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Here is our list of the best group activities in Chicago, Illinois.

Fun group activities in Chicago are indoor and outdoor experiences that can bring your team together in the city. For example, your group can explore Adler Planetarium, have an exciting laser tag experience at Lazer X, or bowl at 10 Pin. The purpose of these activities is to create an avenue for groups to bond with each other, foster teamwork, and encourage creativity.

These ideas are examples of group activities for adults. These outings are similar to Chicago team building events and corporate events in Chicago.

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Here we go!

List of fun group activities in Chicago, IL

Group activities can increase productivity, encourage creativity and foster respect among the participants. From throwing axes at BATL Chicago to exploring The Field Museum, here are the best activities ideal for groups in Chicago, IL.

1. Hidden Stripey Guy

Solving the mystery relating to the hidden stripey guy is one of the fun things to do in Chicago as a group. Hidden Stripey Guy is an interactive scavenge hunt that will get your team working together in 90 minutes. Your group will explore a neighborhood in Chicago and attempt to decipher the hidden stripey guy’s whereabouts. Along the way, teams will participate in fun and interactive challenges and stumble upon fun photo opportunities.

Learn more about Hidden Stripey Guy.

2. The Great Guac Off

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The Great Guac Off runs a guacamole-themed activity in Chicago. You and your team will enjoy fun group activities like trivia, House Builder, and a guacamole competition.

You can host The Great Guac Off in your office, a park, or a rental location. The facilitators can provide catering so you can share a meal with your group during the event. The Great Guac Off is one of the fun activities in Chicago that promotes team bonding, healthy competition, and collaboration in just 90 minutes.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

3. Mix N’ Mingle

Mix N’ Mingle provides a social environment for you and your group members to connect. You will have a host lead you through the 90-minute networking session. The event is interactive and bound to spark engagement among attendees. Aside from a strengthened relationship, you will have a lot of fun doing team-building activities designed to facilitate communication.

Learn more about Mix N’ Mingle.

4. Bank Heist

Bank Heist is a fun activity that will challenge you and other participants in 90 minutes. Your mission revolves around figuring out how a bank heist took place.

You will put on your detective gear to look into the bank’s security and the means used by the heist perpetrators to breach the vault. Also, you and your groups will work together to reveal the masterminds behind the crime. This activity is a problem-solving challenge similar to a murder mystery minus the murder, or an escape room minus the locked door.

Learn more about Bank Heist.

5. 10 Pin

10 Pin is one of the largest bowling venues in Chicago that provides a unique and fun-filled bowling experience. With about 24 bowling lanes and two premium lounges, 10 Pin is one of the best locations for large group activities in Chicago. Each bowling lane has a table and a dedicated staff to ensure that you have a memorable experience. Your group can make a reservation or walk into the center.

10 Pin also features facilities for enjoying ping pong, pool, and shuffleboard table games. The bowling center also provides an excellent dining service for guests.

Learn more about 10 Pin.

6. The Field Museum

The Field Museum houses nearly 40 million artifacts and specimens on the Lake Michigan shore in Chicago. The museum opens daily for public visits. Admission ticket pricing starts at around $30. You can explore different cultures and have a peek into the past and present world through the museum’s exhibitions, including Jurassic Oceans, Grainger Hall of Gems, and Insider Ancient Egypt. You will find dining areas nearby, including the Field Bistro.

Learn more about The Field Museum.

7. Mini Golf at Big Mini Putt Club

Big Mini Putt Club features a nine-hole indoor mini-golf course where your group can have a fun experience. The holes have a structure that avoids the golf ball, making the game more challenging but fun. You can bring your own putter and drinks.

Big Mini Putt Club offers various leagues and tournament games. Six members compete with other teams in league games to be the champion. A round of 9 holes costs about $15 per player. You can spend 30 to 45 minutes playing on the course. Big Mini Putt Club also features a full-service bar serving tasty tacos, burgers, and sandwiches.

Learn more about Big Mini Putt Club.

8. Lazer X

Lazer X is one of the best laser tag facilities in Chicago, with about 6,500 sq. ft. of play space. The arena is an excellent location for group activities in Illinois with a fully lit play space with cool lighting effects. You can have up to 30 group members playing together.

Laxer X features various animatronic effects, fog, and energetic music to create a futuristic gaming environment. Your experience at the arena can last up to two hours.

Learn more about Lazer X.

