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26 Fun Group Activities in Kansas City, MO & KS

Here is our list of the best group activities in Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas.

Fun group activities in Kansas City are exercises and events you and your colleagues can do in the city. For example, you can bowl at Ward Parkway Lanes, paint at Creative Culture, or explore Kansas City Zoo. The purpose of these activities is to achieve a goal like building a team, inspiring creativity, encouraging healthy competition, improving communication, or fostering friendship among group members.

These activities are examples of ways to have fun at work and large group activities for adults.

This list includes:

  • small group activities in Kansas City
  • large group activities in Kansas City
  • group activities for adults in Kansas City
  • fun things to do in Kansas City as a group

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List of fun group activities in Kansas City

Besides being a renowned tourist destination, Kansas City is a great place to organize group activities. From dining at The Ship to exploring SEA LIFE Kansas City, here are fun and interactive activities groups can do in the city.

1. The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling is a workshop that equips attendees with the knowledge of how to tell powerful stories. The workshop can run in almost any location in Kansas City. Your group will come together to learn the secrets of telling tales that captivate audiences.

The Art of Storytelling is an educational, practical, and fun event lasting 90 minutes. The hosts include professional performers and academics with vast experience in crafting compelling narratives.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

2. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off runs one of the most fun group activities in Kansas City. Your group will have a great time working together and engaging in a friendly contest to receive the winning prize for the best guacamole.

The facilitators will lead your group through a series of team-building activities, including avocado-themed trivia and a picture-taking session. If you want your experience to include a group meal, then the facilitators can provide a catering service for you. Besides being tasty and fun, the contest run by The Great Guac Off is an excellent team building activity. Your experience will last up to 90 minutes and will include a host.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

3. ScavBoss

ScavBoss hosts scavenger hunts around diverse locations within Kansas City. The hunts are both fun and enlightening. Participants will learn more about the city by racing around parks, landmarks, and neighborhoods.

In 90 to 120 minutes, your group of scavenger hunters will work together to solve challenging puzzles and clues. ScavBoss designs the hunt to encourage strategic thinking and teamwork. The host can set up the game as an indoor or outdoor activity for almost any group size. Furthermore, you can have the activity customized according to your group’s values and mission.

Learn more about ScavBoss.

4. Minute Madness

minute madness

Minute Madness is an exhilarating activity that facilitates healthy competition and team building. The activity includes a series of one-minute challenges within one hour.

You will compete with your group members to race against time and gain points for your team. You and your colleagues will have fun proving that you can last the challenges and dominate in sixty second sprints.

Learn more about Minute Madness.

5. Museum of Illusions

Exploring the Museum of Illusions is one of the fun things to do in Kansas City as a group. The museum provides visitors with an immersive, visual, and educational experience. You will find many rooms with illusive installations that will puzzle your mind.

The exhibits include the Anti-gravity Room, Infinity Room, Optical Illusions, The Vortex Tunnel, Head on the Platter, and Ambiguous Cylinder. Your group leader will get free entry if you have a minimum of ten guests.

Learn more about the Museum of Illusions.

6. Escape Room KC

Escape Room KC provides fun games in Kansas City. You will work with your team to find and solve puzzles hidden in the escape rooms. The escape rooms come in unique themes like:

  • The Da Vinci Code: The escape room sets during the Leonardo Da Vinci era. Your group will engage in an exciting search before escaping the game’s scene.
  • A Dream: This escape room experience will take you into a world of dreams where almost anything is possible.
  • 221B Baker Street: To end an investigation, your team will find clues in the house of the detective in charge of a murder case. You must work fast before the killer takes another life.

The escape rooms have a counter pointing out how much time your group has before the game ends. If you get stuck during your adventure, then a game master will provide hints to your group.

Learn more about Escape Room KC.

7. PowerPlay Entertainment Center

PowerPlay Entertainment Center offers indoor and outdoor attractions groups within Kansas City can explore. The center has ax-throwing lanes you can rent for 90 minutes. Other attractions include laser tag, laser maze, carousel, Ferris wheel, bumper cars, and tilt-a-wheel.

