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Here is our list of the best group activities in Denver, Colorado.

Fun group activities in Denver are events, games, and challenges you and your colleagues can do together. For example, you can taste wine at Carboy Winery, take pictures at the Original Selfie Museum, or have fun at Bad Axe Throwing. The purpose of these activities is to bring group members together to share a fun-filled experience in the Rockies.

These ideas are examples of team building events and adult group activities. These activities are similar to group outings in Denver and Denver team building exercises.

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Here we go!

List of fun group activities in Denver

With many group opportunities, you can hardly run out of fun activities to do in Denver. From taking a trip to City Park to playing laser tag at American Paintball Coliseum, here are activities groups can do in Denver.

1. The Great Guac Off

Competing in The Great Guac Off is one of the fun things to do in Denver as a group. The Great Guac Off combines an avocado-making contest with team-building activities to deliver a unique 90-minute experience for groups. By working in teams, you will complete a friendly contest that involves making guacamole. You can run the activity as a BYOB or receive the ingredients from the facilitators.

In addition, Punocado, avocado-themed trivia, House Builder, and Happy Cup are other fun activities included in the experience. After the contest, you can connect with your group members as you share your prepared guacamole. The Great Guac Off is fun, tasty, and can run in almost any location in Denver.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

2. Minute Madness

minute madness

Minute Madness is an energetic activity that can run in your preferred location in Denver. During the experience, you will race against time and compete with your colleagues to win mini-challenges.

The entire game will last one hour. You and your teammates will play to earn points and prove that you can stand the test of time and perform under pressure. Minute Madness is super fun and can facilitate team-building and quick thinking and is an excellent icebreaker activity for large groups.

Learn more about Minute Madness.

3. Bank Heist

Bank Heist is a 90-minute team building activity testing your group’s detective skills. You and your group members will play as detectives investigating a bank’s security breach.

You will work together to earn clues by solving challenging puzzles. Before time runs out, you must find important details revealing the masterminds behind the bank’s security breach. The facilitators will help you set up the activity in your preferred location in Denver, provide hints and clues, and lead you through a fun experience.

Learn more about Bank Heist.

4. The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling provides a space for groups to come together and learn the guiding principles of telling powerful stories. The hosts will lead you through a 90-minute training session filled with fun and practical takeaways.

Besides impactful communication, your group members will also find the skill beneficial at work. Regardless of your skill levels, you and your colleagues will have a great time mastering the valuable art of crafting compelling tales.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

5. Bowlero Cherry Creek

Bowling at Bowlero Cherry Creek is one of the large group activities in Denver. The bowling center has up to 40 lanes, and you can reserve a lane for up to six bowlers. Aside from bowling, you can also chill at the lounge with soft seats and high-definition wall videos where you can catch up with live sports. In addition, the center provides an arcade with classical and contemporary video games.

Bowlero is an excellent location to chat over cocktails with colleagues and share well-prepared meals from the laneside menu.

Learn more about Bowlero Cherry Creek.

6. SMASH*IT Breakroom

SMASH*IT Breakroom is a safe space within Denver where you and your group can relieve stress and re-energize by breaking items. The rage room can accommodate a large group. However, participants will take turns entering the room and smashing objects.

SMASH*IT Breakdown provides protective gear for guests’ safety. From alarm clocks to doors, cabinets, and ceramic plates, the center provides a variety of breakable items to destroy. Depending on your booked package, your experience can last 20 to 40 minutes. The rage room can also allow your group members to bring personal breakable items if you reserved the activity as a BYOB.

Learn more about SMASH*IT Breakroom.

7. City Park

City Park is one of Denver’s lively neighborhoods and an excellent destination to do fun group activities in Denver. The community has a farmers market serving locals and tourists on Saturdays. Also, the market features several food trucks, including Wong Way Veg, SAME Cafe, and Arepas House, where your group can stop for a quick bite.

The neighborhood is home to the Denver Zoo, with fun animal encounters and Immersive 4D viewing experiences. Furthermore, you will find picnic areas near the playground and Thatcher Fountain Meadow. You can explore many of City Park’s historical monuments like Martin Luther King Memorial, Thatcher Fountain Meadow, and the sculpture depicting two miners at the neighborhood’s gate.

Learn more about City Park.

8. Bad Axe Throwing

Throwing axes at Axe Throwing is an immersive activity you can do in Denver. You can plan to spend up to 90 minutes in the lane. Your group will receive all the needed material and equipment to throw axes. You can also bring your axe if the tool complies with WATL. Non-participating group members can come around without paying a fee to watch you throw.

If you visit the center for a private event, then you will have a coach guide you through your experience and set up a tournament for your group. Bad Axe Throwing allows guests to bring food from outside. A mini-fridge is available to store your meals until you are ready to eat.

Learn more about Bad Axe Throwing.

9. Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo provides an opportunity to connect with nature and learn more about wildlife. The general admission ticket pricing is around $20 per adult. You will find many wild animals from different continents like African Penguine, Lionfish, southern gerenuk, vampire bat, and Sumatra orangutan. The zoo also organizes encounters with the animals all year round. You will have an up-close view of elephants, giraffes, lizards, or bongo.

You can feed the creatures during your encounter and interact with the animal care team. Furthermore, your group can get an immersive 4D experience where you will feel the actions displayed on the screen in real life. Your group can also take a walk to the Lorikeet Adventure, which houses birds from the South Pacific and Australia.

While planning your visit, you can download the zoo’s map to get familiar with your route.

Learn more about Denver Zoo.

10. Sewing Class at Fancy Tiger Crafts

Learning to sew at Fancy Tiger Crafts is one of the best group activities for adults in Denver. Fancy Tiger Crafts is a craft supply store that teaches the public how to sew and knit. You will find several classes lasting an average of two hours. The beginner-friendly lessons include Sock Knitting 101, Quilting Help Night, Sewing 101, and A-line Skirts.

You can follow up with the scheduled events’ date, time, and pricing, updated on the store’s website. The experience you reserve will determine whether or not your group gets the needed materials to work with from the store.

Learn more about Sewing Class at Fancy Tiger Crafts.

11. EscapeWorks Denver

The escape games hosted by EscapeWorks are an excellent activity to build teamwork, enhance communication, and have fun. The game center designates the rooms with different themes and storylines. For example:

  • Speakeasy Beyond the Flower Shop: The experience will throw you back to the prohibition era. Finding out if the flower shop is a mere store or a speakeasy is up to your team.
  • Egyptian Tomb: Your team will play as archaeologists stuck in an abandoned tomb. You must combine brain power to uncover clues leading you out of the game’s scene.
  • Blackbeard’s Brig: Your mission is to escape from the notorious pirate’s captivity and earn your reward.

The rooms have varying difficulty levels for the best experience for all players. The games are available for a private or shared experience. You will have just one hour to search for clues, solve puzzles, and escape. If time runs out before you successfully escape, then the staff members will take your group through the missed clues.

Learn more about EscapeWorks Denver.

12. Denver Art Museum

One of the fun things to do in Denver as a group is touring the Denver Art Museum. You will find the campus in the Civic Center of Denver. The museum is home to a global collection of more than 70,000 artworks, including works of local artists, oceanic arts, and collections from Mexico, Central, and South America.

To visit, you can purchase tickets online or at the museum’s visitor service desk. Denver Art Museum also organizes a guided group tour to explore the collections and special exhibits in one hour.

Learn more about Denver Art Museum.

13. The Spot Denver

The Spot Denver, located in The Golden Triangle of Denver, is a gym and climbing facility. The gym offers a free climbing session for first-time visitors. If your group is new to climbing, then taking an intro to bouldering class is a great idea. Aside from bouldering basics, you can also learn proper warm-up techniques.

Furthermore, your group can take a Core Conditioning class focusing on strengthening the abdominal muscles. The gym admission ticket costs around $20 per climber and allows you to use the facility all day.

Learn more about The Spot Denver.

14. Original Selfie Museum

Taking pictures at the Original Selfie Museum is one of the small group activities in Denver. Ordinal Selfie Museum is a photography studio with professional settings to give your group photos a unique touch. The museum offers a dog-friendly day on the first Mondays so you can share the experience with your furry guests.

You can buy out the entire studio space for a private event. If your group has a minimum of 15 members, then you can get a discount on tickets.

Learn more about the Original Selfies Museum.

15. Painting with a Twist

Painting with a Twist is an art studio in Denver offering groups a space to throw paint and sip parties. Depending on your group size, you can use a party room or the main studio. Also, your group can choose your desired project from the studio’s collection. If you cannot complete your painting, then you can return to the studio on a scheduled S.O.S day to finish your work.

On specific days, you can walk into the studio to paint even without making a reservation. However, the painting experience will be freestyle, and you will not have an artist to guide your group.

Learn more about Painting with a Twist.

16. Edge Restaurant & Bar

Dining at Edge Restaurant & Bar is one of the fun things to do as a group in Denver. The restaurant offers tasty dishes prepared with good quality ingredients sourced locally. Edge Restaurant is famous for serving fresh seasonal sea foods, from lobsters to oysters and crabs. While having your meal, you can watch the chef cook in the kitchen.

The restaurant also runs a bar that serves craft beers, cocktails, and nice wines. If you have a large group, then you can reserve the entire bar space with an occupancy capacity of up to 200 guests.

Learn more about Edge Restaurant & Bar.

17. The Wild Animal Sanctuary

Visiting The Wild Animal Sanctuary is among the best group activities in Colorado. Located just outside Denver, the rescue center cares for abused animals, including leopards, jaguars, camels, and African lions. You can take a group tour of the site to learn the before and after stories of the animals.

