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You found our list of the best group activities in Dallas, Texas.

Fun group activities in Dallas are enjoyable events that can help your team members learn to work together and solve problems effectively as a group. Examples include Extreme Sandbox, Bad Axe Throwing, and Minute Madness. Fun group activities are important for teams to learn about each other beyond the formal work environment and strengthen their bonds.

These ideas are examples of large group activities and team building events. These activities are similar to Dallas company outings and team building ideas in Dallas.

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List of fun group activities in Dallas

The following are some of the best and most interesting group activities for adults in Dallas.

1. The Great Guac Off

You should consider hosting The Great Guac Off for a memorable workplace activity in the Dallas region. The activity brings together the enjoyment of creating guacamole and the advantages of teamwork. Whoever in the group thinks their guacamole recipe is the finest may be in for a pleasant shock. The event’s professional facilitators will begin the exercise by offering the items needed for the activity, including dippers, group photographs, and prizes.

Trivia-cado and House Builder are just two fun competitions your party will participate in alongside the main event. Guests may try each other’s guacamole creations and then vote on who they think made the greatest dish based on factors like presentation and taste. Employee morale and output may both benefit from The Great Guac Off.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

2. Ultimate Trivia Showdown

The Ultimate Trivia Showdown is an exciting and engaging event for corporate group activities. It will be entertaining to see your staff members compete to know who can accrue the highest points from answering questions correctly. Each host is a professional entertainer who keeps energy and amusement high. This presenter poses many rounds of trivia questions in creative spins on traditional quiz-show formats, and you will need more than broad knowledge of random facts to come out on top. This activity puts participants in a game show-like environment that fosters cooperation and healthy competition. Ultimate Trivia Showdown is a fantastic team-building activity that will have every participant laughing and learning at the same time.

Learn more about the Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

3. Pride Trivia

Pride Trivia banner

Pride Trivia is a great option if you are searching for some fun things to do in Dallas as a group to celebrate Pride Month. The hour-long trivia game will teach participants new lessons and celebrate identity among your workers. Your employees will find the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace to be a lively and thought-provoking discussion subject. Different versions of team trivia are available for other cultural occasions throughout the year.

Discover more about Pride Trivia.

4. Minute Madness

minute madness

Your team will confront challenges at “Minute Madness,” a high-stakes business event. Employees will have one hour to beat the clock and grab victory by winning various mini-challenges. Minute Madness is a physical competition best held in an outdoor setting. Your Dallas outdoor space, or a rented office, could work for this event. Team members will learn collaboration and friendship through the thrilling physical challenges.

Learn more about Minute Madness.

5. Bank Heist

Bank Heist is a great choice if your team is looking to hone its investigation skills. Teams will don figurative detective gear as they collaborate to foil a bank heist. Your team’s objective is to identify the mastermind behind the theft by working out how the band of thieves managed to defeat cutting-edge security measures. Although the participants may think it would be easy to figure out what happened, they will be in for a surprise. The presenter will assist the players with puzzles and clues to complete to uncover who committed the heist. Your group will have a blast cooperating to stop the heist before time runs out.

Learn more about Bank Heist.

6. Top Golf

At Top Golf, golf carts are optional. Top Golf is enjoyable for players of varying skill levels. Rather than an 18-hole course, you and your team. The balls have microchips for quick, automatic scoring, and you will score points according to the distance and precision of your shots. Top Golf Dallas offers over 70 bays, so you can decide to have one or more bays for your session. The fun part is that the bays all feature Wi-Fi and temperature control. Also, food and beverages are available onsite without taking a break from your game. Three miniature golf courses and fire pits on the terrace give even more entertainment options.

Learn more about Top Golf.

7. Escape The Room

Escape The Room Dallas is a fantastic and exciting option for groups in the Dallas area. Your team will have one hour to figure out the puzzles and decipher the clues in one of their themed escape rooms.

When you and your team participate in an escape room, you will learn to work together more effectively and hone your problem-solving abilities. Your group will have a blast, whether they are trying to escape a jail from the 1950s or recover a stolen masterpiece. Upon achieving their goals, your team will experience a sense of accomplishment.

Whatever the size of your party, every employee can join in on the fun of The Escape Game. A virtual version of The Escape Game’s escape rooms is available for a distributed or hybrid workforce to ensure every team member is part of the fun.

Learn more about Escape The Room.

8. Extreme Sandbox

Your employees may unleash their inner child and play with heavy machinery in Extreme Sandbox. Extreme Sandbox in Sachse, Texas, is a 15-acre play area with adjacent conference rooms where your team may go wild. After a short safety orientation, bulldozers, excavators, and other heavy machinery will be available for the group to control. Group rates are available for 10 to 100 persons and may include such amenities as food and transportation. Coordinated team-building activities may take the form of a casual get-together to more structured “scenario-based training.”