The park also provides spaces ideal for corporate events and birthdays. If you reserve an event package at PowerPlay, then you can access a full bar, catering, and play cards to explore the park’s attractions. In addition, you will find a kitchen in the entertainment center serving different food options, including nachos, chicken, bites, and pizza. You can visit the center on any day except Mondays and Tuesdays.

Learn more about PowerPlay Entertainment Center.

8. Amigoni Urban Winery

One of the exciting group activities for adults in Kansas City is visiting Amigoni Urban Winery. The company offers a Blending Experience, where you and your colleagues can blend your own wine. You will first learn the wine blending basics. Then you and your colleagues will compete in teams to blend wines and decide the best result through a blind tasting. The winning teams will get a bottle of the creations.

Also, the winery provides a spacious tasting room where guests can sip local beer and wines selected from the company’s fine collection. You can also get small bites to pair with your wine.

In addition, you can reserve the Cellar Experience open to at least six guests. Your group will tour the winery’s production facility and learn the winemaking process. Plus, the Cellar Experience includes wine tasting led by the company’s winemaking staff.

Learn more about Amigoni Urban Winery.

9. FlipSwitch VR

FlipSwitch VR is a virtual reality arcade with state-of-the-art equipment to deliver an immersive 3D experience to groups. The center provides two virtual reality arenas that accommodate up to eight players during a session.

FlipSwitch VR offers different adventures for all players with themes like Mission Sigma, Eclipse, ARVI Arena, and Arizona Sunshine. During your experience, a game host will guide your group to ensure that you stay within the VR arena. The gameplay will start with an introduction and will last around 50 minutes. If you have a large group, then you can book a party package for a minimum of two hours.

Learn more about FlipSwitch VR.

10. Kansas Speedway

Kansas Speedway is a 1.5-mile race track in Kansas City. The racing center has a seating capacity of over 46,000. You can get a good track view regardless of where you sit.

Also, your group can reserve one of the RVs within and outside the race track. The center offers an Ignition Garage package where you can enjoy good food and beverages while watching behind-the-scenes actions in the garage area. In addition, you will find luxurious suites providing a quiet environment to watch a race.

Learn more about Kansas Speedway.

11. The Ship

Going aboard The Ship for a casual dining experience is one of the small group activities in Kansas City. The Ship is a restaurant and bar located in the West Bottoms neighborhood. Aside from the delicious food options, the restaurant provides live music most nights to entertain guests.

Your group can have a drink at the original Ship bar, which has an intimate setting and a private speakeasy atmosphere. The Ship also features All Else The Sea, a bar where your group can enjoy good music and dance. Whether you visit the restaurant for lunch or happy hour, your group will enjoy an excellent service delivered by The Ship’s crew.

Learn more about The Ship.

12. City Market

City Market is a favorite destination for many residents and tourists. The marketplace serves as a site for a farmers’ market usually scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays. Your group can explore the market and learn more about fresh farm products.

The farmers market features local vendors and farmers like Red Wagyu KC, Missouri Mushrooms and More, Elder Farms, Bird’s Botanicals, and Bauman Farms Bakery. You can stop at Of The Earth Farm Distillery for a taste of Apple Brandy.

Furthermore, City Market is home to the famous Arabia Steamboat Museum, with an extensive collection that recounts local history. During your visit, you can share a meal with your group at one of the dining areas within the marketplace. Taste of Brazil serves tasty Brazilian food and beverages. Also, Habashi House provides an excellent dining service in a space with a Middle East setting.

Learn more about City Market.

13. Old World Balloonery

Old World Balloonery offers an adventurous ride in the Kansas City Metro area. The balloons can accommodate up to six guests at once. Also, the balloon rides usually take place before sunset. You will have a breathtaking view of the Kansas City area in the air. In the end, your group members will receive First Time Flyers certificates and have champagne.

The weather will determine the site where your flight will launch. Also, your flight can last up to 60 minutes. You can try out a tether ride if you have a large group. The expensive allows group members to take turns for a short trip on the hot balloon going as high as 100 feet and landing back in the same spot.

Learn more about Old World Balloonery.

14. Ward Parkway Lanes

The large group activities in Kansas City include bowling at Ward Parkway Lanes. You can get a group rate if you make a reservation for at least 20 bowlers. The center also provides an augmented reality bowling experience available all day.

