19 Fun Group Activities in Los Angeles, CA

By: | Updated: May 02, 2024

Here is our list of the best fun group activities in Los Angeles, California.

Fun group activities in Los Angeles are exercises done for recreational purposes or to achieve a specified goal in an organization. For example, groups can shoot at The Los Angeles Gun Club or climb the walls at LA Boulders. The purpose of these activities is to bring participants together in a fun way.

These ideas are examples of group activities for adults and small group team building activities. These experiences are similar to corporate outings in Los Angeles, LA corporate events, and LA team building ideas.

This list includes:

  • small group activities in Los Angeles, CA
  • large group activities in Los Angeles, California
  • group activities for adults in Los Angeles
  • fun things to do in Los Angeles as a group
  • group activities in LA

Let’s get started!

List of fun group activities in Los Angeles

Los Angeles provides opportunities for you and your colleagues to come together and share exciting experiences. From hiking the trails in Griffith Park to painting at The Artsy Background, here are the best activities groups can do in Los Angeles.

1. The Gentle Barn California

The Gentle Barn is an animal rescue center located about 30 miles north of Los Angeles. The center rescues and cares for abused animals. You and your group can visit the site to experience a therapeutic animal encounter.

At The Gentle Barn, the animals and visitors get a safe space to relate and relax. The center offers a private group tour where you and your colleagues can hug cows, pet goats, feed donkeys, and play with turkeys. If you wish to extend your experience, then you can reserve an all-day tour.

In addition, if your group intends to have a party, then you can make a reservation to use the rescue center. During the party, you will also meet, greet, and feed the animals while having access to picnic tables. However, the food items served at the party must be vegan.

Learn more about The Gentle Barn California.

2. The Great Guac Off™️ (Staff Favorite)

If you are interested in a friendly and flavorful team building experience, then look no further than The Great Guac Off! In this competition, teammates go head-to-head in a guacamole-making competition.

Here is what to expect:

  • 90 minutes with talented hosts and co-hosts
  • engaging icebreakers, avocado trivia, and mini-games
  • delicious guacamole ingredients and dippers
  • an optional secret ingredient to challenge contestants
  • guacamole-making competition and a judging round

In addition, we will bring any needed supplies to the venue of your choosing. This high-energy event is a wonderful way to cultivate strong connections in a fun environment.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

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3. Field Day (Top Choice)

With Field Day, teams can compete and unwind with some fun outdoor activities! These high-energy games put your team’s skills to the test.

Field Day includes the following:

  • 90 minutes with an experienced facilitator
  • energetic outdoor games and activities
  • fun team photo opportunities
  • nostalgic activities that unlock players’ inner child

Best of all, we will meet you at your chosen location with all the necessary game equipment. By adding Field Day to your upcoming agenda, you can offer an ideal opportunity for colleagues to unwind, connect, and have a blast.

Learn more about Field Day.

4. The Hollywood Museum

The Hollywood Museum, housed in the historic Max Factor Building, is a huge collection of Hollywood artifacts and history. With four floors of exhibits, the venue is home to over 10,000 authentic showbiz artifacts. Visitors will find unique costumes, props, photographs, scripts, and personal items from legendary stars. The museum covers Hollywood’s history, from silent movies to film noir to modern films.

Guests can enjoy iconic items like Marilyn Monroe’s million-dollar dress and Elvis Presley’s personal bathrobe. Additionally, you can explore Max Factor’s famous makeup rooms, where Hollywood stars perfected their looks. The lower level hosts spooky exhibits like Hannibal Lecter’s jail cell from Silence of the Lambs. This historic building also offers event spaces, including the elegant Penthouse Ballroom. Members wanting to learn Hollywood’s captivating history should definitely stop by!

Learn more about The Hollywood Museum.

5. Grand Central Market

Grand Central Market has been a historic Los Angeles landmark since 1917. Today, the market features a diverse mix of vendors. From vendors like China Cafe to Ghost Sando, Grand Central Market welcomes visitors from around the world. Beyond food, the market offers event spaces like the Million Dollar Theater, ideal for various occasions. Whether you are exploring local artisans at the Bazaar or enjoying events like Dine LA Restaurant Week, Grand Central Market is a top LA destination.

Learn more about Grand Central Market.