Learn more about Extreme Sandbox.

9. iFLY Dallas

At iFLY Dallas, you can experience skydiving without leaving the ground thanks to a simulated wind tunnel. Group rates are affordable, making this location the ideal destination for a team outing. You may put your limitations to the test with a basic body flight session, or you can use virtual reality goggles for a more exhilarating experience. iFLY has no restrictions on team size, making the event one of the exciting large group activities in Dallas. This venue provides exciting flying excursions, conference rooms and unique opportunities for team development.

Learn more about iFLY Dallas.

10. Dallas by Chocolate

Dallas by Chocolate provides a sweet experience for groups through fun chocolate-themed tours in the Dallas region. The tour will take you on a private, behind-the-scenes journey into the world of some of the world’s finest chocolate stores, chocolate manufacturers, and artisan chocolatiers. The event is available for parties of ten to 150 participants. The tours will get your party talking to each other and may include activities like scavenger hunts and escape rooms, aside from food and drinks. This event is a fantastic opportunity to familiarize your team with Dallas if they are new to the city.

Learn more about Dallas by Chocolate.

11. Trinity Forest Adventure Park

Outdoor fun workshops are Trinity Forest Adventure Park’s specialty. These workshops allow team members to get to know each other while learning new lessons as a group. The ropes courses encourage teamwork and camaraderie. Completing a series of games and physical challenges helps to foster teamwork and trust among participants. These pursuits can also help you identify natural leaders in your group.

Learn more about Trinity Forest Adventure Park.

12. Bad Axe Throwing

You and your group can head to the Bad Axe throwing’s Dallas location to discover the fuss about this unorthodox sport. This ax throwing is an inexpensive and enjoyable option for a fun group outing. Group bookings include two hours of exclusive use of an ax-throwing lane, four targets, and two coaches. You can either provide your refreshments or buy a catering and photography package.

Learn more about Bad Axe Throwing.

13. Oso

If you want to attempt indoor rock climbing, then Oso is a great choice. In a private session, your team members may learn the ropes from experienced climbers before trying their hands at the sport independently. Every team member will benefit from the resulting boost in self-assurance as they attempt something new. Participants will bond while encouraging one another to take the next step ahead.

If certain group members are not fans of indoor rock climbing, Oso also offers a professional yoga studio, free weights, and cardio equipment. With 36,000 square feet of indoor space and a big lounge, your team can have fun and relax with beer, wine, and nutritious cuisine. Spending the day at Oso is a great way to bond as a team.

Learn more about Oso.

14. Cedar Hill State Park

Cedar Hill State Park is located close to Downtown Dallas. Cedar Hill State Park, a converted farm, has both land and water-based recreation opportunities. The park is a popular destination for visitors looking for a good time. Cedar Hill State Park offers camping options for groups who want a more rustic experience.

If you have a few hours, then the park is a wonderful area to go fishing or ride your bike. You and your team will have a good time and feel revitalized at the same time. You may get a lot out of a visit to Cedar Hill State Park, whether you spend the whole day there or just a few hours.

Learn more about Cedar Hill State Park.

15. Marrs Art

Glassblowing workshops are available for private groups at Marrs Art if you want to get your creative juices flowing. You can reserve your spot at this three-hour session with complimentary beverages and light fare. Your group will learn the basics of glassblowing from local artists, and every participant will have 15 minutes at the furnace to make their unique piece of art. The class is ideal for groups of ten to 24 seeking small group activities in Dallas. Each participant will leave with a unique and memorable takeaway.

Learn more about Marrs Art.

16. Gat Splat

Paintball is more about having a good time than about honing soft skills. However, you should never discount the strength of a well-coordinated team. When individuals play paintball, they get to pit their skills against one another.

You can visit one of Gat Splat’s three convenient sites in the Dallas or Fort Worth metroplex for a memorable experience with private paintball games. Your squad will get postgame refreshments at the facility. Paintball is a great way to bond with your team members as it calls for strategic planning and provides an opportunity to hone leadership abilities. You can also swap teams to get employees to meet and work with individuals in the organization that they would not otherwise encounter.

Learn more about Gat Splat.

17. Dallas Picnic Company

The simplest ideas are often the most effective. The Dallas Picnic Company can organize an outdoor picnic for you if you want a casual and low-key event. A summer picnic or party is great for showing appreciation to your staff members. Menus include burgers, fajitas, and BBQ. To make the activity more family-friendly, you may include games, karaoke, and even a bouncy house for the youngsters.

