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You found our list of fun group activities in Houston, Texas.

Fun group activities in Houston are exciting and engaging exercises for teams to do in Houston. Examples include Superhero Academy, virtually touring the moon at Space Center Houston, and taking an artificial skydive at iFLY Houston Memorial. The purpose of these activities is to refresh participants and help them feel valued and motivated.

These experiences are examples of team bonding ideas and group activities for adults. These ideas are similar to corporate outings in Houston and Houston team building events.

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List of fun group activities in Houston, TX

Houston, Texas, is one of the most amazing places to visit with teams. From fresh brews to sumptuous barbeques and epic bicycle rides, there is enough fun to expect. Here are some of the best group activities to try in Houston.

1. Superhero Academy

Superhero Academy banner

Superhero Academy is one of the most fun things to do in Houston as a group. In this game, participants have 90 minutes to save the world by defeating the supervillains.

This event starts by splitting the group into teams of superheroes or secret supervillains. Within these alliances, teams will solve comic-themed puzzles and compete in physical mini-games to emerge victorious. This event emphasizes individual abilities and shared skills. The mission involves mental and physical challenges teams must collaborate on to win. At the end of the event, teams can gain improved bonding and critical team building skills like creativity and communication.

Learn more about Superhero Academy.

2. ScavBoss

ScavBoss is a unique form of scavenger hunt designed for corporate teams. This event is versatile, and teams can hold it indoors or outdoors, in office spaces or landmarks around the city,

The host makes these hunts challenging enough to enable you and your team to enjoy the event. Professionals design ScavBoss hunts and ensure that the game’s themes resonate with the clients’ industry’s mission and core values. The clues and challenges are thoughtful and complex and require brainpower and teamwork to solve.

The adventures are highly engaging. Participating groups must apply teamwork and strategic thinking and try different approaches to crack the creative clues.

Learn more about ScavBoss.

3. Mix n’ Mingle

Mix n’ Mingle is among the most interactive group activities in Texas. This team building exercise allows participants one and a half hours to mix, mingle, and network. The interaction lets team members learn more about each other, strengthening relationships and deepening mutual bonds.

The hosts prepare fun activities to help make group members comfortable and have easy conversations. For instance, the event can go well with icebreaker games, happy hour, and conversation activities.

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

4. Bank Heist

Bank Heist is an engaging activity for groups. In this whodunnit challenge, the players’ mission is to unravel the mystery behind the heist and get the criminals. Team members need to work together to solve tricky puzzles, connect missing links and hints, and finally identify the thieves who broke the bank vault.

This Bank Heist mystery takes the team around 90 minutes to investigate. This exercise is fun, and it integrates fundamental team building principles like communication and problem-solving.

Learn more about Bank Heist.

5. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off is among the best team activities to do in Houston. The event is a 90-minute team building exercise that can accommodate any team size.

Participants engage in enjoyable avocado-themed team building activities such as trivia. Finally, each player grabs an avocado and participates in making their best guacamole dish.

Professional hosts run The Great Guac Off. Groups choose whether to hold the event at the office or other preferred locations in Houston.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

6. Cocktail Shake Up

Cocktail Shake Up is a classic happy hour that promotes camaraderie in teams. For 90 minutes, the team members interact with a virtual bartender and learn the skills of mixing drinks to make delicious cocktails.

Providers send alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktail kits to attendees in the weeks leading up to the class. Teams make and taste different seasonal cocktails. For example, the summer kit contains the Via Miami, Midsommer Sunset, Five Points Pavilion, and the non-alcoholic Endless Sunshine.This virtual cocktail-making session can combine well with fun tale-sharing and group games.

Learn more about Cocktail Shake Up.

7. Tour De Brewery Houston

One way to kill the monotony of work is by taking a refreshing outdoor tour.

Tour De Brewery Houston is one of the leading large group activities in Houston. This event helps teams to explore the city’s amazing sceneries while riding bicycles. Groups can pay for an all-inclusive package, including tour guides’ fees, beer tastings, and bikes and helmets. Cycling relieves work stress and burns energy.

Groups complete the tour at the tasting room, where participants gather and enjoy beer samplings.

Learn more about Tour De Brewery Houston.