9. Escape Artistry

Escape Artistry provides fun escape rooms that will take your group on an adventure to the past or the future, depending on your reserved room. Several themes are available for booking. For example:

  • The Dollhouse: Your task is to reveal the identities of psychotic murderers.
  • Duck & Cover Classroom: You and your group will help an agent retrieve radioactive materials.
  • Roaring Dan’s Pirate Dungeon: A group of pirates on Lake Michigan captured you. You must escape before the leader returns.

Playing Escape Artistry games is one of the fun group activities in Chicago. Your group can plan to spend up to 90 minutes at the escape center. If you book a private party, then you can have more players in the room. Escape Artistry also offers printed and audio materials to make the rooms accessible to nearly all players.

Learn more about Escape Artistry.

10. Adler Planetarium

Adler Planetarium is a museum of stars, planets, and constellations for entertainment and education. You can enjoy a mystical experience any day of the week at the museum.

The facility hosts different events and shows like Destination Solar System, Imagine the Moon, Planet Nine, and Sky Watch Live. The museum offers a discount for group visits. Also, reservations are necessary to guarantee entry into the planetarium. During your visit, you can also explore the museum’s interesting exhibits. For instance, Chicago’s Night’s Sky features a collection of star maps and celestial globes. The Doane Observatory is home to the largest public telescope in Chicago. Also, the Mission Moon exhibit gives your team America’s first space experience through the lens of Captain Lovell.

Learn more about Adler Planetarium.

11. Shed Aquarium

The most fun things to do in Chicago as a group include exploring Shed Aquarium. Located on lakeshore drive, the Shed Aquarium is home to many aquatic animals your team can learn about by touring the institution. The facility provides an enthusiastic tour guide to take you around the aquarium.

You can also enjoy special experiences like the Sea Otter Tour, Penguin Encounter, Shark Feeding Tour, and Beluga Encounter. The touch experience also gives you a closer look and feel of these sea animals.

Learn more about Shed Aquarium.

12. Axe Throwing at BATL Chicago

BATL Chicago is a great location to throw axes with your group. Before throwing, a coach will show you the basics and give you safety instructions. Then you will practice for a short period to get the hang of the activity.

BATL aims at keeping axe throwing fun and light for your team. The venue provides a casual and a premium package, the latter allowing your group to have a dedicated coach and throw for an extended period. In addition, you can bring your food and relax with your team at the end of your adrenaline-pumping axe-throwing activity.

Learn more about BATL.

13. Cooking Class at The Chopping Block

The Chopping Block is a cooking school that teaches attendees in a fun way. Your team will learn to cook from highly skilled chefs at The Chopping Block. You will enjoy a minimum of 90 minutes of culinary experience in a private kitchen with a multi-course menu and knowledgeable staff members to provide guidance.

In addition, you can reserve a cooking party for at least six guests. The cooking school also organizes a contest where your group members will compete to create a meal with a mystery recipe. In the end, the staff will decide the winner.

Learn more about The Chopping Block.

14. Virtual Reality at Redline VR

Redline VR is a virtual reality arcade and escape room in Chicago that offers over 65 games. The gaming center has nine HTC Vive Pro headsets and haptic controllers for a fun 3D experience.

A virtual reality specialist is available to guide you on using the headset and help you choose the best experiences. With single-player and multiplayer game options, Redline VR promises a delightful experience. The gaming center also has a full bar serving a variety of beers, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages. If you are planning small group activities in Chicago, then Redline VR is an excellent venue.

Learn more about Redline VR.

15. Indoor Skydiving at IFLY

IFLY is an indoor skydiving center where you can have an exciting experience with your group. When you are ready to skydive, you will get a helmet and suit to wear over your clothes. Afterward, a staff member will check you in, and a world-class flight instructor will show you the basics of indoor skydiving. Then you can have an adventurous flight.

Your instructor will be available to help you through your flight duration. Skydiving is an exhilarating experience, and IFLY is one of the best places for your group to experience this excitement.

Learn more about IFLY.

16. The Second City

The Second City is a well-rated comedy club in Chicago with different theaters in the same location. You can watch fun shows like Queer Eye, Improv Brunch, and Comedy Sportz. You can also watch an improvised murder mystery performed by the comedians. The fun part is that guests get to choose the show’s detective.

The Second City organizes various programs to teach groups skills like writing, stand-up comedy, and acting. With the writing program, you can learn the basics of sketching comedy scenes, including how to write for talk shows and animation.

Learn more about The Second City.

17. Sakura Karaoke Bar

Creating memorable experiences at Sakura Karaoke bar is one of the fun group activities for adults in Chicago. You will find a dance floor with a led lighting system and a karaoke stage at the lounge. Sakura Karaoke also offers eight private VIP suites and two separate bars.