The bowling center has a kitchen serving guests various food options. Ward Parkway Lanes also hosts special events daily, like Monday Mania, Not So Sirius Tuesday, and TGIF. On Wednesdays, you can attend a karaoke event and bowl all day with your colleagues.

Learn more about Ward Parkway Lanes.

15. The Comedy Club

The Comedy Club provides a fun environment to relax and laugh. The club features comedians like Pete Lee, Davi Crimmins, Paul Rodriguez, and Eleanor Kerrigan. The club also hosts the Open Mic show, where ameuters can come on stage to prove their comedy chops.

Most shows last around 90 minutes. In addition, The Comedy Club provides reserved seating close to the stage and general admission seating in the back half of the venue.

Learn more about The Comedy Club.

16. Kauffman Stadium

The Kauffman Stadium is home to the Kansas City Royals. The stadium also organizes a tour for a behind-the-scenes experience. You will visit areas within the stadium like the Outfield Plaza, Triple Crown Suite, Dugout, and the Joe McGuff Press Box.

You can only make a group reservation on non-game days. Also, the experience will run for 60 to 90 minutes, depending on whether you reserve a group or public tour. You can also extend your experience to include a visit to the Royals Hall of Fame and learn about the Kansas City Royals’ history.

Learn more about Kauffman Stadium.

17. Wine & Design

Painting at Wine & Design is among the fun things to do in Kansas City as a group. The studio offers both public and private paint and sip parties. You can also book the DIY experience to channel your inner child while painting and exploring your creativity.

In addition, Wine and Design offers a Paint It Forward program where groups can paint for a cause. You can choose to plan a private or public paint party. Then the studio will donate part of the party’s proceeds to an organization.

Learn more about Wine & Design.

18. Creative Culture

Creative Culture is a locally owned milkshake bar and studio in Kansas City. Your group can visit the studio for DIY projects like winter wreaths, canvas bags, boho triangles, canvas paintings, and smile flags. You will receive the necessary materials from the studio.

Staff members will be available to provide any assistance needed during your self-guided experience. The time your group will spend creating a craft will depend on the chosen project. You can bring your own wine or purchase hand-crafted milkshakes from the bar.

Creative Culture also features a splatter studio where groups having at least eight guests can paint. Each guest will receive the needed art supplies, custom-designed t-shirts, and splatter canvas. The experience will last about 120 minutes.

Learn more about Creative Culture.

19. Winnwood Skate Center

Winnwood Skate Center provides a roller skating rink in Kansas City. The center organizes Adult Night skating experiences three days a week. You can also have a skate party at the venue, choosing from several packages offered. The center will serve your group members food and drinks around 15 to 20 minutes after your party starts.

You can rent the whole facility for a private event. Also, you can bring outside food and beverages or have the center provide catering for your group. Furthermore, the center offers skating lessons on Saturday mornings. Your group will learn skating basics, including stopping, recovery from falls, and balance.

Learn more about Winnwood Skate Center.

20. Jaegers

Jaegers provides facilities for fun group activities in Kansas City, particularly for laser tag and paintball games. The laser tag arena can accommodate about 30 players at once. Plus, the game provider designs the arena with black lights, fog, and special effects for the best experience. After your game session, you and your group members will receive individual score sheets.

Jaegers also features paintball fields with a cave setting. The fields have different obstacles like barrels, wooden spools, gallon drums, concrete conduits, and vehicles. If you have group members interested only in spectating, then you can play on The Alamo field, which has an observation window.

Learn more about Jaegers.

21. Arabia Steamboat Museum

Arabia Steamboat Museum is an iconic attraction in Kansas City. The museum is home to artifacts that give a historical recount of Arabia, a boat that sank in 1856 just six miles west of Kansas City. You can locate the museum in the City Market.

The museum allows visitors to take a self-guided tour around the facility. You will find items from Arabia, ranging from carpentry tools and children’s toys to clothing and treasures. During the visit, your team will learn more about Arabia and the tons of cargo loaded on this historical steamboat.

Learn more about Arabia Steamboat Museum.