8. Downtown Aquarium

The Downtown Aquarium is one of the most exciting places to hold group activities in Texas. This 500,000-gallon aquarium hosts a complete marine ecosystem. As teams learn about aquatic life, members can interact and have fun with the numerous species of animals, plants, and corals.

Visitors of the Downtown Aquarium can access other exciting facilities within the location. For instance, a dining experience at the Aquarium Restaurant, relaxing aquarium exhibits, and fun rides at the amusement park.

Learn more about Downtown Aquarium.

9. Space Center Houston

Space Center Houston is one of the leading places for holding team building activities in Houston. This non-profit organization hosts groups and lets participants explore and learn about science and space. Fun activities include a virtual reality visit to the moon, a variety of space exhibitions, watching science documentaries, and entertaining live shows. Apart from the NASA Tram Tour, the excursions are primarily self-guided.

Participants can book a chance to interact with astronauts and learn essential work, and team skills from the way astronauts operate.

Learn more about Space Center Houston.

10. Sightseeing with Allstar Transportation Limousine & City Tour

A private city tour with Allstar Transportation Limousine & City Tour is among the top small group activities in Houston. This transporter offers sightseeing packages for groups of up to ten members. Teams will enjoy rides in air-conditioned vehicles and complimentary water and snacks. Plus, the operators offer pick-ups and drop-offs within the city as part of the package.

The private tour around the city takes approximately two and a half hours. The drivers are trained tour guides who help team members learn more about Houston. Group members can engage in interactive storytelling and networking during the tour to learn more about each other and the city.

Learn more about Allstar Transportation Limousine & City Tours.

11. Houston Museum Of Natural Science

Visiting the Houston Museum Of Natural Science is one of the best ways to inspire your team. The museum offers informal but engaging learning activities on topics like tropical rainforests, dinosaurs, history, and culture. In addition, groups can hold team building activities in the museum’s halls and view the exhibits.

The museum is accessible and accommodative to the majority of visitors living with disabilities. For instance, the museum has elevators and offers free wheelchairs for use at the facility. The educators are also trained to serve the blind and members with hearing impairments.

Learn more about the Houston Museum Of Natural Science.

12. Indoor Skydiving At iFLY Houston Memorial

Skydiving is among the most intriguing but rare team building activities. If you or your team have ever wanted to dive in the sky, but were afraid of heights, then iFLY Houston Memorial is the destination for you.

At iFLY Houston Memorial, instructors guide the visitors into a wind tunnel for an artificial skydiving experience. The tunnel moves the column of air at high speed to keep the divers afloat. Each participant has their own instructor, and typical sessions last 60 seconds. The exercise is ideal for empowering members to face their fears.

More experienced divers can engage in competitive indoor skydiving. The competitive form, also called bodyflight, involves making formations, flying higher, and freestyle skydiving. Group members can compete individually or as teams.

Learn more about iFLY Houston Memorial.

13. Pedal Party With Houston Booze Cruise

Boat rides are among the best group activities for adults in Houston. The Houston Booze Cruise specializes in public and private lake tours and boat parties. Team members can relieve fatigue during a relaxing ride on the Clear Lake. For private tours, members can pay more to extend time. The boats have a capacity of 26, including 12 cycle stations for visitors who love high-energy activities.

With plenty of boat games and drinks, participants can enjoy endless fun. Members who are not alcohol fans can take soda and snacks instead.

Learn more about Houston Booze Cruise.

14. Houston Zoo

Interacting with zoo animals is one of the best ways for groups to relax. At Houston Zoo visitors can view over 600 species of animals. In addition, the zoo offers various engaging group programs, including education on sustainability, conservation stories, and saving wildlife. These programs help team members to build a sense of responsibility and ownership toward the environment.

Groups can also host fun zoo team-building events, such as holiday parties, birthday celebrations, corporate meetings, and picnics.

Learn more about Houston Zoo.

15. Kemah Boardwalk

The Kemah Boardwalk is one of Texas’ best destinations for team building. Fun activities for groups at the facility include yacht rides, roller coasters, and live shows. In addition, team members can promote social interaction by having casual dinners at the on-site restaurants, taking photos in the permitted areas, and conversing while taking a walk around the shores.

Kemah Boardwalk has amazing discounts for parties with over 15 members. Visitors must book directly with the Kemah Boardwalk sales team to access the offers.

Learn more about Kemah Boardwalk.