Learn more about Dallas Picnic Company.

18. The Dallas Museum of Art

The Dallas Museum of Art is one of the finest art museums in the nation. The museum is a fantastic place to learn about and appreciate the arts. Some of the masterpieces on display date back thousands of years. You will also find works from throughout the globe. Other past features include amazing exhibits like “Wearable Raffia from Africa” and “Chagall: Beyond Color.”

You can bet on having a fantastic time when you visit. You and your team do not have to be art experts to appreciate the exhibits at this museum.

Learn more about the Dallas Museum of Art.

19. Improv to Improve

The fundamentals of improvisation are at the heart of Improv to Improve, which has developed them into practical methods for enhancing individual and team performance. You and your teammates can home the skills of active listening, teamwork, and effective communication in their workshops and boost team output. All of your team members will require creativity to solve problems.

Team members’ ability to empathize with one another and develop a deeper mutual understanding is another benefit of attending an improv class together. You can book this fun group activity as a single class lasting a few hours or as a whole day of improv.

Learn more about Improv to Improve.

20. DFW Adventure Park

The DFW Adventure Park in Dallas offers various adrenaline-pumping fun activities for groups of all sizes, as well as a customizable team-building challenge course to fit your group’s needs. Paintball, skeeball, laser tag, airsoft are available for your group. The park is a great place to have fun regardless of your level of expertise or athleticism. A park facilitator will lead a group conversation about teamwork, leadership, communication, creative problem-solving, and establishing a sense of trust amongst group members between events.

Learn more about DFW Adventure Park.

21. Trinity River Kayak Company

Taking your employees kayaking in Dallas is a terrific way to bond as a group. The activity is also a chance to take a break from the office and enjoy the outdoors in a serene setting. Trinity River Kayak Company is one of many local outfitters that can accommodate groups on the Trinity River Paddling Trail in Dallas.

Team members may bond while experiencing the outdoors and have a low-stress level by going kayaking together. Team members will get a new appreciation for one another outside workplace confines. Employees will return to work with a fresh outlook, resulting in closer team relationships.

Learn more about Trinity River Kayak Company.

22. Painting With a Twist

Painting With a Twist is a fun and unique fun group activity. Your team may learn to paint while enjoying a glass of wine. The facilitators here will provide various customizable workshop options for your group. Having everyone on your team work together to paint one large canvas is a fantastic concept. Participants will have a great time during the activity, and you will have the final product to brag about back at the office. Another fun part is that you can bring your own wine and other alcoholic drinks.

Learn more about Painting With a Twist.

23. The Nasher Sculpture Center

The Nasher Sculpture Center is an excellent choice for a team of art enthusiasts in Dallas. You will find a collection of Texas’ finest sculptures at this location. Visiting the Nasher Sculpture Center is a great way to spark your imagination.

The center was founded in 2003 by the late husband-and-wife team of Raymond and Patsy Nasher to display sculptures of unprecedented originality. This location has a garden and other outstanding features both inside and out. You may still enjoy their collection via their website if you cannot make it to the museum in person.

Learn more about Nashar Sculpture Center.

24. Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum is a hip area in Dallas and also one of the best places to see live entertainment in the city. You can visit the location after dark for a drink and enjoy the sights and sounds. This weekend might potentially have a must-attend event. The story of Dallas, Texas’s music scene would be incomplete without including Dallas Ellum.

If you want to feel a little young again, Deep Ellum is the place to go. Since it would be impossible to enjoy all the features in one trip, it is best to take your time and enjoy the experience.

Learn more about Deep Ellum.


Getting away, or at least spending time together, as a team is a terrific approach to strengthen bonds and build rapport within a group. Your workers will not be at the office, but that does not imply they will not be productive during their absence. Group outings around Dallas can help staff retention, but that is not all it would achieve for the company. Providing time for employees to socialize outside of the Texas office can help increase job satisfaction and make employees look forward to coming to work.

Next, check out corporate event ideas in Dallas and ways to have fun at work.

FAQ: Group activities in Dallas, Texas

Here are frequently asked questions about fun group activities in Dallas.

What are some good group activities in Dallas, TX?

Some good group activities in Dallas, TX include Deep Ellum, The Nasher Sculpture Center, and DFW Adventure Park. At the end of the day, group activities may help remind employees that their efforts benefit the whole organization.

How do you plan fun activities for groups in Dallas?

Before choosing fun activities for groups in Dallas, it is smart to consider what you want to achieve. Knowing your objectives will help you plan adequately. Games, exercises, and activities that highlight and encourage trust might be useful for encouraging more interdependence among employees in the workplace. Your best bet would be to seek the opinions of other group members and ensure they are on board.

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