6. LA River Kayak Safari

The LA River Kayak Safari blends bikes, kayaks, storytelling, and instruction. Tours start at the kayak center in Frogtown, teaching folks about the region’s history and basic kayak skills. As you paddle down the river, you will encounter plenty of birds, including rare species, and pass by future parklands. The tours typically include a bike ride, instruction, discussion, and time on the water, with options like the Midday Tour and Sunset Safari. For a great day of fun in the sun, check out this adventure!

Learn more about LA River Kayak Safari.

7. Rage Ground

Breaking objects at Rage Ground is one of the fun group activities in Los Angeles. The rage room can accommodate up to 15 guests at a time. However, if you have a large team, then you can share the experience with your colleagues in small groups.

You will find many items to break with tools like hammers, baseball bats, and golf clubs. The rage room also provides a safe environment to smash new cars without worrying about damage. You can also create a mess by splattering paints at the venue. Rage Ground will provide the necessary art supplies and protective gear.

Learn more about Rage Ground.

8. Enchanted Escape Room

Enchanted Escape Room is one of the best locations in Los Angeles where you can experience a medieval village escape adventure. The escape rooms have the same storyline in different chapters. Starting with the first chapter is a great idea for a more fun experience. The chapters include:

  • Belly of the Beast: The game will take you to the time of war between the king and the dragons. You must retrieve a prophecy scroll to defeat the ancient dragons’ leader before the building collapses.
  • The Tavern: After retrieving the scroll, you must prove your loyalty to the king in a tavern. If you succeed, then you will receive a special brew to save you from the dragons’ leader.
  • King’s Army: Your mission revolves around gathering the king’s army to fight a battle against the dragons.
  • Enchanted Castle: You will enter the enchanted castle to save the throne and the royal family from execution.

The games have a one-hour duration, with the pricing determined by your group size. You can extend your game time to cover more chapters. Also, the chapters have varying difficulty levels to make the adventure enjoyable for experts and beginners.

Learn more about Enchanted Escape Room.

9. Pharaoh Karaoke Lounge

The exciting group activities for adults in Los Angeles include partying at Pharaoh Karaoke Lounge. The venue has more than 30 rooms and thousands of updated songs you can sing.

You can decorate the rooms as long as the decorations are removable and non-damaging. The karaoke rooms come in different sizes, ranging from small to extra large. Also, the number of beverages your group will receive from the lounge depends on the room you reserve. Your group can also enjoy Korean meals from the lounge’s menu, ranging from tofu kimchi to pork katsu and deep-fried squid.

Learn more about Pharaoh Karaoke Lounge.

10. Rancho Park Archery Range

Shooting at Rancho Park Archery Range is among the most exciting activities for groups. The range opens daily and allows personal archery equipment, except for broadheads and bodkins. You will find water fountains within the facility where you can fill your bottles.

In addition, the range has certified instructors that are experts in skill development, shooting techniques, and archery safety.

Learn more about Rancho Park Archery Range.

11. Sunset Ranch Hollywood

Sunset Ranch Hollywood is a ranch and a nice location to get views of downtown Los Angeles. The ranch organizes day and evening tours along the Griffith Park trails.

Whether your group members are expert or advanced riders, you will have a fun experience with the horses. A guide will lead you on the trail as the horses move slowly. The tour can last one or two hours, depending on the trail you take.

Learn more about Sunset Ranch Hollywood.

12. Virtual Room Los Angeles

Playing the immersive 3D games at Virtual Room is among the small group activities in Los Angeles, CA. You can have two to four members playing simultaneously. Although each player will stay in a designated room, your group can still communicate and work together to win challenges.

Virtual Room offers several missions to take you on a mind-blowing 3D experience.

Learn more about Virtual Room Los Angeles.

13. The Los Angeles Gun Club

The Los Angeles Gun Club provides shooting lanes accessible to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. A shooting lane can accommodate around two guests. Bringing your own firearm is not compulsory as long as your group members are shooting together.

The gun club provides various rental firearms and ammunition to give your group a memorable shooting session within a safe space. Whether you are a beginner or expert in the activity, the range welcomes shooters at all levels. Range masters will be around the facilities to help your group while you shoot.

Learn more about The Los Angeles Gun Club.

14. Olympic Spa

Visiting Olympic Spa is one of the best women-only group activities in LA. Olympic Spa is a Korean wellness center conveniently located in the center of Los Angeles. The spa provides luxurious services, ranging from massage treatments and brown sugar scrubs to mineral water soak and glass skin akasuri.