16. Children’s Museum Houston

Visiting the Children’s Museum Houston tops the list of interesting group activities for kids. The museum offers some of the best child-centered learning. The hosts engage the kids in fun projects that help children discover, explore and enjoy connecting with the world. The learning activities are creative and encourage collaboration and mindfulness. Adults can also participate and learn through educational exhibits.

Unique physical challenges include rolling logs, lily pads, and rope bridges. These activities test and strengthen the resilience of individuals and teams and are great for team building.

Working parents can bring their kids along. The families bond by getting to know each other and can share tips on common parenting challenges.

Learn more about Children’s Museum Houston.

17. Fitness at Houston Gym

One of the best fun things to do in Houston as a group is visiting Houston Gym for a fitness session. The center prides itself on its state-of-the-art equipment that provides quality physical exercises and muscle training.

Led by professional instructors, team members can participate in group fitness classes and a healthy lifestyle change program. The center also provides virtual training to engage group members who cannot join the team in person. Members who are restricted from strenuous activities can take a massage session instead. The gym offers sports, medical, and deep tissue massage sessions.

Learn more about Houston Gym.

18. Team Retreat at NRG Stadium

The NRG Stadium is one of the largest stadiums in Houston and is perfect for team activities. Visitors can hire a space in this facility for catered functions, concerts, and sales exhibits. Or, guests can join NRG Stadium events such as live ball games and athletics. The stadium has club-level meeting spaces for groups to hold team building retreats.

Besides team building, the stadium often hosts community-building events such as blood donation and fundraising. Groups can join or create similar events. These noble causes promote a sense of responsibility and compassion among team members.

Learn more about NRG Stadium.

19. Dine at Citadel BBQ Restaurant & Bar

Sharing meals is a fantastic way to unite team members and create a sense of belonging. At Citadel BBQ Restaurant & Bar, groups can bond over barbeque and drinks. Whether you love your meat well done or rare, the seasoned chefs prepare the food to your liking. Other outstanding menus include smoked meats, sandwiches, and salads. In addition, Citadel BBQ Restaurant & Bar has a variety of non-meat dishes to meet the needs of vegetarians.

After meals, teams can gather at the bar for another happy hour session. The Citadel Bar can provide beers, cocktails, bitings, and music for the happy hour party.

Learn more about Citadel BBQ Restaurant & Bar.

20. Escape Games at Locktopia Escape Room

Escape games at Locktopia Escape Room are among the leading group activities in Texas. The games require members to solve puzzles, uncover mysteries, and escape the scene within the given time.

Some of the best games include:

  • Gateway Houston Escape room: A team of renowned scientists accidentally left a lab gateway open. A strange matter begins to swell from the gateway and takes over the world. The players must work out the solutions fast to save Houston and the universe in 60 minutes.
  • Antidote Houston Escape Room: You are on a mission to save a time-traveling scientist who lived in Houston a few decades ago. You can access the time machine, but you need to get the antidote from a lab near the Texas Medical Center to restart it.
  • Endurance Houston Escape Room: In 1914, an explorer and his team, Endurance Crew, left England for a Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Their ship wrecked in ice and sank. Many decades later, Captain Furler announced that he had found the ship and dug it out. Shortly after the announcement, the captain vanished. Your team now has to find the ship, figure out what happened, and escape before another tragedy occurs.

Locktopia Escape Room has high-quality sound effects, decorations, and puzzles to help your team get an immersive experience with the quests.

Learn more about Locktopia Escape Room.


Whether your group prefers the city tours or the lake rides, Houston provides various team building opportunities to meet different tastes. Creating enough fun group activities help team members to feel engaged, more confident, and motivated. These activities also reduce burnout, improve emotional and physical well-being, and promote productivity.

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FAQ: Fun group activities in Houston, Texas

Here are frequently asked questions about fun group activities in Houston.

What are some good group activities in Houston, TX?

Some of the best group activities in Houston include visiting Houston Zoo, cruising Clear Lake, taking fitness classes at Houston Gym, and watching live games at NRG Stadium.

How do you plan fun activities for groups in Houston?

To plan fun group activities in Houston, you need to assess the needs of your team and then select activities that meet those needs. You must also consider your group size, composition, and budget to choose the most appropriate location and activities. It is best to find out if visitors need to meet certain requirements or bring gear and equipment so that you prepare accordingly.

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