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Here is our list of the best group activities in Baltimore, Maryland.

Fun group activities in Baltimore are fun exercises that you can engage your team in for recreational purposes in the Baltimore region. Examples include Urban Axes, Rage Room, and The National Aquarium. The purpose of these activities is to motivate your workforce to work as a team and develop employees’ strengths. These activities will also build trust among workers and mitigate workplace conflict.

These ideas are examples of group activities for adults and team building events. These activities are similar to corporate outings in Baltimore and Baltimore team building ideas.

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List of fun group activities in Baltimore

As the largest independent city in the U.S, Baltimore is a perfect venue for fun group outings for your team. From Fell’s Point to Druid Hill Park and Autobahn Indoor Speedway, here is a list of the best fun group activities that your team can enjoy in Baltimore.

1. Pride Trivia

Pride Trivia banner

Pride Trivia is one of the best group activities in Maryland that will foster inclusion in your workforce. A team of LGBTQ+ hosts will engage your team in trivia that celebrates pride and educates your workforce on the importance of inclusion. You can opt to run Pride Trivia in any location such as your office, rental locations in Baltimore, or conference centres. Pride Trivia will inspire pride and create a better sense of understanding among your workers. You can host Pride Trivia during Pride Month, and there are many versions of the game year-round to celebrate various occasions.

Learn more about Pride Trivia.

2. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off is a 90-minute guacamole-making competition that is fantastic for teams. Once you book the activity, a fun host will provide all the essentials your team needs to have a memorable event, including ingredients. Then, the host will lead your team through fun group activities that will leave attendees laughing and having a great time. Your team will then partake in the guac-making competition where you will crown the winning team based on taste and presentation. You can opt to add catering, BYOB, or gift bags to your event. You can run The Great Guac Off as a stand-alone event or add the activity to a work event to re-energize your team.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

3. Espionage!

Espionage! banner

If you have ever played Mafia or Werewolf, then you need to book your team Espionage! You will watch as your workforce release their inner child in the 90-minute event. A fun host will lead your team through a series of exciting games where participants will marvel at the unexpected twists. Each player will have specific roles in the challenges and puzzles that will be pivotal for the team to win. You will watch as attendees uncover spies in this social deduction activity.

Learn more about Espionage!.

4. Superhero Academy

Superhero Academy banner

If you want to see your team bring out their unique abilities to achieve a common goal, then you must try Superhero Academy. The 90-minute activity will have teams utilize their individual capabilities to defeat the villain and save the world. All participants will play as superheroes and race against time to defeat the villain that is plotting against them. Superhero Academy tops the list of group activities for adults in Baltimore that will foster teamwork, friendly competition, and creative thinking.

Learn more about Superhero Academy.

5. Bank Heist

Bank Heist is a team activity that will have your team race against time to unveil a crime that has occurred in the city. You will watch in awe as your workforce releases their investigative spirits to prevent the perpetrators from escaping. For 90 minutes, participants will figure out clues and solve puzzles that will reveal the whereabouts of the bank’s security at the time of the heist.

Learn more about Bank Heist.

6. Minute Madness

minute madness

Minute Madness is a fast-paced, physical challenge that will re-energize your team. For 60 minutes, a host will engage your team in a series of one-minute challenges. Every participant will strive to earn points by proving that they can complete the tasks better than other teams. Minute Madness is the best activity that you can use to engage your team in a friendly competition. While the activity is more suitable for outgoing teams, you can choose a version that suits timid groups. Since Minute Madness involves intense physical challenges, it works best in outdoor spaces.

Learn more about Minute Madness.

7. The Nevermore Haunt

If you are looking for Halloween group activities with your team, then The Nevermore Haunt is a good bet. The Nevermore Haunt is one of the best group activities for adults in Baltimore. As one of the highly-rated haunted houses in Maryland, the venue takes inspiration from Baltimore’s dark and sordid past. Your team will experience bizarre performances and frightful sights.

The Nevermore Haunt is an ever-changing attraction, and attendees will get a different thrill with every visit. Participants who want the scary experience can attend The Nevermore Haunt which features bizarre creatures, tortured factory workers, street urchins, and drowned sailors. Attendees who do not want the Halloween experience can try out Isaac’s Maleficent SideShow which features fortune tellers, fantastic performances, and magic. You can also grab food and drinks with your team at the on-site local food vendors.

Learn more about The Nevermore Haunt.

