the groves that attract many species to Georgia. You can also tour the derelict mills and industries that line the riverbank. One of the most intriguing sights is the charred remains of a fabric mill destroyed in a fire during the Civil War.

Learn more about the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.

17. Atlanta’s Historical Center

The Atlanta History Center, one of the city’s top attractions, was established in 1926 by locals passionate about preserving Atlanta’s past. The center became a reality in the 1990s to better showcase Atlanta’s political and cultural heritage. On display, you will find an extensive collection of Civil War-related works of art and artifacts, including Cyclorama: The Big Picture, a painting measuring 49 feet tall by 371 feet long. Other exhibits include written commentary on the Native American history of Georgia and Folk Art. The Swan House, formerly owned by one of Georgia’s wealthiest families, is only one of several impressive buildings on the 33-acre site with exhibits and archives.

Learn more about The Atlanta History Center.

18. Westside Park

The Bellwood Quarry morphed into a 280-acre park with panoramic views of the Toronto cityscape. Westside Park is a sight for sore eyes and a photographer’s dream. The park is large, with two and a half miles of paved pathways that circle a reservoir, and the entryway, built by Portman Architects, is sculptural and reminiscent of dinosaur ribs. The park has a playground for children and enough grassy areas for groups who want a picnic or spread out. Be sure to wear sturdy shoes because of the steep terrain!

Learn more about Westside Park.

19. Fernbank Museum of Natural History

The Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta, Georgia, is a place that makes heads turn. The building has massive walls, like a fortress, and life-sized dinosaur statues stand to watch outside.

Bones of extinct animals are visible in dramatic displays, and miles of fossil and gem collections reach out in every direction. Visitors can observe real animals and traverse suspended bridges outdoors in the “WildWoods.” The museum offers fun and entertainment, but it also has a valuable educational purpose. This location is one of the top options if you are looking for places in Atlanta to teach your group valuable lessons.

Learn more about The Fernbank Museum of Natural History.

20. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium

When the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta opened in 2017, it immediately became a landmark. The retractable roof’s shape is reminiscent of a falcon’s wing, and the transformation takes just a few minutes. The venue is remarkable because of the magnificent windows that provide a breathtaking panorama of the city from the escalators. You may go to a football game or a concert, but the excitement of an Atlanta United soccer game, usually played between February and October, is unrivaled.

Learn more about Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

21. King Historic District Tour

Akila McConnell, the company’s creator, and a historian, has poured many hours into researching the King Historic District Tour. The two-and-a-half-hour, the leisurely-paced walking tour covers around one and a half miles and provides an in-depth look at significant Civil Rights sites in the city and some of the neighborhood’s lesser-known histories. Even at total capacity, the tour’s limit of 14 passengers ensures that every participant gets personalized attention from their guide.

Learn more about King’s Historic District Tour.

22. The High Museum of Art

The High Museum of Art is one of the top museums in the Southeast, with a permanent collection of almost 17,000 exhibits. Located in Midtown, Atlanta’s art area, the campus stands out with its structures designed by famous architects like Renzo Piano and Richard Meier. This building has photography by Dawoud Bey, traditional European and American works, decorative arts, and other artifacts. Your group will have a swell time in this museum. When visiting, consider checking on the newest donation to the museum’s permanent collection from 2019. In addition, famous painters such as Eugène Boudin, Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Amedeo Modigliani, and Henri Matisse have their works displayed in the Doris and Shouky Shaheen Gallery. If you could only visit one gallery, then this art museum should top your list.

Learn more about the High Museum of Art.


Fun activities may remind employees that their efforts in the workplace benefit not just themselves but the group as a whole. These outings remind employees that success relies on teamwork and cooperation and gives team members a chance to appreciate coworkers’ non-work qualities. You should research fun group activities in Georgia and ensure every member is on board with the plan.

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FAQ: Fun group activities in Atlanta, Georgia

Here are frequently asked questions about fun group activities in Atlanta.

What are some good group activities in Atlanta, GA?

Some good group activities in Atlanta, GA include visiting the splatter studio, Puttshack, Atlanta Botanical Garden, and Little Five Points. Regardless of the activities you choose, your team members will benefit from the opportunity to collaborate and have fun outside their typical routine.

How do you plan fun activities for groups in Atlanta?

It is advisable to take some time to think about your goals for the fun activity before you begin. Identifying your desired outcomes will allow you to choose the most effective group activities. To foster more interdependence in the workplace, try using games, exercises, and activities that emphasize and promote trust.

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