You will find pools at the center where your group can refresh and reenergize. Also, saunas, salt, and oxygen therapy room are available to give your group a lasting spa experience. You can relax, socialize, or do yoga at one of the indoor and outdoor lounges. Furthermore, your group can order food and beverages from nearby restaurants for a group meal shared on the veranda.

Learn more about Olympic Spa.

15. Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Los Angeles County Museum of Art is a 20-acre institution on Wilshire Boulevard. Your group can visit the campus for art appreciation. The museum has more than 140,000 collections reflecting art from different parts of the world. From Greek ceramics and Korean scholars’ works to Spanish colonial art and fashion in the 20th century, you will find impressive exhibits to explore. In addition, you can locate dining areas around the campus with indoor and outdoor seating. This is a great spot when searching for large group activities in Los Angeles, California.

Learn more about Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

16. The Artsy Background

The Artsy Background is a studio where your group can take an art class and paint lessons. You can rent the space for a private paint-and-sip party. The studio’s art teachers will lead your group during the painting session. Also, you get to pick the painting that your group will make.

Also, the studio offers classes ideal for artists at all levels. During the session, your group will master color theory and various painting techniques using watercolors, oils, and acrylics.

Learn more about The Artsy Background.

17. LA Boulders

Climbing at LA Boulder is one of many fun things to do in Los Angeles as a group. The gym has 17-foot walls serving veteran and beginner climbers in the city. Your group can visit the center for free-style climbing all day. LA Boulders also offers tours around the gym to interested guests.

Depending on your goal and skill level, you can take a series of fitness and climbing classes. If your group members have a reliable knowledge of the activity, then you can take the “Get on Track” lesson to improve your skills and prepare you for outdoor climbing. Also, LA Boulders offers an “Intro to Bouldering” class for beginners.

Learn more about LA Boulders.

18. Griffith Park

Griffith Park is one of the best areas to do fun group activities in Los Angeles. Located west of the Golden Gate Freeway, the park features many attractions your group can explore together. For instance, you can tour the Los Angeles Zoo, which houses more than 250 animal species.

The park is also famous for picnicking, particularly around the old zoo, mineral wells, Crystal Springs, and the Pecan Grove area. You can also walk to the Hollywood Sign through the Bush Canyon trail and get an iconic perspective of the city.

The park features a swimming pool called “The Plunge,” where you and your group can have fun, particularly during summer. In addition, you can play tennis at the Griffith Park Drive Courts for free. You will also find areas specially reserved for outdoor activities like badminton, baseball, and soccer. Your time spent at the park will be fun-filled and memorable.

Learn more about Griffith Park.

19. Escape Room LA

Located in downtown Los Angeles, Escape Room LA provides fun escape games with unique plots to give your team an unforgettable experience. The two major themes available for booking are Atlantis and The Pyramid. In one hour, you and your colleagues will work together to solve puzzles and escape the room.

The games have a one-hour duration. Also, you can have up to eight players in each room. Your group size and the reserved day will determine the game’s pricing. Furthermore, a live actor will be with your group during the adventure. After your experience, you cannot play the same game again. The game provider designed the rooms with players aged 13 and above in mind.

Learn more about Escape Room LA.


Group activities go a long way in building trust and strengthening your relationship with your colleagues. Los Angeles provides opportunities to enjoy a group exercise and create beautiful memories. Also, the city has fun iconic locations that small and large groups can explore. From horse riding and hiking to playing indoor games and singing karaoke, you and your group members will have many fun experiences to share within the city.

For more resources, check out these lists of trust-building activities and community-building experiences.

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FAQ: Fun group activities in Los Angeles, California

Here are answers to questions about fun group activities in Los Angeles.

What are some good group activities in LA?

Some activities for groups in LA include climbing walls at LA Boulders, riding horses with Sunset Ranch Hollywood, and smashing objects at Rage Ground.

How do you plan fun activities for groups in LA?

Before selecting a group activity, understanding the exercise’s purpose is crucial. Then you can set a realistic budget to make the planned activity successful. Also, you should consider your group size, the participants’ area of interest, and the location to use within the city. Los Angeles has many areas you can visit with your group to share a long-lasting experience.

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