8. Urban Axes

Axe throwing at Urban Axes is a memorable experience. To start, a team of Urban Axes Axeperts will train your workforce on the art of axe throwing. Then, your team will have a friendly competition where you will crown a winner. The team of experts will also supervise your tournament and track scoring so that all participants can enjoy the sport. You will have a great time watching some participants go from no axe throwing skills to winners. You can BYO food and grab wine, beer, and soda at the venue’s full-service bar.

Learn more about Urban Axes.

9. Charm City Clue Room

Escape room games tops the list of fun things to do in Baltimore as a group. At Charm City Clue Room, your team will solve puzzles, decode clues, and escape the room within 60 minutes. Escape game rooms will teach your team critical thinking skills and teamwork.


  • Dark Carnival- There are mysterious killings of the D’Arco’s Carnival by an unknown assailant. You need to investigate and uncover the identity of the murderer. Since the murderer is still at large, you only have 60 minutes to get in, solve the mystery, and escape lest you become another victim.
  • Gangster’s Gamble- Enoch Johnson is unlawfully using the hotel as his safe house for the supply of prohibited drinks. Al Capone has put poison in one of the bottles, and you need to find the bottle before Enoch arrives.

Each room has a different set of mysteries and challenges that will challenge your team’s cooperation, leadership, quick thinking, and imagination.

Learn more about Charm City Clue Room.

10. Autobahn Indoor Speedway

Go-kart racing tops the list of fun things to do in Baltimore as a group. At the track, your team will let loose and build lasting memories. Participants will experience exhilarating races with the Italian-made electric pro karts, whether you choose the Mini Grand Prix, Grand Prix, or LE Mans. Willing participants can unleash their inner warrior via the Autobahn axe throwing experience. A qualified axe throwing coach will teach participants some trick shots and enforce safety measures. If you want to offer your team a premium adventure, then you can rent out the Autobahn venue and add catering options. Your team will have complete access to all amenities and unlimited racing without any distractions.

Learn more about Autobahn Indoor Speedway.

11. Maryland Zoo

As one of the third largest zoological parks in the U.S, a visit to the Maryland Zoo is one of the best group activities in Maryland that will inspire conservation among your workforce. The zoo is home to over 2,000 animals from more than 130 species. Your team will see phenomenal animals up close, including mammals, amphibians, birds, and reptiles. For instance, your team can have an immersive look into okapi training, otter training, tortoise feeding, rhino feeding, goat grooming, and penguin encounters.

Other than seeing the animals, you can let participants explore the venue’s rides and attractions. For example, attendees can enjoy the carousel ride, the Jones Falls Zephyr train ride, and explore the prehistoric forest that features a history of dinosaurs. Also, attendees can grab food and drinks from the in-house eateries and the vending machines throughout the zoo.

Learn more about Maryland Zoo.

12. Fell’s Point

As one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Baltimore, Fell’s Point offers teams a wide variety of fun group activities. From cozy boutiques and waterfront restaurants to the picturesque Belgian block streets, your team can have a fun-filled day in the area. The historic venue boasts over 300 buildings including Robert Long House, the oldest standing residence in Baltimore. Participants that want to shop can check out the Broadway Market which houses craft and antique stores, award-winning local and international eateries, and street fairs. Art lovers can pass by the art gallery and marvel at the fantastic work by the locals.

If you want your team to have a more immersive experience, then be sure to check out the list of annual festivals and events and book one for your team. Some of the yearly festivals that you can consider for a group outing include the fun festival, privateer festival, and the olde tyme Christmas festival.

Learn more about Fell’s Point.

13. The National Aquarium

With over 17,000 animals from more than 750 species, The National Aquarium tops the list of large group activities in Baltimore that you can enjoy with your team. Your team will have a wonderful time as attendees see aquatic characters like sharks, crocodiles, birds, reptiles, and a diverse collection of plants. You can also  let participants experience the interactive animal encounters, 4D immersion films, and expert talks. Some notable stops include the Blacktip Reef which features zebra sharks, whiptail rays, and blacktip reef sharks.

If you want your workforce to have a special tour, then be sure to check the The National Aquarium’s special tours and events that run throughout the year. With a mission to inspire conservation of the global aquatic treasures, the aquarium’s awe-inspiring exhibits will educate your team on the importance of marine life. Admission to The National Aquarium gives your team an-all-day access, so be sure to let attendees grab food and drinks at the venue’s eateries.

Learn more about The National Aquarium.