The rescue center also offers a special private tour for small groups. You will interact with the animal ambassadors and gain insight into the sanctuary’s daily operation. You can pack your own lunch or stop for grabs at the Ice Cream Shop or The Lion’s Den Cafe.

Learn more about The Wild Animal Sanctuary.

18. Stir Cooking School

Stir Cooking School is among the well-rated culinary academies in Denver. The kitchen offers cooking classes to the public, including groups looking to engage in a food-themed activity. You and your colleagues will work with professional chefs in two-hour courses.

Stir Cooking School provides around three cooking stations, where guests will work in groups to make delicious meals. The kitchen also offers various beverages you can order during your class. The class menu is customizable to match your group’s dietary restrictions. Whether you are an expert or a novice, Stir Cooking School can run the class for any attendee.

Learn more about Stir Cooking School.

19. Empower Field at Mile High Tour

The fun group activities in Denver include getting a behind-the-scenes experience at Empower Field at Mile High. The stadium offers a guided tour around the premises covering 0.5 miles. You can book a private tour for your group or share the experience with other visitors.

During the walk, your group will get a behind-the-scenes experience and explore areas like the visiting locker room, television truck production area, keg room, and the executive suite.

You will also visit the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame Museum, with collections that will take your group through sports history in Colorado. The tour is ideal for both large and small groups. You will get a discount if you make a reservation for at least 25 guests.

Learn more about Empower Field at Mile High Tour.

20. Denver Botanic Gardens at York Street

Denver Botanical Gardens at York Street is a fun area spanning around 24 acres in the city. You can explore different gardens with an expert guide while learning more about the plants. The Water Gardens beautifully displays an array of aquatic plants. Also, the ornament gardens feature lovely daylilies, roses, and irises.

Furthermore, you will find the Helen Fowler Library, which holds an encyclopedic collection of botanical materials. Dining areas like the Hive Garden Bistro, Offshoots Cafe, and Copper Door Coffee Roaster are available in the botanical garden.

Learn more about Denver Botanic Gardens at York Street.

21. American Paintball Coliseum

The American Paintball Coliseum is one of the best places to do large group activities in Denver, like playing laser tag, airsoft, and paintballs. The park features an indoor arena where your group can play paintball all day. The amount of time you will spend at the arena depends on the paintball size you purchase.

Your group can visit the axe-throwing facilities at the center. You are free to come along with your favourite axe. Before you start throwing, you will receive instructions on the game rules. Furthermore, your group can enjoy airsoft games with the upgraded rifles at the center.

The park also has an apocalypse-themed field for playing laser tag for an average of two hours. You can come along with food and beverage to share a meal with your group after an exhilarating gaming experience.

Learn more about American Paintball Coliseum.

22. Yoga Box

Meditating at Yoga Box is a relaxing activity that groups can do in Colorado. The yoga studio also hosts different classes for one-time or several session bookings.

Your group’s goal will determine the best class for you. The Hot Yoga lessons will help your group members reduce stress and anxiety while building bone density. Also, your group can build strong muscles and get good quality sleep with the Power Yoga class. You will find a list of the scheduled classes on the studio’s site. In addition, the studio features a water fountain and lockers to keep personal items.

Learn more about Yoga Box.

23. Carboy Winery

The most fun group activities for adults in Denver include tasting wines from Carboy Winery’s fine collections. Aside from expanding your palates with five wines, your group will also learn about the winery’s history and the process employed in making the drinks. For a different experience, you can reserve a sensory tasting where a specialist will guide your group to sniff and sip wines.

Carboy Winery also offers private tours around the facility. The experience combines wine tasting with discussions on the company’s production process and history.

Learn more about Carboy Winery.


With breathtaking scenery and 300 days of sunshine, Denver is an excellent place to do indoor and outdoor group activities. Groups residing in the city hardly run out of fun activities to do. Also, if your group plans to explore a city in Colorado, then Denver is a great destination. You will have many opportunities to engage in fun exercises with your colleagues. You can stop by one of the dining areas to taste the city’s delicious food, connect with nature in a garden, learn about the wildlife, or acquire a new skill. Regardless of your chosen activity, you can expect maximum fun during your experience.

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FAQ: Fun group activities in Denver

Here are answers to questions about fun group activities in Denver.

What are some good group activities in Denver, CO?

Some good activities for groups in Denver include touring Empower Field at Mile High, learning to sew at Fancy Tiger Crafts, climbing the walls in The Spot Denver, spending the day at City Park, and exploring Denver Art Museum.

How do you plan fun activities for groups in Denver?

The crucial steps to take when planning activities in Denver include finding out your group’s interests. You can set up a poll to determine your colleagues’ favorite activity or choose an exercise that will revolve around your group’s mission. More importantly, you should leave enough time for planning to ensure the activity has a successful outcome.

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