The private rooms can accommodate different group sizes. Sakra Karaoke Bar has over 10,000 western and eastern songs. Also, a touch screen panel is available in the rooms for you to select your favorite songs from the system. Furthermore, you can enjoy various Asian and western cuisine and a wide range of liquor.

Learn more about Sakura Karaoke.

18. Kanya Lounge

Kanya Lounge is a rage room that allows guests to break items and release frustration. The location features great lighting and a state-of-the-art sound system.

Kanya Lounge offers three custom design rage rooms where you can smash items like plates, glass bottles, phones, a keyboard, and a monitor. Furthermore, you can enjoy the open space bar featuring live music after letting out your rage. Fun activities like axe throwing, ping pong, and pool games are available at the lounge.

Learn more about Kanya Lounge.

19. Wentworth Park Ice Rink

Wentworth Park Ice Rink is a skating facility in Chicago. Skating at the venue is one of the fun group activities in Chicago.

The ice rink opens for free open skating during scheduled sessions. Your group can also register for the center’s Stock & Pouch and Pond Hockey program. The program will last 90 minutes, and participants must bring personal skating equipment. Furthermore, the ice rink is wheelchair accessible.

Learn more about Wentworth Park Ice Rink.

20. Lillstreet Art Center

Lillstreet Art Center is a creative studio in Chicago for groups interested in drawing and painting. The studio offers art workshops like Metal & Jewelry Studio, Screen Printing Studio, and Ceramic Studio. A workshop can accommodate up to ten guests and runs for three hours. The studio will provide aprons, basic art supplies, and a professional instructor to guide your group.

In addition, the art center provides a private studio where groups can gather for an art-themed party.

Learn more about Lillstreet Art Center.

21. Scene 75

Scene 75 is one of Chicago’s largest indoor entertainment centers with state-of-the-art go-karts. Racing on the center’s track is one of the large group activities in Chicago.

You can track your lap time and speed with a sophisticated timing system. Up to ten players can play a racing game together. Scene75 also offers a private facility rental option for over 150 guests. Aside from the racing track, the venue also features an arcade with over 130 games, laser tag facilities, and a blacklight mini-golf course. Your team will enjoy the electric go-kart ride with no emissions from the sports cars.

Learn more about Scene 75.

22. Allyu

Allyu is an excellent spa in Chicago that offers a relaxing and refreshing service. Your group can visit Allyu to release tension and spend time together.

You can create a customized experience or choose from the available packages with services like massage therapy, facial care, and spa body treatments. Furthermore, Allyu offers ten treatment rooms, four nail stations, and four private shower rooms for a great experience.

Learn more about Allyu.

23. Dinning at the Magnificent Mile

The magnificent mile is an award-winning restaurant district in Chicago. With a skilled combination of local ingredients and international flavors, your dining experience will be worthwhile. The Magnificent Mile has diverse menu options for your group, from American, Asian, and Latin cuisines to Italian dishes.

While dining at restaurants on the Magnificient Mile, you can enjoy the Chicago skyline view, craft beer, and live entertainment. Plus, this district is within walking distance of the river and many famous Chicago attractions.

Learn more about The Magnificient Mile.

24. Ice Cream at Lickity Split

Having ice creams and comparing favorite flavors at Lickity Split is one of the fun group activities in Illinois. Lickity Split is an ice cream shop in Chicago that offers a variety of flavors, ranging from frozen custard and banana split to tasty turtle and my way sundae. You can also get hot beverages, shakes, and malts at Lickity split.

Learn more about Lickity Split.


Chicago is a great city with many indoor and outdoor activities for groups. You will find several gaming centers and dining areas with an excellent food selection. Chicago does not run out of fun and entertainment for you and your colleagues. Also, the city has impressive institutions serving educational and recreational purposes like The Field Museum, Adler Planetarium, and Shed. Aquarium. Whether you smash items at a rage room or admire unique exhibits, you can expect the best group experience in Chicago.

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FAQ: Fun group activities in Chicago, Illinois

Here are answers to questions about fun group activities in Chicago, IL.

What are some good group activities in Chicago, IL

Some good group activities in Chicago are refreshing at Allyu, flying at IFLY, playing mini-golf at Big Mini Putt Club, having ice cream at Lickity Split, and driving on the Scene 75 go-kart track.

How do you plan fun activities for groups in Chicago

To plan fun activities for groups in Chicago, you need to understand what kind of exercise your group will enjoy. Also, consider your group size and select an activity encouraging all participants to engage. Then you can plan a date and time convenient for your group members.

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