22. Breakout KC Escape Rooms

Breakout KC provides over five escape room games in Kansas City. The games have different difficulty levels. The themes include:

  • Patient 57: Your decisions will determine if you can escape the location carrying out illegal experiments on you.
  • Room 213: You mysteriously found yourself in a hotel. You must find a way to check out of the building and outrun the destruction ahead.
  • Matchday Mayhem: The host designed this escape room in collaboration with Sporting KC for an authentic experience. Your group’s mission is to find the club’s missing scarf before the match begins.

Breakout KC can host groups of any size. If you have a large group, then the host can customize a back-to-back gameplay experience for you and your colleagues. The escape games will last one hour.

Learn more about Breakout KC Escape Rooms.

23. J. Rieger & Co Tour

Rieger & Co is a distillery located in Electric Park. Touring the distillery is one of the fun group activities for adults in Kansas City. The company organizes a guided tour lasting 60 minutes. During the experience, your group will learn the distillery process for making spirits. In the end, a guide will lead your group through a fun spirit-tasting session.

Apart from the distillery tour, the company offers an exclusive tasting experience. You can taste the spirits alone or mix the drink with cocktails. The distillery also features a service bar and restaurant with outdoor seating.

Learn more about J.Rieger & Co Tour.

24. Kansas City Zoo

Kansas City Zoo provides an opportunity to get an up-close view of more than 1,500 animals. The zoo features fascinating exhibits like the Helzberg Penguin Plaza, Orangutan Canopy, and Stingray Bay. You can also camp indoors or outdoors at the zoo if your group has up to ten members.

Kansas City Zoo offers various indoor and outdoor picnic spaces, with the occupancy capacity varying from 120 to 2000 guests.

Learn more about Kansas City Zoo.

25. SEA LIFE Kansas City

SEA LIFE Kansas City is an aquarium and home to thousands of aquatic animals. The aquarium features interactive exhibits like Sea Turtle Rescue Center, Doodle Reef, Stingray Bay Exhibit, and Tropical Ocean Exhibit.

At the Interactive Touchpool, you can get an up-close view and touch animals like pencil sea urchins, cowrie snails, and chocolate chip sea stars. Also, you can walk through an underwater tunnel at the Tropical Ocean Exhibit, which is home to a rescued green sea turtle called Gertrude. SEA LIFE Kansas City provides group tickets for a minimum of ten guests.

Learn more about SEA LIFE Kansas City.

26. Rage Room KC

Smashing objects at Rage Room KC is among the small group activities in Kansas City. At Rage Room KC, you can break items like jars, mugs, cups, dishes, and trays. The center will provide the tools to break the objects, ranging from hammers and bats to mallets and clubs. Before you begin, a guide will explain the activity’s rules to your group.

The rooms at the venue can accommodate up to ten guests. Depending on your group size, your experience can run for 20 to 60 minutes. Also, you must purchase a bag containing breakable items for each group member.

Learn more about Rage Room KC.


Kansas City is famous for many attractions, from a historical museum and marketplace to pleasurable live music and wildlife. Also, the city provides excellent dining areas for locals and tourists, including a vintage, ship-themed restaurant with an impressive speakeasy setting. Plus, groups can access fun outdoor activities within the city, ranging from interactive tours to hot balloon rides and a visit to the historical farmers market. You can also enjoy indoor opportunities like playing laser tag, painting, or throwing axes. Regardless of your group size, Kansas City remains a great destination to host group activities in Missouri.

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FAQ: Fun group activities in Kansas City

Here are answers to questions about fun group activities in Kansas City.

What are some good group activities in Kansas City?

Some good group activities in Kansas City include playing laser tag at Jaegers, watching a show at The Comedy Club, touring the Arabia Steamboat Museum, playing Breakout KC escape games, and having a paint and sip party at Wine & Design.

How do you plan fun activities for groups in Kansas City?

To plan a group activity in Kansas City, you can look into locations offering fun opportunities within the city. The fun should start right from the planning process. Therefore, you should engage your group members to make the planning easier and more fun. Also, you should seek your group’s opinion on the preferred activities. After deciding on the activity, you can plan a convenient date, time, and location.

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