14. Fort McHenry

A team visit to Fort McHenry is a historic tour where participants will learn the inspiration behind the country’s national anthem. The fort is renowned for its successful defense of the city during the Battle of Baltimore, and a tour of Fort McHenry will appeal to history and nature lovers. Your team can experience flag talks, raise a replica of the Star-Spangled Banner, and immerse themselves in ranger programs. The venue also boasts free national parks and grounds open to the public. Willing participants can run, bike, or stroll the fort as attendees soak in the amazing views. You can even organize a team picnic at the park after the Fort McHenry historic tour. If you are looking for small group activities in Baltimore to celebrate Defenders Day, then be sure to check out the parades, living history demonstrations, and fireworks shows at Fort McHenry.

Learn more about Fort McHenry.

15. Druid Hill Park

Druid Hill Park is the third oldest park in America by establishment and the first large municipal park in Baltimore. The 745-acre park offers visitors picnic areas, athletic fields, historic monuments, and even a golf course. Your team can stroll around the park or partake in friendly sports competitions such as basketball, tennis, and golf. Weather permitting, you can also let participants swim at the park’s pool. You can also attend a farmers market, biking tours, outdoor fitness sessions, and live entertainment events based on your team’s interests. Be sure to stroll the botanic gardens and the Zen Garden and take some team pictures for memorabilia. There are also a wide variety of restaurants where you can grab food and drinks with your team nearby.

Learn more about Druid Hill Park.

16. The Walters Art Museum

If you have team players who have an interest in ancient art, then The Walters Art Museum is an excellent pick. The museum holds a permanent collection of ancient art that includes examples from Rome, Egypt, Nubia, Etruria, and the Near East. Your team will walk through an array of furniture, textiles, arms, and jewelry from global artisans. Highlights include the Praxitelean Satyr, the alabaster reliefs, the Walters Mummy, and Greek gold jewelry. Attendees will also view a vast collection of art from Asia, the ancient Americas, the Islamic world, and Medieval Europe. The team tour to The Walters Museum will bring attendees together and inspire inclusion as teams learn about the importance of every historic piece.

Learn more about The Walters Art Museum.

17. Rage Room

Rage Room is one of the best venues for large group activities in Baltimore. You can let participants select a few fun activities or choose one or two activities for the entire team. Rage rooms allow teams to release pent-up anger and work out frustrations. Participants will break items such as glassware, electronics, ceramics, plastic, and cars. Then, let attendees experience the airsoft target range where participants will shoot electronic targets at varying distances and heights. Your team can also have a friendly axe-throwing competition or engage in the paint splatter activity. Finally, be sure to pass by the selfie arena and let participants take pictures near the outrageous settings.

Learn more about Rage Room.

18. Patterson Park

If you are looking for fun group activities in Baltimore, then Patterson Park is a great bet. The urban park consists of a lake, open fields of grass, large trees, playgrounds, a swimming pool, and paved walkways. One of the best activities that you can engage your team in the summer is ice skating at the in-house skating rink or swimming. The park also has a boat lake that permits fishing and smooth pave ways that are perfect for jogging or biking. Be sure to let participants explore the park’s major features such as the Patterson Park Observatory and the Pulaski Monument.

Learn more about Patterson Park.

19. Baltimore Beach

As the only beach that is within the city’s limits, Baltimore Beach is a popular spot for group outings. Based on Rash Field on Baltimore’s Inner Harbour, the beach is renown for hosting volleyball leagues. The beach has seven volleyball courts that you can use to engage your team in a friendly competition. You can also hold a beach-themed picnic and let attendees soak in the views from the Inner Harbour. Teams can relax as they sunbathe and eat snacks from the numerous food trucks in Baltimore Beach.

Learn more about Baltimore Beach.


From historic marvels to a thriving arts culture and diverse cuisines, Baltimore is a culture-rich city that is a delight to explore. The Inner Harbour is one of the most famous sights in Baltimore, so be sure to explore the world-famous attraction. If you are unsure of the kind of activities your team will enjoy, then consider taking suggestions from your workforce. These fun group activities will encourage collaboration and help to maintain positive energy at work.

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FAQ: Fun group activities in Baltimore

Here are questions about fun group activities in Baltimore.

What are some good group activities in Baltimore, MD?

Choosing the type of team activity may not be easy if you have a large or diverse team. With a large team, you can choose several attractions and let attendees select one activity they want to experience. However, some good group activities in Baltimore that your team can enjoy include The Walters Art Museum, Charm City Clue Room, and Maryland Zoo.

How do you plan fun activities for groups in Baltimore?

A successful group activity requires prior planning. You can start by researching the type of activities that your workforce will enjoy. Then, proceed to call the attractions and book slots for your team. While some activities require the input of all participants, be sure not to restrict attendees from exploring their interests.

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